Module-1 Module-2 Module-3 C# Overview and Syntax Basics Basics of OOP (Classes, Objects and Inheritance) OOPs Concepts (Polymorphism, Overloading, Overriding and Virtual) Abstraction and Encapsulation, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Differences Interfaces and Abstract Classes) Aggregation and Composition Open discussion on OOP Concepts. Module-6 Module-7 Module-8 Module-9 Exception Handling and working with Strings. Arrays, Collection Types and Iterators. Delegates and Events. Generics and Threading in C#.



ASP. ADO. DML.net.9 Module-10 Authentication in ASP.SQL Server and .net and Basic Controls. Techniques of moving to another page and State Management Error Handling and Validation Controls. Web Data Access Controls.0.net Module-11 IIS and Deployment of Web Applications in ASP.Net Object Model( Use of DataSet. Page Life Cycle in Asp. Triggers and Open discussion on SQL Server.Net framework2.Net Module-1 DDL.8. DataAdapter and DataReader) Module-2 Module-3 Module-4 Module-5 Module-6 Mod-7. DCL Statement and Joins (Query writing and optimization) Stored Procedures. .

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