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Sign and Sing B W1

Sign and Sing B W1

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Published by: Maan Bautista on Jul 04, 2011
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Sign and Sing B.

Week One

Facilitating Learning
Gathering time . Welcoming Family share signing experience to the class.

Signs: HELLO, HAPPY, IN, OUT, HELP, PLAY Mtrls: Shape sorter, nesting blocks, wooden puzzle and a basket of small toys ** Toys are made available for kids to explore. Opening Circle . HELLO Song

Signs: HELLO, HAPPY, HERE Mtrls: Signing Bear Song .. .. Now we re PLAYing ( in the tune of Are You Sleeping )

Signs: EAT, BABY, MUSIC, PLAY, CLEAN-UP, HELP, TIME, YUMMY Mtrls: Baby spoon Strategy Session: Objective and Benefits: Understanding how signs can facilitate learning. Introducing Key 4. Key 4 : Facilitating Early Communication and Long term learning. ** While the children are engaged in playing you can take advantage of the 4 keys.  A research done by Signing Smart has shown that using signs in interactions that facilitate communication and learning speeds both language and cognitive development by allowing children to use signs to communicate, but also by allowing parents to help children better understand their world. Target Signs: this week s focus> BABY, CHANGE, CLEAN-UP, COOK, DANCE, EAT, PLAY, WAKE-UP See A Lot/Do A Lot Signs: CHANGE, CLEAN-UP, COOK, EAT/FOOD, DRINK, FINISH, HELP, IN, MILK, MORE,OUT, SOCKS, SHOES, STOP, WAKE-UP, WHAT Highly Motivating Signs: BABY, BYE-BYE, CEREAL, DADDY, DANCE, DOLL, HAPPY, HELLO, MOMMY, MUSIC, PLAY Group Singing . Rhyme: Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Signs: BABY, PLAY, SOCKS, SHOES, IN, OUT, MUSIC, HELP, CLEAN-UP Mtrls: Small socks, egg shakers Diddle, diddle, dumpling, My BABY, John, Went to PLAY with his Stockings (SOCKS) on. One SHOE off and one SHOE on! Diddle, diddle, dumpling, My BABY, John!

Take time to look at your Family Home activity guide. CEREAL. BABY. Songs. spoon. using Conceptual Grouping. MOMMY.Mtrls: several dolls. tea set Clean-Up Time: Signs: CLEAN-UP. This is the Way Signs: WAKE-UP. dolls . HELP Quiet Time: Objective & Benefits: Relaxing and listening to music.fork. HAPPY SIGNING and SINGING! .. Mtrls: Relaxing Music Music and Movement: Objective & Benefits: Signing while singing. DANCE. Integrating signs into routines.Song: .     Cooking Time Diaper Changing Eating Corner Drink for Dolls Mtrls: toy cooking set Mtrls: doll diaper. cereal bowls Small Group Activities: Objective & Benefits: Practicing the Four Keys.cup. CHANGE.bib. Signs: LIGHTS. SEE. FINISH At Home Activity: . MUSIC..bottle . DRINK. DRINK. Signs: MOMMY. MUSIC. NEXT WEEK. DADDY. WAKE-UP.  Integrated Key 4 into your interaction this week.Mtrls: dolls or stuffed animals. Mtrls: Diaper. MUSIC. Signing during active songs and play. Song Goodbye Song Signs: BYE BYE. MILK. Providing support for parents. MILK. Animal Signs Flashcards and the Treasure Chest Signs. Facilitating parent s signing. Bowls. Mommy s Little Baby s Day (tune: Shortnin Bread) Objective & Benefits: Signing while singing. Signs: DANCE (this way and that way). plastic baby bottles. and Rhymes DVD. PLAY. HERE. BABY (Laddie/Lassie or children s name) Mtrls: Small Scarves Closing Circle: Song ..

HELP. Parents can ask their children if they need HELP or WHAT they are making? WHAT are they COOKING? Signs: EAT. WHAT. . DADDY. COOK.SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Cooking Time: Children COOK with cooking set. *** FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY CONVERSATION INTEGRATING THE SIGNS YOU KNOW. giving their MOMMY or DADDY something to EAT.. MOMMY.

Parents can ask if children need HELP. CLEAN. .. DOLL.SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Diaper Changing: Children CHANGE the DOLL and give her a CLEAN diaper. HELP. etc. PLAY *** FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY CONVERSATION INTEGRATING THE SIGNS YOU KNOW. If they want to PLAY MORE. Signs: CHANGE. or their FINISH PLAYing.

SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Drink for Dolls/Bears: Parents and children pretend to make tea and give a DRINK to the DOLLS. Signs: DRINK. HELP. MORE. WHAT. Parents support the play by using signs in their interactions around the DOLLS. DOLL. FINISH. BEAR .

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