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Fall 1985, Vol. 4, No. 1

Ahoy Matey! Laker Inn Opens by Naomi A. Romanchok and Betsy L. Lantz Mercyhurst History: Weber Memorial by Sr. M. Eustace Taylor The Search Goes On by Sr. M. Lawrence Franklin Happy Birthday, America! by Corrine S. Halperin Irish-American Partnership by Jerry Trambley Discipline is Key to Ballet by Jeff Farance Why I Gave $1 Million to Mercyhurst by Dr. George J. D'Angelo First Year Report: Campaign for Mercyhurst College Honor Roll of Donors 4 6 7 10 12 20 22 23


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bout the cover: Mark Fainstein has captured the nautical theme of Mercyhurst's new Laker Inn restaurant for the feature story in this issue of the Magazine. The new facility at 1530 East 38 Street provides hands-on learning experience for students in the largest department at Mercyhurst — Hotel-Restaurant Management.


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Ahoy Matey!


ith billowing flags, porthole windows, and a crew shell scenario in the picture window, Mercyhurst's new Laker Inn projects a dock-side feeling as the Great Lakes newest nautical restaurant. Opening its doors on September 30, 1985, after a summer of remodeling, the restaurant provides a relaxing environment to meet and dine with friends and family. It also serves as a showcase for Mercyhurst's Hotel-Restaurant Management (HRM) program, which has become the largest single major at the College. The restaurant was acquired in June as a part gift-part purchase package from its


former owners Charles A. Dailey, Jr and Michael Barrett. Formerly called Barrett's — yet still referred by "regulars" as "the old Nunzi's" — Mercyhurst's new restaurant is owned and operated by the Glenhurst Corporation, a separate corporation from the College formed to allow "for profit" business enterprises such as the Laker Inn. (See related story on page 13). To give the new facility a Mercyhurst ID, college officials christened the new restaurant, the "Laker Inn," adopting the name of the school's sports team. The Inn is operated by Daniel R. Hann as executive director and Daniel M. Bukowski as manager. Hann, a faculty member in the College's HRM depart-

ment, has his master's in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, as well as an impressive background in the foodservice industry. He was the primary controller for TGlFridays in Atlanta and is also credited with opening six Simon and Simon Malone restaurants in Georgia. Bukowski, Hann's management partner, is a 1975 graduate of Mercyhurst, and a member of the College's first hotel and restaurant management class. Like Hann, he has held several positions in the foodservice industry. Locally, Bukowski was assistant innkeeper at the Holiday Inn South, food and beverage manager for the Edinboro Holiday Inn, and most recently, was the general manMERCYHURST MAGAZINE

The Perry Room ager for Erie's University Club. After two and a half months of extensive remodeling, Laker Inn customers today see a building transformed from its former office-like facade to an appealing wharf-like setting. The restaurant is located a mere ten blocks east of the College, where the Inn's "Old Salty" beckons hungry landlubbers with tempting dishes from the sea and shore. Once inside, the relaxing ocean blue decor brings to mind the image of a cozy captain's cabin on a crew ship anchored at sea. Seated at oaken tables in a room filled with nautical atmosphere, guests peruse the Laker Inn menu which offers a wide variety of luncheon and dinner selections prepared by two gourmet chefs, as well as Old Salty specials — sure to delight the palate of any surf or turf lover. For some, the Inn's attractive lounge, reminiscent of a comfortable family room is their favorite spot. Central to its decor are fish netted porthole windows and several crew oars suspended from the ceiling. For others, the main dining room is their choice for an evening out. The room, previously done in a high tech decor using reds, oranges, and yellows, now sports a warmth created by the tasteful combination of blues, beiges, and plaids. But for many, the most attractive aspect of the Inn is its Perry Room, tucked behind the main dining area and used primarily for private parties up to 65. Guests are immediately drawn to the room's east wall, where a mural size photograph of a rustic harbor scene throws a dusky aura over the otherwise stately room.
FALL, 1985

A mantled fireplace adds to the glow of the Perry Room and to either side of the hearth hang original maritime paintings by Robert Lee Perry, great, great grandson of Oliver Hazard Perry. The works, which lend an authenticity to the room's name, were commissioned by the College for special display in the Inn's banquet facility. The Perry Room also pays tribute to the famous figure in naval history with table centerpieces displaying two historical flags - one being the 15 star American flag of 1812 said to have inspired Frances Scott Key to write "The National Anthem," and the other bearing Perry's battle cry during the Battle of Lake Erie, "Don't Give Up The Ship" — the dying words of Perry's friend Captain James Lawrence.

Establishing a commercial restaurant for the benefit of the College's hotelrestaurant management students was one of the goals set forth in Mercyhurst's Five Year Master Plan in 1980. Currently, there are six student managers at the Inn and another 13 HRM majors complement the restaurant's 41 member staff. "Aside from providing the students with the hands-on opportunity to apply lessons learned in the classroom, working at the Inn allows the students to develop customer contact skills," Dan Hann explains. "With the input of our hotel-restaurant department, its student majors, along with the proper organization and staff training, I see the Laker Inn becoming a very successful and well-run restaurant," Hann added. The Inn is currently serving 160 lunches daily and on the average of 200 dinners a night. "If business continues at the rate it has during our first month," predicts Bukowski, "one year from now we will be a million dollar operation in a 130 seat restaurant." When that happens, perhaps college officials will give thought to adding a third flag to the tables in the Perry Room — one bearing the Mercyhurst College motto, "Seize the Opportunity^' a directive that has made an endeavor such as the Laker Inn a reality. IfiH The Laker Inn is located at 1530 East 38 Street. Hours: Lunches daily from 11 to 2; dinner from 5 to 10. Sunday hours noon to 7. The bar is open from 11:30 to 2 a.m. serving finger foods, pizza and subs until midnight. For reservations, call 825-6268. Naomi Romanchok is editor of the student newspaper, "The Merciad"and Betsy Lantz is assistant editor.

L-R: Dan Bukowski, Dan Hann


Medallions Signature the Liberal Arts


very passerby must have noticed and wondered about the five limestone medallions that decorate the west wall of Weber Hall. Placed there in 1953, twenty years after the founding of Mercyhurst, they were meant to be an affirmation of the Liberal Arts nature of the College. The medallions still do that service — looking out as guardian spirits that guide those who seriously seek enlargement of mind and enrichment of the human spirit. They were then, and are now, symbols of what concerns the true Liberal Arts tradition: the pursuit of beauty, of truth, of goodness. St. Thomas Aquinas is central to the group. Philosopher and Theologian, he spent his life searching the realms of knowledge — human and divine. Mozart to his right and Michelangelo (yes, his name is misspelled on the

medallion!) to his left were creators of beauty in sound and color and shape. The other two, Dante and Shakespeare, poet and p o e t - d r a m a t i s t , having explored the mysteries of the human spirit, expressed, in beauty and power of word, what they found. All five left to humankind a rich heritage of beauty that is and is yet to be. These medallions are only one artistic aspect of this English Gothic structure whose slate shingle roofing and gables with limestone fascia panels bring its exterior into harmony with the main building. And the practiced eye will also find a number of interesting features inside Weber Hall that echo the message of the five medallions. That it so plainly expresses aesthetic values is probably due to the intention of those who planned and designed it. The members

of the Joseph J. Weber family chose to make it a worthy memorial to their father and were pleased when two daughters, Sister Mary Alice and Sister Mary Rachel, Sisters of Mercy, offered their inheritance to finance the work. Both Sisters watched daily the shaping of this memorial; one was not to see its dedication. After a short illness, Sister Mary Alice died — just a few months before completion. The person responsible for both architectural design and interior decoration was Brandon Smith*, leading Pittsburgh architect, who, under the watchful eye of Mother M. Borgia, used his talents to select materials and appointments that would satisfy the desires of the Weber family. Commissioned to design a building to house both a Library and a Little Theatre, he used well his gifts as architect


and artist at both levels of the new structure. Viewing Weber Hall now, one realizes how wonderfully well he made a happy union of Library and Little Theatre. Come with me now along the Cloister Walk, the approach to Weber Hall. Its limestone-framed Gothic arches and flagstone walk make it a proper link between the two English Gothic buildings. As we enter the south door of the Hall, notice the four graceful sconces that adorn the walls of the lobby. These are originals, made from a mold that was broken after they were cast. For a number of years, this lobby led into a small lounge furnished with wrought-iron furniture — a pleasant room in which to visit with a lecturer and guests before or after a performance in the Little Theatre. We move from the lobby to a circular staircase with ceramic and terrazzo treads. Wrought-iron balustrades, in black and delicately scrolled, edge the staircase. It takes us down to the lobby of the Little Theatre where, atop a sunken Pompeian Stone fountain, a statue of Pan once played his pipes. On special occasions, one heard their music as water playing under dramatic spotlights. From this attractive lobby we enter the Little Theatre where the architect, with the assistance of Dan Chisholm, wellknown Erie decorator, created a storybook setting by putting in place wall mirrors with candelabra at their center and by using French Rococco designs, hand-painted, on the ceiling and as frames about the mirrors and proscenium — a fitting place for the tales that would be told on the stage. It is pleasant to recall that Sister M. Angelica and four of her art majors were the artists who executed these designs. Again, moving back to the staircase, we ascend to look at the large Hall that was the Reading Room of the Library and is now the dance studio. Before entering, stand at the upper landing and, looking down the well of stairs to the sunken fountain, experience the harmony of shape and color there. A lovely candelabra accents this scene. The Hall itself has the effect of a chapel. The high vaulted ceiling, made by arches and beams of Douglas Fir, and the fourteen-foot windows might easily have been designed for a place of worship. The architect probably fashioned the room as a proper setting for the picture that was to dominate it; a fourteenfoot high copy of del Sarto's 'Assumption," a gift of Archbishop John Mark Gannon in 1932, set in place as the first altar piece in the chapel of the O'Neil Memorial. The picture, framed in ornate gold leaf, is a painting made from the
FALL, 1985

« *

original in the Pitti Gallery in Florence. High on the south wall of the Hall is an often unnoticed stained glass window in memory of Sister Mary Alice Weber. It celebrates, as do the medallions on the exterior west wall, the nobility of human achievement. Highly decorative and rich in color, it was designed by Dr. John Donatelli, for many years professor of philosophy and psychology at Mercyhurst. His inspiration came from this sentence in Wisdom, 7:16: "For in His hands are both we and our works, and all wisdom, and the knowledge and skill of works." His design shows four medallions beneath rays coming from the hands of God: two figures, representing mankind, looking upward toward the Godhead; two women performing family tasks; a learned man with books of wisdom; a man performing daily skills.

Indeed, the window speaks of the beauty, truth and goodness of human work under God's care and guidance. It is a tribute both to Sister Mary Alice and to the other members of the Weber family who, imitating their father, have spent their lives in the spirit of Dr. Donatelli's Scriptural quotation. As we look back at the dance studio that has replaced the former library, it seems true to say that few dancing floors are set in a hall where grace and beauty already reside. Might it not be a right setting for the performance of a Classic Choric Ode? We descend that attractive staircase and leave the building. Doing so, I look up in reverent salute to those masters of the intellectual and fine arts — St. Thomas Aquinas, Mozart, Michelangelo, Dante and Shakespeare — those reminders that Mercyhurst is a home of the Liberal Arts. And I think gratefully of the generosity of the family who gave this gift in memory of Joseph J. Weber. *Brandon Smith also designed the setting and directed the installation of the gates and gate houses at Mercyhurst. We see again there the slate shingle roofs which match the other two buildings. While directing construction of Weber Hall Mr. Smith heard that the gates of the Harry K. Thaw home in Pittsburgh were being sold as scrap. He alerted Mother M. Borgia to this news, and she took steps to purchase them at once. Sister M. Eustace Taylor, professor of English, writes of little known stories in Mercyhurst history for each issue of the Magazine.


Weber Library in 1953


hile it is true that many of the family p a p e r s , business records and public documents donated to an archives often come from a dusty attic or musty basement, their present repository in the Archives of Erie Studies at Mercyhurst College in no way resembles the usual picture most people have of what an archives is. Every new collection to the Mercyhurst Archives is given a number and location, and is organized chronologically, logically, and/or alphabetically. Stored in specially designed acid-free folders and boxes and cross-referenced by donor, subject and type, the Mercyhurst Archives can hardly be called either disorganized or musty and dusty. Researchers and research requests come to the Archives door, not only from area colleges, universities and high schools, but from institutions from Maine to California. Inquiries for sermons, letters, paintings, objets d' art, ethnic artifacts, governmental files, blueprints, and background on historical persons and events, are just a sample of the requests received annually. The Mercyhurst Archives established in 1972 and located in the Hammermill Library at the College, contain a myriad of 320 collections ranging from 46 private family papers, 32 business records, 34 collections about the city of Erie, 36 on Erie County, Mercyhurst College collections, 14 churches and 32 club records, as well as the history of the Sisters of Mercy. The call for information sometimes based on a single old letter or scrap of paper can lead the archivist on a trail of clues worthy of Agatha Christie. As an example, consider the request by the Athenaeum of Philadelphia which was publishing a "Biographical Dictionary of Philadelphia Architects". The Athenaeum was looking for an inventory of the blueprints by architect F. Ferdinand Durang, who designed Mercyhurst's Old Main and Egan Hall. The search first led me to the College's maintenance office, where the original blueprints were found. I then continued

my search via every office in Old Main, and even to the rarely used catwalk, for the architect's original renderings of the administration and residence halls which years ago hung in the main foyer. Alas, to no avail. However, copies of the blueprint listings were sent to Athenaeum for inclusion in the "Dictionary". This volume is only one of several

"The call for information sometimes based on a single old letter or scrap of paper ... can lead the archivist on a trail of clues worthy of Agatna Christie!'
directories in which Mercyhurst's collections are listed. Notable among the listings are: Directory of Archives, Manuscript Repositories in the United States, and the Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers. Having found my name in one such directory, a professor at California State College in Bakersfield, California sent me an interesting request. He was looking for an operating manual and parts catalog for a Brown Folding Machine which supposedly had been manufactured by an Erie firm in 1903. The disassembled machine was in the possession of his iriend, the editor of "The Mexico City Daily Bulletin" who was trying to reconstruct it for use. Having discovered that St. John Kanty Prep School had also possessed this type of equipment, I traced the individual who purchased the machine when Kanty Prep closed. From him, I learned the Kanty machine was manufactured by the Baum Company, not Brown as originally thought. Going back to the 1888 Erie City Directory, I found that Wellington

Downing was listed as the manager of the Brown Company. The 1888 reference caused me to check on another volume in our collection, the "Souvenir Erie, Pa. Illustrated Book, 1888'; and there I found a biography of Wellington Downing that revealed that he was also an inventor. All this information was compiled and mailed to our new professor-friend in Bakersfield. He contacted the U.S. Patent Office, and lo, seven months after the inception of our search, the patent for the folding machine was found under Downing's name with illustrations and an explanation of its operation. If you ever visit Mexico City, you may find this old machine busily folding newspapers at the "Bulletin." The files accumulated about the Brown Company were added to our already extensive files on other defunct Erie County businesses, notably those of the Erie Oil Company, Odin Stove/ Republic Heater Company, Nickel Plate Mills, the Phoenix Hotel of Corry, Molar Oil Company, Erie Brewing Company, Burke Electric Company, and the Erie Fish Company. Researching requests on the history of business in our area is a favorite part of my work-a-day world. A present revival of interest in old cast iron cookware has led to many requests and visits from researchers and collectors regarding Erie's former Griswold Manufacturing Company, a major producer of such cookware. Besides the biographies and industrial history obtained from Erie County histories, I was able to supply designs for 29 of Griswold's patents. For me, the greatest reward of being an archivist comes from working with the history of the people, places, and things that make up a culture and society and in being part of an historical operation that continues to serve the 'inquiring mind', a hallmark of Mercyhurst College for almost sixty years.

