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Contacts in Jordan
(country area code: ++962)

and Iraq
ACF - France Khadidja Amine Amman 079 5087576

Area of Expertise Iraq
Primary health Food security Nutrition • WatSan Coordination

Response Jordan

Regional Presence

• Present in Baghdad Water supply stock capacity for 40,000 people Water treatment plant for 10,000 people Sanitation kit for 500 latrines ACT-member, Christian Aid (CA): emergency projects with different Kurdish NGOs in Northern Iraq: • Housing and feeding IDPs, and upgrading sanitation facilities with Rehabilitation, Education, and Community Health (REACH) • Local NGO response coordination and health training programme with IKNN • Training in rights under IHL and human rights law in case of conflict with HRDG • Training in protection under Islamic law with IFSR • Assessments with IRAC • Present in Baghdad • NFIs, food commodities positioned • Plans: food distribution (wheat, complementary food) with WFP • NFI (incl. tents) distribution

• Syria (ACFUS) • Iran (ACFSpain) • ACT members present in Syria, and Turkey

ACT (Action by Churches Together)

Eszter Nemeth Amman 079 5340051


Florence Arnaud Amman 077 200212 Cyril du Pre Baghdad Satphone: +873 762824045 Thuraya: +882 1663225728 laurentlaloge@atge.automail .com

Relief • Income generation Shelter Rehabilitation WatSan Food

• Iran • Kuwait


Nagi Khalil Amman 077 862563 104474.1675@

Aide Medicale Internationale (AMI - France)

Helene Ribier Amman 079 5513983 Kasra Mofarah Baghdad amirak@inmarsat.

Present in Baghdad


Susan MacGregor Amman 079 6941365 Savino Marinelli Amman 06 5607607 +882 1651109138

• Logistics & transport • Com.

Fights to Iraq for humanitarian workers

ALISEI (Association for International Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid) AmeriCares Foundation

• Resettlement (housing construction)

• Worked in North Iraq from 1993-98 (resettlement programme: housing construction) • May work in central Iraq through a Jordanian NGO (rehabilitation of houses)

Peter Tokarczyk


• Medicines, medical supplies, clothing, shoes being assembled in the NGO’s warehouses in US and Europe • Medical aid delivered to Kirkuk and Erbil • Team to travel to Kirkuk and Erbil to assess medical situation in hospitals and clinics and determine critical needs

org Andrea Hilger Amman 077 440053 apn-munich@t-online. in the periphery of Karbala for the medical team to operate Plans in Baghdad area (Governorate of Anbar. 1 ton of water prepositioned • 2 emergency health kits from IDA (20. mainly medical supplies) sent to Nukhayab (Anbar governorate) • Medical team operates in a health centre in Nukhayab • Exploratory mission to Karbala: to reopen the health centre in Babylon. village of Nukhayab: • Emergency medical / health interventions • Clinical health care (primary and hospital) • Public health / disease prevention/control • Nutrition assessment surveys • Clinical nutrition / therapeutic feeding • Health infrastructure assessment • Rehabilitation of health infrastructure Training of health professionals ANERA (American Near Eat Refugee Aid) APN (Architects for People in Need) Thomas Neu tom@anera-jwg. district of Health • Food security / Nutrition • 1 ton of milk for David Blanc Amman 079 6777695 Present in Baghdad . aid.AMI Foundation Portugal (Foundation International Medical Assistance) Jorge Andrade +351 91 4112249 Lucia Oliveira Amman 079 687 0029 Education Health WatSan • Education and watsan programmes in Iraq since 2001 • Food distribution in Baghdad • Rehabilitation and support to vocational centres and custodial institutions in Hay Tarik and Hay Rashad (Baghdad) • Health services • WatSan programmes Association of Physicians for Humanism Atlas Logistique Kim Hae Hyong drkimhr@hanmail.000 people for 3 months) prepositioned • Cargo (10 tons of hum.

Australian Relief and Mercy Services AVSI (Associazone Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale) David Skeat Andreas Herr Amman 077 219429 Emilio Maiandi +961 3 257940 • • • • • • • Medium and long-term projects Emergency relief Education Health Rehabilitation Urban Poverty Agriculture and Rural Poverty • Education programmes for vulnerable groups since 2001 • Leban on CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) Cap Anamur Maura O’Donohue Health • Mobile surgical theatre together with interns available • Medicaments prepared on the basis of the needs in Iraq ready to be shipped • Syria .

