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1. You should present your driving license, certificate of good conduct, two passport sized photos and a photocopy of your id. 2. You should report for duty every day and early on time. 3. You should be with your vehicle at all times and not leave it to someone to watch over it. 4. You should be honest and truthful. 5. You should talk politely to our esteemed customers. 6. All deliveries should be left at the designated area immediately after the delivery of goods to the customers. 7. Incase of any liability on the vehicle, because you did not show up where your vehicle was, you will be held responsible. 8. If your vehicle is faulty report the matter early. DO NOT wait for when you have a trip scheduled. 9. No issuing of fuel to another truck without permission from the office. 10. Currently fuel consumptions are too high. Kindly try to reduce your consumption.

By Management

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