STEPS FOR INSTALLING LANGUAGES, APPLYING LANGUAGE SP's and SUPPLEMENTATION Login in Client 000 Define Language in transaction code


Click on ACTIVATE button

Go to transaction code SMLT Click on Create language .

Do the same for Spanish Language .




Monitor the Job until it finishes Import Spanish Language .


we need to Import Support packages for Language .Monitor the Job until it finishes After the Languages are installed.

Click NEXT .Some of the components MIGHT say TRANSLATION ALREADY EXISTS and it will not be highlighted like in below screen so DO not do anything.

Click NEXT .It should find all the UNCAR'ed files .


CLICK on DO NOT OVERWRITE It will start the IMPORT .

We have to do the same for Spanish language .



Supplement Language .


and EXECUTE CLICK YES Do the same for SPANISH language .

SUPPLEMENT language with RSREFILL Login to Client 100 .


Click EXECUTE Do the same for same for SPANISH .

WTL for the following countries (some have been applied) . CDL. CXL. PDL. PTL.0_SR3_Languages/LANG2 PDL /sapnas1/SAPCD/ERP2005-SR2/LANG BP00146650 Please ensure that the language packs are applied to PXL. CTL.Click EXECUTE WTL /sapnas1/SAPCD/NW2004s-SR2/LANG /sapnas1/SAPCD/NW2004s-SR2/LANG1 CTL /sapnas1/SAPCD/SCM50-SR2/NW_7. WDL.

Austria Czech France Germany Greece Hungary Iberia Italy Norway Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Sweden Turkey .

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