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Sklaven Was passierte nach dem Bürgerkrieg mit den Sklaven Wie begann die Bürgerrechtsbewegung Martin Luther King Jr. Situation heute

Our presentation is about the civil rights movement in the US. We will tell you something about the reasons for the need of this movement talk about the beginning of the movement and we'll try to discribe the situation in the US today. In former times America needed many cheap workers for example on its cotton plantations. Mainly in the confederate states – the states more southern in the US – there was an immense need for them. So they „imported“ black slaves from Africa. Temporarily more than 50% of the inhabitants of some of these states were black. This situation changed with the American Civil War. The Union - the northern states - wanted to dispose the slavery and fought against the Confederate States. This was not for human but for economic reasons because the Union's economy didn't need slaves. After this war there was no more slavery in the US but it was impossible to integrate the former slaves into the society and even in law there were racist and discriminating paragraphs. BILD The situation of the black people in the US was very bad. There was a high unemployment among the African Americans and for example in a bus they were not allowed to sit on „white seats“. But in time the blacks developed a wish for equality. And as Rosa Parks – a black lady – was prohibited for not giving her bus seat to a young white man There started a great movement for civil rights for African Americans. This flow was mainly representated by 2 people: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X. While Dr. King practised a resistance without any violance Malcolm X founded a islamistic group that preached a „black racism“. Both were murdered but Kings flow contiued to exist and slowly some reformes were concluded. Today, racism is officially illegal in the US but racism continues to exist and there are still prejudices against African Americans and other ethnic minorities but nobody talks about it. In one of his speeches, the new Afro-American US president Barack Obama broke this Taboo. He showed the American reality to the world. He spoke about his white grandmother’s open racism against Afro-American men. Of course it's an immense progress that even the president is black but it's not easy to remove prejudices out of people's mind.