Few Spiritual Quotes as and when came to my mind

For Divinity and Spirituality Religion is never a taboo. Christ and Krishna both were meant to be Messiahs one came to save Jerusalem the other Yadhavas. Both spread Love and peace. Both went through rigorous problems. Both had miracles happening on their birth. Both were meant for Mass rather than their parents. Both played miracles to serve humanity. Both of them talked about trust and belief in GOD. Both of them had a Animal love in common, Jesus loved Lamb and Krishna the Cow. Both loved their enemies, Jesus towards Roman rulers, and Krishna towards Kauravas. Realize and Visualize GOD in you, next to you feel it, enjoy it. When we feel we are going to be recognized, we visualize a life situation, Before seeing a Girl for marriage we visualize her in a form in our mind, Before reaching a destination, we imagine or visualize the destination. START visualizing GOD too in the same way, see the difference, Visualize as if HE/SHE is blessing you, your family after every righteous achievement, feel HE/SHE being with you in all righteous act, personal or professional, see the change in you later. Have you noticed most of the time when we are visiting a temple, we visualize the likely traffic, likely rush, likely timings we are going to reach, likely

restaurant available to have good food. Very few realize or see how the GOD will look like, during their visit. Is the statue going to be dressed with yellow or Red color, Will i get a chance to speak to him.. Many a times out of illusion, mental behavior we talk to Objects which has no life, but we feel at that point that they have life. Try doing the same thing in Temple too, you will visualize GOD speaking to you, giving you some good news. Why COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED BY MANY:- What is life? What happens after Death? Is their a Heaven or Hell? Is their a Rebirth? What was I in my previous birth, what will be I in my next birth? Why I am born Rich? Why I am Poor? Why I am addicted to something? Why things are not Happening the way I want? Why there is no recognition for my work? I spend so much on my kids, and gave them love, I am cornered today why? ONLY ANSWER: Take your life as a Drama, yourself as a Character, start acting. Feel the Director "GOD" is with u always. Perform the righteous act. Leave rest to him to decide. Was he Shiridi Saibaba - For me yes Way back almost 3 yrs ago, my office from my PG was 2 Km in Bangalore Karnataka. Morning routine was to have a tea and then board an auto rick which used to be Rs.12 for my office @ that point of time.

It was a normal day (Thursday) as usual; morning got up, and was just wandering in the PG balcony wherein I saw outside on the lane a person with long beard, a colored lungi tied on to his waist and a turban on his head. He was having a cloth bag hanging on his shoulder. He was just looking like an Hindu saint. He was walking past patiently and i sensed he was baba in disguise walking up blessing his people. I seeked his blessings in mind, while seeing him walk through the lane. Around 9am was ready for office, looked into my wallet, and i was left with Rs.15/- in it. I was quite comfortable since Auto would take 12 and a tea will cost 3 and I can always draw my money in the ATM, near to my office. With these thoughts I hit the tea joint corner shop. Next to the joint I found a person, deep eyes, having a big poly bag, as if waiting for some one. He was having a cap which normally Muslims would wear. For a second he gave me the glimpse of Shiridi saibaba. However I also had a feel that he is hungry or thirsty. My mind was reworking, if I buy a tea for him, I may be forced to walk up to office since I may not be able to take an auto. What do I do? It was a time of Ramzan, and I had a fear too, if I give him tea will he reject for having the fasting observed during ramzan? Finally what ever it might be, I asked him, if he would like to have the tea, and he nodded and I got him that. Wow what a mental peace. I started walking towards my office.

Around 3 pm, one of my collogues called me and said, he was going to Shiridi Saibaba temple, in Cambridge layout of Bangalore, and he asked me if I would join? Surprising fact is my friend never visits temples quite often. That evening visited Baba temple, Trust me, I doubted Aaarti would get over by the time we reach, but surprisingly it was late by few minutes, as if Baba wanted us to be there. While entering, the gents queue was empty; easily we walked through, and came out and stood in the corridor facing Baba. The Aaarti started, and once Aaarti got over it was almost a KM length Queue for the gents section. GOD is with us, start feeling, start experiencing, Start looking for him in every detail of life, what more......God bless every one.

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