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Hum 130 Appendix g

Hum 130 Appendix g

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Hum 130 Appendix g Eastern Religion Elements Matrix
Hum 130 Appendix g Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

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Published by: sedgewic on Jul 04, 2011
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Appendix G

A+ Work!!!

Eastern Religion Elements Matrix
Hinduism India Countries of origin India Buddhism Confucianism China China Daoism

HUM 130

HUM 130 . samsara. but heaven exists. No god. Polytheistic. action and reaction. cycle of life-deathrebirth. A shapeless force that exists and guides. liberation from samsara.Historical figures and events Holy festival of colors Festival of lights Diwali Bhrahma and Vishnu Vast religious diversity Believe in karma. moksha. but doesn't encourage the support of outside forces. Buddha Vesaka Confucius Lao tzu four noble truths and eight fold path Central beliefs Worship ancestors Meditation Duty of relationship to elders and for the young Philosophy based on the way of the universe Yin and yang Nature of God Doesn’t deny the existance of a god. and practice meditation and yoga. many gods that have controle over certain things.

guarding the feminine. shrines Puja . being adept being desireless. li ching Daode jing.focusing the mind Om sound. righteousness. ch'un ch'iu. being nameless. honesty and trustwothy. shih ching. loyalty to the state. love of family. Priests pass messages and pray for the needs of humans Ethics and morality Moderation and not overindulging Don’t kill Don't steal Don't lie Don't drink or do drugs No immoral sexual behavior Etiquette. Chung yung. clarity and stillness.the sound of the universe being created Selfless acts and doing things for others brings good karma Meditationenlightenment Mantras and mudrassounds and hand movements 4 life passages 1)birth 2)maturity 3)marriage 4)death Ceremonies communicating with spirits by dancing and singing. yielding and withdrawing HUM 130 . Meng tzu Shu ching. zhuangzi Ritual and practice (sacred elements & their meaning) Sculptures and pictures of gods.morning and prior to eating Meditation. Tahsueh. how to stop and be content. Non action. I ching. being humane. softness and weakness.Vedic scriptures Texts Tripitaka Sutras Lun yu.

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