pumps and chlorinators • Hygiene materials and education for vulnerable women and children • Fuel and transport prepositioned for water distribution Immediate emergency response: • In addition to the CARE Iraq Country Director and national staff. Food WatSan Health • Office and ongoing programme in Iraq since 1991 • 55 water bladders in Iraq prepositioned • Lactose-free milk supply to hospitals with paediatric beds in 14 Governorates in Centre and South • Mobile repair workshops for emergency repairs of water installations. • CARE has currently fixed and installed generators in 6 hospitals in Baghdad • Delivering of cleaning materials and disinfectants to hospitals (24 at this stage) • Detailed assessment of hospital needs in and around Baghdad • Working with Ministries of Health and Water to support them to restart operations • Convoys sent from Jordan to Baghdad carrying medical supplies and food items. CARE is conducting activities including distributing food and non food items. disposal Alia Khalifeh Amman 079 669 9005 06 552 7921 aliakh@globalone. Planned: Food: • Emergency food distribution to hospitals and vulnerable groups in center and south (14 Governorates) • Supplementary feeding to Paediatric hospitals in center and south WatSan: • Emergency water distribution and installation repairs • Graham Miller Amman 079 5309045 graham@care. and education related to water sector (national) Health: • Emergency medical supplies to hospitals • Lactose-free milk supply to hospitals with paediatric beds in 14 Governorates in center and south • Hospital and healthcare centre rehabilitation • Integrated health and medical supply programme (national) • Girls education • Ongoing established programmes (since 1948) • CARE International is the implementing partner for UNHCR and HCO for Ruwayshed Refugee Camp A.CARE International Liam Maguire Amman 079 5328264 06 5527921 Anis Tarabey Amman 079 5661298 crjordan@accessme. erecting tents and rubb halls in these locations. • Management of extended point of delivery at the refugee camp . international staff members are now present in Baghdad • CARE is conducting concurrent assessment and rapid repair of water installations • CARE is conducting assessment and concurrent response for 100 Primary Health Care Centres in Baghdad. Camp B for third country nationals and the camp in Al Karama No Man’s Land. monitoring.

jo Bjarne Jorgensen Amman 06 5699432 caritasb@go. agricultural/ Monica Luxa Amman 079 6941235 monicaluxa@cesvi. and Baghdad • Ongoing social programmes for Iraqis CARITAS Iraq CCF (Christian Children’s Fund) CESVI (World Aid from Italy) Chanon Bernstein Amman 079 5841646 • • • Education Health Psychoso cial support • Relief Health Office in Baghdad • Run 14 SFPs (distributed first aid kits and equipment) • Will work in four cities: • Psychosocial support for children • Education • Rehabilitat ion • WatSan • Need assessment ongoing in South Iraq (az-Zubahir and al Basrah) • Need assessment for West and Central Iraq to be started within the end of April • Operative in Jordan (regional office in the Middle East) • Delivered m Giorgio Trombatore +965 6342485 +962 77232126 Mufleh Talouzi Amman 077 261287 06 5664552 cesvijordan@yahoo. WatSan. • • • Infrastruct ure Agriculture Small business / micro-credit • Capacity to arrange for transportation of stuff from Aqaba to Baghdad • Operational in Jordan (5 years): infrastructure construction.CARITAS Jordan Jamal Hatter Amman 077 270817 06 4639032 cari@go. Logistics . small enterprises programmes • Planned: Shelter & NFI. food rations to Rwaished camp (in cooperation with GA-Alliance 2015) • • • Kuwai t West Bank Leban on CHF International (Community Habitat and Finance) Rania Tamini Amman 079 5680619 06 5831188 / 06 5826145

Education.) in Ireland • Partner of IOM for IDPs as Governorate Focal Point in the governorate Salah-ad-Din Kuwait Convoy of Hope COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) Mark Smith msmith@convoyofhope. and upgrading sanitation facilities with Giorgio Carlo Torditi Baghdad Satphone: +882 1651110620 • • • • • • • • • WatSan IDPs and Refugees Shelter & NFI Food aid Health & Nutrition Emergenc y rehabilitation Agriculture /livestock Income generation Education & training • 3 emergency specialised staff in Jordan. Community Health (REACH) in Baghdada • Local NGO response coordination and health training programme with IKNN in Baghdad • Training gin rights under IHL and human rights law in case of conflict with HRDG Training in protection under Islamic law with IFSR • Warehouse ( Concern Worldwide John Kilkenny +965 9881507 Davide Martina +39 02 3085057 • Food security / Nutrition • Watsan • Housing and feeding IDPs. with a roster of about 20 aid workers ready to move with two weeks notice • Iran . etc.macsorley@ Kwan Li Kladstrup +965 9131729 coopi@coopi. water dominic.Christian Aid Andrew Candish +4420 75232390 Mario Bofondi +961 3 977336 bofondi@coopi. Kuwait. pumps. Iran.

org Relief • Health & Child Survival • Civil Society • Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture • Enterprise Development Presence in Northern Iraq • Acquisitions (including foodstuffs. shipment and distribution of foodstuffs. food distribution. • Civil society – community development. etc. • Food security & sustainable agriculture – school feeding programmes. monitoring and evaluation of community Michel Savel Amman 06 5666301 emdh@go.Counterpart International Brian Propp +202 721 1503 brian@counterpart. capacity Peter Krogh Sorensen Amman 079 5847006 Satphone: +882 1654260540 sat2@drc. medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. camp management in Diyala Governorate (coordination. etc. will conduct food distribution and registration in Diyala Governorate • In partnership with IOM. running programmes: rehabilitation and equipment of specialized institutes in Iraq. nutrition education. medical equipment. street children in Baghdad • Gather together vulnerable children who became displaced during the war • Food distribution and social care in the specialized institutes of Iraq and for IDPs .org Galawezh Bayiz galawezh@counterpart. hygiene primary health care. and pharmaceutics) awaiting shipment • Registered transportation company on standby Planned: • Humanitarian assistance (short and long-term) – performance of multiple needs-based Distribution • Camp managements • Registration • In partnership with WFP. pediatric services. registration) EMDH (Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme) • Psychosocial support • Food security • Present in Iraq since 1997. reproductive health. etc. preand neo-natal assistance and Darshana Vyas +202 721 1547 Rainer Lang + 4917 15353908 rainer_lang@hotmail. health education and training. • Enterprise development • Plan to provide an integrated mine clearance capacity in the South Iraq (initially clearing munitions dumps in schools. and other public places) Kuwait DCA (DanChurch Aid) Diakonia Emergency Aid – Germany DRC (Danish Refugee Council) Christina Svane Amman 079 5730003 Christina@go. trauma counseling. etc. • Health & child survival (short and long-term) – emergency health care. health surveillance system. community based rehabilitation.

