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Pre-lab assignment #1: Please turn in to your GSI at the beginning of lab. This assignment is worth 5 points. 1) Explain why the tomato plants in a 50T pot should never be taller or heavier than in a 25T pot, but why the tomato plants in a 25T/25A pot might grow better than in a 25T pot. (two points) Tomatoe plants in a 50T pot shouldn t be taller/heavier than a 25T pot because intraspecific competition would be stronger in the 50T pot (since there are more seeds competing for resources than in the 25T pot). However, tomato plants in 25A/25T might grow better because tomatoes can outcompete alfalfa easier than other tomato plants. Therefore, interspecific competition between Tomatoes and Alfalfa is stronger (tomato being the stronger competitor) compared to intraspecific competition between tomatoes. 2) Why do we put potatoes in a blender? (one point) This is called homogenization. We put potatoes in a blender because it will rupture the cell membranes and release polyphenoloxidase. Also, blending the potatoes will release enzyme cofactos, substrates and products into the solution. 3) In part I, why include tubes with no enzyme or no substrate? (one point) We include tubes with no enzyme or no substrate because we need a control group in the experiment. Therefore, with a control group, when a variable is changed in the experiment, we will have a control group to compare it to (makes it easier to analyze our results). 4) What s being diluted in parts II and III? (one point) Part II : Diluting enzyme concentration Part III: Diluting substrate concentration