Food Poisoning

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Acknowledgement Dedication Thesis Statement Chapter1. The problem and Its Setting A. Introduction B. Background of the Study C. Purpose of the Study D. Statement of the Problem E. Significance of the Study Chapter II: Definition of Terms Chapter III: History of Food Poisoning Chapter IV: Causes of Food Poisoning Chapter V: Types of Food Poisoning Chapter VI: Medical Treatment of Food Poisoning Chapter VII: Bacteria of Food Poisoning Chapter VIII: Preventing Bacterial of Food Poisoning Chapter IX: Symptoms and Mortality Chapter X: Food Poisoning Signs Conclusion Recommendation Final Bibliography Personal Data Sheet

To my parents for helping me to finish my project for the financial support they gave to me. To our Dear Lord who guides me and open my mind to do this term paper and for giving me strength in my everyday living for keeping I awake on those nights that I have to copy all those research. . Without them I couldn’t to this project. To Ms Carandang our school librarian who gave time and allowing us to use the library To Gloria Reyta my mother for lending and helping me to do this requirement and for giving me a moral support. Imelda Jolo who gave us knowledge and moral support for us that knowledge helps me a lot to do this term paper.Acknowledgement A lot of students like me have put time in to this requirement. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the following that have been part of my life and part of this success. To my Dear teachers especially to my loving English teacher Mrs.

I would like also to dedicate this term paper to my family specially to my parents. . capacity and ability to finish this term paper. health. my mom Gloria Reyta and my dad Alberto Reyta for the understanding because there are times that I can’t to my home chores because I have to focus attention in doing my projects and research. To my classmates the librarian and my best friend John Joel and Arvin Paul Ilagan for helping me in my research work. And lastly my beloved teacher Mrs.Dedication First thing and foremost I would like to thank God for giving me the knowledge. Imelda Jolo for correcting my grammar and the construction of phrases and sentences in my research To all thank you very much! You are one of the key to my success.

Thesis Statement Food poisoning is a food – borne illnesses are very common and are most commonly due to bacteria or other microbes in food. .

milk and dairy products. a type of food poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria other common types of food poisoning include botulism. contaminated water. such as sea food meat. Many types of food poisoning are spread from the feces of people or animals through food or beverages that have been contaminated with feces that contain infectious microorganisms includes under cooked eggs. Introduction Food poisoning is a general term for a wide variety of diseases that are caused by ingesting food or beverages that are contaminated with harmful microorganism. contaminated home-canned food. and staphylococcus food poisoning. mushroom poisoning. viruses or parasites. such as certain bacteria. cryptosporidiosis food poisoning campy locater food poisoning .Escherichia coli food poisoning.Chapter 1 Problems and its setting A. shigellosis. . Microorganism that cause food poisoning if it is handled by infected person with un washed hands or if it comes in constancies’ with contaminated food. vegetables and fruits. Any food can become contaminated with infection. im pasturized apple and contaminated honey. chicken and poultry or any undercooked or raw food that comes from animals. Food poisoning is also known as food borne illness. Other foods that can cause food poisoning include toxic mushrooms. The most common form of food poisoning is salmonellosis .

Background of the Study Food poisoning is defined as an illness caused by consumption of food or water contaminated with bacteria and /or with parasites. viruses or chemicals. more serious cases can result in life threatening neurologic hepatic and renal syndromes leading to permanent disability or death. aggressive hydration. and headache. Some patients have severe diseases and require hospitality. .B. vomiting diarrhea. and antibiotic treatment. varying in degree and combination. Most of the illnesses are mild and improve without any specific treatment. The symptoms. include abdominal pain.

We should be very careful to handle our food and maintain cleanliness at home. . We hear plenty of talk these days about sustainable eating and living. Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to know the meaning and how to process food properly to avoid food poisoning.C. when it comes to the food we buy cook feed our families.

Statement of the problem .D.

Significance of the study . What are the symptoms of food poisoning? 5. What is food poisoning? 2. How do we know that our fruits and vegetables are safe to eat? 4. How do we prevent food poisoning? 3.1. How can food poisoning be avoided at home? E.

Salmonella is the most common type of food animals constitutes the main source of infection. . transmit the bacteria to other meats and foods. As human beings handle the meat from the diseased animals. Reluctantly we are forced to recognize the infeasibility of eradity salmonella at this time. Authorities recognize the basic problem is with the nature of the product itself.We are all aware of are importance of food poisoning.