Sister Mary Lawrence Franklin has been archivist at Mercyhurst for the past six years.

n enthusiastic crowd estimated at 5,000 came to the Hurst on a perfect summer's day to celebrate America's 209th birthday. Picnics, a brass band, watermelons, square dancing, and fireworks made it a spectacular Fourth of July on the Mercyhurst campus — our gift to the Erie community. Activities began in the afternoon with a big band concert in the Grotto by Erie's Haener Brothers followed later in the day by Tennessee Back Porch, a country and western group. Parents, friends, and members of the Mercyhurst community cheered on 64 youngsters between the ages of 6 and 12 who took part in a special Junior Olympics program, each competing in his or her own age group in five separate events. No sooner did the youngsters finish with these contests, than they joined senior citizens, students and adults for a watermelon eating party in Garvey Park, where ten 20-pound watermelons disappeared in short order! Our Campus Center was filled with activity, too. The Y-Squares Dancing Club provided a square dancing demonstration, and open volleyball games followed the demonstration. Other campus visitors took advantage of the opportunity to tour our new Nautilus Center in the Campus Center complex. Following a grand scale picnic supper, the back campus filled from east to west, north to south with members from the Erie community delighted by the outdoor concert performed by Pittsburgh's River City Brass Band. It was the groups first trip to the Mercyhurst campus and they left the celebrants humming good ol' fashioned "American" tunes . . . and with a promise to return in 1986. "They were a great addition to our program," said President Garvey, who masterminded the day's celebration. "We've already asked them back to entertain at our next year's July 4th Celebration." The Band ended with a rousing rendition of "Stars and Stripes Forever," which punctuated the beginning of a spectacular fireworks display on the back campus. The next day the town was talking about Mercyhurst's Fourth of July, and the local media was reporting on the splendid birthday gift given to the Erie community by the College. The Erie Daily Times reported "A great many people spent the day at the hilltop college for the Fourth of July, and they couldn't have asked for a prettier, more relaxing setting than provided by the campus. And the fireworks, which lasted for an hour and a half, had to rank as one of the best displays in the area. "Mercyhurst hopes to build on this year's public response," said Dr. Garvey, "and expand the celebration into an annual event. We'd like to give Erie the kind of celebration usually reserved for Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The Erie community has been good to Mercyhurst, and we think an old-fashioned family style celebration on this important day in America's history is a good way of returning the favor." Conine S. Halperin is the Program Director for the Erie Business and Labor Council


FALL, 1985


They Remember Us When . . .
t's natural. Times change. Thirty years ago the cooks in the Mercyhurst College cafeteria were preparing family style meals for approximately 50 female students. Today, nearly 500 students both male and female eat in the self-service facility. Few people remain on campus long enough to see such changes. But Jessie Woodson, Joan Gorney, and Clara Mizikowski can tell you all about them. Woodson retired this fall after 30 years of service, Gorney is celebrating her 25th year at the College, and Mizikowski is entering her 28th. It was in October of 1955 that Jessie Woodson came to Erie from Jackson, Tennessee and joined the housekeeping staff at the College. Once the word got around about Jessie's cooking, she was offered a transfer to the kitchen, where she had been the head cook for the past ten years. Good natured, never complaining, always singing and joking, is how Jessie's co-workers affectionately describe her. No one seems to be able to recall a day that Jessie missed work. Her cheerful greetings early each morning have long been an inspiration to the cafeteria staff. To them, she is an irreplaceable teacher in her own right. Jessie, who recently celebrated her 65th birthday, admits that she will miss having a place to come to each morning, yet she feels it is time for her to retire. "I may do some traveling and I just want to enjoy myself," Jessie said of her future. Living with her sister's family, Jessie enjoys church activities and traveling in her spare time. Lois Keefe, night cook, fondly recalls the time when Jessie purchased a complete set of red luggage to take on a trip back to Tennessee. "She didn't have enough to put in all that luggage, but she took it all with her any wayf Keefe laughed. Certainly one of the people who will miss Jessie the most since she has "packed her bags" and left Mercyhurst is Joan Gorney, who has worked with Woodson for 25 years. An Erie native,



Clara Mizikowski, Jessie Woodson, Joan Gorney Joan is responsible for all of the cafeteria's baking, and that's 60 to 100 dozen cookies and 40 dozen rolls every day! Actually, Joan retired in June of 1980 after 23 years of service in the College cafeteria. She spent two years traveling and relaxing before the College asked her to return as baker in 1982. "No one bakes the students' favorite chocolate chip crunchy cookies like Joan," muses John Washington, food service director. "Just ask them!" Gorney has two children and seven grandchildren. Two of her grandchildren, Ron and Paula Casey, are currently students at the College. At the age of 70, Joan intends to remain at Mercyhurst as long as her health permits. In five years, she'll be marking her 30th year at the College. "I'd love a partyf she quips, "just as long as I don't have to bake my own cake." Parties, of course, are Mizikowski's specialty. In addition to serving students on the cafeteria line, Clara prepares the table dressings for all banquets held at the College. She learned much of her artistry from Sister Mary Rachael, former head of the home economics department at the College. Cultivating her own flowers for her attractive centerpiece arrangements, Clara turns out table settings that are as beautiful as her co-workers' meals are delicious. Mizikowski, 66, celebrated her 25th anniversary at Mercyhurst in October 1982 and in a year or so, Clara plans to retire. "I love our students, the faculty, and our Sisters," Mizikowski responded when asked why she had devoted so much of her life to pleasing diners at the Hurst. Woodson and Gorney agreed. Times change, but dedicated staff members don't. At least not at Mercyhurst, where special people seem drawn to remain at a special place. Betsy Lantz is a sophomore student from Wattsburg, Pennsylvania.



Dr. Vivetta Petronio
hat keeps a person somewhere for 29 years? Dr. Vivetta Petronio, who spent four years at Mercyhurst College as a student and another 25 years as a faculty member, sums it up saying, "It's the people." "Somehow or another, Mercyhurst has a knack of drawing wonderful people here, both students and faculty? according to Dr. Petronio. "There's a spirit here, a warmth that you don't find other places. And there's also a regard for scholarship that I think is unusual for a small college," she adds. As a commuter student at the College in the mid-1950's, she has fond memories of a very different Mercyhurst. Her graduating class numbered about 80 females with a faculty almost entirely of Sisters of Mercy.


"J think people who don't know me as a teacher, don't really know me."
Petronio, who started her teaching career in French and English at Erie's Strong Vincent High School, credits her former teacher and mentor Sister M. Gabriel for encouraging her to apply for the available teaching position in the French Department at Mercyhurst in 1960. Today she is a full professor and tenured faculty member at the College. Over the past 25 years, Petronio has seen many changes in Mercyhurst, but she cites "going coeducational 15 years ago as the most outstanding of them all." "Many other changes," she explained, "are the direct result of cultural and generational changes that have occurred in the students." Dr. Petronio has taught
FALL, 1985

Dr. Petronio students that have grown up through the 1950's, the 60's, the 70's and into the 80's. "Being among the students has helped keep me open-minded and more willing to face change," she claims. She feels her biggest contribution in the area of teaching has been that she has always tried to be as "excellent" as possible. "I think I come alive when I'm in front of a class. I think people who don't know me as a teacher, don't really know me." Dr. Petronio hopes students will remember her in two ways. First as a good teacher, and second, as a person they could relate to. Her involvement at the College over the past two decades includes her current position as the director of the English and Modern Languages Department, her many years on the College Senate, and her past leadership as director of the

Egan Scholars program and director of the self study of Mercyhurst College for the Middle States evaluation team in 1980-82. She recently served as a consultant and book reviewer for a French text for Holt, Reinhart and Winston, and last spring she published an article on a new method of teaching conversational French in the "Annals of the American Council of Teachers for Foreign Languages." Petronio beams when she talks about her Fulbright Scholarship to France. "It was a dream come true for me. There I was in the country that I had learned so much about and loved very much. I spent an entire year there with French students and French citizens, really getting to know the people and the language." She later studied for her Master's at Middlebury College and received a full fellowship to Yale University, where she was awarded her Ph.D. in French in 1974. Today in her spare time, Dr. Petronio enjoys reading, needlework, playing the piano, and "struggling" to learn the guitar.

" . . . I come alive when Ym in front of a class"
Reflecting on her years at Mercyhurst, Dr. Petronio notes, "When you're 21 and just starting in a career, you never think 25 years into the future, and yet it seems all too short when you look back. Each September I look forward to a new year of teaching. It's what I do best and enjoy most. For me, the last 25 years have been a wonderful time in my life." (M Naomi Romanchok is a junior communications-political science major from Garfield, Ohio.

ith the full support of the government of the Republic of Ireland, including both parties in the governing coalition and the opposition party four representatives of the Irish-American Partnership visited Erie recently as guests of Mercyhurst College as part of a month-long tour of the United States. Accompanying Paddy Harte, a ranking member of the Dail, the Irish Parliament, were Harte's legislative assistant Thomas Costelloe, Attorney Daire Hogan, and Richard Doyle, marketing manager of Ireland's Industrial Development Authority The Irish-American Partnership is an organization that aims at directing the energy, enthusiasm, and generosity of Irish-Americans toward the economic and social development of Ireland. Its symbol is an American flag with three shamrocks replacing the field of 50 stars. Harte said the design was chosen because the Partnership is aimed at all of Ireland and the one symbol common to both North and South is the shamrock. Harte said the involvement of 15 of what he referred to as the "Irish Elite" in business, finance and education, as members of the board of trustees of the Partnership was made possible because of a survey that showed an interest by Irish-Americans in helping develop the economy of their ancestral homeland. The nationwide survey was conducted for the Irish government by students and faculty members at Mercyhurst College under the direction of Dr. William P. Garvey and Brian McHugh, director of the education department at the College. According to Harte, the idea of the Irish-American Partnership is to raise an initial $50 million to invest in the Irish economy, in things like venture capital, natural resources, tourism, key technologies, and urban renewal. Harte pointed out that Ireland is very short on capital, although its young population — 50 percent of the Irish people are under 25


years of age — provides ample labor. Underlying the entire Partnership is the philosophy expressed by Harte, that if Ireland is eventually to find peace and harmony among the Catholics and Protestants of both North and South, there must be prosperity. "The Irish economy needs outside help to secure that prosperity^' explained Harte. Since the Mercyhurst survey showed that Irish-Americans are willing to help out by investing, buying some imported Irish goods, touring the Emerald Isle, and maybe even purchasing homes there, Harte and other Partnership leaders say it is necessary for Ireland to tap that source of good will and capital to build a strong economy Harte feels that for too long IrishAmerican leaders and others have been telling their 40 million brothers and sisters of Irish heritage not to send money to Irish groups because the groups use the donations to help fund the factions that carry on the fighting in Northern Ireland. Now, he said, there is a way for Irish-Americans to help and know that

their money and support is going into real development, not into battle. Harte added that the members of the Partnership are interested in the Irish economy, not in politics. He admitted that the participation by residents of Northern Ireland will come only when people there ask to participate, however five seats on the board of trustees have been reserved for members from the North. He insisted that projects in Northern Ireland that seek funding through the Partnership will receive an equal hearing, even before the northern seats on the board are filled. Doyle said one indication of the need for economic help can be seen in the figures for venture capital in the United States and Ireland for 1984. The United States produced $14 for each citizen that year, while Ireland produced only about $1 per capita. Many of the ideas for the Irish American Partnership have been borrowed from the United Jewish Appeal in the United States. According to Harte, "The success of the UJA is one indication of the potential that lies in appealing to Americans to help relatives, however distant, who still live abroad." Harte said local volunteer committees will be set up in cities and towns across America, and there will be professionals, both American and Irish, available on the regional level to help them with publicity and fund raising. He added that the Mercyhurst survey and the analysis done by BryanMonaghan (both former Mercyhurst College faculty members) indicate that the greatest support for the Partnership will probably come from smaller cities in middle America, rather than from the large metropolitan areas. Harte emphasized that the Partnership will not offer charitable give-aways, but opportunities for investments in a promising young country Jerry Trambley is a staff writer for the "Sunday Times-News" in Erie, Pennsylvania.



Robert I. Ronksley
ivorced after 15 years of marriage and two children, at the age of 40 I entered Mercyhurst College in 1974 to study law enforcement. And I was frightened! After being away from school for 25 years I asked myself, "Could I do this?" Would I be able to work six to seven days a week, keep raising my family on my own and go to college, all at the same time? My children believed I could. My parents believed I could. And so did Mr. Robert Ronksley, who has since retired as associate professor of law enforcement at Mercyhurst.


"Through his never-say-die attitude to 'keep going, don't give up! I reached my goal."
I first saw Mr. Ronksley during my Freshman Orientation. In his welcoming address to the students, he gave me a nod, as if to say, "I know you may feel different, but don't. I'll help you." And help he did. He was my professor, my advisor and my friend, and still is today. Mr. Ronksley, a former F.B.I, agent with 25 years service, brought to his classroom a sense of dignity. With tremendous knowledge and fortitude, he instilled in his students, above all else, respect for law and order. His professional background enabled him to direct his teaching with great diversity . . . p r e p a r i n g s t u d e n t s , be they in-service or otherwise, closer to their goals. Through the next five years, my life began to take on a new meaning. I became a volunteer for the Erie Rape Crisis Center as a para-professional counFALL, 1985

selor and received The Distinguished Service Award in 1980 and 1983. But, there were so many times, weary of trying to do so much, I would say to Mr. Ronksley, "I can't go on with all this. It's too much." And he would gently answer, "Don't give up. You can do it, I know you can, keep trying". And I did go on. I graduated in 1979 with a bachelor of arts degree in law enforcement. I walked off the stage after accepting my diploma, passing by a gentle, smiling Robert Ronksley. Through his warm and compassionate understanding, I had fulfilled a dream. Through his never-say-die attitude to "keep going, don't give up" I reached my goal. And through his tremendous knowledge in the projection of law and order, and all it stood for, I wanted to learn more. And so, "go on" I did. With the help and assistance of Dr. William Garvey, President of Mercyhurst College, I enrolled in the master's program in criminal justice. His direct contribution in my being employed at Mercyhurst played an important part in completing my degree. I graduated in 1983 and still am employed at Mercyhurst as security/counselor for McAuley Residence Hall under the

Shirley Stebell, Robert Ronsklexj supervison of Phyllis Aiello, director of Housing and Safety. I could not have done all this without the help from my family nor all the professors, who so patiently taught me, and I am indeed grateful to them all — and to Sister Michele who so patiently gave me so much advice in my never-ending financial struggles. But, it was Mr. Ronksley who first recognized the potential I thought I had lost. He gave me back my self-respect and self-esteem. He gave me back my dignity. I shall always be grateful to him. I salute you, Sir. Shirley A. Stebell Class of 1979 and 1983

"In his welcoming address to the students, he gave me a nod, as if to say, 'I know you may feel different, but don't. Til help you'. And help he did'.'

Discipline is Key to Classical Ballet


-w" er fluid movements, dramatic -1 gestures, the way her speech J L glides from one language to another, even her name — Madame Valentina Belova — are all hallmarks of an international ballet star. For 67 of her 77 years, Madame, as she is known across the country, has been a student and teacher of classical ballet. For a week recently she shared her expertise with students of one of her former students, Mrs. Kathleen (Kitty) Megnin Smith '78, owner of the Venango Ballet and Performing Arts Studio located in Seneca, New York. Madame was Kitty's professor of ballet at Mercyhurst College, and became a professor emeritus in 1979. She then moved to Santa Cruz, California, the west coast mecca for dancers. "The people here in the eastern USA, when I show them something, they eat it up. They're not blase, you know," enthuses Madame, adding that the young people of Venango County are easier to teach than those in California. "Santa Cruz people, they are very relaxed," she observes, punctuating all of her sentences with waves of her arms. In general, ballet is knowing continued gains in popularity, yet many youngsters — and success in ballet requires a very early start — are unwilling to accept the discipline involved, she allows.

