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it provides possible all types of definitions
it provides possible all types of definitions

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The word curriculum has been derived from Latin word Currere which means race course. Hence etymologically curriculum means distance/ path or way to be covered. Narrow meaning of curriculum a. Course of study b. List of content to be taught c. Subject matter Curriculum is a systematic organization of course r sequences of subjects required for graduation or certification in a major field of study. Wider meaning of curriculum • Curriculum is totality of experiences of each learner under the influence of school. Sheffler • Curriculum is planned action for instruction. Mac. Donald • It is the toll in the hand of the artist to mould his materials (students) according to his ideal (Objectives) in his studio (school). Cunningham Curriculum is all of the learning of students which is planned by and directed by school to attain its educational goals. Tyler

• Curriculum is all of the activities that are provided for students by the school. Alberty and Alberty • Curriculum is the total effort of the school to bring about desired outcomes in school and out of school situation. Alexenden and sylor • Curriculum is all planned learning outcomes for which the school is responsible. Popham and barker • Curriculum includes all those activities which are utilized by school to attain its aims of education. Monroe • Curriculum is a study programme designed to achieve the aim of education. NESP_2028 • Curriculum as a plan for providing sets of learning opportunities to achieve broad goals and related specific objectives for an identifiable population served by a single school centre. Alexender and sylers • Curriculum is an organized set of formal education and or training intentions. David Pratt.

Tanner (1980) defined curriculum as “the planned and guided learning experiences and intended outcomes, formulated through the systematic reconstruction of knowledge and experiences under the auspices of the school, for the learners’ continuous and wilful growth in personal social competence” (p.13). Schubert (1987) defines curriculum as the contents of a subject, concepts and tasks to be acquired, planned activities, the desired learning outcomes and experiences, product of culture and an agenda to reform society. Pratt (1980) defines curriculum as a written document that systematically describes goals planned, objectives, content, learning activities, evaluation procedures and so forth. Goodlad and Su (1992) define curriculum as a plan that consists of learning opportunities for a specific time frame and place, a tool that aims to bring about behaviour changes in students as a result of planned activities and includes all learning experiences received by students with the guidance of the school. Cronbleth (1992) defines curriculum as answering three questions: what knowledge, skills and values are most worthwhile? Why are they most worthwhile? How should the young acquire them? Grundy (1987) defines curriculum as a programme of activities (by teachers and pupils) designed so that pupils will attain so far as possible certain educational and other schooling ends or objectives. Hass (1987) provides a broader definition, stating that a curriculum includes “all of the experiences that individual learners have in a program of education whose purpose is to achieve broad goals and related specific objectives, which is planned in terms of a framework of theory and research or past and present professional practice” (p.5).

 Curriculum can be defined as subject matter.  Curriculum can be defined as a plan for action or written document that includes strategies for achieving desired goals or end.  Curriculum can be defined as experience of learner.  The curriculum can be considered as a system for dealing with people and the processes.

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