Introduction : Dear Friends, Do not rush through or neglect this article. Go through this very patiently & practice simple Pranayama like Kapalabhati & Anuloma Viloma for 10 to 15 min each. Lakhs of People get cure for many diseases by just practising these Pranayama. If you want to verify the fact please see Aastha channel between morning 5 to 7 and in the night between 8:30 to 9:30. The Aastha channel telecast the Yog Science Program conducted by Swami Ramdevji at various places of our country.

Introduction :

Most of the people living in urban may say there is no time for doing pranayama or other health related exercises but it is for an individual to manage time for these activities out of 24 hrs. Going early to bed & get early with sleeping time of 6 to 7 hrs. is the mantra for allotting very valuable ½ hr. time in the morning.

PRANAYAMA Introduction : Two Sanskrit words are combined in the word 'Pranayama' Prana and Ayama.e Breath. life ends . 'Ayama' means development or control. When the breath stops. Nobody can survive more than a few minutes without air. Therefore Pranayama is the control of breath Breath is the life force that sustains life. Prana' means life force i.

Breathing is an act in which we take air from the atmosphere into our lungs. and expel the air again into the atmosphere together with carbon-di-oxide and carbon-diwater vapour.PRANAYAMA Introduction : In simple terms pranayama may be called the control of the breath. Its essence lies in the modification of our normal process of breathing. . absorb the oxygen from it into our blood.

PRANAYAMA Introduction : This act of inhalation and exhalation is repeated every four to five seconds. . Each time taking about 500 ml. So we inhale and exhale approximately seven liters of air per minute. Thus normally we breathe about fifteen times every minute. of air into the lungs.

sit on a chair keeping your back & neck straight Doing Pranayama while walking is wrong .PRANAYAMA Sitting Posture for Pranayama Spine must be kept straight Sit in any Yogic posture such as Siddhasana Padmasana If one cannot sit on the ground.

. evacuation of bowels.PRANAYAMA Some basic rules for Pranayama Sit on a sheet or cloth (cotton or wool etc) Should be performed 4 or 5 hours after taking food. Best time is in the morning after finishing daily routine acts like brushing the teeth.

improves blood circulation. Physically.PRANAYAMA Importance of Pranayama In human body. which makes the lungs stronger. lungs. makes the man healthier & live long life Physiology teaches us that the air (Prana) we breath in fills our lungs. . Pranayama appears to be a systematic exercise of respirations. providing it with essential food & oxygen. spreads in the entire body. heart & brain hold very important positions & they depend on each other heavily for their health.

which throws the useless material like carbondioxide out of the body through the act of exhalation. take them to heart & then to the lungs. If this action of respiratory system is done regularly & efficiently. . lungs become stronger & blood becomes pure.PRANAYAMA Importance of Pranayama The veins collect the blood which contains dirty elements from the body.

PRANAYAMA Importance of Pranayama Most of the people do not have the habit of breathing deeply Only ¼ part of the lungs is brought into action with our normal breathing ¾ part of our lungs remains idle. .

as if in sleep or slumber. . But Prana always remains active. The sense organs of the body.PRANAYAMA Importance of Pranayama Permeates the entire body and all its cell. No rest is known to it. take rest.

. But it is impossible to maintain life without Prana even for a few moments Prana provides us with vital energy which is the basis of our life Provides us immunity from various kinds of diseases.PRANAYAMA Benefits of Pranayama We see people remaining alive without food or water for several days.

PRANAYAMA Benefits of Pranayama It is the Pranic energy which makes Our eyes to see Ears to hear Nose to smell Tongue to speak Lustre to our faces Makes our mind think Enables our alimentary system to digest Assimilate the food that we take .

Example : Tortoise whose rate of respiration per minute is 5 breaths lives for about 400 years.PRANAYAMA Respiration speed versus Life A man who regularly performs Pranayama is required to take less number of breaths and therefore lives longer. It shows that animal who take lesser number of breaths live longer. The table given below is meant to illustrate this point. .

