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Total Population 365

Converter Under Warranty Converter Out of Warranty 264 110

Converter Under Warranty 264

Under warranty Failure 65 Performance after ELD Modification No of Failure 25


Modified Converter 241


not working when MVRF is turn ON.08 SIV sometime tripping on DC_LV SIV tripping on DC_LV fault on full Sheiled wire between TGDU to AAL fault .05.12.03. Battery charger GDU card Same tighten properly AAL ECoR ELS/VSKP 27886 OB1800706006 GC 10. open through QSIT relay at line . NCR ELS / JHS 27939 OB1800712049 GC 21. MCU card replaced.07.01.05. connection found in lug of pin no.06. abnormal sound ECOR ELS/VSKP 27785 OB1800706002 GC 09. refit. 04. battery charger GDU card found lug. tripping observed. one of sheiled wire between TGDU to Thyristor was open causing no gate pulse to one Battery charger blocking diode AAL Battery charger blocking diode ECoR ELS/VSKP 27978 OB180080314 GC 20.08 FM 20. GDU card replaced 31. MOV fuse melting suppressor RV 1 short) is used to protect the card against 31.0828. 19.0706.08 FM 20.08 FM 31.08 FM 17. Replaced the lug.07 05.01.07 01.08 Convertor tripping on DC_LVD TGDU card to Thyristor .08 FM 27.0801.08 Converter tripping frequently ACPT-1 defective Replaced ACPT-1 and provided original MCU card NCR ELS / JHS 27939 OB1800712049 GC 21.07. charger is in OFF condition.07. of SIV MOD Date CR ELS / AQ 27838 OB1800610021 GC 38 found of Power supply card .0724.08 FM AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL ELS/ASN 27879 OB1800703055 ELS/ASN 23349 OB1800708026 ELS/ASN 23349 OB1800708026 ELS/ASN 27877 OB1800703061 NCR ELS / CNB 27955 OB18008010 69 NCR FM 15. NR ELS / LDH 27679 OB1800701048 GC 05.08. Type DOC RIP Failure Fault Reported Failure Analysis Action Taken Remark No.08 Battery charger not working. On full load the DC link Thyristor replaced.04. NR ELS / LDH 22691 OB1800610026 GC 01.08 Converter tripping and FAN_FT 3 phase cooling fan producing 3 phase cooling fan replaced. 09.08 FM SIV tripping frequently and input SIV was tripping due to low input Pin and connector replaced 8 low voltage showing on display voltage sensing . 23.01.0729.12. sheilded Defective cable replaced. GDU card GDU card replaced W Phase inverter 8 fault recorded .07.06.08 Converter not working and CCINV Power supply card MOV (surge Power supply card replaced. defective FM Converter tripping and GDU_WF W Phase IGBT burst and IGDU W Phase IGDU card and IGBTs fault recorded card defective replaced.06.xls ELS / JHS 27939 OB1800712049 GC AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL .Failure Analysis of 180 KVA ConverterUnder Warranty Rly Shed name Loco SIV No.05. Actual voltage was 1050V but MCU sense it 525 volts.07 03.03.07 23. voltage drop to less than 450 volts.04.01.07. Only one 20.01.0829.0 Converter tripping and GDU_WF Thyristor triggering . defective replaced MCU card replaced.02. file:///opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch32326/62235800.08 Converter tripping on GDU_WF W phase GDU card defective.08 Converter tripping on GDU_UF Converter make three times DJ All the OFC connectors clean and fault.08 Battery charger not working.04.06.08 Battery charger sometime tripping broken from 1500 Capacitor µf /400 V Capacitor and 27 KΏ resistor and BCHGDU_FT fault .08 Converter tripping on DC_LVD MCU card defective. One wire of molex connector of surge voltage.02.08 Converter tripping frequently No problem found during testing.03.08 Battery Charger not working ECoR ELS/VSKP 27887 OB1800706004 ECoR ELS/VSKP 27977 OB1800803105 ECoR ELS/VSKP 27980 ER ER ER ER OB1800 GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC 20.Due to this MCU was reading input voltage half of actual. Loose panel.08 FM 11.0724.08 Battery charger working but Battery charger blocking diode Blocking diode replaced LSCHBA OFF evenwhen battery short. AAL fault recorded.09.08 Converter working but battery charger MCU card defective.07 25. load . fault cable found open. U phase and W phase GDU During testing at ELS / JHS no card interchanged.07 04. However MCU card replaced as precautionary NCR ELS / JHS 27939 OB1800712049 GC 21.01.01.