"Classical ballet will always remain a basic thing . . . the steps (on which) choreography builds," says Madame. 'At the beginning of the 20th century, modern dance abolished ballet, classical dance completely. Then they realized they needed the discipline. "A revolution is always to destroy what came before. Now, modern dance incorporates the elements of classical ballet. History repeats itself," Belova and Smith agree. "Post-modern dance is sometimes crazy in the mind . . . it repeats and repeats," Madame says. "It, too, is looking back to ballet for the basic building blocks." A thoroughly entertaining conversationalist, Madame paints vivid word pictures, often easing in phrases from other languages and giggling when she is unable to translate a French phrase into English. Tiny and driven by seemingly boundless energy, Madame Belova has an expressive face — malleable features accented by broad eyebrows. "Modern dance is a way of exploring movements . . . it reflects more the social state in general, the climate in which we live," she says. Madame believes classical ballet is still on the rise in the United States and that this country is taking a substantial lead in ballet. "The key ingredient is to start young

Madame Belova, Kitty Smith 78 with a good teacher. Classical ballet is a thing that you have to start correctly, for it is not only an art, but a science. "For those who start late, there are still benefits," she notes. "Posture and placement are the healthiest things for any person. And, of course, the value of learning the discipline of ballet is important," Madame adds. Belova recalls with a chuckle some of her adventures with students in the Santa Cruz Youth Ballet, many of whom are involved only at the behest of their parents. "The mothers take it very seriously^' she notes. "I had 30 kids on stage and I went through hell." She and Smith made a return visit to Mercyhurst before Madame headed west to Santa Cruz, to resume her many projects and to enjoy the comforts of her mobile home, "my castle," she explained. The momentum of 67 years of dancing will apparently propel her beyond any thoughts of retirement. JeffFarance is a writer for "The Derrick" in Oil City.

Mercyhurst Dance Studio

Trustees Form Glenhurst Corporation
The trustees of Mercyhurst College have approved the formation of a "for profit" corporation separate from the Mercyhurst College Corporation to umbrella independent business endeavors taken on by the College. The corporation, called the Glenhurst Corporation (the "Glen" taken from the College's location in Glenwood Hills and "Hurst" from the institution's name) has assumed the operation of Barrett's Restaurant, now called the Laker Inn. In addition, all catering done by the Laker Inn and the College's hotel-restaurant management department will come under the Glenhurst Corporation. Other corporation ventures would fall in the categories of real estate and leasing enterprises. Officers of the Glenhurst Corporation are John J. Maus as President; E. William Kennedy as vice president; and James F. Lieb, secretary-treasurer. Maus and Lieb are graduates of the Hurst, class of '73 and 74, respectively. Maus, Mercyhurst's director of finance is an officer of the College; Lieb is controller; and Kennedy, also a College officer, is the director of student services. Their combined service to Mercyhurst totals 34 years.

Recent 'Hurst Grads in Professional Schools
Seven graduates of the Class of 1985 at Mercyhurst College are in their first year of professional school in law, medicine and veterinary medicine, and six accounting graduates recently passed the CPA examination. IN LAW SCHOOL: Cheryl Ignasiak of Erie (political science) and Joseph Edward McGraw of Oil City, a psychology and American Studies graduate, are studying at the University of Pittsburgh Law School. Debra Jo Camarata of Jamestown, New York is pursuing her juris doctorate at the University of Richmond; while Katrine Erie of Butler, Pennsylvania, is studying at Santa Clara School of Law in Santa Clara, California. Camarata and Erie were both political science majors at the Hurst. The four law students from the Hurst join the ranks of 40 other alums from Mercyhurst who are practicing or soon-to-be practicing attorneys who completed their baccalaureate studies at the hilltop college. IN OSTEOPATHIC SCHOOL: Candyce Hoover of Conneaut Lake, Ohio is a first year medical student at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri. IN PODIATRY SCHOOL: Ronald G. Verrilla of Pittsburgh is attending the Ohio College of Podiatry in Cleveland, Ohio. IN VETERINARY MEDICINE: Cynthia White of Westlake, Ohio is enrolled in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University Hoover, Verrilla, and White were biology majors at the Hurst. While Mercyhurst has over a dozen alums who are physicians, Verrilla will be Mercyhurst's first podiatrist and Ms. White will be the colleges first veterinarian. NEW CPAs: Since 1975,20 graduates of Mercyhurst's business department have passed the CPA examination. Six graduates of the college passed the latest exam. They are: Jeff Jones '84, staff accountant, audit division, Arthur Andersen and Company, Cleveland, Ohio; James Steen '83, accountant, Ernst & Whinney, Pittsburgh, PA; Michael Heller 79, staff accountant, Root, Spitznas & Smiley, Erie, PA; Barbara Kowalski Kwiatowski '81, staff accountant with Joseph E. Sadler Accounting, Erie; Richard F. Seibel '81, staff accountant, Zurn Industries, Erie; and Michael Howey, who received his accounting certification from Mercyhurst having come to the college with a doctorate from Michigan State University. Howey is an accountant with Brown, Schwab, Bergquist & Company, also in Erie.

John Maus

E. William Kennedy

James Lieb

Banner Year In Enrollment
It's a banner year for Mercyhurst with enrollment totals reaching the 1,762 mark in undergraduate and graduate students. Of this total 363 are first time freshmen and 86 students are transfers, totaling 449 new first year students at the College. Freshman class applications hit an alltime high of 866, while first year rejections have stabilized at 109 rejections each of the past three years. According to fall enrollment data compiled by Thomas E. Billingsley, director of administration at the College, there are 743 students 22 years of age or older attending Mercyhurst, representing 43% of the College's total enrollment. Of these students, 539 are between 26 and 56 years of age. Enrollment data also shows the geographic distribution of the Mercyhurst student body as coming from 20 different states with Pennsylvania being the top draw bringing 1,384 residents of the Commonwealth to the Hurst. In addition, there are 27 foreign students on
FALL, 1985

campus this year, which is an all-time high, and represents foreign students double the number of foreign students who attended Mercyhurst last year.

There are 743 students 22 years of age or older attending Mercyhurst, representing, 43% of the College's total enrollment
The Mercyhurst College Career Institute brought in 103 students this fall, and records show 100 adults enrolled in Mercyhurst's Corry Center program. The top three majors at the College are hotel-restaurant management with 192' majors, business with 171 students, and criminal justice with an enrollment of 112 students. Of the total student body, the female count numbers 1,050 and the male count is 712.


Gridders Chasing Playoff Berth
hen Mercyhurst brought collegiate football to Erie in 1981, the main reason given was to stimulate male enrollment. No one in their right mind would have expected the Lakers to challenge for a Division III Playoff berth in the first decade, let alone after just five years. The Mercyhurst Lakers have quickly claimed a spot among the elite of Division III football programs. This season Mercyhurst has steamrolled six opponents in seven outings. The Lakers were ranked 15th in Division III prior to dropping a 33-15 decision at Canisius in week number seven. Despite the loss, the Blue and Green are in the playoff hunt. "When we started the program five years ago, our plan was to be at this point," comments coach Tony DeMeo. "We're competing on the national level for the second year in a row. I think we've made great strides in the five years we've had football." Mercyhurst opened with a 45-7 win at Brockport State, then dismantled Niagara, 82-0. The third contest was supposed to be the Lakers' first real test. They passed with flying colors, 38-3. Marietta was the fourth victim, 21-14. Mercyhurst next avenged their only loss in the last fourteen games, 31-6 over Buffalo State, before claiming a muddy 20-0 triumph over Duquesne. A year ago, Mercyhurst finished 8-1, but DeMeo's playoff h o p e s were rebuffed. He's taking a conservative approach this time around. "We're not even thinking about it," understates DeMeo. "We're taking each week one at a time. This attitude has helped me and the team mentally. If we start thinking about the rankings, we can get sidetracked."


Basketball Team Prepares For '85-86 Campaign
Billy Kalbaugh begins his fifth year as the Laker basketball coach with renewed optimism and a new three-year contract. Both are results of a 17-11 record last year, including upset wins over a pair of nationally-ranked quintets, Gannon and Mansfield. Kalbaugh does have his work cut out.

The Lakers must replace three starters, including all-time leading scorer John Green. Mercyhurst ranked 15th in Division II in scoring offense, averaging 81.0 points, but almost fifty percent of that production has graduated. Co-captains Marty Cams and Todd Lee form the nucleus of the 1985-86 team. Cams, a 6'8" senior center, averaged 10.6 points and 6.9 rebounds, adding 46 blocked shots. Lee is a silky-smooth 6'6" junior forward. He finished as the second-leading scorer with a 14.8 average, pulling down 6.6 rebounds per game, as well. Senior Kenney Moss (5.3 ppg., 3.6 rpg.) is expected to open at the other forward spot, with junior Matt Nesser (3.7 ppg., 107 assists) playing point guard. Sophomore Nate Harris (3.5 ppg.) will try and fill Green's shoes. Other returnees include 6'9" Chuck Brower and 6'7" Tim Winbush. Kalbaugh reached into Canada for two of his recruits, 6'10" center Chris Mindach and 5'9" guard Earl Moncrieffe. The other members of the Class of '89 are 6'3" guard Vinnie DiMella and 6'4" forward Mark Davis. The Lakers also have a newcomer in the coaching ranks, with Joe Spinelli beginning his first campaign as

Kalbaugh's assistant. Mercyhurst opens their 28-game slate on November 23 against Alliance.

Soccer Team sets Win Record
In 1981, the Mercyhurst soccer team posted a 9-2-2 record. On three other occasions, the Lakers have won eight games. Never have they won more than nine. Never, that is, until this year. With two matches remaining, the 1985 bootersare 12-3-1. First-year coach Rick Burns has resurrected a program which won just eight games over the past two seasons. "I didn't expect to win this many this year," admits Burns. "It's a combination of good recruits playing well together." Burns hit the recruiting trail hard, bringing in ten new players, including eight from Minnesota. "This has been an ideal situation for me to step into," he relates. "It has been really positive all the way around. The new kids are doing well on the field and academically. We need to improve some areas, mainly our playing field, but we should continue to be better and better." Robert Shreve is sports information director at Mercyhurst.


Alumni Celebrate Homecoming
In what has been described as one of the most successful alumni turnouts in the history of Mercyhurst College, graduates of the hilltop college returned to their alma mater from all 50 states in September to celebrate the college's annual Homecoming and Alumni College event. The three-day reunion began on a Friday evening with a Cap and Gown Reception for the returning alums, followed by a slide presentation which featured life at Mercyhurst from the early days of its founding by the Sisters of Mercy in 1926 to the present. One of the most popular events on the alumni weekend calendar was set in the Chapel and Foyer where graduates who were married in Christ the King Chapel renewed vows and were guests of the College at a wedding reception held in their honor. An old fashion tailgate party preceded the victorious Lakers vs Frostburg game at Erie's Veterans Stadium. Highlight of the weekend was the awards dinner where reunion classes were honored, in particular, the special anniversary class of 1935 celebrating its 50th anniversary; silver anniversary class members from 1960; and tenth year celebrants from the Class of 1975. The banquet also marked the occasion for the presentation of the College's "Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award" presented to Rita Walter Weiss '57 for her contributions to education, her profession, and outstanding service to her community (See related story).

Rita Walter Weiss, a 1957 biology graduate of the College was named "Distinguished Alumni of the Year" at Homecoming celebration.

THE CLASS OF 1935 TOP ROW: (L to R) Helen Crowley Anstead, Laura LaCavera Aleci, K. Jane Conner Lampman. BOTTOM ROW: (L to R) Kathryn Reiser Brugger, Margaret "Pat" Dean Frost Margaret Mullaney Hogle.

Rita Walter Weiss '57, Distinguished Alumni of the Year, Dr. William P. Garvey

50th Year Celebrants

THE CLASS OF 1960 TOP ROW: (L to R) Barbara Spinelli Davis, Marilyn Smith Welch, Barbara Chambers, Rosella Bender Kwitzooski, Joan Kostolansky Evans. MIDDLE ROW: Terri DeMatteo Mueller, Charolotte Gray Kneidinger, Mary Stark Miller, Mary Lou Kelly. BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte Weinert Kundrath, Margaret Hirsch Baldwin. Absent from photo: Elaine Dumphrey Brown. 25th Year Celebrants FALL, 1985

Weiss is the vice president of research d e v e l o p m e n t and Engineering at Technicon Instruments in Tarrytown, New York. Technicon is a subsidiary of Revlon Health Care Group. Rita has been affiliated with the company since 1970, progressing from the line, staff, and executive staff levels. She previously served as corporation vice president of program management. Before changing careers to technical management, Weiss spent 13 years as a research technologist in virology and i m m u n o l o g y in t h e academic environment. She is a member of the American Society of Microbiology and is the co-author of a number of scientific papers in the areas of viral and immunology research. Rita and her husband, Richard, reside in Stamford, Connecticut.





30 BIANCAher daughter, Nancy Teel. Thea SURGO ABRAMOSKI paid recent visit to
occasion for the visit was to celebrate Dr. reel's permanent assignment as professor of English at Roxbury Jr. College and to visit with grandsons Ellis, age 6, and Tobias, age 2.

pate in a consumer education program created to inform the public about banking issues and services.

/ Z KATHLEEN GUION HEVEY was recently awarded a Master of Arts degree in Communication from CBN University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. REBECCA PERRY KALISTA is chairman of the language department at Villa Maria College in Erie, PA. She has a masters degree in Latin American studies from the Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City. AL MESSINA has been promoted to the position of assistant director of the National Program Service for Boys Clubs of America in New York. He is responsible for development and program services for the 1,100 boys clubs around the country. He also administers four national programs, three in leadership and development and one national awards program, and is the conference manager for the national youth conference which occurs each spring at a different location around the country.

57 in Rochester, NY, where she is lives and SHEILA FLYNN BIANCHI works coordinator of a senior center and part-time caseworker at an "Enriched Housing" program for seniors. In addition, she serves on several advisory boards in Rochester that advocate for senior needs. She also finds time to sing in the church choir and to serve on her local parish-life council. BARBARA STONE PERRY has been named curator of ceramics at Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY. Barbara's first goal in her new position will be to put together a catalog of the Everson's American ceramics collection. She is also responsible for planning the 1987 Ceramic National show.

Marlene Mosco

70paper and party goodsCOFINI isWilmingSANDRA PERUZZI managing a store in
ton, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two children. CHRISTINE DWORAKOWSKI DEHOUSKE was recently admitted to partnership in the international accounting and consulting firm of Ernst & Whinney. She is a member of the firm's Cleveland office, where she serves with the Data Systems Practice Group.

58her husband,SISLOWSKI son, Ray,lives BARBARA ESTER with Jerry, and in
Charleston, SC, where Jerry is stationed with the U. S. Navy. She teaches seventh grade at Divine Redeemer School and is a member of the School Board. H. MAUREEN CLANCY MERRILL has recentlv started her own hand-knit sweater business, VVooley Bear Knits, in Owego, NY, where she lives with husband, Bob, and three children. She takes many orders for her sweaters and also has some "in stock" to show at craft shows.

Al Messina Christine Dehouske
/ O ROBERT PARKS was recently promoted to the position of general manager of the Ashland, Kentucky "Daily Independent", an Ottaway newspaper of about 28,000 circulation. Ottaway Newspapers, Inc., is a division of Dow Jones, Inc., publishers of the Wall Street Journal.

61inEVELYN RINN PERSONETTnew husMITZEL lives Omaha, Nebraska, with her
band, Les, and their six children. She is presently attending College of St. Mary (a Mercy College) in search of a Masters degree. D 3 AMY SKINNER SARGENT h a s recentlv moved to Dayton, Ohio, where her husband, Gordon, has been appointed to the position of Dean of Engineering at the University of Dayton.

LINDA COLVIN RHODES, Ph.D., is the founder of her own research and resource development consulting practice, Rhodes & Brennan, Inc. The firm has major contracts in the area of strategic planning in health and long-term care. Linda operates the business out of her home in Pittsburgh, where she lives with husband, Joseph, and their two children. SANDI MANGONE ZOBREST is vice president of Glover Cleaners, Inc., in Tuscon, Arizona, where she lives with her husband and their two sons, Jim, age 11, and Sam, age 9. Sandi is also an actress/model with the Grissom Agency in Tuscon.

