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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Objectives 2. System Analysis 2.1.Identification of Need 2.2.Preliminary Investigation 2.3.Feasibility Study 2.4.Project Planning 2.5.Software Requirement Specification (SRS) 2.6.Software Engineering Paradigm Applied 2.7.Diagrams 3. System Design 3.1.Modularization Details 3.2.Data Integrity and Constraints 3.3.Data / Procedural / Object Oriented Design 3.4.User Interface Design 4. Coding 4.1.Comments and Description 4.2.Standardization of the Coding / Code Efficiency 4.3.Error Handling 4.4.Parameters Calling / Passing 4.5.Validation Checks 5. Testing 5.1.Testing Techniques and Strategies 5.2.Test Cases 6. Cost Estimation of the Project 7. Reports 8. Future Scope 9. Bibliography