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Cafe of the Living Dead

Cafe of the Living Dead

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Published by Audra Browne

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Published by: Audra Browne on Jul 04, 2011
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Cafe of the Living Dead

In this place, with chocolate walls adorned with guns, and know-it-alls, a waking dream, the day to come, the sleeper's night is day to some. by “some”, I mean to self-disclose, for “some” is meant for me. by day, I am a withered thorn, by night, a sorcery. Truly blue and half-purloined, I paraphrase, perverse; my conscience eats itself, conjoined with terse and hackneyed verse. by 'some' I mean to self-disclose, by 'some', I strip my pretense nude, by day, I mean to juxtapose, by night, I am the subterfuge.

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