Expert graphic art designers created this stunning product for the lovers of the Quran

• • Amazing facts which assert miraculous and inimitable character of the Qur'an Adorned with colorful fine graphical fonts in harmony with a beautiful background theme

Professional Art Gallery Specifications huge size 48” x 36” canvas

The Periodic Table of the Qur’anic Chapters
An unprecedented public exposure to astonishing yet easy to understand facts about the Qur'an • • • • • key amazing discoveries of the last 150 years of the modern research on the thematic organization of the Qur'an logical and reason based evidences for a modern mind to understand the nature of the Qur'an Splendid extracts from the vast Islamic intellectual heritage that elucidate Qur'anic history & transmission and key findings are disclosed with complete references Studying the Qur'an using it increases comprehension

Understanding the amazingly scientific composition of the Qur'an has now become easier with it
Rarely available to western people, the Qur'anic contextual & philological analysis discoveries of scholars such as Hamiduddin Farahi1863–1930, Amin Ahsan Islahi 1904–1997 and his student, Allama Khalid Masud 1935 – 2003 and his students are especially included. Research and editing by Ehsan Butt, PhD

Art gallery canvas is UV protection laminated, more than 100 year life span specification, can be softly wiped clean if needed

Excellent for Decorating

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