Robert Parks

68 MARLENE DITULLIO MOSCO, vice president and director of marketing at Marine
Bank in Erie, PA, has been elected a banking advisor for 1985 by the American Bankers Association. She is one of 14 bankers from around the U.S. who was selected to partici-

71 FRANCES R. ROSIAKCarmel School in teaches fourth grade at Our Lady of Mount
Erie. She received her M. Ed. in Elementary Education from Edinboro University in 1976, and is currently taking courses in Environmental Education. In her spare time, Frances is director of. the Mount Carmel folk group, "Genesis."

74 JUDITH GORMONT EMICK has recently been appointed manager of Marine
Bank's Eastway Plaza Office in Erie.



DARCEL BURAK HEIST has been promoted to assistant vice president of the marketing department at Pennbank in Erie. She also serves on the executive committee of the Northwesterji Pennsylvania Group of the National Association of Bank Women, and is a member of the Tri-State Chapter of the Bank Marketing Association, the American Institute of Banking, and the Erie Advertising Club. JON T MYRICK has become a principal of Root, Spitznas & Smiley Systems, Inc., with the merger of his company, Myrick Computer Services, Inc. and RS & S Systems in Erie.

77 MICHAEL & Bradstreet in Erie.account J. DENIRO is an executive for Dun He was
recently awarded the Regional Citation, which recognizes account representatives ranking in the region's top 5% in total sales volume. The award was presented to Mike in Washington, D.C. DAVID L. HOOD, Ph.D., has been appointed assistant professor of political science at Pan American University a state school located in southeastern Texas. ALLAN KINZIE has been awarded a teaching fellowship and scholarship at Smith College in Northhampton, Massachusetts, where he is pursuing studies toward his Master's degree.

KAREN SALVATORE is the phone center coordinator at Contact Philadelphia, an organization staffed by volunteers, which provides a 24-hour ministry to troubled, deaf and aged persons. GAIL THOMPSON WILSON received her M.S. in biology from Slippery Rock University in December, 1983, and is employed as a research associate at Kansas State University, department of plant pathology.

80David W. Somers inAOil City, PA,the aoffice CHERYL L. DUD has joined of Dr. as registered dental hygienist. STEVE FRISINA was recently awarded a master's degree in business from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, where he specialized in finance and industrial marketing. He has accepted a position with Progressive Corporation of Highland Heights, Ohio, as assistant product manager. He and wife Linda First '81, live in Willoughby, Ohio. DEBBIE KOEHLE is working as a research chemist/catalyst formulator at Calsicat Division of Mallinckrodt, Inc. in Erie.

Jon Myrick

Allan Kinzie DIANNE GUYDA PHILLIPS is a Eucharistic Minister at St. Joseph's parish in Oil City, PA, where she has been active in the PreCana program for several years. In addition, she is the director of the religious education program and coordinator of all parish sacramental programs. She also presents parental baptism classes, schedules adult education programs, and leads the parents and teachers Christ group at the parish. JACK RILEY has recently been promoted to regional manager at Pepsi, USA. His territory consists of the states of Indiana, Illinois and East Missouri, where he is the youngest regional manager in the company.

/ O RICHARD J. GARCIA has been appointed assistant marketing officer at Pennbank in Titusville. He coordinates marketing communications and has responsibility for public relations and community activity programs. SISTER MIRIAM McMULLEN-PASTRICK recently celebrated her silver jubilee at Mount Saint Benedict. She is currently assistant professor of speech communication at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. ANGELEE SMITH is attending Lancaster Theological Seminary where she is working toward a Master of Divinity degree. In addition, she is working at Bethany Presbyterian Church as a ministerial intern. PATRICK WESCHLER, Esq., has recently accepted a new position with the law firm of Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C.

MIKE PHILLIPS is the administrative assistant to the mayor of Albany, New York.

81 JAMESBryant & Strattonassistant basketDALEY is the ball coach at Business Institute, a junior college in Buffalo, New York. LORIE CHYLAK McCLURE, who received a master's degree in sociology from Northwestern University in 1982, has recently completed a second masters degree in public administration from DePaul University in Chicago. She is now enrolled in law school at DePaul University and also works for the security department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. ANNE O'NEILL KLEMENSIC has joined Jack O'Brien Advertising in Erie as an account executive and public relations specialist. She was former director of marketing for McDonald's Restaurants, Erie.

75Canaan, Connecticut with her husband, TERRY WALSH BANKS is living in New
Russell, a former Erie artist and sculptor. Terry is currently taking a break from her job as a dietary supervisor to spend time at home with the couple's young son. MICHAEL GEERSTON has been promoted to the Commercial Computer Division of Mace Electronics and Computer Centers at the company's corporate headquarters in Erie. His responsibilities include marketing of computers and related products to schools, businesses and industries in the tri-state area.

79living in Honolulu, and his wife, Edie, are JOHN S. BULES now Hawaii, where John is
a police officer with the Honolulu Police Department. MARK CIPRIANI has been named editor of the "Arizona Beverage Guide" a monthly trade magazine based in Phoenix, which serves the beverage/alcohol industry in Arizona. MARYANNE COCHRAN has joined the staff of Stairways, Inc., as a job pool supervisor. Her duties include organization, development and supervision of a temporary placement agency for the clients of Stairways in the fields of food service, janitorial, and light industrial work. MICHAEL E. HELLER, who joined the firm of Root, Spitznas & Smiley last winter, recently passed the C.P.A. exam. KEVIN J. ROZICH Esq., has recently formed a new law firm, Russell, Pappas and Rozich, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In addition, Kevin serves as director/producer of the Miss Laurel Highlands Scholarship pageant, a Miss America/Miss Pennsylvania preliminary pageant. Anne Klemcnsk

76 BARBARA McLAREN BEVERJim,living is in Islamabad, Pakistan with husband, who
is on a four-year assignment for the U.S. Agency for International Development. She keeps busy doing community service work and caring for their two sons, ages 4 and 18 months. RENATE FERRO had a showing of her art work at the Atlantic Gallery in New York City this past summer. The "Summer Invitational" show also included a reception in her honor. WILL URSPRUNG had some of his works accepted in the first Bienniale Internationale Copy Art at the Fomento De Las Artes Decoratiuas Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. His art can also be seen on the cover of 'The Arts in Psychotherapy" an international journal published by Ank'ho International Press.

PIERRE W. PRIESTLEY Esq., is employed as a tax attorney at Price Waterhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. DON RAWLINGS recently completed his M.B.A. at the University of Pittsburgh. REGIN A KOZLOWSKI SMITH has joined the staff of Holland Metro, Inc., Realtors as a real estate salesperson.

FALL, 1985


OZ CLAUDIA ENGLERT has been appointed assistant manager of the Millcreek Mall Community Banking Center of the First National Bank of Pennsylvania. She is vice president of marketing for the Erie Chapter of the American Institute of Banking, and first vice president of the Erie Chapter of the National Association of Bank Women. CHRISTINE HEMME has taken a position with J. H. Thompson Academies, Allied Health Fields Division, where she is teaching dental assisting. MARK 1IILL has been promoted to corporate staff accountant at American Sterilizer Company in Erie. He is responsible for the preparation of consolidated financial statements and governmental statistical information. He will also assist in the development of the annual business plan. ELAINE COYLE NIEDZWIECKI is a program analyst in the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, D.C., where her responsiblities include planning and coordinating federal response to civil emergency situations. PAMELA ANN SCANDARITO has been appointed child support investigator for the Erie County Department of Child Support Enforcement in Buffalo, New York.

WILLIAM NELSON recently completed his master's degree in Human Resources Management at LaRoche College in Pittsburgh, PA. CARLA A. PEEBLES has been promoted to sales representative at the Erie Hilton Hotel. She is responsible for local corporate and social accounts. ROBERT A. SANTOS, JR., is pursuing a Ph. D. in religion at the University of Pittsburgh and at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. BRENT SCARPO is attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts school in Pasadena, California.

ROBIN MALINOWSKI, interior planner, Erie Insurance Group, Erie, PA. NATALIE MANGINI, restaurant supervisor, Sheraton-Valley Forge, King of Prussia, PA. HEIDI MAY, teacher, trainable mentally retarded, Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA CATHERINE MARTZ, auditor, Arthur Andersen & Company, Pittsburgh, PA. JEAN MONIEWSKI, admissions counselor, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA. JANE MULLANEY, first grade teacher, Prince Georges County Board of Education, Upper Marlboro, MD. BARBARA NODES, group supervisor, Shiloh Day Care Center, Erie, PA. ELIZABETH O'BRIEN, fifth grade teacher, St. Genevieve's School, Elizabeth, NJ. EVELYN ORTIZ, assistant manager, Taco Bell, Akron, OH. LAURIE PERSONS, graduate school, expressive therapies, Lesley College, Boston, MA. HEATHER POWERS, secretary, Schneider Consulting Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA. GRACE ANN RICCI, dietitian, Saga Food Corporation, Rochester, NY. REGINA RYNIAK, house coordinator, Bradford Children's Home, Bradford, PA. CHARLANN SAUERS, supervisor, L. L. Berger, Inc., Buffalo, NY. STEPHEN SEYMOUR, management trainee, Dart Drug, Inc., Fairfax, VA. SHERRISHILEY, third grade teacher, Berkeley County School District, Moncks Cornor, SC. TODD SIPLE, A.M.F. Tuboscope, Santa Rosa, CA. JEROME SULLIVAN, remedial reading teacher, LaSalle Academy, New York, NY BARBARA SWENSON, regional secretary, Handmachers/Fashion Barn, Inc., Nashville, TN. PAMELA THEUERKAUF, patissier commes, Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, West Berlin, Germany. BERNADINE TOMCZAK, teacher, Erie School District, Erie, PA. PAULA TOFIL, graduate school, forensic psychology John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY. KIMBERLY TORRELLI, sales representative, Bel Aire Hotel, Erie, PA. RICHARD WENDT, community relations director, Contact Trumbull, Inc., Warren, OH. WILLIAM WHEELER, II, security officer, Conneaut Lake Park, Conneaut Lake, PA. HEIDI WINKELMAN, teacher, Ocean City Elementary School, Ocean City, MD. ANNE WOLF, sales clerk, Betty Lee, Inc., Warren, PA. GREGORY YOKO, sports information director and coach, Loras College, Dubuque, IA.

1985 Grads . . . Where are They Now?
DAVID ALEXANDER, legislative correspondent for Congressman Tom Ridge, Washington, D.C. REBECCA BABBITT, legal secretary, Shafer, Dornhaffer, Swick, Bailev & Irwin, Meadville, PA. LINDA BUKOWSKI, fifth grade teacher, Ft. LeBoeuf School District, Waterford, PA LESLIE CARLSON, special education teacher, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA JENS CAAP, graduate school, business administration, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. DEBORAH LYNN CHUZIE, 2nd Lt., U.S. Army. LESLIE CUVA, graduate school, psychology, Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA. MARCY ANN DeCELILIO, registered nurse, Hamot Medical Center, Erie, PA. DIANE DOBBS, bailiff, D. C. Superior Court, Washington, D. C. KATHLEEN GARVEY, habilitative team aide, Gertrude Barber Center, Erie, PA. MICHAEL HETRICK, foodservice manager, Saga Foodservice, Bloomington, Illinois. MARLENE KEENE, teacher of learning disabled, Millcreek Intermediate High School, Erie, PA. DAVID KING, machinist, Smith Meter, Inc., Erie, PA. PAMELA KING, systems analyst, Corry Manufacturing Co., Corry, PA. MAUREEN LAFFERTY, restaurant assistant manager, Scott Enterprises, Erie, PA. KAREN LASKO, sub-aid, Gertrude Barber Center, Erie, PA. GREGORY LINDNER, housekeeping manager, Marriott Corporation, Atlanta, GA. MARY LOMBARDI, residential manager, I luman Development, Erie, PA. KATHLEEN LORINGER, registered nurse, I lamot Medical Center, Erie, PA. MICHAEL LOWE, staff accountant, Arthur Andersen & Co., Columbus, OH.

83ofDEBORAH A.Federal Savingsjoined the BAIERA has staff Colony First Association in Erie as a staff auditor. COLLEEN CLARK was recently chosen "Manager of the Month" at the Marriott Houston Airport Hotel, Houston, TX. Colleen was selected for this honor by her fellow managers based on the employment skills and "people skills" she uses with her employees. MAUREEN GALLAGHER teaches learning disabled children in "Colonial" Williamsburg, Virginia. She spent this past summer as a YMCA camp counselor in Sweden. RICHARD LANZILLO, currently enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh Law School, has written an article, "The Impact of the Second World War on Selected Erie Industrial Producers," which appeared in the spring issue of "The Journal of Erie Studies." The research analyzes Lord Corporation, Hammermill Paper Company and Erie General Electric Company. JOAN M. PODOLINSKI works for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a systems engineer in Warren, Michigan. LINDA WIZIKOWSKI was recently promoted to manager of admitting at Murton F. Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida. She has responsibility for the operations and staffing of the inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room admitting cost centers.

84 DANNA E. BOLDT has been appointed corporate communications manager for SnapTite, Inc., where she coordinates all facets of communications from the new Snap-Tite Corporate Headquarters in Erie. MONICA KLOS is working as a technical sales representative for Oxford Chemical Company in Pittsburgh, PA.



It's a Boy . . .
Benjamin Adam to Theresa (Deger 79) and Peter Bozic 7 9 Kevin Francis to Karen (Kolpien '82) and Frank Bugaj Kevin Patrick to Ellen (Lynch 77) and Bill Carty Daniel Joseph to Cynthia (Rotell 76) and Daniel Lynn Michael Robert to Patricia (Quiggle '80) and Don Moore Jonathan William to Julie (Colditz 78) and Gary Morrow 7 8 Bradley Paul to Catherine (Vilardo '81) and Mark E. Strobl

Tina Andrako '85 and Mark Tomczak Carla Marie Cappabianca '82 and William Robert Watson Cindv Lou Crain '83 and Thomas G. 1 Iannon Jane Cassano '83 and Todd Culmer Lorie A. Chylak '81 and William L McClure Terrence G. Colvin '85 and Lisa Marie Nolan Kelly Conaway '80 and Steve Bohen John M. Crandall '85 and Elaine M. Lucas 7 8 James Daley '81 and Jenifer Liddle • Randy E. Faipler '84 and Denise A. Dugan Marv Kathleen Ferraro '80 and Thomas P. Calhoun Mary Patricia Gaughn '81 and David C. Fagan Karen L. Gens '84 and Michael Schellhammer '84 Bruce R. Gingrich 7 6 and Cecily A. Cottrill 7 0 Pamela Jean Henry '85 and Donald W. Vrenna Susan Imburgia '85 and Jeff Jones '84 Carvn W. Klinvex '82 and Sam A. Covelli Lance J. Lavrinc '83 and Vicki Sue Culmer '82 Deserii C. Lucchetti 79 and Daniel J. Steffan Sheila Ann Mcintosh '85 and Joseph Stepaniuk Bruce Miller '83 and Mary Grace Yakovac '83 Michael Milligan '80 and Margaret Slisz '83 Gerard P. NeCastro 7 9 and Vickie M. Rodgers Anne M. O'Neill '81 and Francis Klemensic, Esq. Stephen Seymour '85 and Beth Fink Kathleen D. Shannon '80 and Jack E. Tufts Gail Thompson 7 9 and Jeff Wilson Paul G. Urbaniak '81 and Monice J. Oldenski Mary Kay Vona '83 and Mark Abernathy Patrick Weschler, Esq. 7 8 and Susan Leanne Fetzer Pam Wolfe'80 and Jim Bolen Julie Zaffino '81 and Daniel Allen

The first Mercyhurst-Mt. Washington spring picnic took place in Pittsburgh May 4, 1985. Those attending were Chuck Furina '81, Paul and Gretchen (Narcissi) Jackowski '80, Lynn Lodge '81, Mark Richert '80, Gary Weber/80, and Donna Zaffina 79.

