GRASS TACKS By Dorothy-Jean (Dody) Christian Chapman The man walked about the house preparing.

Seven little boys followed, taking on jobs the man doled out. Preparations for an event demanded plugs to be plugged in, buttons to be pushed and turned, and amperage to be set just so for the magic. The man required of the boys their attention and their carrying out of detailed instructions. Tonight the boys’ diligence and cognition would be paid for royally. An evening thunder bumper had coincidentally paved the way for the magic by heavily wetting the grasses in the field near the house. Seven little boys followed the flashlight-wielding man out of doors, down the yard slope, across the driveway, between the barns, through the field gate, and down into the pasture field. They traversed a mowed strip of field, somewhat like an airstrip for flighty boys. They followed the man and his light until he slowed the progression and shown his light on a tower. It was a narrow tower, about four inches in diameter by 50 feet in height, held in place by suspension wires and surrounded by wire mesh on the ground. Seven little boys marveled over the mystery of it all. Then the man exclaimed, “Let’s find the longest blade of grass possible!” Seven blades appeared in front of seven expectant faces. The man asked that each little boy observe. Eyes widened as the man took a long blade of grass from one of the little boys. What happened next defied all that the seven little boys knew to be true in their life experiences. The man touched one end of the blade of grass to the tower, and the other end of the blade began to sparkle like a Fourth of July sparkler with intense light at the center and glowing sparks flying outward and upward toward the stars. Little faces lit up in wonder and exclamations emanated: “Cool!” “How’d you do that?” “Why did wet grass burn?” “That’s awesome!” “Do it again!” “It’s magic!” Six more times the man touched the boys’ blades of grass to the tower, and six more times the wet grass erupted into a sparkling show. As the last blade faded, the little boys murmured their curiosity and ideas. The man holding the light led seven sharp little boys on the grass runway upward.

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