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BALL NOSE MILLS for FINISHING CUTS Milling Cutter Nomenclature

Maximum cutting diameter Number of cutting edges Number of effective cutting edges

D Z Ze

Input data in the shaded cells only

0.079 4 4


Machining Conditions
Maximum spindle speed of the milling machine Cutting speed (surface feet) Depth of cut / stock to remove (d.o.c.)
Effective cutting diameter (if tip cutting)

nmax Vc d De 1 or 2 n n w f fz F Fd fd fzd Q Qd

9000 600 0.015 0.062 2 41447 9000 0.062 0.0010 0.0040 36.0 45.9 0.0051 0.0013 0.03 0.04

rpm sfm in. in. rpm rpm in. ipt in. ipm ipm in. in. 3 in /min in3/min

Tip cutting or 3d surfacing? (1=Tip,2=Surfacing) ** Required spindle speed
Spindle speed (compensates for machine max.)

Width of cut Feed per tooth Feed per revolution Feed rate without adjustment to axial depth of cut
Feed rate adjusted to axial depth of cut (if d < D/2) Feed per rev. adjusted to axial depth of cut (d < D/2) Feed per tooth adjusted to axial depth of cut (d < D/2)

Metal removal rate (no adjustment to axial depth of cut)
Metal removal rate adjusted to axial depth of cut

Developed by Edmund Isakov, Ph.D., DAPRA Corporation

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75 Height 0 Stepover 0. If cutting will take place up and down the side of the insert. call Dapra @ (800) 243-3344. Ph. DAPRA Corporation Page 1 of 2..D. ** If cutting is to be only at the tip of the ball nose. For assistance. input "1".02 Directions: Fill in the blocks shaded in light-blue with the appropriate information. The calculator will automatically provide the necessary speed and feed in the red numbers. 07/04/2011 . input "2". 0. Developed by Edmund Isakov.Scallop Height Calculator Ball Dia.

3 1.MACHINABILITY FACTORS AND MACHINE EFFICIENCY FACTORS Table 1. Machine Efficiency Factors. 07/04/2011 .0 1.80 Oil .Hydraulic Drive 60 .90 Page 2 of 2.3 2.7 2. % Direct Drive 95 Direct Belt Drive 90 Back Gear Drive 75 Geared Head Drive 70 . E Type of Drive E.3 1.3 Table 2. Machinability Factors.8 1. Cm Cm Workpiece Material Aluminum alloys Carbon steels Alloy and mold steels Cast irons Titanium alloys Stainless and tool steels High-temperature alloys 1.