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Board Staff has been asked by not only the District Attorney of Douglas County (Mark B. Jackson) but also by the Governor's Working Group on Methamphetamine Use chaired by Catherine Cortez Masto, the Nevada Attorney General, to ask the Board of Pharmacy to consider regulatory changes that would schedule synthetic cannabinoids in schedule I. NRS 453.166 empowers the Board of Pharmacy to make such scheduling additions in NAC 453.510. Staff has provided ample reading material on these compounds for your perusal.




A practitioner engaged in medical practice or research is not required or compelled to furnish the name or identity of a patient or research subject to the Board, nor may he be compelled in any . state or local civil, criminal, administrative, legislative or other proceeding to furnish the name or identity of an individual that the practitioner is obligated to keep confidential. (Added to NRS by 1971, 2016)-(Substituted in revision for NRS 453.296)

NRS 453.157 Confidentiality of information concerning research or medical practice.

NRS 453.159 Existing orders or regulations unaffected. Any orders and regulations promulgated under any law affected by NRS 453.011 to 453.552, inclusive, and in effect on January 1, 1972, and not in conflict with it continue in effect until modified, superseded or repealed. (Added to NRS by 1971,2022; A 1979, 1668)-(Substituted in revision for NRS 453.356)
SCHEDULES ADMINISTRA TIVE REGULATIONS. Schedules of controlled substances, NAC 453.510-453.550

Marijuana metabolite is a prohibited substance. While not classified substance pursuant to NRS 453.166 or 453.176, marijuana metabolite purposes of NRS 484.1245, 484.379 and 484.3795 because it is clear legislative intent of NRS 484.1245 and 484.379 that marijuana metabolite v : Williams, 120 Nev. 473, 93 P.3d 1258 (2004)


as a schedule I or II controlled is a prohibited substance for from the plain language and is a prohibited substance. State

NRS 453.176 Schedule II tests. The Board shall place a substance in schedule II if it finds that: 1. The substance has high potential for abuse; 2. The substance has accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, or accepted medical use with severe restrictions; and 3. The abuse of the substance may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. (Added to NRS by 1971, 2006; A 1991, 1653)
Marijuana metabolite is a prohibited substance. While not classified substance pursuant to NRS 453.166 or 453.176, marijuana metabolite purposes of NRS 484.1245. 484.379 and 484.3795 because it is clear legislative intent of NRS 484.1245 and 484.379 that marijuana metabolite v. Williams, 120 Nev. 473, 93 P.3d 1258 (2004)
NEVADA CASES. as a schedule I or II controlled is a prohibited substance for from the plain language and is a prohibited substance. State

NRS 453.186 Schedule III tests. The Board shall place a substance in schedule III if it finds that: 1. The substance has a potential for abuse less than the substances listed in schedules I and II; 2. The substance has currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; and 3. Abuse of the substance may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence. (Added to NRS by 1971,2008)


and (f) A prescription for dispensing or the distribution of the substance is not required by any federal. including proof of age where appropriate. Alpha-methylthiofentanyl (N-[I-methyl-2-(2-thienyl)ethyl-4-piperidinyl]-Npheny lpropanamide). and (b) The resulting mixture contains not more than 1 ounce of paregoric. 1-(l-methyl-2-phenylethyl)-4-(N-propanilido) piperidine). 639. (2) The name and quantity of controlled substance purchased. Alphamethadol. whenever the existence of such isomers. commonly referred to as levo-alphaacetylmethadol. § 453. (e) The pharmacist maintains a bound book to record the dispensing of controlled substances other than by prescription.070) 1. [Bd. levomethadyl acetate or "LAAM"). usual. any of the following opiates.(a) The dispensing is only by a pharmacist. and the book contains: ( 1) The name and address of the purchaser.146. including. Benzethidine. Beta-hydroxy-3-methylfentanyl (other name: N-[1-(2-hydroxy-2-phenethyl)-3-methyl-4piperidinyIJ-N-phenylpropanamide). (NRS 453. 3. and the dispensing pharmacist shall ensure that a valid and legitimate medical purpose exists in every instance of such dispensing.310. and (4) The name or initials of the pharmacist who dispensed the substance to the purchaser. Alphameprodine. esters. state or local law . (3) The date of each purchase. Betameprodine. salts and salts of isomers. 2. 2. esters. ethers and salts is possible within the specific chemical designation: Acetyl-alpha-methylfentanyl (N -( 1-(1-methyl-2-phenethyl)-4-piperidinyIJ-Nphenyl acetamide). Acetylmethadol. Betacetylmethadol. (b) Not more than 60 cc (or 2 ounces) of the controlled substance is distributed to the same purchaser in any 48-hour period. 5-08 . esters and ethers. Paregoric may be dispensed for treatment of the stomach or bowel if: (a) It has been mixed with 3 ounces or more of a nonnarcotic medicinal preparation or combination of nonnarcotic medicinal preparations. Alphacetylmethadol (except levo-alphacetylmethadol. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. eff. their isomers. A cough syrup containing a controlled substance listed in schedule V may only be dispensed for a valid and legitimate medical purpose.510' Scliedule I. of Pharmacy. Beta-hydroxyfentanyl (N -l 1-(2-hydroxy-2-phenethyl)-4-piperidinylJ-Npheny 1propanamide). Schedule I consists of the drugs and other substances listed in this section by whatever official. 6-26-80]-(NAC A 10-17-86) SCHEDULES OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES NAC 453. ethers. Allylprodine. (c) The purchaser is at least 21 years of age. common. Alphamethylfentanyl (N-[ 1-(alpha-methyl-beta-phenyl)ethyl-4-piperidyl] propionanilide. (d) The pharmacist requires the purchaser who is not known to him to furnish suitable identification.. chemical or trade name designated. without limitation.