fault recorded. 01. GDU card replaced.07.03.08 Inverter working but fan producing 3-Phase axial fan defective.08 Converter working but battery charger Two diode of input rectifier section of Input rectifier section diode replaced.01. 5.05 05.07 08.09.06. AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL SECR ELS / BIA 27844 OB180061002 3 SER ELS / BNDM 27970 OB18008031 02 SCR SR SR SR SR WCR WCR WCR WCR WCR ELS / KZJ 27853 OB180061103 1 ELS / ED ELS / ED ELS / ED ELS / ED ELS/TKD ELS/TKD ELS/TKD ELS/TKD ELS/TKD 27497 OB1800806020 22671 OB18006060 27906 OB1800706016 22671 OB1800606003 27635 27635 27635 27635 R & D -1 R&D-I R & D -1 R&D . battery charger open circuit.0711.08 Converter not working.01.07.08 Inverter working but fan producing 3-Phae cooling fan defective..07 MCU Card.5. both thyristor and AAL CHGDU card replaced AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL AAL 15.05 04. No abnormality found in charger.07 Battery charger sometime not working DC capacitor 4700μf/1000Volt & High DC capacitor 1500μf/1000 volt & Main frequency transformer defective.12. 23257 OB1800612040 23. replaced.xls .08 Converter tripping on GDU_WF fault. W phase GDU card defective. 8 03.0716.07.07 25. DC_LV DCPT defective .06.07 24.08 FM Chopper IGBT. U Phase both IGBT defective GDU_UF fault recorded 16.08 FM 22.12.07 29. starting of MVMT's sometimes. Input fuse Thyristor and Input fuse yet to be FUSE_FT fault recorded.09.07 FM 28.01.Rly Shed name Loco No.01.07 03. fault recording. 02. defective.07 21.08 Converter not working and Thyristor defective .0816.0710.08 22.05 14. Fault Card.07.0 Battery charger not working high frequency transformer burnt. Logger fault Microprocessor control system Card and PSAD Card . Card malfunctioning causing DOL replaced as precautionary basis.0 Converter tripping and GDU_ VF V Phase IGDU card defective 07 8 fault recorded U Phase both IGBT replaced DCPT replaced. NR NR NR ELS / LDH 27624 OB1800701047 ELS / LDH 27848 OB1800612034 ELS / LDH 22692 OB180061203 7 ELS / LDH 27851 OB1800612033 ELS / KZJ 27830 OB1800609017 ELS / KZJ 27853 GC GC GC NR SCR SCR GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC GC OB18006110 31 SCR ELS / LGD 22747 OB180071205 4 SCR ELS / LGD 22716 OB1800706012 3 Phase MCCB found in tripped MCCB switched ON again and no condition problem observed 09.0807.02. OB1800701051 Type DOC RIP Failure Fault Reported of SIV MOD Date GC 06. 01.09. file:///opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch32326/62235800.11. Thyristor CHGDU card defective and Chopper IGBT.10. 13.0 Converter sometimes tripping on U phase CT burden value CT burden resistor replaced 8 IN_OC1 and Sphase _FT fault detoriorated . MCU card connection was loose. W phase GDU card replaced 29.08 2 11. Secondary side of battery charger High frequency transformer 28.06.0729.08 Converter tripping and FAN_FT 3 Phase Axial fan defective .08 Converter not working and W phase one Inverter IGBT W phase both Inverter IGBT and GDU_WF fault recorded.08 Battery charger not working properly. 05.02. replaced.073. 14. 3 phase cooling fan replaced abnormal sound Bearing producing abnormal sound 23.08 Battery charger not working Failure Analysis Action Taken Remark AAL Battery charger MCCB was in tripped No action taken condition.04. not working. 29. 16. 31.09. NR ELS / LDH 27662 SIV No.05.08 Battery charger not working defective nos.08 Converter not working.03.02. transformer provided. ) replaced 23.02. V Phase IGDU card replaced.08 Converter tripping on GDU_WF fault.07.02.0731.08 Converter not working and DC_OV One DC link filter capacitor DC link filter capacitor replaced fault recorded defective 27. MCU card connection tighten 28.08 Smoke reported from Converter. 2.07.08 Converter tripping sometime on M 15 wire lug broken on DCPT end New lug provided DC_LVD fault.08. 3 phase Axial fan replaced. ( 630 A ) blown.07 16.08 Converter tripping on transient No problem found in SIV. 23. 3phase cooling fan replaced abnormal sound Bearing producing abnormal sound charger IGBT and Diode IGBT 100A and diode 56A (03 Battery 29.07 07.06 14.

