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Bleeding Painting by Chamal Wilson, a collection of Short Stories. Printed by Ne o Graphics, Nugegoda.

ISBN: 978-955-53026-0-9; First published in December 2010. Contents: 1.Her Highness Princess, 2.Bleeding Painting, 3.One Lovely Night, 4.Devil Dancing, 5.Black Diamond, 6.Happy Birthday, 7.White Blot, 8.Cardboard Lion, 9.The Draught Animal, 10.Bat Droppings From Preface: "When seven year old Niranjala from Sri Lanka was burning in her own home that was bombarded, when Rachel, a female humanitarian from America was being flattened under bulldozer chains, or when Ken Saro Wiwa, an environmentalist from Nigeria was being hanged in gallows, we were in our trance silently like the deaf and the blind. We would not awake from our dream till the Satan taps on our door. But a few percentage of sensitive people throughout the globe display their protest, even this moment in different ways, against the injustice and the brutality that govern the world. May Bleeding Painting be a reason for courage and strength for those men and women!"