453·17 5-08 . Acety ldihydrocodeine. Etonitazene. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. Difenoxin. Phenoperidine. Etoxeridine. Proheptazine. whenever the existence of such salts. MPPP (l-methyl-4-phenyl-4-propionoxypiperidine). Dipipanone. Normethadone. Dimepheptanol. Racemoramide. Furethidine.[1-(2-phenethy 1)-4-piperidiny ljpropanamide). Propiram. 3-Methylthiofentanyl (N-[(3-methyl-I-(2-thienyl)ethyl-4-piperidinylJN -phenylpropanamide). isomers and salts of isomers. Tilidine. 3. Phenadoxone. Morpheridine. Noracymethadol. Codeine-N-Oxide. Benzylmorphine. PEP AP (1-(-2. including. Properidine. any of the following opium derivatives.pheneth y1)-4-pheny 1-4-acetoxypi peridine). or Trimeperidine. Codeine methylbromide. Phenampromide. Dimenoxadol. Norpipanone. Piritramide. Betaprodine.fluorofentany 1 (N -(4. Dioxaphetyl butyrate. Thiofentanyl (N-phenyl-N-[1-(2-thienyl)ethyl-4-piperidinyl]-propanamide).) Betamethadol. Para. their salts. 3-Methylfentany 1 (N -[3-methyl-l-(2-phenylethy 1)-4-piperidylJ-N -pheny lpropanamide). Dextromoramide. Ethylmethylthiambutene. Clonitazene. Norlevorphanol. isomers and salts of isomers is possible within the specific chemical designation: Acetorphine.fluoropheny 1)-N. Hydroxypethidine. Levomoramide. without limitation. Diampromide. Ketobemidone. Dimethylthiambutene. Diethylthiambutene. Levophenacylmorphan. Phenomorphan.

5-DMA). any material. isomers and salts of isomers is possible within the specific chemical designation: Alpha-ethyltrytamine (some trade or other names: ET. mixture or preparation which contains any quantity of the following hallucinogenic substances. "STP"). Nicomorphine.4-diol.5dimethoxy-alpha-methylphenethylarnine. 5-08 453-18 . Etorphine (except hydrochloride salt). without limitation. Soma Solutions. including. Pholcodine. 2C-B). 2. SomatoPro. 5-methoxy-N. 4-methyl-2.Cyprenorphine. their salts. compound.. 4-bromo-2.methy lenedioxyamphetamine.5-dimethoxy-4-ethylamphet-amine (some trade or other names: DOET). Drotebanol. isomers and salts of isomers. Normorphine. or Thebacon.4-Butanediol (some trade or other names: 1. dihydroxybutane.5-dimethoxy-alphamethylphenethylamine.5dimethoxy-alpha-methylphenethylamine. Methy ldesorphine. Hydromorphinol. Myrophine. Morphine methyl bromide. 2.5-DMA). whenever the existence of such salts. Heroin. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule.5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine 4-methoxyamphetamine (some trade or other names: 4-methoxy-alphamethylphenethylamine. "DOM". tetramethylene glycol. Morphine methylsulfonate.5-dimethoxyamphetamine (some trade or other names: 2. butane 1. Zen). 5-methoxy -3. 4-bromo-2.5-dimethoxyamphetamine (some trade or other names: 4-methyl-2. 2.5-dimethoxyamphetamine (some trade or other names: 4-bromo-2.5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (some trade or other names: Nexus. 4. Trip). para-methoxyamphetamine. (some trade or other names: AMT). PMA). 2. Alpha-methyltryptamine 1. 4-bromo-2. Nicocodeine. (some trade or other names: 2C-T-7).4. Dihydromorphine. Desomorphine. N-diisopropyltryptamine (some trade or other names: 5-meO-DIPT). Morphine-N-Oxide. Methyldihydromorphine.4-butyleneglycoI.

trimethyl-6H-dibenzo[b. 8. 5-hydroxy-N. or preparation of such plant. Ndimethyltryptamine. 7. MDEA). 9-methano-5H-pyrido (1' . N-dimethylserotonin. j 3.d]pyran. mixture. dihydro-2(3H)-furanone. Diethyltryptamine (some trade or other names: DET. Gamma Buty Lactone. 3. Bufotenine (some trade or other names: 3-(beta-dimethylaminoethyl)-5-hydroxyindole. derivative. 5-08 . whether growing or not. GH Gold).4-methylenedioxyamphetamine. 8. 10. l-benzylpiperazine).4-b) indole.3. MDE. salts. Synhexyl). 6 beta.6. manufacture. Psilocyn. N-methyl-3-piperidyl Psilocybin. tetrahydro-2-furanone. Tabernanthe iboga). Parahexyl (some trade or other names: 3-Hexyl-l-hydroxy-7. 3.4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine (commonly referred to as N-ethyl-alpha-methyl3. 4-butyrolactone. and every compound. N. Lysergic acid diethylamide.4(methylenedioxy) phenethylamine.N-Diethyltryptamine). Gamma butylrolactone (some trade or other names: GBL. Mescaline. 3-(2-dimethyl-aminoethyl)-5-indolol. its seeds or extracts).9- Peyote (meaning all parts of the plant presently classified botanically as Lophophora williamsii Lemaire. 1O-tetrahydro-6. mappine). benzilate. N-ethyl MDA. N.5-trimethoxyamphetamine. 9. Gamma G. 12.4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (commonly referred to as Nshydroxy-alphamethyl-3. 13-octabydro-2methoxy-6.2':1. N-hydroxy MDA).4(methylenedioxy) phenethylamine. any extract from any part of such plant. N-benzylpiperazine (some trade or other names: BZP. Dimethyltryptamine (some trade or other names: DMT).4. N-ethyl-3-piperidyI benzilate.4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). N-hydroxy-3. Gamma hydroxybutyrate (some trade or other names: GHB). the seeds thereof. ) Ibogaine (some trade or other names: 7-ethyl-6.9.2) azepino (5.