PRANAYAMA Living Pigeon Sparrow Dog Cat Elephant Human Tortoise No of respiration Life / min 34 Less Life 30 28 24 22 15 Avg 70~80 5 400 Yrs. .

PRANAYAMA There are many types of Pranayama Important Seven methods are Bhastrika Pranayama Kapalbhati Pranayama Bahya Pranayama Anuloma Viloma Pranayama Nadi Shodhan Pranayama Bhramari Pranayama OMKAR or AUM Japa Pranayama .

PRANAYAMA The very important Pranayama are Kapalbhati Pranayama Anuloma Viloma Pranayama The above Pranayama are most effective and can be practiced by persons who can allot atleast 15 min. time in a day. .

PRANAYAMA Kapalbhati : Kapala means forehead & Bhati means light. usual force but the act of exhalation has to be done with as much force as is at your command . The act of inspiration or breathing in is to be done with normal. lustrous. Hence Kapalbhati refers to that exercise which makes the forehead luminous.

greed.PRANAYAMA Kapalbhati Shortly stated breathe in normally & breathe out forcefully so as to influence the organs of the abdominal area While doing this Prayanama think that while exhaling you are throwing out of your body all the negative & injurious elements with mental aberration like anger. along with the air exhaled. . ego etc..

detachment etc. love. But this will disappear after some practice. think that you are taking into your body positive thoughts like compassion.PRANAYAMA Kapalbhati Likewise. while breathing in. and filling your body & mind with them. . In the beginning you may feel little pain in the back or abdomen.

. are cured.PRANAYAMA Benefits of Kapalbathi : Face becomes lustrous and attractive. Sinus etc. Functioning of Heart & lungs improves. Diseases like Respiratory troubles. allergies.

No negative thoughts occur. Peace & stability of mind is secured. .PRANAYAMA Benefits of Kapalbathi : Blood sugar becomes normal & weight is reduced. Blockages in the arteries are also cleared.

Strengthens the intestines Improves digestion. Troubles like depression are cured. .PRANAYAMA Benefits of Kapalbathi : Organs in the Abdominal Cavity function more efficiently.

Acidity are cured Diseases pertaining to kidneys & prostate gland etc. Diabetes are cured Constipation. are cured.PRANAYAMA Benefits of Kapalbathi : Obesity. .

PRANAYAMA Anuloma Viloma Pranayama The steps to be taken are : Close the right side nostril with right thumb. Inhale slowly through the left nostril till the lungs are filled. . Open the right nostril and exhale through it. Then close the left nostril with the middle & 3rd finger.

PRANAYAMA Anuloma Viloma Pranayama Repeat this exercise slowly in the beginning & with practice. If you feel tired rest for some time & resume. increase the speed. .

making the circulation unimpeded. . Blockages in the arteries of the heart are removed and the arteries become clean. are cured. cataract. sinus. etc. lustrous & strong Diseases like cold.PRANAYAMA Benefits of Anuloma Viloma Makes the body healthy.

Increases enthusiasm & spirit In short. this Pranayama has effect of cleansing the body & mind.PRANAYAMA Benefits Anuloma Viloma : Negative thinking is replaced by positive approach to life. .

Pls. each. I am a regular viewer of Aastha Channel & practising daily the simple Pranayama like Kapalabhati & Anuloma Viloma for 15 min. .PRANAYAMA Swami Ramdevji teaches very simple way of doing Pranayama which can be viewed in Aastha channel everyday morning between 5 to 7 am & in the night between 8:30 am to 9:30 am. go ahead & practice Pranayama & enjoy the benefits of keeping fit & get cure for many illness.

. Practice Pranayama & Have a healthy life.PRANAYAMA Friends let us practice these simple Pranayama Let us make this exercise as a part of our life Let us allot atleast 15 minutes in the morning to get real benefits.

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