Contaminated food.Chapter2. Toxin. Bacterial. Definition of Terms Food poisoning-is one of the most widespread ailments of human history.they produce a toxin in food before it is consumed. parasites.these organism must be ingested for poisoning to occur. virus and bacteria. fungi.they produce toxin in the gastrointestinal tract individual consumes the contaminated food. and in many instances only a few cells need be consumed to initiate a gastrointestinal infection. . The cause behind these attacks could be chemicals. Gastrointestinal tract. heavy metals.they infect the individual following consumption of contaminated food.

although he has stated on one occasion that “it involved horrific things with teeth and tongues”. suggesting that are point. the subsequent . At young age Dr. Regard less. he was forced to engage in consumption and digestion with food possibly for erotic purposes. Alfred Gregory. The nature of this experience is unknown. Gregory suffered a traumatic experience at the hands of food.Chapter3. History of food poisoning Food poisoning one invariably has to examine the life and early childhood of the good Dr.

M and Keith . Statements by his mother describe him as a complete loner. and seeks to kill and eat food whenever he finds the time to. after being force to comment acts an innocent child should never have to let alone with food. (California: Wilshire Book co. p. . __________ 1 Cody M.physiological scarring was so powerful that. Mary Food Safety for Professionals. Dr. . The young Alfred. Gregory has an intense dislike for food. to this day. as doing the lucky chewy” with food was considered an in thing” in his isolation. almost as though he learned the world and its startlingly by the other children of his age. 1991). immediately lapsed into solitude and depression. 20.

Chapter4. The action of monitoring food to insure that it will not cause food borne illness is known as food safety. Food borne illness can also be caused by pesticides or medicines in food and naturally toxic substances like poisonous mushrooms of reef fish. preparation. Good hygiene practices before during. For food borne caused by chemicals sea food contaminants. Food borne disease can also be cause by a large variety of toxins that affect the environmental. . or food storage. and after food preparation can reduce the chances of contracting an illness. Some could even come lead to death. Causes of food poisoning Food illness usually arises from handling.

Ptomaine food poisoning. . and treatments of infant botulism food poisoning is available below. More detailed information about the symptoms. causes. Infant botulism food poisoning is very dangerous food. Typhoid fever is related to the similarity named typhus. (New York: Chapter5.a gastro intestinal condition mainly in the developing world it is caused by a bacterial infection.__________ 2 Gene Loysdan .a rarely used medical term for food poisoning caused by bacteria and their toxic by the products ptomaine food poisoning is actually incorrectly used to label food poisoning as the ptomaine’s formed when bacteria de compose proteins themselves are not actually harmful but the bacteria and other by products of their activity are. usually as form of food poisoning. Food poisoning needs medical attention. Types of food poisoning Typhoid fever. At Nature’s Pace.


Chapter5.a rarely used medical term for food poisoning caused by bacteria and their toxic by the products ptomaine food poisoning is actually incorrectly used to label food poisoning as the ptomaine’s formed when bacteria de compose proteins themselves are not actually harmful but the bacteria and other by products of their activity are. . usually as form of food poisoning. Ptomaine food poisoning.a gastro intestinal condition mainly in the developing world it is caused by a bacterial infection. Typhoid fever is related to the similarity named typhus. Types of food poisoning Typhoid fever.

abdominal symptoms. causes and treatments of botulism food poisoning is available below. Chapter6.Infant botulism food poisoning is very dangerous food.extremely dangerous food poisoning requiring medical attention. and treatments of infant botulism food poisoning is available below. Food poisoning needs medical attention. Botulism food poisoning. causes. More detailed information about the symptoms. More details information about the symptoms. Medical treatment of food poisoning . but not always recognized because of its non.

Only a few specific causes of food poisoning are improved by using these medications. The lengths of illness with traveler’s diarrhea (shigelloses) can be decreased with antibiotics. • • • Anti vomiting and diarrhea medication may be given. may need close observation. with These (ravage) giving medications poisoning are very serious and may require intensive care in the .The main treatment for food poisoning is putting fluids back in the body. The doctor may also treat any fever to make you more comfortable. hospital. but this specific illness usually run its courses and improves without treatment. The process of rehydration through an intravenous line or by drinking you may need to be admitted to the hospital. This depends on the security of the dehydration your response to therapy. poisoning or or eating foods contaminated as antidotes. and your ability to drink fluids without vomiting. • With mushrooms pesticides. Anti biotic would worsen the condition. Children in particular.

