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Informatica8x_Handout From William

Informatica8x_Handout From William

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Published by: Tiru Murugan on Jul 05, 2011
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Add a repository when a repository already exists but does not appear in the Navigator. You can
add a repository in the Repository Manager, the Designer, the Workflow Manager, or the Workflow
Monitor. After you add a repository in one of the PowerCenter Client tools, it appears in the
Navigator window of all the tools.

To add a repository to the Navigator:

1. In any of the PowerCenter Client tools, click Repository > Add.

2. Enter the name of the repository and a valid repository user name.
3. Click OK.
The repository appears in the Navigator of the PowerCenter Client tools. Before you can connect
to the repository for the first time, you must configure the connection information for the domain
that the repository belongs to.

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