or N-ethylamphetamine. unless substances consistent with those found in such plants are present in formulations that the Food and Drug Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human Services has approved for distribution. N. 4 cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol. For the purposes of this subsection. its seeds or extracts. mixture or preparation which contains any quantity of the following substances having a stimulant effect on the central nervous system. isomers and salts of isomers is possible within the specific chemical designation. 1-(1-(2-thienyl)-cyclohexyl)-pyrrolidine (some trade or other names: TCPy). N. their salts. 2-aminopropiophenone. coca leaves. p>ositionor ge0metric-. including. whether growing or not. 5. the seeds thereof. salt derivative. and their optical isomers. and its optical isomers.5-dihydro-4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-oxazolamine).Delta 1 cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol. 7. without limitation. PHP). Delta 6 cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol. isomers and salts of isomers. mixture or preparation of such plant or plants. isomer or preparation thereof which is chemically equivalent or 5-08 I . PCPy. including. (l-phenylcyclohexyl) ethylamine.isomer. mecloqualone or methaqualone having a depressant effect on the central nervous system.N-dimethylamphetamine (commonly referred to as N. manufacture. without limitation. regardless of numerical designation of atomic positions covered). cyclohexamine. and every compound. N-(l-phenylcyclohexyl) ethylamine. TPCP. Methcathinone (some trade or other names: N-Methylcathinone. any extract from any part of such plant or plants. any material. All parts of the plant presently classified botanically as Datura. whenever the existence of such salts. mixture or preparation which contains any quantity of phencyclidine.N-alpha-trimethylbenzeneethanamine.omer" includes. TCP). Fenethylline. cat). Ethylamine analog of phencyclidine (some trade or other names: N-ethyl-lphenylcyclohexylamine. (±)cis-4-methylaminorex (( +)cis-4. compounds of these structures. the opttca:l. compound. since nomenclature of these substances is not internationally standardized. without limitation. ( Delta 3. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. isomers and salts of isomers: Aminorex. derivative. compound. or a salt. Pyrrolidine analog of phencyclidine (some trade or other names: l-(l-phenylcyclohexyl)pyrrolidine. Cathinone (some trade or other names: 2-amino-l-phenyl-l-propanone. norephedrone). their salts. compound. cocaine base or free base. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. "is. Unless specifically listed in another schedule. any material. 6. alphaaminopropiophenone. and their optical isomers. 2-thienyl analog of phencyclidine.N -alpha-trimethylphenethylamine). Methamphetamine. or Thiophene analog of phencyclidine (some trade or other names: 1-(1-(2-thienyl)cyclohexylr-piperidine. 8. PCE).

10-25-2000. (d) Cocaine hydrochloride salt prepared by a registered chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturer of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Department of Justice which is properly labeled. 11-1-2001. and is available for medicinal purposes through a distribution system approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration. noor-oi. of Pharmacy. 2. derivative or preparation of opium or opiate. common. and their respective salts. Morphine.520 Schedule II. esters. solid or powder form and containing the phenanthrene alkaloids of the opium poppy). but including: Codeine. isomer. R024-98. thebaine-derived butorphanol. usual. and any quantity of material. or independently by means of chemical synthesis. are hereby enumerated on schedule II: ) 453-21 . Opium fluid. naloxone and naltrexone. A 10-26-83. 4-17-98.146. eff. including lot numbers. 1-10-94. 9-29-87. Opium extracts. Raw opium. any of the following opiates. Thebaine. ethers. ethers and salts is possible within the specific chemical designation (dextrorphan and levopropoxyphene excepted). chemical or trade name designated. compound. (f) Concentrate of poppy straw (meaning the crude extract of poppy straw in either liquid. esters and ethers. or by combination of extraction and chemical synthesis. by whatever official. Ethylmorphine. 4-l7-2008) NAC 453.) identical to such substances. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. (Added to NAC by Bd. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule. 8-25-2004. Powdered opium. whether produced directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of vegetable origin. and Tincture of opium. including their isomers. except decocainized coca leaves or extractions which do not contain cocaine or ecgonine. and any salt. excluding apomorphine. salts and salts of isomers. Diprenorphine. Etorphine hydrochloride. Hydromorphone. (NRS 453. R181-07. compound. mixture or preparation which contains coca leaves. Hydrocodone. compound. whenever the existence of such isomers. any of the following substances. RI21-04. 9-11-91. 6-25-82. nalmefene. Oxycodone. R110-00. 3.070) 1. is hereby enumerated in schedule II: (a) Opium and opiate. cocaine base or cocaine free base or its isomers or any of the salts of cocaine. esters. 7-1-92. Oxymorphone. (e) Benzolyecgonine or ecgonine. Metopon. nalbuphine. 639. 8-10-89. derivative or preparation thereof which is chemically equivalent or identical with any of the substances referred to in paragraph (a) if they do not include the isoquinoline alkaloids of opium. dextrorphan. Granulated opium. Schedule II consists of the drugs listed in this section. (b) Any salt. (c) Opium poppy and poppy straw.

Pinson.(~~t3~ . it is quite expensive at $35 per test and essentially prohibitive for our drug courts to use regularly. The product produces a marijuana-like high when smoked or inhaled and is consumed as a marijuana substitute. We have been experiencing a significant number of reports that participants in our criminal drug courts are utilizing this product because the chemical compounds do not show up in a urinalysis test. Executive Secretary Nevada State Board of Pharmacy 431 W. BREEN STATE OF NEVADA WASHOE COUNTY P. I encourage you to do the same as there is essentially no redeeming quality of this substance other than its purported use as incense.O." or "K2" is sprayed on dried herbs and flowers and commonly sold as incense. Pinson. I am writing to encourage the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy to schedule the chemical compounds in "pep spice" products as a controlled substance in our state.SECOND JUDICIAL PETER SENIOR DISTRICT COURT I. BOX 11215 88504 NEVADA DiSTRICT . the matter will go through the administrative rulemaking process before the regulation is amended. Many cities. Plumb Lane Reno. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Pharm D. counties and states have banned the sale of these synthetic marijuana products or added them to Schedule I of the controlled substances law in the same category with marijuana." "Spice. rrv &9509 Dear Mr. Breen Senior District Judge \. As you know.JUDGE Larry L. Sinfjl~. Peter I. the synthetic chemical compound called "Pep Spice. While a new drug test has recently been developed. I understand that if the Board of Pharmacy votes to add spice products to the schedule of controlled substances. RENO. I hope you will consider placing this product on the scheduled list as soon as possible.