and Basra through Jordanian partner • Resume and expand food and NFI project: 20. fruit juice.000 families. Food Security NFIs Reconstruction Agriculture • Capacity Support & Development • Food & NFIs for past 4 years in Mosul. focusing on protecting the health and development potential of young children and vulnerable women.FHI (Food for Hungry International) Shaun Walsh swalsh@fhi. antiseptic powder) to young children and vulnerable women at camp B and during their travel to Aqaba.marn@togetherfoundation. milk for weaned children. Foundation TOGETHER Eva Marn Eva. 6 months initially • GIK • Hygiene kits FOCUS (Focus Humanitarian Assistance) Behrooz Ross-Sheriff behrooz@ross-sheriff. will continue to provide assistance to people at Kenneth Laura Amman 079 6961303 Relief Food • Health & Nutrition • Disaster management • Support IOM and JRCS in assistance TCNs by providing supplementary food and nonfood assistance (bottled water. monthly distributions. sesame halva. • If emergency Peter Drejer Sundt Amman 077 856619 . dried dates. FOCUS is likely to change the composition of the assistance package • FOCUS will establish a permanent registration with the Government and when the current TCN crisis is over. Baghdad. antiseptic wipes. child Terry Laura tlaura@fhi.

org Food NFIs WatSan • Assessment missions to Iraq planned under FWP umbrella • 20. Mission East GOAL Paul Kelly Amman 077 457918 goal@go.000 food rations on stock (local purchase) warehouse in Amman. • Mine action and awareness . World Sungkuk Kim Amman 079 5856202 pray4me@chol.300 MT food Global Alliance (Tearfund.pott@dwhh. op prioritized treatment. care provision. faster distribution of food.GAA (German Agro Action) Simone Pott Rudiger Ehrler Amman 079 5572219 06 5664552 Tel/Fax transportation of PWDs • Psychosocial support to traumatized refugees/PWDs • ID cards for PWDs and ‘Extremely Vulnerable Individual’ giving • • Health care Psychoso cial support • Physical rehabilitation services • Mine action • HI Emergency Kit (100 prosthesis prepositioned) • 200 Walking Kit prepositioned • 120 Rolling chair prepositioned • Present in Baghdad Planned: Post surgical support and prosthesis Physiotherapy Basic home care • Support the authorities in the definition of a development strategy for disability within the public health and social framework • Technical support for accessibility of PWDs in reconstruction framework • Mine action and awareness • Physical rehabilitation services. in theory.ehrler@freenet. i. Waleed Madanat Amman 079 5361882 Shelter Food Established office in An Nassiriya • Database to track projects in the sectors of watsan. transport to refugee camps • Support CESVI • Deliver Floris Faber Floris. and rehabilitation in the governorates of ThiQar and Al Muthanna Camp management Food distribution Kuwait Good People World Family Handicap International Anne-Sophie Trujillo Amman 077 955307 06 4628513 himideast2@link. etc.faber@miseast.

uk Hungarian Baptist Aid . • Escort and distribute humanitarian Bernard Mills Amman +447739332803 bernardmills@hotmail. and medical/nursing staff • Plan to establish and operate a medical/nursing tent or/and a mobile clinic Human Rights Watch Peter Bouckaert Satphone Thuraya: +882 1652012358 bouckap@hrw. and 2 outreach posts in Kalar and Penjwin) • Support to disabled people and Mine Victim assistance. be • • Health care Psychoso cial support • Physical rehabilitation services • Mine action • Present in Northern Iraq since 1991 (1 centre in Health Com. 1 in • Relief • Development • Active in North Iraq since 1995 (ongoing relief and development programme for vulnerable elderly people and dependants) • Will extend to other parts of North Iraq on evidence of assessments • Intend to open an office in Baghdad and implement work in centre and/or south HRT (Hellenic Rescue Team) Ivan Ferlez Amman 079 5816543 hrtjordan@yahoo. general technical Bela Szilagyi +36 703184618 bela@hbaid. Sulaimaniyah chrisdohuk@yahoo. logistics/operational/function www. including IDPs • Production of appliances (prosthesis. walking-aid • Physiotherapist support • Psychosocial support • Need assessment evaluation in a near future (Mine Victim Bill Gray +44 20 7278 7778 bgray@helpage. mine action and awareness) Heart of Mercy HelpAge International Peter Omran peteromran@hotmail. orthesis).Handicap InternationalBelgium Jean-Francois Michel +322 286 5056 Dohuk. food and non-food items from Greece to IDP camps • Provide technical staff to support telecommunications.

