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please indicate the date the results will be available: Name of institution and quali cation: Are you seeking credit transfer for previous study? Yes Day Month Year No / / Yes No If yes. please request the Application for Credit for Previous Study from the Prospective Students O ce on +27 11 950 4009.Application for admission POST-SECONDARY STUDIES Year of commencement Degree/quali cation Institution Country/state Year completed/ or last attempted All o cial statements submitted must include failures (if any). Other (provide details): IMPORTANT CHECKLIST Have you completed the application form? Have you attached a certi ed copy of your Identity Document? Have you included certi ed copies of academic transcripts. I will sit/have sat for an English language pro ciency test: English test name: Date taken: / / Result (if known): Day Month Year Yes TOEFL No IELTS A certi ed copy of the test is required. Are you currently awaiting results of post-secondary studies undertaken this year? If yes. English language pro ciency. quali cations. I acknowledge that Monash reserves the right to seek information from relevant bodies as to the standing of my claimed quali cations and to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. Signature : ___________________________________Date ________/________/_________ Day Month Year O ce use only Date received: ______________________________ Selection decision: Application checked and captured: NOTE I P CO O R Decision: ___________________________________ Sign: _______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Captured by: _______________________________ Letter date: ________________________________ NOTE Decision: ___________________________________ Sign: _______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Captured by: _______________________________ Letter date: ________________________________ NOTE . ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY (See also Table A – Alternative English language requirements) Was English the language of instruction in previous studies completed? If no. etc? Have you written your email address clearly? O ce use only Declaration and Signature I declare that the information provided by me is true and complete in every particular.