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Deflection of Shaft extension

Aim: to show that the shaft end deflection is a phenomenon which depends only upon the diameter and length of the shaft extension irrelevant of the material. y Based on the Calculation for shaft extension from Flovel, we redid the calculation using SAE 1524 which has a slightly better yield strength than EN 8 material, used in their calculation.

Yield strength of EN 8 is 320 MPa (as considered by Flovel). Yield strength of SAE 1524 325 MPa (according to WEG spec TES-004M) Also the combined allowable stress acting on shaft extension as per Flovel s calculation is 38.66 MPa. We know that, Factor Safety = yield stress ----------------Allowable stress There for, FOS attained by using EN 8 is 8.47 according Flovel s calculation. By using SAE 1524 we can attain FOS of 8.40 which is slightly better. Therefore, SAE 1524 has better FOS because it has higher yield. y Flovel has considered the shaft extension as a cantilever beam i.e. fixed at one end ( Center lining of the bearing).

End load on cantilever beam with single fixed support

FIGURE 1 The deflection in the cantilever beam is given by: FL3 --------3EI Where, F - is the radial loads on runner at shaft extension L Length of the shaft extension (resolved into 2 steps) E young s modulus of steel i.e. 2.1 GPa

I - moment of Inertia The formula clearly shows that the deflection is governed only by the - length of the shaft extension - diameter of the shaft extension - youngs modulus All these three parameters remain the same whether we use EN 8 or SAE 1524. Therefore, deflection does not depend upon the steel we are using. It depends only on the diameter and length of the shaft extension.

The shaft is resting on two bearings so it acts a simply supported beam with rotor mass at the center, as a uniformly distributed load (UDL), of course with Flywheel, exciter and Fan masses as loads.

Intermediate load on beam with two simple supports.

The deflection at distance a from the left-hand support is: = Fa2(L - a)2/3EIL

When this is the condition, then the profile of the shaft extension becomes curved as shown in the figure 2. But, Flovel has considered the shaft extension with a staright profile in their calculations. Hence the calculations can vary.