org Relief • Psychosocial support • Management of collective centre • IGP • Food distribution Development Shelter ICU (Instituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria) Paul Gasparini Amman 079 5513068 Development Health • Works under umbrella of Caritas Jordan • Runs project for Iraqi refuges in Jordan (primary health Clive Cavanagh Amman 06 4639032 c/o Caritas IDRB (International Development and Relief Board) David Carpenter Amman 079 5615834 06 512253 Food Health • Water purification • Household size water purification for families available Planned: • Provide management services or a portion of the services needed • Self-funded feeding operations • Sanitation system development and management • Health care (institutional and mobile) • Women’s and children’s care operations • General relief and development projects Kuwait Syria . pharmaceutical supplies) • Increase 3 fold the ongoing programmes if needed • Psychosocial trauma programme • Presence in Baghdad through a partner organisation Un Ponte Per • Food distribution project in Basra (stand by now) Through partnership with Un Ponte Per and Terres des Homme: Shelter (tent camps) Food distribution Psychosocial support Health • Works in Palestinian refugee camps under umbrella of the Department of Palestinian Affairs (shelter rehabilitation.Hungarian Interchurch Aid ICMC (International Catholic Migration Committee) El Charbaji Erzsebet +36 306001505 acthiaig@westel900. development projects) • Leban on ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity) Stefano Kovac Amman 079 6917191 amman@icsitalia.

org.IMC (International Medical Corps) Edi Cosic Amman 077 964796 imcjordan@link. and cooperates with Moustafa Osman Moustafa. Aisha Khalifa Annemieke29@hotmail.osman@islamicrelief. • Environment health (WatSan) • Primary Health Care • Child Protection • Education • Shelter & Rehabilitation • Camp Management Kuwait Turkey .000 IDPs inside Iraq through the management of 2 camps • Teams in South Iraq (Karbala. and secure access • To water for up to launching an advocacy campaign to highlight the catastrophic consequences of the sanctions and a new war against Iraq • Provide shelter. and Basra • • Representation in Iraq A longer term plan has been negotiated with Iraqi officials as well as local partners and the community to: assist in establishment of leukemia center in Baghdad serving the whole • Emergency medical response • Nutrition • Primary Health Care • • • Health: medical commodities pre-positioned in US • Established presence in Nassiriya Emergency health care and primary health care for under 5s and pregnant women: distribution of IDPs Health Food security Relief Orphans IRC (International Rescue Committee) Zaki Khoury Amman 079 5685842 06 5627053 zakik@theIRC. Basra) and North Iraq (Erbil) • Stocks and supplies in Jordan and Kuwait Planned: Rapid assessments WatSan Health Child Protection Protection Education Shelter & Rehabilitation Post-conflict Collaboration with Civil Defense Directory of Jordan – might do capacity building and joint EMS programme INTACT (Jordanian NGO. Kirkuk. basic hygiene items. Nassiriya. in Baghdad Planned: • Surgical trauma response • Psychosocial programme • Primary Health Care • Presence in Baghdad • Food and NFIs: 4 years in Iraq (last distribution February 2003) Planned: • Food and NFIs for 20.000 families in khaledk@internetegypt. rehabilitation of small and medium sized water treatment Food security NFIs Health Education Khaled Khalifa Amman 079 5953410 khaledk@ie-eg. food. Venture Intl) IR (Islamic Relief) Isam Odeh Hijazeen Amman 06 465 7592 mbm@nets. rehabilitation of 20 primary schools.

IRD (International Relief and Development) Natalija Djurickovic Amman 079 6949868 .

handicapped. elderly.000.000. orphans. and chickpeas to poor families • Continue the distribution of school kits ISS (International Support Services) Tom Spensley 077 250048 Satphone: +881 631517552 isskosovo@aol. students. central and north) since 1991 • Distribution of tents.000 students (1995-2002) • Distributed meet to 2. relief buckets.000 beneficiaries (19912003) Planned: • Continue food distribution to poor families.000 poor Iraqis (1991-2003) • Distributed 25 containers of school kits benefiting 500. Baghdad. and to hospitals • Continue NFI distribution to poor families. Mosul and Basra • Distributed 60 containers of medicine and medical supplies to different hospitals (1995-2003) • Distributed 100 containers of foodstaff benefiting 5. as well as hospitals • Distribute medicine and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics • Construct water reservoirs • Assess needs of orphans. orphans. beans. blankets/comforters. wounded and handicapped heads of household • Continue the Animal Protecin project at Al-Rashad psychiatric hospital • Continue the Tomato Planting project for farmers throughout Iraq • Continue the distribution of Food security Shelter Education WatSan Health • Human Development • Medical Advancement • Working in Iraq (south.ISRA (Islamic Relief Agency) Khalid Abu Samra Amman 06 5683371/5 Khalid Ahmad Al-Sudanee Baghdad • Risk management / security services . IDPs and refugees • Rehabilitate and reconstruct 40 refugees. health kits and food to poor families in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq • Distribution of medicine to children’s hospitals • Rehabilitated 45 schools and 8 hospitals throughout Iraq (2000-02) • Put 4 water chlorinators to different hospitals in Iraq • Dug 50 water wells in Diyalla. IDPs. Health • Camp management • IT (registration technology) • Development • • • Health Education Agricultur Present in North Iraq Assessments in Baghdad Will work in the west and south of Iraq • Assistance to refugees and TCNs JBS (Jordan Baptist Society) Charles Browning Amman 079 5564418 clothing for children) • Food • WatSan • Support TCNs Information management Training / workshops JNEPI (Joint NGOs Emergency Preparedness Initiative) JOHUD (The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development) Taghreed Abu Hamdan Amman 077 468627 06 5825241 taghreed@nic. • Social development • Community mobilization • Transportation • Health • Education • Capacity building • Childcare • Women empowerment • Youth work • 50 Community Development Centres • JOHUD work closely with local community especially in disadvantaged areas in Jordan .com Richard Harman Amman 079 6921385 Fida Hinnawi 079 5653743 fhinnawi@jnepi.Japan Platform Yushiyuki Yahamoto Amman 079 5726660 Winkie Williamson Amman 06 4646740 • Branch office in Iraq e • WatSan • Development • Informatio n management • Shelter & NFIs ( Rachel Dungar 079 5607734 Adrian McIntyre Amman 079 5607737 077 362246 06 5657411 mcintyre@sscl.