The spring luncheon meeting of the Syracuse chapter of Mercyhurst alumni was held March 30. The members attended Mass at Holy Cross Church in DeWitt, New York, followed by lunch at the home of Mary Ellen Johnson Burns '46. Those attending the gathering were Chapter President Dorothy Markes '50, treasurer Lorraine Enright Rogers '56, and alums Mary Ellen Linney Avery '43, Pat Maley Burns '56, Sheila Sullivan Coon 72, Martha McNulty Cuddy '56, Dot O'llara Downs '43, Teresa Fiumara-Dubik 77, Elizabeth Smith Hartnett '49, Kathleen Lawrence Luke '56, Jean Shirley Okun 7 2 , Barbara Stone Perry '57, Pat Schramm 72, Dorothea Smith O'Donnell '47, Gloria Heberle Sullivan '44, Tina llerskind Trainham '57. Margaret Peck Trojanowski '47, and Gary Bukowski 73, director of development and alumni relations.

It's a G i r l , . .
Megan Eileen to Maggie (D'Amico 79) and Steve Barber Erin Lynn to Susanne (Sontag 79) and Jack Beck'78 Andrea Michelle to Barbara A. (Carlin '81) and JamesJ.DiSanti'80 Claire Elizabeth to Mary Ann (Crowley 77) and Tonv Celli Andrea Renee to Mary Sue (DeBias 76) and John F. Graeb Erin Whitney to Claudia and William Richardson 7 7 Kaitlvn Breanne to Laura and Kevin J. Rozich 79 Micker Katherine to Mary K. (Schlegel 70) and Mark Samios

Dr. Mary Brigid Gallagher '42 Jeanne P Gough '43 Sister M. Cornelia Lee '32 Mrs. Edward Linney, mother of Marv Ellen Linnev Averv '43 Marie J. Lynch '33 Alfred Murray, husband of Elaine Forgette Murray '49

Sr. M. Agnita Noel '39 Rose L. Beckman Salettel '30 Sister Agnes Marie Sweeney '34

FALL, 1985


his question has been asked of me on a number of occasions. Then follows more queries — "Were you born in Erie?" No, I reply. "Are you from around here?" No, once again. "Have any of your children graduated from Mercyhurst?" No. "Then what was it that prompted you to d o n a t e a million dollars to Mercyhurst College?" There were several factors that entered into that decision in 1980. Long ago I had made up my mind that someday I would like to do such a deed

if ever I were in a position to do so. You may say that I felt that if it were ever possible, I would like to return something substantial to the community. My involvement for nine years as President of the Erie Philharmonic gave me great insight into the trials of providing good music as well as understanding the role of a symphony orchestra in a community such as Erie. For many years, lack of funds had hindered the symphony from becoming a leading cultural entity, and after extensive research, it became obvious to me

that the Arts faced a grave problem in many communities. At the same time, however, in those communities in which the Arts flourished, they were supported predominantly by private funds. The Arts although present, were not in the forefront in Erie and the poem by Katherine Ann Porter kept h a u n t i n g me. "The Arts live c o n t i n u o u s l y . . . They cannot be destroyed altogether because they represent the substance of faith and the only reality They are what we find again when the ruins are cleared

away. A civilization is judged by the quality of its artistic rather than materialistic achievements. The Arts are the soul of a community and a nation. Naturally, I felt that a contribution to the Arts was inevitable on my part. But what form was the next question. Most assuredly, it would have to benefit

"It was of utmost importance in our minds to determine whether or not Mercyhurst provided an opportunity for students with talent to study and perform in an environment which stimulates and encourages the individual to be creative, broaden his or her visions, and develop the necessary steps for fulfillment of his or her goals!'
many people, especially the youth, and enhance the quality of life for all. The first step came in 1976 when my wife and I endowed the D'Angelo International Young Artist Competition which is held annually on the campus of Mercyhurst College. We were pleased with the growth and direction that endeavor had taken, but before I would commit myself further I had to find out more about the College, its direction, its commitment to the humanities and liberal arts, and its future plans. It was of utmost importance in our minds to determine whether or not Mercyhurst provided an opportunity for students with talent to study and perform in an environment which stimulates and encourages the individual to be creative, broaden his or her visions, and develop the necessary steps for fulfillment of his or her goals.
FALL, 1985

George /. D'Angelo, MD, Luciano Pavarotti dramatic soprano Teresa Apolei from and Totowa, N.J. In 1980, the College had a small which constitute the heart and soul of a department of music under the direcgreat college. It was exciting then to tion of Dr. Louis Mennini and a new know that Mercyhurst was determined president, Dr. William Garvey, both to establish itself as a great college. visionaries. In my discussions with Dr. And so what followed was my deciGarvey, he a s s u r e d me that sion in 1980 to make a $1 million comMercyhurst recognized the impormitment to Mercyhurst to develop a tance of the humanities and the liberal School of Music, and at the same time arts in the development of a quality to p r o v i d e a challenge to the education. Mercyhurst community to continue to grow. This renewed interest in the basic Today as I look back to the conversadisciplines was vital to me for it meant tions with Dr. Garvey, I am reminded the students would have the opportunof what Crawford H. Greenwalt, fority to study the arts, philosophy, hismer chairman of DuPont remarked, tory, literature and the basic sciences "The society which creates scientists by 'diminishing the ranks of its philosophers may in the end have little need for either." The arts are essential to create a balance in a country with a surging interest in careers and technology. This is my hope: that my contribution to Mercyhurst, and to the Erie community, will help maintain the balance so needed to build a great civilization in our area of Pennsylvania.

The Arts live continuously ... They cannot be destroyed altogether because they represent the substance of faith and the only reality. They are what we find again when the ruins are cleared away!'
/ /

George J. D'Angelo, MD is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon in Erie, PA. He has been a member of the Mercyhurst College board of trustees since 1979.

First Year Report


he $4.5 million Campaign for Mercyhurst College has reached 84 per cent of its goal, or $3,782,360 in the first of three years of the drive. Campaign contributions among the nine categories of donors asked to support the hilltop college in its first major campaign in its near 60-year history show that trustees of the College have pledged $1,582,900, exceeding their goal of $1.5 million by six per cent; that the members of the President's board of associates pledged $103,061 topping their $75,000 goal by 37 per cent; and that the corporate division is at the 92 per cent mark, having to date raised $1,012,358 of its $1.1 million goal. In addition, the Mercyhurst College community members pledged $ 110,834 or 11 per cent over their $100,000 goal; the College's Student Government Association reached its set target of $25,000; and 84 per cent ($753,520) of a $900,000 goal has been pledged to the Campaign by miscellaneous friends of the College.

"The pace for this most ambitious fund raising effort in Mercyhurst history was set early in the campaign by the board of trustees and heightened during the internal phase of the drive which brought in $2.3 million during the first three months of the drive!'
In corporate pledges received to date, contributions have come from 86 members of Erie's business and industrial sector, while $72,000 has been raised in the Corry community in support of Mercyhurst's satellite campus located at 16 Park Place in Corry, Pennsylvania. According to College President Dr. William P. Garvey, "The pace for this most ambitious fund raising effort in Mercyhurst history was set early in the campaign by the board of trustees and heightened during the internal phase of the drive which brought in $2.3 million during the first three months of the drive'' Mercyhurst's $4.5 million Campaign will support goals to establish a $2.5 million financial aid endowment for Mercyhurst students, $1.2 million for academic development in the areas of library acquisitions, computer expansion, and laboratory equipment, while $800,000 in additional funds will

be allocated for the enlargement of Mercyhurst's Zurn Hall auditorium. Commenting on the first year fund totals, Garvey said, "We are, indeed, gratified with the support we have received to date from our Erie friends and Mercyhurst family. The generosity we have received from the Erie and Corry communities in this first year of the drive surpasses all of our expectations. While we felt confident from the beginning that our drive would be successful, the pace at which we gained support has been tremendously gratifying. We are very pleased to be able to say that the Campaign for Mercyhurst College continues to gain momentum in our cityf Garvey added. jane Theuerkauf, Campaign chairman, said that college officials will now begin a concentrated effort over the next two years in the areas of alumni and parent giving and in foundation support. 'This was our year to seek the support of the Erie community and this is where our Campaign volunteers and professionals have spent their greatest energies. We will now concentrate on reaching our goals in these last three categories to achieve our $4.5 million campaign goal." Theuerkauf said that Mercyhurst College alumni have pledged 32 per cent ($79,803) of their three year $250,000 goal, and parent support is likewise expected to climb from its present total of $11,295 to $50,000 by the end of 1987. Theuerkauf noted that Mercyhurst officials have already begun a vigorous effort among foundations whose first year support totaled $105,200 of a three year $500,000 projected goal. The Mercyhurst drive is under the leadership of five trustees — Ms. Theuerkauf as chairman and Charles H. Bracken as vice chairman. J. Robert Baldwin, Dr. George J. D'Angelo, and Albert F. Duval are serving as honorary chairmen of the Campaign.
Graph shows support of the Campaign by College constituents. I—I Minimum Goal • Total Pledged (Dollars)
25,000 25,000

250,000 50,000 900,000 500,000
1,100,000 012,358

4,500,000 3,782,360







* First of three years. MERCYHURST MAGAZINE

Names listed on our donor roster represent contributors to Mercyhurst College and its Capital Campaign from July 1,1984 to October 18, 1985.

TRUSTEES J. Robert Baldwin Sr. Bernadette Bell John E. Boyle Charles H. Bracken Sam A. Covelli Charles A. Dailey George J. D'Angelo, MD Catherine M. Durkin, Esq Albert E Duval William P. Garvey Timothy Gould, DMD William F. Grant Sr Michael E. Heller Sr. Carolyn Herrmann E William Hirt Sr. Joseph Mary Kosarsky Sr. Michele Leehan George R. Metcalf, III Marilyn G. Seach William C. Sennett, Esq Sr. Joachim Stabler Sr. Maura Smith Sr. M. Eustace Taylor Jane Theuerkauf Barrett C. Walker, DDS Sr. Mary Charles Weschler James A. Zurn

PRESIDENTS ASSOCIATES John R. Baldwin William A. Beyer William C. Bloomstine Donald C. Buseck, Esq Beverly H. DiCarlo The Hon. Roger M. Fischer William E Grant, Sr Steve Gutting David Hallman Robert Hessinger William J. Hill Peter S. Howard Len Kholos Estelle King William H. Lander John P. Leemhuis, Esq Patricia J. Liebel Frank P. Marra Harold J. McLaren, Jr., MD Betsey Miller Fritz Mitchell Charles V. Monaghan, Jr Helen M. Moran Marlene D. Mosco Robert B. Munson Jon T Myrick Larry L. New James H. Parr Larie Pintea Paul C. Roche, Sr Mary E. Schaaf William G. Sesler, Esq Raymond E. Sitter M. O. Smith Ralph T Smoot Susan Sutto Mario T Victor Larry D. Vollmer, DDS Therese T Walter Richard D. Weaver Patrick J. Weschler, Esq Sarah R. Wright Patricia S. Yahn Maryann C. Yochim Barry C. Zembower

CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS Alex Roofing Company American Hollow Boring Company American Sterilizer Company Anonymous Corporate (3) Anonymous Foundation Anson Tools and Gages, Inc Associated Spring-Barnes Group, Inc Autoclave Engineers, Inc Automatic Vendors, Inc Isaac Baker and Son Baumann Brothers Carpetowne, Inc J. H. Bennett Storage and Carting Company Emil Beyer Jewelers Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania Bracken Funeral Home, Inc Brina Steel Products, Inc Burhenn's Pharmacy Donald C. Burton Funeral Homes, Inc Champion Bolt Corporation Church and Murdock Electric, Inc Connecto Electric Company Corry Contract Company Corry Evening Journal Corry Manufacturing Company Corry Savings and Loan Association Covelli Enterprises James H. Cross Company C. A. Curtze Company Curtze and Crawford, Inc Charles A. Dailey Foundation Eliza Foundation, Inc Erie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Erie Community Foundation Erie County Plastics Corporation Erie Hilton Hotel Erie Insurance Group Erie Malleable Iron Company Erie Steel Products Company Eriez Magnetics, Inc Finish Engineering Company First National Bank of Pennsylvania Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc., of Pennsylvania Fuhrman-Brown Precision Tool and Manufacturing Corporation General Telephone Company of Pennsylvania Dave Hallman Chevrolet, Inc Hammermill Foundation Hammermill Paper Company House of Edinboro Inland Container Corporation Insurance Management Company

T James Kavanagh Foundation Knobloch Oldsmobile Toyota Park Laurel Acres Development Corporation Lillis, McKibben & Company Lord Corporation Mace Electronics, Inc Marine Bank Marriott Corporation Mayer Brothers Construction Company McCain Foundation John J. McCormick Foundation Mclnnes Steel Company Meadow Brook Dairy Mellon Bank-North Robert B. Munson Insurance Agency Myrick Computer Services The National Bank of Corry National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation New Motors, Inc Niagara Plastics Company Northwest Mutual Savings Association Omni Plastics, Inc Charles B. Padden and Son, Inc Pennbank-Erie Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company H. Piatt Company Porreco Motors, Inc Qwik Print Red Lobster Inns of America Roth Cadillac, Inc Ryan Homes, Inc Saga Corporation Sanner Office Supply Company, Inc Sears Roebuck Company Sears Roebuck Foundation Smith Meter, Inc Snap-tite, Inc Spiegel Management/Spiegel Realty, Inc Swanson-Erie Corporation Techno Corporation Thompson Maple Products, Inc Times Publishing Company Carl Tullio and Sons Uniflow Manufacturing Company Viking Plastics, Inc Rick Weaver Buick, Inc Weber Murphy Fox Architects, Inc Welders Supply Company Zurn Industries, Inc

FALL, 1985


FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION STAFF (Does not include Sisters of Mercy as they are listed under their community's gift category) Phyllis Aiello David W. Allen Catherine Anderson Cathie Anderson Myrtis Ashline Jean-Marc Baier Helen Baldwin Shelle L. Barron Allan D. Belovarac Lee Belovarac Peter J. Benekos Patricia Benekos Richard J. Bengel John Berchtold Lupe' Billingsley Thomas E. Billingsley Diana T Bohl Kenneth Brasington Fred S. Brinchi Irene Brown Ludlow L. Brown Gary L. Bukowski Daniel V. Burke Richard Buser Raymond Buyce John M. Campbell Willis Cardot Cynthia S. Carney David Cherico Maree-Lynn Cicon Marsha Cisek Robert A. Cisek Bonnie Clark Jean Coffey Lillian Cohen William W. Cohen, MD Mary Collins Catherine Ann Comstock Frederick Conger Joan Cook David Cooper

Joanne Cooper Catherine B. Crawford Robert D. Cullen Stephen J. Curcio Leonard J. Cyterski Mary Daly Betty Damper Anthony DeMeo Robert Dolwick Karen Donnelly Thomas J. Dore' Helen Dougherty Karen Dougherty William Ducz Mark Dunar Paul A. Edwards Angela Elston Kathleen Esson Michael W. Ferralli Marjorie Fessler Kathleen Filipkowski Joseph D. Filonowicz Rosalina Fyke Christine L. Gagliano Edward J. Gallagher George Garrelts Betty Gartner William P. Garvey Harold George Shirley George Daryl V. Georger G. Alan Gick Charlene Gee Glispy Elisa Goserud Mark C Gridley Anthony Grimaldi Barry Grossman Frank E. Hagan Corrine Halperin Virginia Hershiser Rev. John Hilbert Carol Hill June L. Hines Frederick Hinkler Robert A. Hoff Jacqueline L. Howey Thomas P. Hubert

James Infantino Bradley Jacobson Marilynn M. Jewell William Kalbaugh Antoinette Kaliszak Dorothy Kaliszak Frederick W. Keck E. William Kennedy Bertha Kiewice Stanley Kiewice Dorothy Kirk Joy B. Kolb Charles C. Kolb Richard J. Kubiak A. Jean Lavin Therese Lehr Donald Leonardi Maria Lewis Peter P. Libra James Lieb Sr. Elisabeth Lintsen F Brady Louis Lewis M. Lutton Vera Mannarelli John Maus Ernest W. Mauthe P. Barry McAndrew Brian J. McHugh Joyce McKnight Joy McQuillen Michael J. McQuillen Marilyn Moore Tyrone Moore Dorothy Mrozowski John J. Nee John T Nesbit Shirley Niedzwecki Sally S. Ondrejcak Robert Pagni David D. Palmer Vivetta G. Petronio Joseph Pizzat Donald M. Platte Derek W. Price Janet R. Price Norman J. Raasch Richard G. Ragan

Willard M.Rice Judith Richter Sheila W. Richter Andrew R Roth Sam Rotman Nancy Rupp Diane Rutkowski Frank J. Scalise Rev. Charles Schmitt Sara Schrader Frank Schroeck Robert Shreve Marie Sosinski Igor Stalsky Robert A. Sturm Wilbur Sydow David J. Thomas Carl A. Triola Ruth Truitt Paul Urbanowicz Sam Veneziano Kathleen R. Wachter Maureen Walsh Barbara A. Weigert Mary Jean Weiser Judith A. Wieczorek Patricia Wieser Rick Wilkinson Diane M. Williams Jack D. Williams Linda L. Williams Shirley Williams Eleanor Winiarczyk John M. Wolper Barbara Wood Bonita Yost Jamie B. Yule

PARENTS M/MJohnR. Baldauf Mr. Joseph R. Burkhart M/M John Cacciola M/M James Conway M/M Frederick Favo M/M Richard Fenzl M/M Raymond Fitzgerald Mr. David Fuhrman M/M Frank J. Gredler Mrs. Arlene Gunter M/M David Hallman M/M Joseph Hautzinger Mr. Walter A. Hoag M / M Robert A. Keim M/M Frank Kelley M/M John Looney M/M Charles Matts Mr. Robert A. Moren M/M Joseph Nesser Mr. Louis Porreco M/M Joseph Rinyo M/M Joseph Roarty Mr. Joseph J. Russo, Jr M/M Max Sayers M/M Edward Svitek M/M Paschal Trocano M/M Mario T Victor Mrs. Louis A. Werbaneth M/M Thomas Westfall

Graph shows percentage of goals reached in the first year of the campaign.
I I Minimum Goal Total Pledged (Dollars)

,000,000 2,100,388 300,000 294,221

700,000 641,214 500,000 800,000 168,000 4,500,000 3,782,360 25%
50% 75% 100%


In process corporate pledges.