08 Battery charger not working. female socket ( RX2 ) pin replaced 13.06 09.08.10. 3 phase Axial fan replaced.Rly Shed name Loco No.07.07. Fan undergone service life of 2 years.0808.0724.07.0711. Battery charger blocking diode Blocking diode replaced 12.10.08 Battery charger not working GC GC Failure Analysis Action Taken Remark AAL AAL AAL WCR ELS/TKD 27635 R & D -1 WR ELS / BRC 22675 OB1800608006 Molex pin was come out from Same insert properly conector of BCHGDU card Battery charger IGBT 100A 23.08 Battery charger not working Battery charger IGBT defective 39002 02.03.05. R & D -1 Type DOC RIP Failure Fault Reported of SIV MOD Date GC 23.08 27. 3 Phase Axial PCB end.0706.08 Converter working but fan producing 3 phase cooling fan bearing defective.07 28.06. abnormal sound.0 SIV working but battery charger Battery charger GDU card OFC Battery charger GDU 06 8 8 somtime not working.xls .12.08 Abnormal sound coming from SIV desoldered at fan defective . 07.0 09.05 28. WR WR WR ELS / BRC 22704 OB1800703053 ELS / BRC 22675 OB1800608006 ELS / BRC 22676 OB1800608008 GC GC GC AAL card AAL AAL file:///opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch32326/62235800. 3 phase cooling fan replaced.10.07.08. 02.01. WCR ELS/TKD 27635 SIV No.01.

02.09. The Converter might have tripped due to transient fault.0 05.08.0 Smoke emission observed SIV found tripped on ELD_FT & 20. NO.0 AC_OC1 07.08.03. 6 8 27679 OB18007010 05. Converter 22691 OB18006100 01. OB18006120 27. This has caused sparking Converter tripping on Single and finally.0 07.08.08. sometime on Main blower defective.0 29. This KIT .08.08 37 7 8 2 ELS/SR/ED 3 ELS/NR/LDH 22671 OB18006060 W phase 55 7 8 GDU card defective.0 20.2 05.0 of the Wire connected between ELS/SCR/KZJ 11.0 10. MVRH burnt.06.0 GC 29.06.0 18. 4 ELS/ER/ASN 27879 Converter sometimes not Converter tripping somtiomes GC OB18007030 19. 7 8 not No problem found in the Converter.08.0 02.08 sometimes . No problem observed during 23251 Phasing fault . the wire is opened.5 years).03.08.0 Inverter tripping 24. 5 ELS/NR/LDH 27453 Converter tripping OB18002020 29. . testing in Converter.08 working.2 problem might have raised to due OB18002020 21.0 10.08 from SIV. 22692 GC DOC DOM DOF DEFECT REPORTED DEFECT ANALYSIS 1 ELS/NR/LDH Inverter tripping on transient No problem found regarding faults like DC_OC and transient faults in Converter. SHED NAME LOCO INVERTER NO.08.08.Date : 10.08 Equalizing Resistor to A0 Terminal 31 7 8 of main transformer was found cut .0 04.08 FAN_FT fault.08. GC 48 7 8 on MCU card defective.03.0 ELS/WCR/TKD 24. GC 03 AC_OC1 faults . ( Service life undergone 5.08 malfunctioning / chattering of 11 2 8 CP's / MVMT's contactors.08 Performance of Modified Static Converter ( AAL make ) As on date total modified converter = 241 SI No .08.08. on GDU_WF fault. 26 7 8 tripping No problem observed during testing.07. However the insulation OB18006110 28.08.0 6 ELS/WCR/TKD KIT .08 DC_LVD fault. 16 3 8 27853 GC Converter working .08.