com Sungttoon Chung Food security Shelter Education WatSan Health • Human Development • Micro-finance • Psycho-social support • Working in Iraq (south. and other areas • First-aid kits to IRCS and medical supplies to the LIFE clinic in Basra and other hospitals throughout Iraq • Running LIFE clinic in Basra • Running two human development centres in Baghdad and Erbil Planned: • Continue food and non-food distribution to IDPs and refugees • Rehabilitate and reconstruct 32 schools • Increase direct healthcare provided in LIFE clinic in Basra • Distribute medical supplies to hospitals and clinics throughout Iraq • Rehabilitate 10 water treatment facilities throughout Iraq • Assess needs of orphans and Vicki Robb Amman 079 5806975 vickirobb@aol. Mosul. as well as wounded and handicapped heads of household • Continue to enhance LIFE micro-finance programme • Planned assistance to IDPs in southern.Member of the ACT Alliance) Rudolf Hinz Amman 077 472025 • IDP and refugee camp management • Food • Shelter and NFIs . centre and north) since 1996 • Rehabilitated 24 schools throughout Iraq (20002003) • Rehabilitated 4 water treatment facilities in Abul Kaseeb valley and 4 in central Iraq • Distribution of families in Basra. jerrycans and clean drinking water to 40. central and northern Iraq Syria LWF / DWS (Lutheran World Federation / Department for World Service . • Plan to assist sanitation in Baghdad Mohammed Al-Azawi +96515553817 Ghanim Al-Jumaily +12484247493 life-ceo@lifeusa.KESSA DIMITRA Greece Korean Dentists’ Association for a Healthy Society LIFE for Relief & Development Afroditi Thravalou 079 5428455 Yarub Al-Shiraida Baghdad yarub@telusplanet.

com. heaters (through churches and mosques) Will respond to emergency medicines and medical equipment needs • Planned medical screening of refugees • • • • Iran Syria Leban on West Bank OPT MDM International Elodie Cantier Amman 079 5472356 mdminternational2003@ yahoo. and water tanks distributed to other centers in Mosul. Health Food NFIs • An assessment has been done in January in Baghdad by one of MDM medical team • Support in terms of medicines and medical equipment in Baghdad .jo Wafa Goussous Amman 079 5340065 wafa_mecc@go. beddings and heaters.Humanitarian cargo (medical supplies.MAG (Mine Advisory Group) Aneeza Pasha Amman +44 7747 625274 aneezap@yahoo. mine risk education) • Mine risk education training sessions for NGOs. BP-5 are stockpiled at Zarka Free Zone in Jordan Food and non-food items stockpiled at 44 church and mosque compounds in Zarqa fr0m week 9 • Food for 12 weeks for 2. Red Crescent Societies. 1.500 persons • Medicine through partners when required • • • • Syria Iran Lebanon OPT • • • .fr Edmond Adam Amman 079 5535848 06 4626753/4 mecc@go. displaced people • Mine clearance surveys in North Iraq • Humanitarian shipment sent to Mosul (canned meet. ex-Saddam) Health • Present in Baghdad. Kirkuk and Basra Water wells and pumps installed at 50 Mine awareness Demining • Work in North Iraq since 1992 ( Relief MDM-Greece (Medecins du Monde) Daad Shuwayhat Amman 079 5695987 06 4622842 mdmgrecejo@ Steve Weaver Amman 077 228313 sweaver@mcc. food and non-food items) sent from Amman to Baghdad for 12 hospitals • PHC in Baghdad (Al Sadr City. MECC • Relief kits and beddings distributed from a warehouse in Baghdad MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Menno Weibe 463 2095 jmcc@mennonitecc. Kirkuk and Basra Emergency and cancer medicines in the pipeline Food.880 warm blankets. Mosul. mosque and school locations in Baghdad. food and non-food items. blankets) and distributed by • • MECC (Middle East Council of Churches ACT member) Shelter Food • WatSan (see NCA) • Health • 464 winterised tents (24m3) x 5 persons with kitchen sets. running the current programme and assessing the possibility to submit a new proposal for ECHO 2003 global plan • Possible interventions: either PHC or reproductive health either in Mosul or Basra • • • Shelter.

Jordan Amman 077 928317 • Work with local officials in Kirkuk to assist in restoring watsan services • Governate focal point for WFP and IOM in Wasit and Qadasiyah • Operating mobile medical clinics and mobile • Watsan teams in four governates in Northern Iraq • Watsan support for urban and rural areas Emergency shelter for IDPs • Setting up operations in Al • Multi-sector with focus on health • Operational presence in Northern Iraq through ACORN • Assessments conducted in Kirkuk Peter Sweetnam Kirkuk +882 162 115 9006 peter_sweetnam@ yahoo. counseling and psychotherapy) .com • Health (emergency medical treatment and Nibar Saeed +88 216677503313 • Rehabilitation for disabled children • Literacy • Income generation • Food/NFI • WatSan • Economic Development • Civil Society Development • • Operational in North Iraq since 1993 Bring in Egyptian surgical team for Baghdad Mercy Corps Richard Boni. Al Kut. intend to assist 2-3 hospitals in the area Syria MEDS (Middle East Development Services) Iskander Russell iskander@swissmail. Al Amarah • Development project with The Jordan River Foundation • • • • Kuwait Iran Turkey Lebanon Mercy Malaysia (The Malaysian Medical Relief Society) Anita Ahmad Amman 079 6943448 anitaahmad@yahoo.MEDAIR Leendert van Hijum +88 216511 02989 Klaas Huis Amman 079 6944962 outpatient and mobile clinic services.