could use the drug and pass any drug test. 1 . Jaekson ~ County. 11Ie won:! on the street spread quickly: 1. etc. juvenile probation officer1 and prosecu(ors started to hear aboul new designer drugs such as 'Spice' and 'K2' being used b~ hlQh school students. lawenfor"'lmenl officers. 2. and..b9nOdpu m rw ooy Problem Identified In December of 2009 In Douglas County.July 7. 2010 Meeling MARK B. high school athlete. JACKSON District Attorney 0Istrld __ Mark B. 3. young adults and individuals on probaUon for i!tug offenses Dr drug related ofIenses. Art! person. Nevada (1751782-9800 mjIs.Douglas County District Attorney's Office Methamphetamine Prepared for Govemor's Working Group on Use . The designer drugs produce a 'high" more potent Ihan marijuana. probatloner. The designer drug was undetectable I What Are They? Plant material or herbal mixture laced with synthetic cannabinoids or cannabinoid mimicking compounds are the latest designer drugs to invade the United States and cause serious health risks to the users. The designer drugs are legal.

""' .Where Did They Come From? The most common synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic csnnabinoid mimicking contpoynds used to lace the plant material are: • • HU-210 and HU-211 JWH-lI18 and JWH-073 CP an extended duration of actioo.M..lflO..S...ot~."_LMcfIR. JcMmII'''''''''**'''~.tabo~les of cannabinokls.. U.OIIfI:.' HU·211 i.... JWH·018.:n~ va~ti::~:~~:Jc J_.... -AI'IIIMI..... Dr.... also slnK:turalty'5. Huffman wroto ...A. an. at Hebrew Unive ..' Both JWH-018 8IId JWH-013 are not currenlly controDed under 1110 CSA.J.... 100 to 800 times more potent thin natural THe from cannabis and! h.t of THe. '~"4-r~bW*~. r~~~~ 'WIIaptdII ..~f~~ .. homologuea) • AU 01 these compounds wete created or synlhesized by researtl'lers in a lab ""vIronment while studying the effects of THC (the active ingredient in ma<ijll8lla) HU-210 and HU-211 HU-210 I•• synthetie cannabiO\Oid th8lwa5 doveloped by. HU-210 i..~(t_.. tho CSA..N~ar... Jonn W..EJHfI..ZMIdra.....' Tho abbreviation HI! stands lor Hebrew University. for one oIlIIe synthetic cannabin..n articl.....tcw .r:SMIk ~~".. "'an th. scionlillc journal whoreln h. however.ttl~~u..T~~.q:. In 2005.s.. for.~ot1M~""~0IthI.!!~Y:~:r.'aught al Clems.. Huffman... oponed 0.."trolled undo. .·nrs~~:Ii°J::r:d~~U~~.. synlh •• "o. JWH-018 and JWH-073 Dr.n University sinco tho 1960'0. ills culTellijy not "...-.......' tho chomical lonnul. Based on anecdotal repons. J..' Studies show that JWH-lIl8 has an affinitY for "'_ c....497 (and it..pllWla.... EaCh of his a-eations Is named by using his Initials and a sorial number. ...WA:e-..Cm 2 ... group of ro.. an organic chomistwho ha.Voll. ity in 1988..2: HU·210 is a schedute I controlled substance in "". 1~. 1_"'_~~1NIfII .. ~es and m.cIoMClt. __.. JMt.r to THC.nnabin~d brain (CBll receptorfivo tim •• groate.. IDoftrM.

liquor stores. ~.497 and its C6._. and C9 homolOgues are potent cannabinoid CB 1 receptor agonist drugs thai were developed by Pfizer In the 19BO's. The products are being sold by convenient stores.q/. C7... 3 .I\"""'CM. What Do They Look Like? While "Spice" and "K2" appear to be the most popular designer drugs available. ll How Are the Designer Drugs Marketed? The plent or hetbal mixture laced with synthetic cennablnolds Of synthetic cannablnold mimicking compounds are produced by several manufacturers and markeled under various names. the synthetic cannabinoids have many faces. ..n~~'Il2~ . ca.' The packages typically contain psychedelic or other artwork and contain 19 Of 3g of the laced hetbal mixture.A.CP47.. C7...""""""r1~ .l'._... and oller the internet as an 'incense' or "herbal smoking blend.497 CP 47.and C9 homologu9s are currently not controlted under the CSA..JI.. smoke shops. ca...~"_"*-C:P...IIIMnLJ. CP 47. gas stallons..497 and ijs C6. 'head' shops.' The drugs have analgesic effects and were developed to be used In scientific research.' Almost all of the products are labeled 'Not for human consumption.


. staled.:-.. "These products weren't designed for human consumption. 'rrr:: . Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Southem Nevada College of Pharmacy recently opined that these designer drugs could very well have greater health concems. hazards and risks than marijuana as they are unregulated with no standard for potency or purity and that ingesting these types of substances would create or Induce distorted perceptions.'-.. ." Are They Dangerous? Paul J.. Alvin C_ Bronstein.".D. difficulty In thinking and problem solving.. Dr. 5 ..-) ~ Are They Dangerous? In addressing the growing number of cases across the United States wherein people are being hospitalized for ailments caused by smoking 'Splce' and other synthetiC cannablnolds.. medical director of Rocky Mountain Polson Center and director of surveJUance for the American Association of Polson Control Centers... Oesterman. .. Pharm. impaired coordination.~.'" . and problems with leaming and memory.~: .

