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The Fatwa by Bin Baaz on the World Being Flat

The Fatwa by Bin Baaz on the World Being Flat

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Published by: BanglaRaj on Jul 04, 2011
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The Fatwa by Bin Baaz (Raheemahullaah) on The World Being Flat (511 total words in this text) (1860

As·salaamu3laykum Wa Rahmatullaahee Wa Barakaatuhu Bismillaah, As you already know there are rumors going around from those who oppose the Ahlu-Sunnah wa Jumm·aah by attacking and trying to belittle the Scholars, such as al-Albaanee, al-Uthaymeen and their favorite Shaykh ibn Baaz ((May Allaah have mercy on all of their souls)). You might have heard from those who hate the dawatul Salafiyyah regarding the ((so called)) fatwa from bin Baaz stating that the world is Flat. Some who don·t know that this is an obvious lie try to make excuses for him by saying ((the shaykh was blind)) and so on. At least they tried to defend the shaykh, but overlooked the knowledge and wisdom this man had possessed. He was not only a Scholar, he was the Grande Mufti of Saudi Arabia, President of Medinah University, Head of the Senior Scholars ((The Permanent Committee)) and other great and highly valued responsibilities. May Allaah Have Mercy on his soul and reward him greatly for all the work he has done and tried to do for the Ummaah. Aameen. Here is the ((real)) Fatwa from Shaykh bin Baaz ((Raheemahullaah)) regarding if the Earth is Flat or Round. The following is the English translation, I have also included the link where you can hear him being asked the question and him answering it in Arabic. Allaah Azza Wa Jall continues to show the truth to those who He guides, wal Alhamdulillaahee Rabbil 3lameen. http://binbaz.org.sa/RecDisplay.asp?f=n-04-1407-0300007.htm Introduction The following letter reached the program (broadcast program) from Kenya, sent by our brother, the student, Ibraheem Muhammad Al-Awwal. The brother says, "I heard the program Nurun 'alad-Darb (A Light upon the Path) and I benefited greatly from it. Therefore, I wanted to send these questions to you all because their topics are very perplexing to me. The first is: Is the earth round or flat?" The Shaikh: According to the people knowledge (scholars of Islaam) the earth is round, for indeed Ibn Hazim and a group of other scholars mentioned that there is a consensus (unanimous agreement, Ijmaa') among the people of knowledge that it is round. This means that all of it is connected together thus making the form of the entire planet like a ball. However, Allaah has spread out surface for us and He has placed firm mountains upon it and placed the animals and the seas upon it as a mercy for us. For this reason, Allaah said: "And (do they not look) at the Earth, how it was made FLAT (Sutihat)." [Al-Ghaashiyyah (88):20]

Therefore, it (the Earth) has been made flat for us in regards to its surface, so that people can live on it and so that people can be comfortable upon it. The fact that it is round does not prevent that its surface has been made flat. This is because something that is round and very large, if it is made flat (its surface), then its surface will become very vast or broad (i.e. having a flat appearance). Yes."

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