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Business Link - E_Commerce

Business Link - E_Commerce

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Published by Lilly Thompson

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Published by: Lilly Thompson on Jul 04, 2011
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With so many different online networks
available, from simple email lists to
complete virtual worlds, it can be difficult to
choose the right network for your business.
Joining several networks is an option, but it
is still important to spend your time and
resources with online networks that actually
deliver real benefits to your business.

How to choose the right network

The criteria you use to make a decision
about which online network(s) are ideal for
your business will ultimately depend on what
motivates you to join the network initially.
Ask yourself the following questions to help
you identify the right kind of online network
that will deliver the benefits you are looking

• What is your key reason for joining
the network?
• What level of return do you expect?
• What kind of businesses are already
members of the network?
• Do you have the time and resources
to commit to your network

The internet is now awash with networking
websites that cover just about every
conceivable business sector. You may
already be aware of the high profile
business networks like LinkedIn, but there
are a great number of smaller networks that
may be a better fit with your business. This
is especially true if your business operates
in a niche market.

Online networks explained

There are many different types of online
network your business could join. However,
they do fall into distinct categories that

• profile/market building networks - BT
Tradespace, Network 2012
• social information exchange -
Facebook, MySpace, bebo
• microblogging - Twitter
• referral and connection building -
LinkedIn, Plaxo, Ecademy
• book marking and reviewing - Digg,

Online networking

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• email connection and network
building - Yahoo! Groups, MSN
• self perpetuating groups - flickr,

Before you become active on any of these
networks, it is vitally important that you
understand the profile of the other people
and businesses already using the network.
Posting inappropriate messages, or worse
still placing advertising that is not welcome
by the members will damage your business'
brand and reputation. Spend some time
researching the networks you think are ideal
for your business. This is time well spent,
and will deliver the results you are looking

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