mainly surgical supplies) for Baghdad hospitals sent from Amman . al Anbar (assist with infrastructure of health facilities. plans: work in rural areas around Baghdada. public infrastructures or in host families) • Emergency electrical equipment provision • Any other support if needed • Will conduct assessments.B/F humanitarian cargos (medical supplies. health courses for women) • • Leban on OPT MPDL (Movimiento por la Paz. • Health & nutrition • Provide emergency health support and rapid health assessments in Baghdad Cont. nutrition courses for women and food • Health • WatSan • Presence in Baghdad • MSF-B/F humanitarian cargos (medical supplies. plan for operations in Centre of Iraq (Baghdad and Ar Ramadi) and North Iraq (Arbil and Suleymania): • Mobile healthcare • Medical support in IDP settings • EPI • Mother and child care • WatSan for medical facilities • Nutrition centres • Strengthen Ministry of Health for emergency response Planned in North (Arbil and Suleymania) and Centre (Baghdad and Ar Ramadi): • P&SHC and health education • Nutrition centres according to needs • Strengthen ministry of health – based on need assessment • Various. el Desarme y la Libertad) Thais Mendez de Andes Aldama Amman 079 5783342 06 4619493 mpdl@go. and provision of drugs) • Presence in Baghdad • MSF. • Provide NFIs (hygiene kits and kitchen kits) to IDPs wherever they are in need ( Dalita Cetinoglu 079 5425730 Health • WatSan MSF-France Marie-Helene Jouve Amman 079 5580568 housing rehabilitation for Palestinians camps. medical supplies and support in health activities.MERLIN Fouad Hikmat Amman 077443854 merlin@go.msf. drug distribution. and in the governorates of depending on needs MSF-Belgium (Medecins sans Frontieres) Jean-Christophe Dolle Amman 079 5425730 msfb-amman@msf. mainly surgical supplies) for Baghdad hospitals sent from Amman • Operational in Jordan since 1997under umbrella of a local partner (development projects.

watsan personnel. and administrators • Primary health care in the camp in Jordan • • Kuwai t Iran (MSFFrance) • Syria (MSFSwiss) Nazarene Compassiona te Ministries NCA (Norwegian Church Aid) Rod Green 079 5132418 regreen@netvision. Frode Gjon Amman 079 6883873 com Ronny Huseby Amman 079 6708681 ronny@huseby. outpatient consultation. in Baghdad. logistics experts. nurses. dispensary kit. other medical . w/tanks. hygiene. field hospital) • WatSan: water distribution. kits for dressing and burns. health screening. • Primary health care • PS (Mental health) • Secondary health (if needed) • Nutrition • WatSan • Capacity to respond to emergencies bringing material and human resources in 48 hours Work in Central South part of Iraq • Primary and secondary health care. etc.MSF-Holland Timothy Pitt Amman 079 5517949 06 5688528 msfh-amman@ amsterdam. nutrition (feeding centers). 2 Rubbhalls 10x24m • Plans to work in cooperation with UNICEG in Southern Iraq. and works presently with MECC in various parts of Iraq • In cooperation with UNICEF.000 persons • 2 water purification units w/tanks and pumps etc. • Deploy doctors. 3 water purification units w/tanks and pumps etc. engineers. health education. 1 water purification Camilla Bentzen 079 6708681 camillabentzn@hotmail. water tanks. inpatient activities in field hospital when has been shipped to Kuwait for onward transportation to either Um Qaser or Basra • Partner of IOM for IDPs as Governorate Focal Point in the governorates At Tamim and Babil • Works in cooperation with MECC • Planning Sanitation/solid waste in camp A with UNHCR • Possible similar engagement including water in camp B Syria NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) Marie Ange Lallier 079 6708681 marieangelallier@ yahoo. etc. mental health • Medical (surgical material. in Amman • Commodities in Oslo: emergency rations BP5 Olaf Stabell Amman 077 945221 Kjell Moen Amman 079 6883893 WatSan • Psychosocial intervention • Water equipment including water purification units for 20.

uk Simon Springett Amman 077 981275 sspringett@oxfam.Oasis of Love Esther Chung Sungho Hahn Amman 079 5858892 Operation Mercy Joseph Widmer Amman 079 6624949 06 4887337 Jordan@swissmail.000 refugees (for the programme 10 community tents are to be erected) • Sanitation • NFIs (winter clothes and blankets) • Food OXFAM Nigel Young Amman 077 921712 06 5516878 / 06 5513858 / 06 5513665 nyoung@oxfam. largely focusing on small towns and rural araes Nutrition: • Evaluate nutrition needs and bring in medical personnel and provide supplementary food items Psychosocial programme in camps Education Distribution of school supplies Rehabilitation of schools • One plane load of watsan equipment shipped to Kuwait • Coordinated water and sanitation response • Public Health teams on stand by in the UK • Food & Nutrition monitoring and training capacity • PCA with UNICEF • Bases been set up in Basra and Nassiriyah • Focus of activities on supplying hospitals and health centres with essential WatSan Public Health Food & Nutrition • Water (sub-agreement with UNHCR on camp water) and Public Health • Coordination • Syria: PCA for WES technical advice to UNICEF • Iran: PCA with UNICEF • Turkey: Subagreement with UNHCR .org. rehabilitation of clinics • Supply and distribution of medicines to district hospitals and PHC’s. bring in short term medical teams • Primary health care. Thi-Qar and Basrah Health: • Training and support of Iraq doctors and medical staff. helping to rehabilitate watsan systems • Plan to send assessment team into Central Iraq in mid-May • • Has community development projects in rural areas in Jordan Planned: • Psychosocial programme for • Psychosocial support • Health • Education • Most likely geographical area for operation: Southern Iraq with focus on small towns in Joshua Yoon Amman 077 818464 josua189@hotmail.