They are usually not seen until 12-72 hours or more after eating contaminated food. Bacteria of food poisoning Bacteria are common cause of food borne illness. In the United Kingdom during 2000 the individual bacteria involved were as follows.In the past. salmonella 20.1% [3]. bacterial infections were thought to be more prevalent because few places had the capability to test for non virus and no active surveillance was being done for this particular organism.4% and all others less than 0. Campylobacter jejune 77.Chapter7. Symptoms for bacterial infections are delayed because the bacteria need time to multiply.9% Escherichia coli 0157: H7 1.3%. .

through the definition of strict rules of hygiene and public surveying of animal products in the food chain from forming to the transformation industry and delivery (shops and restaurants). . A chemistry panel is a blood test that can evaluate if the symptoms of food poisoning have lead to the complication of dehydration. it must be possible to know the origin of the ingredients (originating from identification of the harvesting or of the animal) and where and when it was processed. At home prevention mainly consists of good food safety practices. the United States Food and Drug administration approved phage therapy which involves spraying meat with viruses that infect bacteria. which can help to determine if an infection process. Preventing bacterial of food poisoning Prevention is mainly the role of the state. • • Enforcement of hygiene procedures like HACCP and the need chain. such food poisoning is present. the origin of the illness can thus be tracked and be removed from the sale if a problem is detected. Many contaminated by cooking it sufficiently. This has raised concerns because without mandatory labeling consumers wouldn’t be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray. and thus preventing infection.Chapter8. In August 2006. and eating it quickly or refrigerating it effectively diagnosis may also include a complete blood count. This regulation includes • Traceability in a final product. Power of control and law enforcement of veterinarians.

The severity of food poisoning also depends on your age. then it can cause food poisoning. foods kept in a refrigerator for a long period of time. But sometimes the start appearing within hours after the consumptions. shallow breathing. Some of the severe signs and symptoms of food poisoning are in pain in the chest. cold and pole skin. low blood pressure and increased heart and breathing .Chapter9. or rapid pulse rate. salmonella and wisteria that infest the food. It occurs if a person consumes old dairy products. sunken eyes.Most of the times the symptoms of food poisoning appear after few days of the consumption of poisonous food. food poisoning outbreak can occur if a number of people consume the contaminated food like people consuming poisonous food in cafeteria or in a party. It can also be caused due to toxoplasmosis or shigellosis. etc The food poisoning signs and symptoms vary according to kind of bacteria that affected the food you consume. E-coil. If a person consumes food containing mayonnaise refrigerator for a long time. clostridium porringers. back unwashed salads and under cooked meat. are roll health and immune systems . Food poisoning sign Food poisoning mainly occurs due to bacterial like staphylococcus. clammy.

However. vomiting. food borne illness can result in permanent health.Chapter10. In most causes the body is able to permanently recover after a short period of acute discomfort and illness. abdominal pain. . gastroenteritis. diarrhea. fever headache or fatigue. Symptoms and Mortality Symptoms typically begin several hours to several days after consumption and depending on the agent involved can include one or more of the following: nausea.

Ti keeps toxic chemicals that linger in the environment for many years out of the air.Conclusion As a student I therefore conclude that food poisoning is a very important in our life style. It helps a lot it a big contribution in the community as a whole in life I also conclude organic natural forming is kinder to our environment. water and soil. .

Organic natural forming is a means of form production based on the philosophy of working in harmony with nature and using only sustainable forming methods. . The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about ecofriendly eating is still organic food and rightly so. Choosing organic food is an easy way to make a step towards healthier and greener eating.Recommendation I would like to re commend this term paper to that entire person who is very conscious about their health. We must learn to plans our own back ground by using the organic farming.

A Garden of Rose. 1993).p. . 1991). Hard to Swallow.20. Environmental Poisons in our Food. 1993).p. p. Food Safety for Professional. It Was Probably Spoiled.46. It Was Probably Something to Ate. (Crown Publishers.108. Richard Lacey.(New York: Patheon Books.69. 1999).54.113. Mullichap Gordon. M. Robin Mother.M.Final Bibliography Cody. 1994).p. (New York: Cambridge Press. .p. Gene Loysdan . (New York: PNB Publishers. (Penguin Books. 1995).p. (California: Wilshire Book co. and Keith Mary.155.p. (New York: Basic Book. Ray Tannhile.76. 1994). Nicols Fox. At Nature’s Pace. Nicols Fox. 1997).p. Food in History. (New Jersey: Penguin Books.

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