deteriorated ( 4000 if instead of 4700 μf/1000Volt ELS / LDH 10 11 12 13 ELS / KZJ ELS / BIA ELS / ED ELS / TKD 14 27662OB180070105106.12.10. 27694 OB18004020 27.08 Converter tripping on One Thyristor gate .09.08 FM 15. card defective.08.08 Converter not working.09.10.27635 GC 9 ELS/WCR/TKD R&D-1 06.0806.08. 27497OB1800806020 13. fuse ( 630 A ) blown.01.08 Battery Charger not Battery Charger IGBT GC 23 working defective.07.09.07 06.08 Converter not working CCINV fuse of Loco was KIT -2 melting .08 Converter not working and Thyristor defective and Input GC FUSE_FT fault recorded.08 Battery charger sometime not The value of DC capacitor was working.10.emitter GC 89 rectifier fault on full load.0810. 27844 OB18006100 28.08 Battery charger GC working not Battery charger MCCB was in tripped condition.08.08 5 8 01.0805. No abnormality found in charger.09.08 Converter tripping on No problem observed in GC S_ Phasing fault Converter .0 11.08 Converter tripping on U Phase inverter GDU card KIT -3 72 GDU_UF fault defective. defective.03 31.02 04. 27830OB18006090175. 22691OB1800610026 01.08 16.09.08 Converter not working and W phase one Inverter IGBT GC GDU_WF fault recorded.5.05.08 Converter tripping on MCU card defective.08 FM 03. not Secondary side of battery charger high frequency transformer burnt.09. due to MCU card problem causing over heating of fan winding (FAN fault). 23251OB1800202011 21.08.0 U-Phase was not generating KIT -2 08 FAN_FT recorded.08 FM 04.08 Converter tripping on External fault LAMP glow when KIT -2 ELD_FT and SPHASE_FT battery turn ON. GC GDU_UF fault 23132 OB18006010 14.10.08 Battery charger GC 23 working 15 16 17 18 19 ELS / ED ELS / JHS ELS / LDH ELS / TKD ELS / MGS ELS / NKJ 20 ELS / MGS 21 22224 OB18008060 29.0816.07 17. 28005 OB18008020 05.10. open .08 15.09. 22939OB1800801060 12. 27007OB1800201006 27. ELD control fault. .0810.10.03.0816.12.07 02.0810.0805.11.10. (+15 and +110 V supply shorted in cable tray .

10.No problem found .22 ELS / MGS ELS / CNB 23 ELS / MGS 24 27331OB1800201009 08.08 Converter tripping KIT -2 16 ELD_FT (Internal) from 10 ohm resistor of snubber card of Blocking Diode burnt.07 13.10.08 20.08 Converter Tripping on KIT -2 6 GDU_UF fault MCU Card defective .08 KIT -2 21107 OB18003110 28.11.0 27.0816.08. GDU_UF faults were recorded but during testing .08 17.08 KIT -2 07 4 Converter tripping on ELD fault Converter tripping showing rectifier fault. Converter Tripping on KIT -2 ELD fault 27475 OB18040301 26. MCU Card defective.10.07.08 19.09. & One Thyrister was not getting pulse from TGDU card .02.08. 27904 OB18007080 18.02 05.08 17. 22939OB1800801060 Smoke reported GC 20 Battery charger 27522 OB18002100 11.08 12.03 20. Replaced the same on precautionary measures .08 27.10.04 13. on ELD card defective. ELD card defective. Converter tripping on GC S_ Phasing fault 26 ELS / TKD ELS / TKD 27 ELS / ED 28 29 ELS / MGS 23640OB1800201003 26. .04 07.

all Contactors of MVMT's and CP's were cleaned and after that no tripping observed. power test to be done in the card. It is a workmanship problem from AAL side. The card is under investigation. However the contactors were cleaned and loco was kept under observation for 10 days but no problem has been noticed. M/s AAL will take care of this point. MVRH replaced by shed. No action taken in Converter. The loco is kept under observation for 10 day but no problem found.11.08 e) ACTION TAKEN During IB. Main blower replaced. Further .Date : 10. . Wire replaced. W phase GDU card replaced. MCU card replaced.

no problem reported. MCU card replaced.Both the old Capacitors were replaced with new DC Capacitors of 1500μf/1000 volt. No action taken W phase both Inverter IGBT and GDU card replaced. MCU card replaced U Phase inverter GDU card replaced Dressed cables properly after providing insulation tap . ELD control card replaced. Battery charger Ammeter also changed as it is defective. Loco Escorted from MGS to Gaya . . Battery charger load and battery connection point interchanged. Battery charger IGBT and GDU card replaced Thyristor replaced. transformer Thyristor and Input fuse replaced. High frequency replaced. However it has nothing to do with modification & AAL felt that the value of the Capacitors to be verified in AOH.

ELD card replaced. Loco kept under observation in shunting for two days. reinserted all connectors. Since this Loco was failed second time with same problem with in 3 days. resistor become blackish.but due to over heating .. ELD card replaced After removing & cleaning .Replaced MCU Card. . Escorting Loco from NKJ to Sagar.No problem observed during escorting .given fit for service. Converter working normal on full load. Value of Resitance & Capacitor ok .

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