Abbott Laboratories Fund ADP Foundation Aetna Life and Casualty Foundation Allied Corporation The Allstate Foundation American Home Products Corporation American Telephone and Telegraph Foundation Armstrong World Industries, Inc Bell Communications Research, Inc Bethlehem Steel Corporation Black and Decker Manufacturing Company The Boc Group, Inc Borden Foundation The Burroughs Corporation Campbell Soup Company SISTERS OF MERCY Chemical Bank Chevron U.S.A., Inc *Sr. M. Andre Ahearn Cleveland Electric Sr. Mary Francis Babeaux Illuminating Company Sr. Mary Ann Bader Combustion Engineering, Inc Sr. Mary Matthew Baltus Dart-Kraft Foundation Dow Jones and Company, Inc Sr. Anne Marie Bauer Dravo Corporation Sr. M. Elizabeth Behr Equitable Gas Company Sr. Bernadette Bell Equitable Life Assurance Society Sr. M. Virginia Bernhardt of the United States Sr. Rita Brocke Exxon Education Foundation Candidate Becky Burke First Interstate Bank of California Sr. M. Francine Butler First National Bank Sr. M. Zita Callahan of Pennsylvania Sr. M. Stephen Calvin Fluor Foundation Sr. Mary Paul Carioty Ford Motor Company Fund Gannett Foundation, Inc Sr. M. Bonaventure Carney General Electric Foundation Sr. Mary Carney General Telephone Company Sr. M. Peter Clauss of Pennsylvania Sr. M. De Lourdes Coffey Goldome Foundation Sr. M. De Lellis Corbett Goodyear Tire and Sr. Jo Anne Courneen Rubber Company Sr. M. Roberta Courneen GTE Service Corporation Sr. M. Catherine Edward Delaney Hallmark Cards, Inc Sr. M. Dominica De Leo Hammermill Paper Company Harsco Corporation Fund Sr. M. Pierre Dembinski H. J. Heinz Company Sr. Jeannette Denslinger Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc Sr. M. Clementine Depkiewicz Household Finance Corporation Sr. M. Sebastian Derloni International Business Sr. M. Jane Margaret Donnelly Machines Corporation Sr. M. Felice Duska Koppers Company Foundation Sr. M. Irene Eckel Lubrizol Foundation Sr. M. Susanne Eimer Marine Bank Sr. M. Celine Fasenmeyer The Mallinckrodt Fund, Inc Sr. Mary Lawrence Franklin Merck and Company, Inc Sr. Teresa Marie Hackett Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc Minnesota Mining and Sr. M. Madeleine Hahn Manufacturing Foundation, Inc Sr. Marian Halligan The Mobil Foundation Sr. Phyllis Ann Harrington Nabisco Brands Foundation, Inc Sr. M. Gregory Heibel NCR Corporation, Inc Sr. M. Aurelia Helmheckel Northeast Utilities Sr. Carolyn Herrmann Pennbank J. C. Penney Company, Inc Pennzoil Company PepsiCo Foundation, Inc Price Waterhouse Foundation

The Prudential Foundation Rockwell International Corporation Shell Oil Company Smith Kline and French Laboratories Standard Oil Company Technicon Instruments Corporation The Telex Corporation The Travelers Corporation TRW, Inc Union Carbide Corporation Warner-Lambert Technologies, Inc Westinghouse Educational Foundation Xerox Foundation

Sr. Rita Marie Hettish Sr. M. Andrew Himes *Sr. M. Edith Hirsch Sr. M. Catherine Hogan Sr. M. Geraldine Hull Sr. M. Georgine Hysong Sr. M. Dolores Jablonski *Sr. M. Justina Jerko Sr. Rita Kartavich Sr. M. Stanislaus Keck Sr. M. Timothy Kelley Sr. M. Gabriel Koch Sr. M. Christian Koontz Sr. Joseph Mary Kosarsky Sr. M. Inez Krah *Sr. Edith Langiotti Sr. Kathleen Marie Leap Sr. M. Cornelia Lee (deceased) Sr. M. Michele Leehan Sr. Margaret Loesch Sr. M. LoisLorei Sr. M. Annunciata Loreno Sr. M. James Malone Sr. Joan McCabe Sr. Mary Mark McCarthy Sr. Lisa Mary McCartney Sr. M. Evangelista McCarty Sr. M. Jude McCluskey Sr. M. Annette McDermott Sr. M. Marcia McDonald Sr. Phyllis Marie McDonald Sr. M. Loretta McHale Sr. Margaret Ann McMahon Sr. Mary Clare McWilliams Candidate Linda Meehan Sr. M. Michael Melia Sr. Catherine Anne Mesanko Sr. M. Bertha Michalik Sr. M. Damien Mlechick Sr. Mary Margaret Moran Sr. Rosemary Murphy Sr. M. Agnita Noel (deceased) Sr. Maria O'Connor Sr. M.Eileen O'Keefe Sr. Teresa Okonski Sr. Donna Marie Orton Sr. M. Louis Oslick Sr. Rita Panciera Sr. Margaret Park

Sr. M. Adrienne Pnakovich Sr. M. Eymard Poydock Sr. Kathryn Preston Sr. M. Martina Prevish Sr. Ann Prisco Sr. M. Regina Przestrzelski Sr. M. Bernard Pyne Sr. Maurice Pyne Sr. M. Jane Frances Raffetto Sr. M. Pauline Redmond Sr. M. Miriam Reilly Sr. Natalie Rossi Sr. M. Elaine Sandy Sr. M. Germaine Scendell Sr. M. Ignatius Schlaak Sr. Judy Ann Schreiber Sr. Mary Alice Schultz Sr. Agnes Therese Schroeck Sr. M. Christina Shaftic Sr. M. Isabel Shaftic Sr. M. Gertrude Simmons Sr. M. Patrick Slavin Sr. Maura Smith Sr. M. Anita Songer Sr. M. Josephine Songer Sr. M. Joachim Stabler Sr. M. Augustine Stein Sr. M. Juliana Stora Sr. M. Florence Stripieka Sr. M. Helen Jean Sullivan Sr. M. Marcella Sullivan Sr. Agnes Marie Sweeney (deceased) Sr. M. Eustace Taylor Sr. Denise Tompkins Sr. M. DePaul Tushim Sr. M.Judith Uzzo Sr. M. Norberta Veit Sr. Carol Ann Voltz Sr. Mary Rachel Weber Sr. Mary Charles Weschler Sr. Paul Marie Westlake Sr. Patricia Whalen Sr. Rosann Zarecky *Sr. M. Agnes Zore *Also contributed as individuals to the Campaign

FALL, 1985


FRIENDS Eve Adams J. Agostine Douglas W. Allinger Michael Anderson Sheila Annett M/M C. Baginski M/M James Ballas M/M Matthew Belovarac Betsy Bennett J. Boyd Bert, Jr Gabriel Bifulco, Esq Royce Billings Samuel P. Black, Jr Evelyn Borek Jeanne Boyland M/M Edward P. Boyle John A. Britton, Esq Mary Bukowski M/M Ray Bukowski M/M Richard Bukowski Susan Cocco-Capodilupo Robert Collins Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Ruth Conley Walter Conti Susan Cook Fred F. Curtze Mrs. Allerton Cushman Ann Czajkowski Eugenie Dengel M/M Dom Dionisio Edward C. Doll John Dombrowski Edmund Donovan Dr/Mrs. William Druckemiller Edith Dumas Thomas Dzikowski East Side Federation Miriam Emmet Erie Catholic Diocese Erie Chamber of Commerce M/M Edward Falkowski Frank Ferritta M/M Henry E. Fish Ellen Frank Jack Gartner Dorothy Garvey Philip Geier Emily Gent J. Nathan Gilbert Cas Goleniowski Beatrice Goodwin Mary Gorrill Grandview School Betty Gross Susan Gunesch Hammermili Finishing Department Hammermili Technical Department

George Henne, Jr Emily Hicinbothem Walter Hinrichsen Walter A. Hoag Eliana Horta Insurance Club of Erie County John Johnson Franz Juhasz Brian Jurkiewicz M/M Edward Jurkiewicz Norbert Kania M/M Robert A. Keim Joan Kelly Charles T Kennedy Martha Kettering Kessler Mary Ann Kibler, MD Doreen Klima H. Jack Langer Arlene Lauber Miriam Leslie James Levinson Harvey Lorei M/M John Lorei M/M Joseph Lorei Mary MacDonald Harriet Madura M/M Richard Mankowski A. Markine Ken Massing Mrs. Horace McAfee Dan McBride Alice McClelland Ellen McClure Ruth McDonald Raymond McGinley, DDS Mercyhurst Student Government Carlos D. Moseley Edith Mugdan John Nicolia Christopher Reed Roger W. Richards, Esq Justine Rogala M/M Victor Roman M/M Robert I. Ronksley Ronald Rosen Geraldine Rutman Edward M. Ryan, Sr Verel Salmon Charlotte Schauerman Janos Scholz M/M William M. Schuster Anne Scolio August Scolio Mary Scolio

Christos N. Scott (deceased) Pauline S. Scott Dorothy Shane Helen Shimek George Shoskin Julia Smith Robert N. Spaeder, Esq Genevieva Statula Genevieve Szarafinski Edward Tarpley Margueritta Theuerkauf Stephen Toczylowski The Hon. & Mrs. Louis J. Tullio United Arts Fund Dr. Nancy Uscher Barbara Walker M/M William E. Walker Joelle Wallach M/M Leon J. Wallerstein Kenneth A. Wodecki Catherine Yaple M/M Steven Yurkewicz M/M Edward Zewatsky

IN KIND GIFTS Bertha Blau Keith Crouse Howard Dingfelder Milton Engel, MD (deceased) Les Fobes Interiors Rose Gagliano Joseph W. Gallagher Interiors of Erie, Inc Marriott's Essex House John R. Muzyka Quinn, Gent, Buseck & Leemhuis, Inc WILLS & BEQUESTS David S. Gifford, Esq Estate Chester J. Laskowski Estate Marie J. Lynch'33 Estate Kathryn Keck Smith Estate Kathryn K. Weschler Estate Everett F Zurn Estate Anonymous

MEMORIALS Leo F Bukowski Christos N. Scott Everett F. Zurn

SCHOLARSHIPS George Baumann Scholarship William Cochrane Memorial Scholarship C. A. Curtze Company/Kern Family Scholarship Chester Laskowski Family Scholarship Social Work Scholarship Gloria McQuillen Williams Memorial Scholarship Richard Wlodarczyk Scholarship



We extend our appreciation to the eight class coordinators who worked for last year's Alumni Fund by recruiting class agents for the years noted.

CLASS COORDINATORS Sr. M. Eustace Taylor '29 1929-1933 Helen Tat" Curran '52 1949-1953 Rita Walter Weiss'57 1954-1958 Joan Kostolansky Evans '60 1959-1963 Joyce A. Savocchio '65 1964-1969 Russell H. Franklin 74 1970-1975 Patrick J. Weschler, Esq '79 1976-1980 Andrew Findlay '81 1981-1984

Bianca Surgo Abramoski Agnes Bremer Friant Margaret Burkhardt Kirk Evelyn Jacobson Lincoln

Helen Crowley Anstead Kathryn Reiser Brugger Martha Myer Flanagan Kathryn Harrington Anna McGrath Kuhns Kathryn Conner Lampman Lolita Lepper Mehl Catherine Egan Phelan Evelyn Donahue Rapp

Class Agent - Mary McCrady Thompson Teresa A'Hearn Brown Irene Dolan Carlson Edana DuGuay Margaret Burns Farrell Grace Kane Flynn Rose Galbo Helen Huether Storey Mary McCrady Thompson

Alice Martin Brugger Mary McEvoy Conjerti Mary Moran Cotter Catherine Durkin Burnette Rickenbaugh Fischer Muriel Lehman Flecken Marie Dillon Loguidice Catherine Forquer Minardo Margery Potter Nix Lucille Meehan O'Connor Jean Reese Oshei Virginia Mehler Peter Susan Neiner Sternberger Anne Weiner

Class Agent - Alice Dolan Stainbrook Natalie Ford Allen Madelyn Hall Marie Cieslinski Kowalik Helen Cummings Lymph Veronica Pyne Alice Dolan Stainbrook

ALUMNI FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: 1979-1985 Graph shows Alumni dollar and participation growth over the last six years.
1,275 Donors

Marjorie Alge H. Virginia Anderson Inez Bellotti Margaret Mooney Emling Anna Neuburger Fratus Pauline Urich Jageman Rita Rectenwald Kantz Eleanor O' Sullivan Keller Martha Kettering Kessler Jane Sawdey McCarthy Margaret McMahon Nancy Blair Meech Pauline Shanor Neuburger Margery St. Lawrence Schmid Mary Ciaiola Simson Katherine Lechner Tellers


Class Agent - Sr. M. Celine Fasenmeyer Honey Daly Aiello Jeanette Bonnell Catherine Ryan Gray jane Turgeon Hurley Marie Lynch Margaret Blair Maclnnes Helen Kowalski Reski Caroline Neuburger Walker

881 Donors

960 Donors


296 Donors


14th Fund 1979-80

15th Fund 1980-81

16th Fund 1981-82

17th Fund 1982-83

18th Fund 1983-84

19th Fund 1984-85

Margaret Bacon Helen L. Loebelenz Boyle Dorothy Cronauer Catherine O'Leary Crowley Margaret Clark Filson Concetta Galbo Frachella Ruth Sterrett Konnerth Alice Reeder Lockhart Irene Strahl Miller

FALL, 1985


Class Agent - Mary Massello Pirrello Florence O'Neil Bernard Nora Forquer Bracket t (deceased) Mary Brennan Elizabeth Fallen Doerr Helen Durkin Annette Miller Greiner Helen Barry Heinlein Marie O'Malley Kane Jeanne Nuber Kennedy Margaret Thompson Kirwin Britta Sullivan Ladd Margaret O'Sullivan Lardie Frances Malaney Madeline Wilbert McDowell Ellen Heintz Munson Mary Massello Pirrello Elizabeth Harrington Sullivan Mary Mead Thomsen