Missan.kcom. Erbil.000 patients for 3 months delivered • 1 MT purification equipment delivered in Basra • The oxygen cylinder factory reopened in Basra • Wheelchair distribution started in Basra • • Leban on OPT Premiere Urgence Andrea Bodea Amman 079 6693473 06 5601796 Fax: 06 5601796 puamman@nets. and Muthanna Governorates Planned: • Health • Education • Reconstruction of infrastructure • General development of affected areas and IDP issues. has 60 national staff in Iraq • Food and non-food items distribution • Rehabilitation • Support hospitals in Baghdad • 122 cleaning kits delivered to Baghdad hospitals and garbage collection completed • In Basra. Penjuan (8 Rehabilitation Shelter Distribution .ne. Transfusion Centre. social care. and then in Basra • Focus of assessments and activities in the South Iraq .com.premiere-urgence.Peace Winds Japan Miho Kishitani Satphone: +882 1651100766 Suleymaniyah +873 762736016 Erbil +873 761285630 Dahuk +873 762202940 kisitani@ma. staff and 130 nat. trainings in hygiene/cleaning and technical maintenance mainly in Centre and South) • Office in Baghdad. Thi-Qar. surgical kits for 8. Philippe Schneider Baghdad Satphone Iridium: +881 631453896 / +881 631453998 Satphone Thuraya: +882 1663225455 Pu-baghdad@eikmail. distribution in hospitals. most probably focusing on the southern provinces • Present in Iraq since 1997 (rehabilitation of hospitals and TB centers. construction for IDPs • Offices in Marek Stys Simon Panek Amman 079 5490863 Satphone:+871 763042660 pinfiraq@yahoo. staff) • Health mobile teams (with MC) • Support to hospitals and orphanages • Assessments in North Iraq • Medical and other activities in Baghdad hospitals • Open offices in Kirkuk and Baghdad • Rehabilitation of villages in AlSahr el Islan area • Iran PINF (People In Need Foundation) Health Education Reconstruction • Assessments in Health Social Care Construction • Operating in North Iraq since 1996: health care.

com Christian Gadbois Amman 079 6941197 Peter Medway pmedway@ri.QANDIL Marinka Baumann Advocacy RI (Relief International) Health • Camp management • Sanitation • Rehabilitation • 2 mobile clinics in Amman (pediatric/ women health) Planned: • In partnership with Qandil and Counterpart Health Watsan Resettlement • Rehabilitat ion of infrastructure • Operational in Northern Iraq since the end of 1991 12 mobile health team: • Primary health care in IDP settlements • Decontaminations of minor and mildly contaminated • First aid WatSan in IDP settlements Mobile watsan teams Camp management Distribution Planned: Rehabilitation of infrastructure Resettlement Various health activities Refugees international Shannon Meehan Amman 077 914722 Zohre Elahian +650 486 2432 zohre@ri. humanitarian and reconstruction programmes in Northern and South / Central Iraq as soon as security permits (relief assistance with community level quick impact cash for work projects) Together with donor organisations to: Distribute relief materials Improve water and sanitation access • Assist in supplying drugs and medical supplies to existing health institutions • Conduct humanitarian rapid assessments • Prepare a longer term reconstruction / development programme based on needs assessments and interaction with communities • Meal packages for TCN camp • Iran .

au • Emergency medical care • Refugee reception • Disaster child care • Search and rescue • Mine/UXO awareness • Emergency evacuation protocol • Education in Emergencies • Food security • Psychosocial / trauma support • Youth development • Health education Planned emergency medical care SCF (Save the Children.scuk.macgillvray@scfuk.coord@ • Office in North Iraq • Cooking fuel distribution in Umm Qasr • Planned cross border operation into Iraq from Kuwait.US. Qasim 077 277280 Gareth Owen jord. UK) Rajan Gill Amman 079 5522923 Jordan.smallkindness. Turkey • Food • WatSan • Shelter & NFI • Emergency Education • Psychosocial support • Protection and registration • Camp management • Health • Operational with ongoing projects in Jordan • • Kuwai t Turke y Small Kindness Emad Tammie Willcuts 001-540-429-1110 twillcuts@ Rob MacGillivray Amman 079 5443456 r.RescueNet International Mark Cockburn Amman 06 4731071 www.savechildren.

