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Wordpress 3 User Manual

Wordpress 3 User Manual

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Published by: Issani Isa on Jul 05, 2011
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Basically, it’s where you store all your images and other media (sound files,

movies and so on if you use them).

Think of it as a book shelf.

Access the media library via the menu (shown on the right).

Menu > Media > Library

By now you may have tried uploading some images (if you’ve

followed this guide chapter by chapter).

WordPress 3 User Guide

Chapter 7: The Media Library

Simon Goodchild • www.wpsymposium.com • © Copyright 2011


If not, it just means you have nothing in your media library.

The screen, therefore, will look something like this:

It shows, in this case, three images that I’ve uploaded when creating pages and/

or posts.

By hovering over each image you can edit or delete the image.

When you delete an item in the media library it gets deleted

permanently, you can’t recover a file from trash.

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