M'l .. Met F• . ·~=~=r~.:h :aI.II. 1110 QiHliled conMiIIUWOti'Spb· .tradtr~on~. "'p....::t::..Qt3J1NH-018. con1roladsu .. You're a potential winner of a Darwin award. R-omanla.MIH. The Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act of 1986 attempted to ben any chemlcat ·substantlally similar" to a schedule I or II glegal drug to be treated as schedule I or II but only ~ Intet1ded for human consumption..... ban Pcllrtd ... IIdIM. S~ aid4 R.1!NH418ar11i1lOlMoflWlcllllm. 1IIIIaru. C.and KcM'H. 6 ... "-'Y..Are They Dangerous? "It's like playing Russian roulette.=-=-and ....491lMe tdItduIed"dtugl.. You don't know what it is going to do to you....hVH-018 '!hI!! pOtentitlil danger of smoking What Is The Current Legal Status? Title 21 01the Un~ed States Code (U.~oImlatUt..ll"NbI'IGidc • ==. John W HuHman..C. Fl1. n .attdCP 41.gto .S.d..".. 21 U.ynIIhItic CANI ._ JMi.faaI..International ~~Nv.ttI. .M .. ChIt. ynhl'lic apIIlI or 110m.. Md CP '7.oicf" ".< tyr . § 813.tonil. KU-:210. pptOflcf.) is the Controlled Substances Act.drictions an cm .JWH.()18If1dCP047..497.. lq). • AuIIri.S. E.o1l...497. \trt1en ask6d abGut ~1'Ilhetk: QII'1QbI.Or. ynlhaUCe. Of. MfCOIie$.. • plt!CMi Itpl....... Legal Status .. Sweden 1M • GerIMl1)l-..ce -..Ito~I'QCIuI.:. LIItviI...

Salvia and any derivative...eacfas :On~ 7 . . 0. otficiaf COde or Georgla An~ed.Legal Status . use. 1*90'1. ...S. cartan . period with a tl1. relittna to Schedu" I ect\ttdted substaue.U.• • "".Other States Sewr31 at . distribution or manufacture of Spice.... NtwVQII!I: tlDrlhD8Ic:aI... havo placed..!t Is.010- ~ MCtisI ... Of ere In lhe proeess of placing...S.Uleta!. fIlM ... analogue or variant of either substance. Marines and Navy have all instituted policies and/or general punitive orders prohibiting the actual or attempted possession. end afpaJ"01glapn C11} and by a:dciiIg.Georgia Code 8ec:tion 16-13-25 of". sale. -.. ..· · ...... Army. Air Force.. Example Legislation .S on cannabint*Sa: Florid.amended by laplacirlg 1h.:tiQO. .·. ntrN paragraph to .. Legal Status .. Military The U.-eW"i.

halluc:irtal:iOn er elaUon or to affect I'ds or her otf1'baJ nefVCMJ$ayat*M iI-..C.rd of Pharmacy IlOR . order 10 Cfeate Of induee lit . 8 . IrJOeIIs. euphoria.. .Legislation • Local govlmmlnllmergenc:y ordinance • Application of existing law in the interim .NRS 454.gLilly of a l'r'ri&del'Manor. Bo. caLJtionIi Of wMl'Iil'lgl$ appearing on the: labelthe.. or any oompound In any manner contrary to the dlrecUone rOf 'Use.condition of IntcIldcatian.. license or under 17 U.What Do We Do About It? • • Interim Regulation .· ( I I" + •• Notice of Copyright Use This presentation may have contained the creative work of others which are used either by permission. any drug.. : •My person who inhales.eo!'.Neva d. §§ 107118 (Fair Use of Copyrighted Material). chemical .S. in.346 ptovid .

Spice Brands and Varieties: Albino Rhino Buds Algerian Blend Aroma Black Magic Black Mamba Bliss Bombay Blue Caneff 5 Star Chillin XXX D-Raw Dark Matter Dragon Dream Everlast Ex-ses (Platinum) Experience: Chill Experience: Ignite Experience: Red Ball Fusion Galaxy Genie Gorilla Herb Dream Ice Magic K2 Mojo Moon Rocks Pep Spice Sence Smoke Solar Flare Space Space Truckin' Synergy Spice Diamond Spice Gold Spice Gold Spirit Spice Silver Spicey XXX SipceWorld420 Spice99 Spice99 (Ultra) Splice Platinum Star Fire Yucatan Fire Zohai ZohaiSX Chemicals that may be included: HU-211 • • HU-210 • • • Structural and pharmacological Schedule I controlled JWH-018 a a Synthetic cannabinoid • substance agonist different from THe distinct from THe similar but structurally JWH-073 analog of THC NMDA receptor blocker a Anesthetic properties causes hallucination. 497 Acts on same receptors but is structurally Pharmacologically Greater activity at Cannabinoid type 1 (eBl) receptor compared to Cannabinoid type 2 (C82) receptor at a lower dose • More activity in Central Nervous System (CB1) than in peripheral system lower for synthetic cannabinoids (C82) immune a a Ki (receptor affinity) in significantly • lower concentration Interact at different stacking interaction) (up to 10 times) (aromatic of chemical required to elicit a response and endogenous cannabinoids site than traditional . euphoria and dissociation substance Not currently controlled CP 47.

