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Today we are going to apply our knowledge of the scientific method to answer a question I know you have always

wondered aboutJust how many drops of water will fit on the Lincoln side of a penny? So since you were wondering lets use that as our question: Problem: How Many Drops of Water Will Fit on the Lincoln Side of a Penny? PROCEDURE: 1. Please go to your assigned lab table in an orderly manner. Each person will need to take this paper and a pen with them. 2. On the lab table you will find a sheet of paper towel, a penny, a water filled beaker, and a pipette. Take a moment to determine which side of the penny is the Lincoln side. 3. As a lab group make a prediction as to how many drops of water you think will fit on your pennythat is now your HYPOTHESIS..WRITE IT HERE _______________________________________________________ 4. Now we get to answer our burning question.and FIND OUT HOW MANY DROPS WILL FIT. Turn to your partner and decide who is going to drop and who is going to count. 5. Make sure the penny is on the paper towel and begin to drop water, drop by single drop. Count each one.when the water spills over that last drop cant be counted! (no cheating) 6. FILL IN THE # IN THE DATA TABLE BELOW. 7. REPEAT THE PROCEDURE 3 MORE TIMES..(ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU DO IT MORE THAN ONCE) Write your answer here_________________. DATA TABLE TRIAL #1 TRIAL #2 TRIAL #3 TRIAL #4 ______________ ________________ _______________ ________________

8. Please list all the variables you just used in this experiment. 9. Were there any constants (controls in this experiment). List 2. 10. What was the dependent variable? 11. Were the results of this experiment valid? Explain your answer.