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Cog Nus

Cog Nus

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This persona uses dashboards and reports that have been created specifically
for this persona to understand aspects of the performance for this persona’s area
of the Great Outdoors company. In this book, the Business User is named Betty

Persona’s needs

The Business User has the following business needs:

Access anywhere
No investment in training or software
Simple and intuitive interface

Solutions that can help this persona

The following solutions can help the Business User meet the business needs:

IBM Cognos Business Insight

Consume dashboards and reports to help her to make decisions and take
actions based on accurate analytical data.

IBM Cognos Connection

Receive scheduled reports.

My Inbox of IBM Cognos Connection

Store and open report views from previous executions of a report.

IBM Cognos Planning

Insert and update plans and actual data.

IBM Cognos TM1

Insert and update plans and actual data

© Copyright IBM Corp. 2010. All rights reserved.




IBM Cognos
metadata modelling



IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook

© Copyright IBM Corp. 2010. All rights reserved.


Chapter 4.

Create reporting packages
with IBM Cognos Framework

This chapter provides an overview of IBM Cognos Framework Manager and
illustrates several general modelling concepts through practical exercises. This
chapter is not intended as a replacement for formal training on IBM Cognos
Business Intelligence (BI) metadata modelling. Because metadata modeling is
the foundation of business intelligence reporting on relational data sources, it is
critical that the proper training and experience be gained to ensure a successful
IBM Cognos BI project. The recommended training for IBM Cognos Framework
Manager is IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Model.

In this chapter, we discuss the following topics:

IBM Cognos Framework Manager overview
Build a model with IBM Cognos Framework Manager
Add business logic to the model
Create dimensional objects for OLAP-style reporting
Create and configure a package
Apply security in IBM Cognos Framework Manager
Model troubleshooting tips



IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook

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