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A game of ever shifting environments the environment itself is your enemy

As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can. -Julius Caesar

Core Aspect

First Person Puzzler Work your way through ever changing caverns, navigating the classical and futuristic roman underground Setting: Neo-Rome, an empire that never fell and thrives to modern day: its tyranny has only advanced with its technology.


timeline where Rome continues to flourish. Their obsession with marble-plating persists, but it hides more than concrete now; Cogs and metal turn and churn beneath the deceptively pristine surfaces. alternate history, the Empire of Caesar has continued its course for centuries.



You play a fiery young woman who, with her commander, failed in assassinating Caesar. You were forced to flee to the lowest levels of the city. Now you must crawl your way out of a living security system under Rome. Questions weigh heavy on her soul:

Has her commander survived? Is there a way out?

The only way is forward and up!


Vertical level progression takes you through ancient Rome to its realized future representation. Travel underground through tunnels, aqueducts, catacombs, and sewers of Rome to emerge above. At journeys end, she need only look back at the megatropolis to find out what has happened to Rome.


Unsettling Desperation

Theme: Revelation

Conveying the narrative

Sewer Grates: As the protagonist is traversing the tunnels beneath the city there will be long tunnels that shoot upward and carry the sounds of conversations down Radio: As you get closer to the surface your radio is able to pick up more information from the city above. Graffiti conveys the alternate history of Rome.

Puzzle Elements

The environment is out to get you, it is constantly changing and moving Trick the shifting environment and its traps by using decoys

Concept Art