Class Agent - Claudia Evans Garvey Mary Krug Boetger Giovina Musi Bradley Regina Brugger Mary Parmeter Cawley Pauline Lynch Elliott Feme Striffler Erskine Claudia Evans Garvey Mary Hilkert Hendriksen Merri Holway Amelia O'Dea Hopkins Genevieve Grotz Howen Mary Walsh Kelly Norma Brownyard Kirsch Elizabeth Donatelli Lofink Dorothy Lanagan Manhold Barbara Dawson McCabe Catherine McMillan Dorothy Van-Atten Motley Valma Blakey Mumford Helen Mault Robinson Dorothy Wadlinger Ronan Rosemary Ullrich Mary La Porta Vengrafski Eileen Joyce Weithman Maudie White Priscilla Jenkins Whitehall

Class Agent - Teresa Lennon Quinlan Virginia Walsh Braun Helen Martin Calhoun Anne Devine Farnon Mary McDowell Gardner Mary Dobosiewicz Horkowitz Natalie Hirtle Osborne Teresa Lennon Quinlan Marie Gould Seaton Joan Wadlinger

Maryann Black Morton Agnes Nakich Olesky Virginia Stephens Pompeani Jean Brauch Scott Dorothy Maloney Stiglmeier Eileen Held Van Scoter Patricia Vanderveldt Wood

Class Agent - Mary Stanny Kienzle Marilyn Langmyer Angevine Carolyn Cairns Brabender Margaret Dease Joan Riley Dori Colleen McMahon Doyle Patricia Jack Fessler Miriam Gemperle Audrey Dudenhoeffer Hersch Agnes Kalata Mary Stanny Kienzle Dorothy Zak Markes Jane Kelly McCrone Mary Kenny Phelan Helen Walsh Redmond Adeline Rees Anne Hantz Torrell Kathleen Rahill Trimbach Janet Blackmore Walker Cecile Jewell Wolszon Patricia Sontheimer Yahn

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Ashton Dolores Ernst Aube Geraldine Meahl Baron Dorothy Donatelli Cibulas Mary Costanzo Joan Gibbons Goodill Mary Agnes Culhane Grant Mary Henretty Mary Sitterle McLaughlin Helen Fabian Mullen Marcelene Schwabenbauer Marilyn Cummiskey Souders Mary Doyle Sprague Margaret Peck Trojanowski

Class Agent - Eugenia Andrecovich O'Brien Ruth Hays Baker Bertha Halperin Blau Margaret Flynn Eldridge Marian Gage Gwilliam Marguerite O'Donnell Hannon Mary Oliver Hyde Frances Hauser Jones Edna Londregan Eugenia Andrecovich O'Brien Mary Cerk O' Connell Virginia Dooley O'Conner Dolores Kelley Pote Catherine Knauer Rose Betty Meyer Schreier Eileen Richard Wardell Eleanor Eisert Watts

Mary Linney Avery Gene Hendrickson Coda Nora Stephens Downey Dorothy O'Hara Downs Rita Franklin Jeanne Gough Gloria Lutz Yvonne Levoie Nolan Kathryn Tansey Sackett Harriet Milloy Schaper Dorothy Szyplik Jeanne Fairgraves Weber

Class Agent - Natalie Cooper Woehrlen Doris Wright Atkinson Margaret Rigard Blatty Rachel Brown Daub Antoinette Demuling Helen Jean Walters Donley Anne Nickum Gazda Ruth Morey Griswold Jeanne Lawler Hacherl Elizabeth Ahlgren Jeska Marilynn Miller Jewell Betty Rock Kirby Mercedes Baumbeck Lawry Rose Buehler Martyn Marjorie Dean McLean Margaret Mischick Mikolay Eva Patrick Murphy Sally Gunn Ortolani Theresa Sabella Palumbo Mary Phillips Schaeffer Joan Knapp Spakowski Lucille Vitello Sturtzer Audrey Welther Twiss Constance Finch Wendlandt Natalie Cooper Woehrlen

Class Agent - Margaret Phelan O'Connell Rayetta Beaver Mary Stephens Boyce Pauline Speno Cheche Mary Cleary Joan Harf Margaret Jetter Eileen Gugino Joyce Sara Carlow Kohler Veronica Nakich Kraus Marilyn Martina Lynge Margaret Phelan O'Connell Kathryn Sterrett Pericak Rosemarie Irrgang Sargent Dolores Wally Smith Mary Witt Sprowls Dorothy Klein Steigleder Claire Kraus Weber

Class Agent - Gertrude Pletz Merski Elaine Boyd Carroll Josephine Murf Casavale Carol Russell Cochran Helen Patterson Crosby Marie Mclntyre Day Collette Gabreski Mary McCray Mary Matlehner McMurray Gertrude Pletz Merski Frances Miller Poux Janet Eichenlaub Woodward

Evelyn Gerbracht Butler Margaret Crowley Defede Margaret Johnston Evans Eva M. Jacobs Eyermann Elinor Klos Frantz Madge Baltus Hymers Regina English Ingram Patricia Buffington McGrath Mary Walsh Seubert Charlotte Cushman Stoddard Gloria Heberle Sullivan Eileen Walsh Thompson

Class Agent - Janet Sabella Miller Lydia Davey Asplund Helen Curran Ruth Briggs Dimpelfeld Elizabeth Todd Dyring Mary Bougie Gensheimer Elizabeth Meehan Greenleaf Lois Youngberg Jordan Mary-Jo Babowicz Maier Janet Sabella Miller Arlene Murphy Nuckton Jeanne Farrell Parker Cecilia Wert Proctor Therese Strobel Raven Dorothy Szawczuk Reese Bernadette Metzner Roche Mary-Jo Royer Rodgers Marilyn Garden Seach Elizabeth Peters Strong

Class Agent - Anne Stout Haughney Anne Crowley Anne Stout Haughney Rosemary Klos Jankowski Rita McCann Milan Sr. Teresina OToole Eleanor Dumitru Romcea Betty Schutt Maryalys Klinger Sell

Loretta Crowley Bauer Julia Reagle Brown Margaret Scullion Cannon Maragret Savage Darragh Margaret O'Connor Foster Charlotte Rumsey Jackson Alvina McDermott Johnston Joan Berry Lindeman Patricia Deforrest McCotter Dorothy Harrington Meseck Mary O'Hara Rosemary Held Schitea Elaine Brown Schuster Frances Honeck Sigler Anne Kingston Snyder Marjorie Punchner Treis Rita Rittenhouse Wiesner

Joan Cavanaugh Lucille Heidt Clark Alice Feehley Crotty Theresa Dietsch Jane Eckenrode Drew Ellen Hickmott Ehrhart Dolores Fitzgerald Coletta Crawford Ginnard Mary Donaher Hanna Elizabeth Smith Hartnett Mary Plack Healy Audrey Sitter Hirt Mary Jones Rose Ratajczyk Leonette Mary Reynolds McCloskey Ann Mohr Helen McDonough Moran



Class Agent - Florene Cherry

Sheila Flynn Bianchi Patricia Klein Burton Joan Coyle Clark Jeanette Mancuso Gerace Sr. Justina Jerko Julia Kelly Joan Csernyicky Lynch Ann McGinnis Minnium Priscilla Prenatt Oliver Barbara Stone Perry Marjorie Karaffa Rodenbaugh Rose Zinni Szadek Charlotte Tisdel Tesoniero Josephine Unger Barbara Story Walk Rita Walter Weiss Carol Eigabroadt Wolf

Class Agent - Mary Lou Kelly Constance Frank Alexandre Anonymous Janet McGough Balonick Agnes Siracusa Bays Elaine Dumphrey Browne Joan O' Malley Cavanaugh Barbara Chambers Lynda Rosinski DeiRossi Joan Kostolansky Evans Barbara Ayers Frederick Karol Clayton Hutton Mary Bescher Johnson Mary Bacik Kelley Mary Lou Kelly Patricia Cavanaugh Kirk Elizabeth Dorsogna Kissell Charlotte Gray Kneidinger Dolores Natili Leal Laurel Lockhart Irene Mando Gayle Cummings Martin Janet Kuss Martin Jane Canada McNierney Carolyn Heyl Mraz Terri DeMatteo Mueller Adele Ontko Marlane Franco Paruso Virginia Foht Strucker

Janet Davis Aroh Joan Davis Goodknight Margaret Green Graves Mary Benek Higgins Louise Kamenjar Mary Rawa Kingsley Patricia J. Liebel Helen Fogarty O'Connell Ann Cobbe Root Mareanne Cole Simmons Mary Sennett Smith Nancie Sigmond Stowe Frances Sullivan

Judith Jones Roche Susan Cutter Snyder Myra Williams Spangenberg Jacqueline Pontello Vesely

Class Agent - Sheila Himes Fiscus Rita Strobel Bajura Theresa Murphy Beckman Virginia Gamble Bertges Julia Biniszkiewicz Paulette O'Gorman Brown Joan Warnock Carlin Maryann Brennan Casey Barbara Mikolajczyk Cyterski Nancy Ryby Delp Mary Cuddyre Ghezzi Judith Sutter Haines Reinette Boling Jackovic Ann Lecker Jackson Yvonne Spirito Kemock Judith Spaeder Kendziora Bonita Kinsinger Barbara Sabo Leo Elaine Glembocki Mango Michaelene Kroko McCahan Colleen McCafferty Moren Judith Wozniak Perschler Loretta Stadelmaier Power Carolyn Anderson Ruth Amy Skinner Sargent Barbara Barrett Schumacher Nancy August Voskuhl Therese Toflinski Walter

Sofija Mazionyte Beiga Geraldine Defazio Dougherty Mary Anne Hayes Greg Vija O'Deiko Liepa Ingeborg Loesch Nelson Ann Kennedy Powers Ann Downing Sala Mary Mullaney Schenk Patricia Royer Schloss Mary O'Donnell Schultheis Dorothy Zuzula

Linda Collin Catherine Misfeldt Dickey Ruth Friel Doyle Joanne Schmalzried English Mary Walsh Galvin Elizabeth Schnatter Guelcher Elizabeth Wahl Hilbert Saranne Durkin Karalus Mary Carrig Kern Elizabeth Tatu MacKenna Helen Clancy Merrill Kathleen Franco Muller Vivetta Petronio Mary Hayes Schulz Katherine King Tolhurst Marguerite McLaughlin Weibel

Barbara Buerkle Bowen Audrey Hannah Margaret Kelsey Held Marjorie Williams Laughlin Mary Nash McCormick Maureen Hammond Murphy Margaret Foley Ringwood Mary Scirto Mary Kienzle Smith Mary Theuerkauf Travers Frances Chang Tu Geraldine O'Doherty Zaworski


Class Agent - Patricia Maley Burns Barbara Coole Ayers Patricia Murphy Azzarello Jean Bryson Burney Patricia Maley Burns Josephine Ciancaglini Martha McNulty Cuddy Patricia McQuillen Drushel Carole Roberson Dyne Roberta Bartkowiak Gammon Dorothy Rudge Herschel Carol Kelly Hession Helen Kennedy Holliday Kathleen Cooper Hunter Roberta Imboden Mary Pyne Lillis Mary Haughton Loftus Mary Lawrence Luke Joan Szymanski Mancuso Jean Lee Mangold Rosario Moreno Marilyn Genck Newsham Georgia Lackey Patriarca Alyce Weber Piskura Lorraine Enright Rogers Kathleen Smith Margaret Hirsch Whyte

Virginia Rossoni Adair Lillian Egnot Cohen Elizabeth Naples Dent Mary Zimmerman Doolin Eleanor Hertel Gamble Susan Hall Maria Jalics Class Agent - Helen Zimmerman Rita Hinman Lohan Angela Moore Bishop Gretchen Malley Carol Bocan Patricia Goss Mihalak Eleanor Cavanagh Bruckwick Jeanne Boes Morehouse Patricia Hooper Connolly Rita Nerz Lucille Payne Dadeo Eileen Quinn Nill Nancy Jean Plunkett Evans Margaret Morgan Parmerter Dorie Andrie Fauceglia Janet Liebler Plavcan Martha Lally Furey Eva Paul Plonsky Patricia Foley Gullo Susan Stark Quattro Martha Wurst Hilbert Virginia Accetta Rathbun Judith Aquino Hokaj Louise Rubino Sacco Susan McCartney Horowitz Carol Sullivan Weiling Chang King Ann Titus Barbara Dibble Kuenzig Judy Wieczorek Marlene Canton Lucas Emma Newby Mason Sally Fleckenstein Mastrog Rosemary Crawford McGinley Rosemary Asher Frances Reynolds Quadri Shirley Banic Carroll McGinty Rios Mary Costello Elaine Schwab Denise Dwyer Mildred Manzione Schwarz Sondra Konkoly Eckstein Eleanor Broscoe Steines Marilyn Millard Gunther Ann Bergan Teed Trudi Friant Harclerode Lois Vosmus Patricia Harkins Joan Hotchkiss Welch Sr. Edith Hirsch Frances Balzer Yokajty Emilia Grazioli Johns Helen Zimmerman Carol Amenta Kingsley Sr. Mary Agnes Zore Camilla Kwolek Matusz Jeannie Jackson McGinley Rita Quinn McGowan Kathleen Dwyer O'Brien Cynthia Percenti Ann Fondy Pysh Barbara Boyd Ravenstahl Mary Stadter Rinderle

Class Agent - Tania Kwolek Hanlin Geraldine Walko Allison Delores Waida Bargielski Barbara Behan Roberta Behringer Louanne Stout Boland Mary Nash Butke Joyce Hill Campbell Rita Cappello Carol Weber Collis Emily Lincoln Costigan Harriet Kantor Cottrell Judith Young Crews Mary Elyn Joyce Demetter Suzanne Gloekler Esser Mary Babko Farwell Joan Kreutter Jarzomski Maryann Cuneo Komazec Jeanne Genung Kuhns Sr. Edith Langiotti Carol Mueller Lyons Norma Pavlovic Makar Marion Michaels Markowicz Anita Ricci Mazzi Theresa Donohue Medlock Mary Silfies Mills Carol Fuller Palcic Marilyn Smith Pluta Ellen Becker Scharff Donna Gottry Trautman Marie Tropiano Marilyn Schreiner Wagner



FALL, 1985


Phyllis Aiello Mary Mahaney Baumeister Susan Smith Beidler Suzanne Matthews Bleil Judith Feldbauer Brody Karen Bobish DeCarlo Regina Conti Evans Elizabeth Bott Fitzgerald Mary Weaver Geneva Helen Modola Golab Margaret Hock Heetmann Patricia Lawlor Judith Figaski Mastrian Marcia Rzepka Mestrits Elaine Berchtold Migchelbrink Barbara Heibel Nason Sandra Leone Neumaier Rosemarie Pucci Quagliariello Mary Salewic Joyce Savocchio Katherine Scott Maryann Sabolsky Sieczka Joyce Almeda Smith Helen Balzer Spalthoff Camilla Kane Stadtmueller Elizabeth Cicholski Vargo Ann Langmyer Ward Kathie Davis Winseck Catherine Dumphrey Wyshyvanuk

Class Agent - Jane A. Carney Suzanne Metzo Anderson Nancy Ketchel Bennett Mary Brown Kathleen Airo Buczynski Linda Salem Burtis Kathleen Deger Byrnes Jane A. Carney Esther Szczypinski Cross Susan Donahue Deet Helen Cozma Deneselya Elaine Wilson Dullea Janet Boling Glassmacher Ann O'Laughlin Greene Mary Zeitler Hannibal Anne Canali Hermann Marcia Bojalad Hope Chris Keim Iwig Patricia Bruschi Jaraczewski Sharon Jenkins Carol Kaminski Sharon Labosky Korb Patricia Nicolette Loncto Patricia Marini Louise Curry Mason Linnie McAllister Kathryn Goetz McKeown Ellen Marshall McNerney Jeanne Keim Phillips Margaret Pietraszek Rita Banic Pyrdek Donna Rossoni Radloff Judith Sandrock Rawa Suzanne Steines Robertson Sara Koss Rowse Mary Patalon Schaaf Shirley Miller Schilling Camille Tyczkowski Schroeck Suzanne Riddle Selleny Barbara Kahl Shutes Susan Sutto Bernadette Hordinski Triola Janet Yaple

