A Divine Nite

By Simone Starr

I have a ticket for two To sit on a star near the moon Look from moonlight So bright Down to planet earth here tonight? Star seating above us Sits one soul Love not Lust, Twin Soul union Divine blessing Pure white light You·ll be dressed in We will Demand order and peace Execute a Divine love release A plan to restore on earth Love, Peace and Happiness will re-birth a planet lost in its ways We put light into day Woman and Man ascend and try To know love and unify So my love« . Take my hand if you care Close your eyes Feel the air As our souls leave our flesh To be flown to the best, Seat and blessings in His house

No longer will we shout In agony and despair Of a love That is not there Melt into my soul Close your mind Block your sight Forget the flesh Feel the life Within our love at it·s purest Thank God that love never eluded us. I will never lose you again Hand in hand we stand Till the end My lover and my friend.

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