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Ho^W^ To^ Make^ Books^

nes, Accordion & Star Books Making Mini-zi

Bookmaking^ Tips^:

Be precise: measure twice, cut (or fold!) once When necessary, use a ruler to make sure all your pages (and covers) are the correct size Create crisp folds: use a pencil/pen to burnish (crease) paper, instead of just your fingers

Instant^ Mini^-Zine^
An easy, 8-page booklet that requires no binding, only cutting and folding! Can also be unfolded to be photocopied and reproduced!

Fold paper into eighths Open paper up until its only folded in 1/2 Snip the folded side, NOT the open side (and dont cut all the way through!) Pull opening apart and then push folds together to form a plus sign

Accordion^ Book^

A long book whose pages unfold like a slinky Pages are made out of one large piece of paper, with folds that separate them

Measure and mark page widths using a ruler (HINT: measure and mark the top and bottom) Fold paper back/forth, lining each fold up with the previous one Make a cover by wrapping paper around accordion and cutting to size Glue in place to the inside of cover


Alternati^vE^ Methods^:
Dont have super-long paper? Using regularsized paper, fold into sixteenths, and cut a spiral (D) or zig zag (I) along the folds to make an unconventional mini-accordion book! (HINT: be sure NOT to cut through all the way to any edge!)

Measure width of cover and thickness of spine, add together and double this length; crease at each measurement Add desired overlap (usually ~2in) to length and cut this size strip of paper (width and color are up to you!) Wrap around book & glue in place! Or, cut two small snips into the band where they overlap to create an interlocking, reclosable band

Finishing^ Touches^:

Star^ Book^:

A square book that opens up diagonally to be four times larger than it is when its closed!

Start with 1 square for each page you want in your book Fold one side cornerto-corner, then flip it over to make a tent Fold in half left/right and top/bottom to make a plus sign crease Pinch the folded corners and push together, then flatten! Ta da! This is 1 page.