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India s Foreign Policy

India s Foreign Policy

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Published by: kishorskumar on Jul 03, 2011
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India s Foreign Policy

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Foreign Policy ‡ The foundations of India's foreign policy were laid during the freedom movement. the resolution of conflicts by peaceful means and the sovereign equality of all states. ‡ India believes in friendly relations with all countries of the world. .

. Colonialism and Apartheid) Fund was set up.Struggle against Colonialism ‡ The Independence of India itself played the role of a catalyst in removing the vestiges of colonialism. ‡ India was also the first country to raise the question of racial discrimination in South Africa ‡ It was at India's initiative that the AFRICA (Action for Resistance to Invasion.

to be achieved in a time-bound framework. with nuclear disarmament being accorded the highest priority. remain committed to nuclear disarmament.Notable Features ‡ Strong advocacy of general and complete disarmament. ‡ India has. and will. ‡ India refused to sign Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) .

Relations with Neighbors ‡ India's foreign policy has been the strengthening of regional co-operation. ‡ India is an active member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) ‡ A historical decision has also been taken to strive for a South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) .

.2 million sq.200 km.6 km and an exclusive economic zone of 2. therefore. km. ‡ The armed forces. have to be kept prepared and well equipped to repel any external threat. a coastline of 7. ‡ The country has a land frontier of 15.516. ‡ Periodic review addresses any unexpected development or threat to security.Defense Policy ‡ India believes in a policy that promotes peace and international cooperation.

India s Non-alignment .

Preservation of India's freedom of action internationally through refusal to align India with any bloc or alliance. and international cooperation to alleviate poverty and promote economic development. . particularly those led by the United States or the Soviet Union. Opposition to colonialism and racism.

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