Substance Spice. CP so. Sence & any other product containing the same herbal mixture homologues. JWH-073. agonists of cannabinoid Poland South Korea Sweden Romania Russia United Kingdom 5/8/09 7/1/09 9/15/09 2/15/10 1/22/10 12/23/09 JWH-018. JWH-018. JWH-018. C8.497 homologues. synthetic JWH-073. not including JWH-018 JWH-018CP 47. 497 & its 3 co 47. Date of Ban 12/18/2008 1/01/10 6/03/10 7/24/09 2/24/09 1/22/09 3/9/09 Spice. JWH-018. homologues Spice Gold. HU-210 HU-210 497 & its 3 homologue). 497 & its HU-210 receptors or CP 47. 5561 212-2. C9 homologues). JWH-018. HU-210 HU-210. .497 ((8 & C9 HU-210 & its C6. and increased body temperature tezal Status in Other Countries' Country Austria Belarus Canada Estonia France Germany Hungary . 497. CP 47. CP 47. HU-210 "other cannabinomimetics" Leonotis leonurus. Spice Diamond.Spice o Not detectable by current urinalysis tests • • • Not currently Requires blood sample to be analyzed via gas chromatography/ spectrometry must look for bl-products a controlled substance of drug after metabolized by the body mass Abuse Potential: • • • • • Documented case of physical withdrawal Must increase dose to elicit the same response with continued use Half-life of synthetic cannabinoid is longer than THe o May build-up in the body with continued case currently use physicians in the states Only one studied withdrawal published Several cases of adverse events reported where the substance is already regulated o by Emergency Department Racing heart beat. CP 47. increased pulse. (9 CP 47. WIN-55. C8. caeruiea JWH-018. Nymphaea homologues. HU 243. 497 ((6. Ireland latvia lithuania Luxembourg 5/11/10 11/28/09 5/27/09 5/4/09 Synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018.

497.Spice US states Leeal Status' State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Kentucky louisiana . under consideration Unregulated legislation Unregulated JWH-018. under consideration Unregulated Syntheticcompoundsmimickingthe effectsof marijuana Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated. JWH-073. HU-21O Synthetic marijuana JWH-018. 497 proposed & homologues. synthetic herbalingredientsof Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota 2/25/10 8/28/10 incenseblend Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated. JWH-018 Unregulated 02/2010 4/13/10 8/15/10 JWH-018. Date 7/01/10 Unregulated Unregulated 5/11/10 K2 (JWH-018) Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated legislation 7/1/10 Unregulated Unregulated Legislationproposedmovedto senate 3/18/10 Substance JWH-018.HU-210. JWH-073. cannablnolds. CP 47. HU-210 proposed K2. JWH-073. JWH-073. CP 47. Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated HU-211 .

Spice State Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming 7/1/10 Date Unregulated legislation Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Unregulated Substance K2. JWH-018 Proposed .

Skunk. Ex-ese. These countries include: United Kingdom. which many believe is how these substances were exploited to create the new designer drug known as "Spice. Because these are novel drugs and hard to identify they are not currently classified as controlled substances in most states. These are sprayed substances are up to 10 times more potent than naturally occurring THC. K2. HU-211. Canada. JWH-018. a professor at Clemson University. This substance is currently classified as a schedule I controlled Dr. Austria." Spice blends are branded by up to 40 different include: Black mamba. Spice (diamond. The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy will be addressing this class of designer drugs at the September meeting to evaluate whether these of "Spice" are HU-210. etc). Arkansas. Poland. Germany and Russia. is credited with the synthesis of JWH-018 and JWH-073 and several hundred other similar compounds. The half-life of synthetic cannabinoids physicians in states where the substance is already regulated. liquor stores and online. Spice is a generic term referring to synthetic cannabinoids and cannabinomimetics.SPICE You have probably heard of spice but is it the same kind of "Spice" that your children are familiar with? We are not referring to oregano. human consumption. and research the cannabinoid Dr. Huffman created the substances to isolate type 1 (CBl) and type 2 (CB2) receptors in rats. silver. Louisiana. 210 is a structural as schedule I controlled substances. humans and the long-term Spice is currently illegal in several other countries. 497 and their are named after Hebrew University where they were discovered. Ireland. In 2005. effects on the human body are unknown. There has been documented physical is longer than from the substance after extended use. The only means of testing for these substances at this time requires a blood sample soon after consumption. gold. There are risks with the consumption withdrawal department THC and may accumulate of spice substances. The structural differences of the JWH and CP compounds make it impossible to detect these substances The biggest problem is that on urinalysis. North Dakota. or cumin. substances from use by any member of the armed forces. over time. John W Huffman." onto a mixture of herbs resembling marijuana and sold in smoke shops. convenient The mixture is available in 1 gram and 3 gram packages labeled as On the package there is typically a warning "Not intended for names. Kansas. Some common names incense or "herbal smoking mixture. drugs should be categorized The chemical components homologues. Georgia. Missouri. analog of THC and is up to 800 times more potent than the substance. paprika. GC-MS and/or LC-MS analysis of the blood is required. Several cases of adverse events have been reported by emergency Patients have presented with Spice has not been tested on increased heart rate. the substances must be in the machines reference library for comparison to identify them in a sample. spice is the newest designer drug." The JWH and CP compounds are structurally different from THC but act on the same receptors. Sweden. Hungary. and increased body temperature. increased pulse. and Tennessee. "head" shops. These compounds stores. HU- The HU compounds and pharmacological naturally occurring THC. he published a scientific paper outlining the synthesis of the JWH-018. . and Yucatan fire. Several states in the US have enacted legislation to control spice or the components of spice including: Alabama. The US government has also banned these Kentucky. JWH-073. CP 47.

will begin working together to initiate the process to classify these compounds as schedule I controlled .SPICE The above mentioned concerns. brought these substances to the attention of Pharmacy in conjunction regulatory at the request of the District Attorney of Douglas County. and the fact that these substances have no accepted medical use. The Nevada State Board abuse and with the Attorney Generals working group on methamphetamine substances. has of several governmental agencies.

