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1. Name: 3. Gender: 5. Address:

2.Age: 4.Occupation:

6. What is the problem does the customer facing with BSNL services? (a) Network problem (b) package availability

(c) Activation & Deactivation services (d) for balance enquiry (e) others 7. Time taken by the BSNL to solve the problem? (a) 10 to 15 days (c) 20 to 30 days 8. When we have contacted the customer care how rapid and efficient was the response ? (a) poor (b) average (c) good 9. Accessability of customer care? (a) poor (b) average (c) good 10. Response of employee towards the customer? (b) 15 to 20 days

To which channel the customer is aware of the services? (a) Through advertising (c) Media (b) F&F reference groups (d) Any other 14.(a) poor (b) average (c) good 11. Customer perception on CRM strategies of BSNL? (a) poor (b) average (c) good Suggestions if any: 12. Customer perception on service quality specifications? (a) Good (b) Average . How do you rate the service quality of 3g network in BSNL? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent 15. Are you aware of 3g services provided by the BSNL? (a) Yes (b) No 13.

Customer perception on package availabilities? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent 17.(c) Excellent 16. Customer perception on pricing of 3g services? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent . Is customer satisfied with the technical information & accessability of the service? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent 19. Customer expectation on service delivery? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent 18. Customer perception on utility in 3g services? (a) Good (b) Average (c) Excellent 20.