org Patrice Chataigner Erbil 88 216 50601570 Don Norrington Amman 077 982035 dnorrington@samaritan.000 people in remote areas • Engineers to plan on water system repair and revitalization as access is gained and needs are assessed Health: • Capacity to respond to the supply and drug needs for general health of Water Health Shelter & NFI • Worked 12 years in Iraq through national partners • Materials are being prepositioned and warehoused in Amman Water: • Capacity to provide emergency water distribution vial tankers to over Food • • ion • Non-food Rehabilitat One team based in Erbil working on food and non-food distribution for displaced populations along the former Iraq-Kurdistan border • Two teams are evaluating needs in school and hospital rehabilitation in the Mosul-Kirkuk area and in Qadisiyah Governorate (focus is on small towns and rural areas with unmet needs in infrastructure rehabilitation.000 people for 3 months • Doctors and medical staff can be mobilized if needed NFIs & hygiene kits: • Capacity to distribute IDP kits to a minimum of 5.000 families Shelter: • Capacity to provide temporary shelter materials (plastic sheeting) to a minimum of 7.Solidarites Gavin White Baghdad +88 216 50260520 (tel) +1 775 3079298 (fax) iraq@solidarites. water quality and assistance to vulnerable groups) SPIR (Samaritann’s Purse International Relief) Mark Eller + 1 828 7199189 meller@samaritan.500 families .fr Cedric Petit Qadisiyah evaluation team +88 216 50260495 +88 216 260498 Guillaume Woehling +33 (0) 1 43151313 (tel) +33 (0) 1 43150809 gwoehling@solidarites.

internet. school rehabilitation.000 people a day (75. Health Education • Shelter • Reconstruction • Operational Team on standby for programming in Iraq • Start up funding available and potential for appeal to Tearfund supporters Planned: • Targeted feeding in institutions or at IDP camps • Assessment support (personnel) to other agencies • Support and capacity building of Tearfund local partner (JECRAD). Baghdad medical centres • Supplies to dispensary for children in Basrah • Capacity of feeding 50. and video conference facilities) • Mobile teams comprised of TSF technicians and Red Crescent volunteers setting up temporary telecom centres outside Baghdad (teams will then be deployed in 15 governorates) Jean-Francois Cazenave Amman 077 277375 Nutrition • Watsan (particularly sanitation) • Tim Purver 079 5345034 drtiranpsm@tearfund. Terre Des Hommes – Italy TSF (Telecoms Sans Frontieres) Bruno Neri Shelter & NFIs Health • Operational in Baghdad together with Un Ponte Per • Medical supplies provided for Baghdad • Plans: temporary shelter for IDPs and NFIs Telecommunication centre set up in Baghdad • Internet centre opened in Baghdad for NGOs (HF and VHF radio Un Ponte Per Health Water Rehabilitation • Operational in Iraq (Baghdad and Basra) since 1993: water. providing all the food for camp B Iran .jo Food: Bakery .org Jeremy Taylor 079 6624874 Francetelecom. dispensary health. fax.000 if operating 24 hrs) Planned: • Set up bakery in the region with the focus on Iraq • Provide technical expertise to existing bakeries if required Kuwait War Child Bev Gadsdon Stephane Latxague Baghdad +870 760028052 tsfi6@inmarsat.neri1@tin. phone. primary health care centre • Water purification units for goal@go.Tearfund Jon Kennedy Amman 079 5482211 drtiran@tearfund.

org Isabel Gomes Amman 079 5671801 Isabel_gomes@wvi. and media • Assistance in Amman with additional planning efforts • Assistance JECRaD with organisational development and additional planning efforts potentially involving Iraq • Pharmaceuticals.World Concern Kelly Miller kellym@worldconcern.000 families. hygine Food security NFIs • Capacity Support and Development • Food & NFIs for past 4 years in Mosul. IOM. 6 months initially • GIK • Hygiene kits • Assisting Jordanian Committee for Relief and Development (JECRAD) with feeding at TCN camp • Secondment of personnel to camp site to serve as liaison between JECRaD and JRCS. blankets. children • Assist about 12. donation to JRCS of one 4 wheel drive) • Approx. 2. community facilities. medical equipment. etc… • 3-month programme in Al Rutba: rehabilitation of temporary hospital. etc) • Emergency health assistance • Rehabilitation of schools. 2. • Child protection • Distribution of non-food items ( Peter Drejer Sundt Amman 077 856619 nexus@oz. 800 units of plastic sheeting • Donation to JRCS of one laptop and printer • 1container of clothing (new) to men. donors. Baghdad. water containers and other NFI’s already in Amman or about to arrive • IDP focal point in Niniveh governorate • Track together with WFP displaced people in Niniveh gov. Kirkuk. capacity. goods including medical supplies from Jordan and Syria to Niniveh gov. women.000 blankets • Approx. collapsible water containers. and place them into a food distribution programme • Restored the electricity supply in Al Rutba (west Iraq) Planned: • Food distribution together with WFP • Transport 20 t. which include: • Transportation (loan of 2 trucks – 10 t. monthly distributions. WFP. and Basra through Jordanian partner • Resume and expand food and NFI project: • Disaster Response WV (World Vision) Ton Van Zutphen Amman 079 6807251 06 4612728 ton_van_zutphen@wvi. blankets.000 people • Assessing the possibilities of assisting TCNs feeding programme designed by JECARD World Relief Brandon Pustejovsky Amman 079 6996113 brandonp@wr. provide essential drugs and oxygen • 3-month mines/UXOs awareness programme in Al Rutba for children and adults Together with Caritas Jordan in partnership with JRCS made contribution towards the TCN • Emergency health response • Distribution of relief items • Food distribution • Child protection .000 water containers • Approx.

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