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Published by: Prashant Borborah on Jul 05, 2011
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PREFACE Project during studies help the student to prove their ability and knowledge gained during the

study curriculum. It helps to show their talents and skills and also learning about awareness of various new concept practically which couldn¶t have been cleared theoretically. It also helps in adopting to work in groups, which is very important requirement of the modern day industry. Hence, I Queen Gogoi, a student of SBS, Pune did conduct a study and prepared a Summer Internship Report on´««««««««««««««..´ which is a part of the curriculum of PGDM course. In this project, I tried to study the recruitment policy of OIL INDIA LIMITED. By doing this project I also want to understand the policy and process of recruitment in a practical business scenario in relation to theoretical knowledge. For the preparation of this project report I collected data and information as provided by the executives of personnel department of OIL INDIA LIMITED, Official website of OIL and OIL¶s magazines.


Queen Gogoi

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