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Lubrication Unit

Key Words: Bearings; Oil; Lubrication Unit; Hydraulic Unit; Independent Lubrication; Generator; Hydrogenerator; Turbogenerator; Tachogenerator; Induction; Synchronous; Direct Current Classification: Component An independent oil circulation (lubrication through an external system of circulating oil) is required when the lubrication by ring/disc can no longer be applied due to the high peripherical speed, or when friction and/or heat transfer losses through the shaft require a cooling provided by an independent oil circulation system. Depending on specific requirements, the oil circulation system way vary quite a lot on their design. In principle, a circulation system consists of an oil reservoir (tank) and a pump capable to provide 5 complete oil circulations within a minute.

For single systems, where the operation can be interrupted in case of a pump failure, without occurring an extended interruption of oil supply, or when during pump failure the oil supply is assured by rings/discs, the installation of a single pump is enough. For systems with longer switching-off, and those installed on systems that require continuous operation and that are not equipped with rings/discs to carry on the lubrication, a stand-by system must be installed.