G-IIJc.. V''''''"a~F1cn'IAOI... 56. !REGION nm. Hiring in Anticlp...~".I .. R>pl.Dr'j'E:yIIfnfDnm Ibe.s.r . a Democrat.I)...People rocommonded: The __ Fed i ItOUE PAGE ! TOCO'. Inhaling deeply. a blend Df herbs treated with synthetic marijuana. PanllCrusmaQ: The FedJ eesPed . nnJoI_1 ~nc. Build ... ESTATE AUTOS EClCAn:>N BA'( A__ ! Synthetic Marijuana i Spurs State Bans Get the Opinion Today E-MaIl _r-- ... I_' COLI...'.. 25.rn.aflll 81 Fttra caroe aod ~l:1Ok:8t1...J."'Ho!uI ..chin.ery ---. N.. Kuo. a Democrat.aar in S LOU.. who likened the drug s effedJ> to clove ~ -Its a waste of time.RE £fficicncy eomesto tbe Hospital 7.Ba1hSal1o..OIs. emitting a musky cloud Df smoke into the afternoon lighl Mr..=m 12-17 pnaam for TrguMtd Inn a-c cry ~......i"ER i VIDEO i "'os~pop~" ! liMES 10.. ·. Mike Beebe of Arkansas. Tople: Marijuana and be the last time they legally get high in Medic. singed the pipe s lesfy contents.M . SmImn' __ COndiIbo. Wall 51.Y. War We Need 8. S P.. signed an emergency order banning the substance. Albert Kuo trained bis lighter above a marbleized glass pipe stuffed with synthetic marijuana.. BUSlNF.!t.... for e..tked$~ rrDff. C<lInpulersat Home: Educational H""...en~lInoo.." Oll Tuesday. 00<". .O"IC -. tltrla! 'JCUf_opy_.. t'lByet's.~ Amorlca 4.~ EIi".ti"" a.. mr... _<>ftt:< ......l Domain.n I lbd'f\lIUorkiimf' ! 1 WORLD I'CVICS u."_rrJ. Sfgn up fOlIho ~ 0I1i1o doy " 0pnI0n..~byOr. n !!«ipa for lkalth: Grated Raw Beet Salad -l know it s not going to Jrill me: said Mr. Missouri is the nation s ejghth state this year to ban the substance.... Act Your Grandchild·.!<>n.rry "an Eeonom le 9. l'D.88rn Abou1 $1<0 lot Dr.R RECOMMEND PrtmIyD 1Aone! 1'1.VEL JOeS RfAl.' I .. lind this month.... ""II!! OUnce. Op-EdCoolrllnlt. emergency rooms across the country complaining of everything from elevated heart TOtes ! and paranoia to ~and ~ Investigators blame the drug in at least one death. Aristocracy 3... Kuo. Y10...-..H i'1IDK . . T__ WIIIIIIIII'.. Related sr.ccm ..lgOO . Fa<lary REPRINTS S~..1 bett"M~ rtc. .. Gov. IIy 20 •• nY.... I'.l>~ 01 _~f"'_.AA SIGNINTOE· r.1 I iI I PeOE I E:l4 ! . Mr... Kuo..l.lGAY .OW Are A1IJuica Te.RARn!._.... had gathered here with a small cohort of friends for what could T!. On Eduoa. nd~I~..s....------~- Log In HEALTH SPOIITS OPlllJOX AIITS STYLE TJV.. Jay Nixon. effort and money to ban something like thls.·..~ .rtei I . A Chooen . _ Douthat: The Cla ..1'10$ : u. ~CoIlnI Spinrw.... 28<1.. Similar !lI&it. . signed a bill prohibiting possession of K2.. <l01D Seated at a hookah lounge in the Tower Grove district. SAC'.'V .1 ~~I.. an art student at an area conege. .O.r.. 0ln>I'III0< """ K2 S<we 1I"OIlO)'.>. ltal> reen Dowd: Mlami·. Gov.aI Marijnana Missouri on B substance known popularly as K2.da):! '-'Off!!.HoopsC.-----~-------. Teenage Rulity 7..eo.5S OCGo T~CnNOLOGY SCIENCE Get Home Oelr. MOST I'CI'ta.". which has sent nsers to . LOUIS 'ACnIJCK T'MlT1.rch ~~ _~rc:hcom RoagoonlsAl'or_ Rleiolg PI.....