Mary Pacileo Paulitz Rhonda Wimmer Petruzzi Diane Zareski Piper Kathleen Cermak Polito Patricia Trabold Preusser Carolyn Funari Radkowski Therese Zupsic Reese Sylvia D'Aurora Reising Ann Brugger Schoeller Barbara Gloekler Sears Emily Fatica Sertz Christine Riehl Simonsen Kathleen Kelley Smith Marie O'Hara Spak Rosalie Hodas Tellers Sr. M. Peter Uncangco Marlene Kelly Young

Laurann Phillips Scheffner Rhonda Mahoney Schember Gloria Sertzen Dorothea Volzer Skowron Dolores Krasinski Stockman Rebecca Smith Uveges Margaret Fee Wargo Wendy McCabe Weber Rochelle George Wooding

Mary C. Cosgrove Andres Dennis Andres Carol Klakamp Axelrod Mary O'Dowd Bauer Thomas Becht Kathleen Maloney Campbell Mary Burke Chivers Patricia Sutto Chiz Sheila Sullivan Coon William Dopierala Elizabeth Augostine Farone Linda Downing Grode Stephen Gutting Nancy Crain Isacks Betty Jones Christine Kosobucki Kapper Beverly Skrobacz Kostek Mary McGarrity Barbara Willardson Moran Mary Rasely Juanita Stein Reid William Sachse Elizabeth Blood Sammartino Melanie Carlucci Schaffner Florence Golembeski Snaman Judith Szoda Weigold Linda Ruddy Zaycosky

Sandra Przybyszewski Berchtold Rosemary Blieszner Christine Bojt Sheila Boss Joann Smith D'Ambrosio Jeanne Mahaffey Donato Nancy Collman Donnelly Barbara Smerick Gerenser Louise Durr Guarnaccia Isabella Hagelstein Barbara Liedtke Hutzelman Judy Duerr Jeanblanc Nancy Carnicelli Jordan Roberta Carson Kase Rosemary Dovensky Kostek Christa Vaughen Koster Kathleen Kopen Lanier Mary McGraw Lynch Sharon Malizia Margaret Edwards Moriarty Diane Molvin Myers Pamela Kline Parenti Ellen Wilson Paulucci Gail Dunningham Rieder Charlene Wujcik Rogers Mary Horsington Salibrici Mary Schlegel Samios Anne M. Silva Martha Soroka Karen Burke Traskey Cynthia Herbst Wegs Lori Weiner Kathleen Sullivan Yates Jane Pepper Yurga Sandra Mangone Zobrest

Sandra Selva Belfiore Patricia Dubiel Birk Cecile A. Ceremuga Marjorie Sechrist Cunningham Mary Daly Susan Heutsche Dunn Joan Glance Dorothy Delaney Glover Mary Carabetta Grieco Mary Hull Christine Valentine Johnson Anne David Lynch Maureen Bees Madonia Janet Norwicki Manzella Susan Spangenberg May Margaret Sandle McBride Kathleen Keim Meko Catherine Matjasko Parsons Antoinette Cuneo Pavlik Suzanne Sontag Mary Kraus Tirak Mary Rittle Tomasello Sabina Wells Genevieve Mastrian Wiesen

Class Agent - Marlene Smith Barbara Lyons Andrews Cheryl Courtney Bates Allan Belovarac Janet Campany Bender Gary Bukowski Kathi Bennett Burgett Diana Sandberg Dougan Susan Dwyre Gerald Fedor Roy Feinberg Sherry Keefe Fitzgerald Patricia Jurewicz Flynn Salvatore Gallo Ellen Gloekler Sue Hurley Jane Steinbaugh Hynes Denice Manus Ron Mazanowski Margaret Benedict McEwen Joan Page Moore Gerald Moryc Kay Devine Pagni Linda Thanos Parks Robert Parks Mary Dahlkemper Razanauskas Phyllis Rzodkiewicz Wanda Anderson Salvia Mark Santia Marlene Smith Karen Stofan Barbara Bryant Thompson

Class Agent - Kathleen Cermak Polito Christine Syguda Bailey Jean Bajorek Christine Kaczmarek Beegan Patricia Beisel Anita Bernstein Mary Morton Bliley Maureen Walsh Brennan Daniel Burke Denise Madden Campedel Rita Adams Daub Rosanna Pilarski Deniro Ellen McWilliams Doane Marcella Mikulec Galitsky Mary D'Alessandro Galla Mary E. Thompson Hespenheide Kathryn Welsch Ishler Barbara Gutoski Johnson Elaine A. Kolat Kavanagh Kathleen Hall Kennedy Mary Sroka Kollin Martha Duska Kurtzhals Karen Schreckengost Leahy Mary Lipani Rita Kasun Losz Lynda Yaple Lytle Leah Edell Maselli Joyce Metzler McChesney Judi Meseck Theresea Westover Myers

Linda Martell Bearse Jean Bojalad Jean Kuchinski Britt Roseanne Savino Corrigan Mary Dutko DiPillo Julianna Pieton Dvornek Beverly Eiswert Gorski Mary Bartran Harvey Mary Pat Helbig Sue Luttrell Hollandsworth Margaret Bostaph Hutzelman Deborah Bradley Kappel Mary McCarthy Lahiff Gretchen Meehan Langner Margaret Fox Lape Anne Meyer-Wilber Frances Jurewicz Moyles Collette Pariseau Nancy Ryan

Rita Radanovich Bell Jeanne Bricher Bender Catherine Purcell Bricker Kristine Monroe Camp Katherine McCarthy Cantoni Kathleen La Camera DeSante Beverly Heintz DiCarlo Mary Lou Gonda Ferralli Diane McKeon Friske Mary Mehl George Barbara Kosciolek Donna Gemma Nolf i Jane Prosser Parrish Judith Pitney Judy Bauer Salcedo Marion Hughes Young





Class Agent - Julie Samick Van Volkenburg Mary Ambron Baldwin Shelle Lichtenwalter Barron John Beck Christine Shenk Borden Kenneth Burkhart Carol Carion Dario Cipriani David Collins Margaret Beirne Cregier Gary Dudenhoefer Russell Felix John Fosco Russell Franklin Cathy Ryan Glotzer Mary Needham Gorndt Audrey Hartmann Thomas Heberle Phyllis Herbstritt Mary Hoffman Claudia Karl William Kech Craig Kern Steve C. Kim Karen Hunt Koza John Lawson Susan Robinson Livingston Mark Lloyd Jacquelyn Wlodarczyk Mazanowski Tina Pastore McCracken Mary Michener Michael Minadeo Jon Myrick Renee Clark Nyberg Arthur Oligeri Chris Dodd Pettinelli Robert Pettinelli Diane Pickens Holly Henes Runo John Ryck Susan Dieteman Schmitt Jane Scura Rosemary Slater Kathleen Thompson Swanson Frances Daniels Tucker Julie Samick VanVolkenburg Alexis Walker Mary Zieger Weiss Paul West David Wieczorek Debra Stone Wright Steve Wright John Wojdyla Marcia Sluser Zaremski Ann M. Capoccia Zieno

Kim Hedstrom Gutting Cheryl Lossi Hellman Kevin McQuade Helmick Denise Bole Krol Patricia Campbell Kubicek Debbie Zera Laughlin Kathleen Walsh Mansour William Martin Jane Bassett Millett Linda Hubler Moehler Beverly Welsh Pini Janet Rectenwald Catherine Riehl Louise Herbst Rosenfeld Jon Sedelmyer Sam Veneziano Roberta Wenstran Vitrcn John Welsh Nancy A. Nies Washek Candace Yanker-Wrobel Bonnie Yost

Class Agents - Rosemary Durkin/Jeffrey Best Joni Foster Amendola Tom Barringer Jeffrey Best Diane Blake Patricia Mullaugh Burch Jodene Carroll Christopher Coffey Peter Cordaro Deborah Duda Rosemary Durkin Maryann Lynett Frontino John Hayden Mary Horvath Thomas Hubert Ken Janik Charles Kibler Mary Beth Graff Kim Allan Kinzie Valorie Mclntyre Regina Scura Merz Joanne Murphy Mary Murray Denise Corbin Order James Prez Carol Okin Quartuccio Sheila Walsh Richter Eileen DelSordo Ritchie Patty Lord Ryan Mike Schweingruber Patricia K. Smith Joseph Snyder Ed Stolarski Raymond Tipton James Varhol Kenneth White

Class Agent - JoAnn DeSantis Susanne Sontag Beck Timothy Bennett Peter Bozic Stephen Callaghan Cindy Sims Carney David Cherico Mary Cochran Ronald Coleman JoAnn DeSantis Philip A. Dubsky Shelagh A. Murphy Dubsky Charlotte Fitch Jeanne Palmer Fornarola Marilyn Coyle Freeh David Gray Raymond Gross Christopher Hagerty Michael Heller Nancy A. Knobloch Heller Ann Hughes Patricia Palovcak Jarosinski Stephen Joyce Terry Kelly Lawrence Kohler Carolyn Komo Rosella Kwitowski Roseane Law Mary Leone Candace Locke Debra Luke Donald Mihoci Joanna Nezovich Melissa McMurray Northey Eileen M. Regan O'Brien William F. O'Brien Patricia O'Neill Dennis Orr James Paskert Richard Porris Patricia Kohler Radziszewski Kevin Rozich Karen Salvatore Sue Hammond Scalise Kathleen Sellers-Hansen Phyllis Pieffer Tomayko Susan Brojek Verbosky Darlene Wawrejko Ray Weitzel Margery Zimmerman

Vicki Limoggio Atkins Sally Schismenos Baumgardner Therese Bechtos Lupe' Billingsley Joseph Cook Thomas Crowfoot Valerie Scherrange Crowfoot Patricia Malloy Crupi John Daly Edward Danial John Demeter Margaret Fischer Pamela Fitzgerald Patricia Flanagan Terry Frontino Frank Garwol Sally Gorndt Elisa Guida William Guyton James Hallamyer John Heise Dan Hill Patricia Kazy Joseph Kelly Nancy Borowski Layman Cynthia Bornstein Leopold Mary McGowan McConnell John McVey Daun Miller Joel Miller Connie Currey Nick Roy Reeves Robert Repko Thomas Ritchie Peggy Weber Rogers Mark Ruttenberg Judith L. Przybyszewski Sipple Frank Sirotnak Elizabeth Stage Maureen McCarthy Staley Jack Switzer Richard Washek Mary Siudzinski Weismiller Timothy Yeager Deborah Hall Zupanovich Richard Zywotko

Class Agent - George Venuto John Beck Judith Skrzypczak Bekeny James Beskid Thomas Boltz Roberta Donley Bukowski Cynthia Byham-Perfett Margo Bowen Constantino Anne Schilling Detweiler John Gable Howard Hendrickson Mary Ellen Bowen Hill Matthew Hill Jacqueline Hofmann James Kelly John Lichacz Anne Valentine Neubert Sharyn Hurst Nutter Gregory Orlando Joseph Pryber Tony Quint Robert Radziszewski Romaine Recker Barbara Ronksley Stephen Rutkowski Jim Scarpitti Angelee Smith Kathleen Megnin Smith Thomas Stainbrook Kathleen Walczak Stull Kathryn Thomas Mary Bundy Urash Sandra Pulinski Veihdeffer George Venuto Martin Visnosky

Class Agent - James Mahoney Frank Abate Tod Allen Dianne Walsh Astry Karen Schultz Benzel Daniel Bukowski Kathleen Jurkiewicz Bukowski John Crupi Gretchen Krampf Dameron Evelyn Bogdanski DePalma Helen Schryver Didas M. Rose Elliot Betty Gartner Michael Geertson James M. Gorndt James Gorzynski

FALL, 1985


Class Agent - Stephen Frisina Jane McLaughlin Blackburn Roberta Bogart Kelly Conaway Bohen Bernardine Borinski Robert Brown Cheryl Duda Mary Ferraro Dudenhoefer Thomas Fahey Richard Fischer Pauline Fisher Jeanne Fox Robert Franz Michele Frasca Stephen Frisina Kevin Gallagher Jeanne M. Mates Gleason John Gleason Kenny Goldstein Linda Ravenstahl Gruss Gaye Gwynn Corrine Halperin Jean Hawkins James Hertner Paula Hess Karen James Kevin Kane Amy Blood Karstedt Gordon Karstedt Donna Marie Sweeney Kelly Deborah Koehle Mary Deger Laughlin Alfred Lonczak Kathleen Bowen Loper Gale Lucchino Therese Manning Karen Mickol Elizabeth Neff Rita Conroy Nolan Regina O'Connor Jeff O'Hara Christopher Olszewski Mary D'Angelo Petrillo Michael Phillips Jocelyn Piccuta Susan Rinke Susan McFarland Rupp Jeanne Sabol Margaret Theiss Robert J. Tobin Eugene Weber John Woodruff Lisa Ann McGee Zetts Mark Zetts Eileen Zinchiak

Class Agent - Pierre Priestley Dwayne Blore Elaine Marsh Britton Marianne Brown Kenneth Chapin Thomas Chybrzynski Thomas Dore Lisa Duffy Christine McCloskey Eacho Paula Miller Eller Carol Farrelly Linda First Frisina Mary Gaughn Mark Higby Carolyn Innes Jean James Donald Kidd Andrew E. Kwiatkowski Barbara J. Kowalski Kwiatkowski Peggy Lasko John Leisering Gail Lewis Elaine Lof tus Patricia Luke Ann Marie Rock Mihoci Amy Molinaro Christine Palotas Diane Parsons Pierre Priestley Sandra Kronenwetter Quiggle Mark Salvia Kenneth Schiller Richard Seibel Gerald Shewan Linda La Voice Shields Catherine Vilardo Strobl Christine Stroebel Catherine Temple Richard Trenski Paul Urbanowicz

Class Agent - Richard Lanzillo Mary Auteri Catherine Bennett Cheryl Cegielski Mary Collins Lisa Costello Elizabeth Donne Maureen Doyle Karl Ebert James P. Faherty Mary Fatigati Gina Frisina Colette Fusco Maureen Gallagher Elaine Gionti Jeffrey Kime Kristine Kowalski Richard Lanzillo Richard Leach Theresa Leighton Mary Grace Yakovac Miller Penny Milsted Nathaniel Morgan Kristine Morosky Bruce Pancio Robert Radcliffe Peter Savino Michael Thompson Michael J. Thompson Patricia J. Marchwinski Tobin Mary Tomich Arthur Weindorf Francis Wiertel Linda Wizikowski Elaine Zasada

Class Agent - Sheila Delaney Dzurik Julie Annunziata Patricia Balinski John Berchtold Judith Blackstone Bonnie Clark Mary Jo Cline Keith Comi John Cosmides Catherine Brown Crawford Leslie Curtis Robert Dumeyer Sheila Delaney Dzurik Janice Furry Karen Gabel Karen Gens Michelle Hurlburt Marlane Johns Mary Kirk Karen Merkle Kelly Meyer Marilyn Moore Thomas Murphy William Nelson Kathleen O'Connor Thomas Page Carla Peebles Karen Rastetter Anita Rinyo Maria Santangelo Maureen Schumacher Stephanie Weidman Holly Wilcher Regina Zeyzus

Class Agent - Gary L. Dagan Robert Breslin Marc Cipriani Gary L. Dagan Denise Korsch Dolan Dorothy Fuhrmann Mary Gausman Andrew Giachino Beth G. Gjebre Christine Hafner Bonnie James Barbara Johnson Carla Smith Livermore Julie Madonia Denise Mall Patricia May Barbara Rex McNaughton Jacqueline Dorich Meyers Elaine Coyle Niedzwiecki Beth Paletta Michael Pizzat Janet Ruyak Nancy Scanlon Mary McFarland Schmitt Raymond Schuschu Jeannine Susi Teresa M. Borowski Taylor Judith Willow



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