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Wordpress 3 User Manual

Wordpress 3 User Manual

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Published by: Issani Isa on Jul 05, 2011
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You will probably not use this unless you want to change the image to a specific
size, or add your own styles, so this is covered in the Advanced User Guide.

However, one thing worth mentioning is the Image Properties:

When inserting an image, you may find the text is right up against it and you
want some “space” between the image and the text.

Enter a figure (for example “6”) to set the minimum number of pixels between
the image and the text either vertically and/or horizontally. After updating with

WordPress 3 User Guide

Chapter 6: The Editor

Simon Goodchild • www.wpsymposium.com • © Copyright 2011


the values entered, WordPress will convert what you entered into Styles, for

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