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WMB Monitoring agent is monitoring and management tool You can use the WMB Monitoring agent to ensure

the reliability and performance o f your broker environment by detecting and correcting broker and message flow pr oblems before they have an impact on service speed and availability. also reduces the amount of time it takes to depl oy broker applications by helping you to debug message flows and providing stati stics that you can use to tune your environment. features: You can use the WebSphere Message Broker Monitoring agent to do the following tasks: - Monitor the status of your IBM broker product and its components - View information and performance statistics for broker topologies at broker, e xecution group, message flow, node, terminal, and thread level in both tabular and chart forms - Issue IBM broker product commands using the WebSphere Message Broker Monitorin g agent interface to directly manage your environment, or create automatic respo nses to WebSphere Message Broker events - Receive alerts when performance thresholds are exceeded or when message flow e vents occur - Retain data samples in history files and save them to a historical database fo r reporting and analysis purposes -In addition, the WebSphere Message Broker Monitoring agent provides a CandleMon itor node. When inserted into a message flow, the CandleMonitor node collects me ssage flow and subflow performance statistics and provides a mechanism for generating user-defined events.