1I11!'11~i...-lh~Nr'WYwltllIl)HClO T1iil1a- ! n•• ".. Jd)c. mixing them with a potpourriJike Wend of herbs and labeling the substance K2.. but by marbting it as ! incense and clearly stJting that it is not for human consumption..h.lhe malullli. Christopher Rosenbaum.. domeslie sellers have : managed to evade federal regulation. Mr. Mr. w. John W._.tile reaction : were seeing isjust because of dose effect.. Rcnga.. online.." He then returned to his parents I bouse. i I -p~. But investigators add that no one is reaDy certain what is in K2. up from 13 in 2009. Ii ! In a statement. Euforecment -Evnybody knows it s not incense.. ~ &:!teONrM.. Ilt'WJ vi deo.. who is also the medical director for the Missouri Poison Control Center. Brian Sher of the Indianola Police Department._t. of course. a spokeswoman Mmini. and people are arriving at emergency rooms with symplOlns that wOIlldnot normaDybe associated with marijuana or a ... the state ~tative who S{IOIl5Ofed Misso1Iri s legislation. Huffman."l<sIGr.. K2 s active I ingndients i THe.. andinvestiptOl'S believe I I that many seDeJ1I are buying bulk quantitie$. prohibitions are pending in at least six other states.RfT . pure forms of the chemical are available ontine.. K2 which Is also known as Spice...:lrb 1bIo aQl.pornl~"'9. according to the National Confinor. i Iowa teenager I According to the police report. was nothing in the investigation to show he was depressed or sad or anything... I i I i -Its like a tidal wave. i : Nevertheless. 1389 i i j after SIll:!kiq K2.iuu~dTi ." said Barbara Carreno... I i ! i ! That question i t iI i Dr.... ~at S done with a wink and a noel- for the federal dta~ kil8ewith Rnl ElI. had graduated from high school one week earlier and was planning to attend coUege in thefaD. "Inception" ...tP!I!'!!!I!y r' 01 I IJ MIlA 00"'" 01. It can seIJ for as much as $40 per gnun. 1 -I VB seen it all..I Gl__ l1>olAder & 'TlIIn1 """'" Crylu' h GaIapogo:B flx>. an who last month committed ~ shortly after smoking K2. Scalzo. . MichigaD. 50'_'. Huffman said the chemicals were not intended for human use. New York and Ohio.Q.1 '" It. Mr. Demon or Gmie is sold openly in gas stations. -These are vay aDlIious..e of Slit!: J. calling it K2 ( and seIIiog it.. ! The American AssgclatiQn of )?oi'jQD Control Centers reports that SO far this year there have been 567 IC2-related caDs..S.<. it was unclear -whether. Louis University who first reported a me in IC2-reiated i C8Se$ and is collabotating with Dr. Slay connected to lheneW5. limpse fll1llJVh .· said I I 1 Detecm'e Sgt.2". ! I AU3Oln. or iftheres something in there we haven t fomtd yet. 1 -It s not like there s one K2 distributor everybody is making their own staff.· said Dr.EI1i. Louisiana.... and that -their effects in humans have not been studied and they could very weD have tmdc eIJect$. a profe.le ""'XnrYurlLl"hn_ 1 First deveIopeclin the lab of a C!ewljOnUniversity chemist. Rosenbaum in researching K2s effects. ParIn!l! . He I added that his lah had developed them for research purposes only.. but they re &ure getting sam e other gym ptoms. ! . 'I1Ie substance is banned in many European countries._ hiP t:HU! ~t '.freaking ! ~ere I out: saying he was -going to heD. are synthetic cannabinoids rege8lI:h-grade chemicals that were ereated for purJIIl6II!S but can also mimic the narcotic effects oftetrabydrocannabino1.. added that although tests had found cannabinoids in K2..OOfl'll .~ i &aidWard I'ratrl. . It has to be K2. which is the most unnerving aspect._.. or the active ingredient in marijuana.6A "I!.I i i i New Jersey. I ! therapeutic .sor of emergency medicine at the St.oll.eejs!a!DreS. Were seeing middle-sthoollids waIking into st0n:5 andbuymga- I I.synthetic form oftbedrug.. S. who led the in\'estigatiion. 18.. agitated people that are requiring several doses of ~ • -I don t know how many people are going for a box of doughnuts _.ot~ai*'!la ltIDdR . d""'*"'" 8)OlS g Cct!r>ecI __ • On Faoebook I I MWIESII iADdYOUI Dm..TowlImG<Jiled Nalutolol Old. ! ! i _ 0r4In0 -....· remains at the center of an investigation into the death of David Rozga. head shops and." I I I . Leonardo DiCaprio in I ! ! I I i Often marlreted 8S incense. . Rozga smoked the substance with friends and then I began. -Its almost an epidemic... an : assistant professor of toxicology at the University of Massaclmsetls who is 5tudyiDg the effects of K2 in emergency room patients.tration.. Anthony Scalzo..-(10 Com j'OUI' Ex. gnbbed a rifle from the family s gun room and shot himself in the bead. photomlflhalW'l. Without being connected to lheWeb. including Illinois. I don t know what else to attribute it to.." said Dr.

"I $4. ! 'The Misoouri i investigators ! ! i II -Onc:eit goes illegal.e<I_ _"" WIpr<l! on July 11." with: i Investigaton say that a more effective ban might arise once the Dnlg EDfon:ement AdminisIration completes its review of cannahinoids. which often comes down to 9. For Cane". 1986) Gel e. and wejua go about it a couple of them ala time.. -We talk to our kids about sex. 28. and we taJk to our kids about drinking and being responsible. Neverthele5s...62 • w . We talk to our kids about drugs. EmbaOnUne. i I "*3014 .neesArt.5la... who said he learned ofK2 only afta his son s death.i:>tP"tmllie. in~ and 1 researchen.nnm n.olly dotllwry far ".c::a i i I I 8M IllaDY IIseJS say they are undaunted by reports of negative reactions to the drag. adding... which goes into effect Aug.. AJtrlll Get E-Mail A...lon St. on ""'" 1t'7 TIm •• ~ Iioado.d ... politicians... 2fltere are hundreds of these 5o}'ntheties.1C»f II OPINION" ! i i I I i ..· Meanwhile. howevet. But how can you tall to your kids ahoot something you don t even know about?" A v. AI. users and their families must formulate new resp:l1UeS as each iteration of a drug comes to market. k Suboerlbe "'TIle -.. who sells the product at his coffee shop in Kansas City. 2010. Get E-Motl AI. placing them uuder theClllrtmIleEl Subsb. say that bans like the one in Missouri are little more than -Band-AW that i sb'eet chemists can sidestep with II slight alteration to a chemical s moleeo1ar mucture.. Currently.. sbltes are largely on their own when it comes to C(lntrolli:ng this DeW breed of synthetic caJlnams. and users say that while they would like to know what is in SJ!!t:gn"':i.l!. -'lbe process of sclJeduJing something is thorough and lime consuming. !lJl!y "m. I already have something to replace it said Micah Riggs. they would take their chances if it meanS a clean urine test.. t S-rMtdl: ~ Sj:U"5S_~.&•• Ij•• Roololfll_c . and Traffic .Y 1 Me(. and there are a lot of gifItd chemists out there. .rts I wi Op-Ed: Haiti s I N.puIe" -- SlGNIIHOe· REFRI)(TS .a n.. I Online Executive MBA Earn your ElIlecutlve MBA Online at tl\e Saunders College of BuSiness. game of eat-end-mouse where law enfottemmt agents.A..RIT Edu AOClITdllll :.." -lts hard to keep up with everything.t_U.E. Carreno of the D..nnabinoids that have found in K2 and related products.nd ltsi.S) Law Get EoNai. of "'" ~lo of1tleNow'too...M:III. ban.." said Ms. K2 does not show up on drug tests....0.•• ~ though the ageuey has listed four others as -ehemicals of concern. "'1I'tI!Mi. prohibits several ca.. )larljuaD. AiXl.lralijldlo yaw c"". -Where does a parent go to get answers?" asked Mike Rozga. . Is Reached (AprJl4.fls Dru.t~! . 2. D.