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.What is ASIMO? On Dec-2002. Honda developed an intelligent Dectechnology enabling multiple ASIMO robots to work together in coordination. ASIMO is the world s first humanoid robot to exhibit such a broad range of intelligence capability. Capable of interpreting the postures & gestures of humans & moving independently.

ASIMO S Specifications .

The Features Of Intelligence Technology Recognition Technology Recognition of moving object Posture & gesture recognition Environment recognition Sound recognition Face recognition Network Integration User s network system Internet connectivity .

Coordinated operations of multiples ASIMO ASIMO avoids another ASIMO. ASIMO avoids a person by detouring. .FUNCTIONS OF ASIMO Performs tasks such as carrying a tray & pushing a cart Identifies oncoming people through its eye camera calculates travelling. direction & speed.

Future Of ASIMO ASIMO walking technology allows robots to exist more easily in human living environment. Robots of the future to work in harmony with people while avoiding obstructions on their own. .