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Some of the effects of Low SelfConfidence

I can¶t That¶s too difficult I don¶t know how Maybe I won¶t be able to handle this It won¶t be good enough, someone else would do better I just can¶t decide what to do

especially about forthcoming difficulties Frustration and anger with yourself Fear of the unknown.2. Feelings Apprehension Anticipatory anxiety Worry. or of new situations Resentment. it seems so easy for others Discouragement and feeling demoralized .

taking on anything new or making changes in your life Seeking help and advice even when you know the answer Hesitating± and repeatedly needing encouragement Taking a back seat Asking for reassurance .3 Behavior More passive than active. being a slow starter Avoiding . keeping yourself in the background Finding it hard to make suggestions. or put yourself forward Prevaricating.

leaning to stoop. Bodily signs of low confidence Posture. or retreating into yourself Not looking at people in the eye Fumbling or fidgeting Feelings of tension and nervousness Sluggishness and lethargy .4.

.Becoming More confident: Four Basic Insights Confidence is just not one thing Appearances can be misleading Confidence comes from doing things People take you at your own estimation.

2. Be kind to yourself . 4. Practice Behave ³As if´ Take the zig zag path Make the most of your mistakes and ignore them 5. 3. Limit the self blame 6.Six Strategies for building Confidence 1.

Five Strategies for Building Self-Esteem Attack the Prejudice Stifle the Critic Bury the Judge Do the Best you Can Develop Friendships that make you feel Good .