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Sample Objectives

1. To obtain a challenging position in an organization where my knowledge could be put to use and where my potential could be best exploited to achieve the organizational goal and simultaneously getting the opportunity to progress so as to keep the curve of my professional growth rising. 2. To work in an organization to make use of the conceptual knowledge and skills of HR that offers scope for superior practical learning to be a value addition in the area of recruitment / training of an organization. 3. Seeking a position in the area of ------------in a fast paced organization to utilize my abilities and skills in the Corporate Industry that offers professional growth while being innovative, resourceful and flexible. 4. To achieve excellence in working as dynamic professional offering solutions to business using the best available resources, where my analytical ability and analyzing quest are used maximum for growth of the organization and to grow with the organization. 5. To be a part of a dynamic organization which allows me to grow and update my managerial skills and work towards its goals by making positive contributions to the organization. 6. By acquiring knowledge, expertise and a familiarity with the organization s culture, I want to contribute towards realizing organization s vision and become its integral part. 7. To utilize and develop my skills by working in an organization which would give me multi functional exposure. 8. I like to start my career as a key team member in the strategic projects of an organization where I will be able to enthuse fresh thinking and professional leverage by on the job education. 9. Seeking a challenging position in well established company that offers professional growth and ample opportunity to learn and enrich my competencies in my profession. 10. Looking forward to prove myself in the domain where I can prove myself through my acquired skills and experience which could help me in my career progression.

Deepak Kumar Sekhri,

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