Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop (Total 4 days 24 hours

By Dr. Al Moez Ledin Allah Al Husseini

Module I Communication Skills (2 days) 12 hours Aims - This Module is aimed at all those who have to communicate as a part of their job role. This may include:
• • • • •

Sales People Marketing Customer Service Internally, People from other departments External contacts i.e. suppliers, customers, etc.

Content- The workshop covers the following topics:
• • • • • • •

Communication skills Questioning techniques Active listening Assertiveness and Attidudes Building rapport Body language – face to face / over the telephone General rules of giving and receiving feedback

Outcomes- On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:
• • • • • •

Understand and define communication Understand the different questioning techniques Understand the core principles of active listening Understand what makes up rapport Understand and recognize assertion, aggression and passiveness in yourself Understand the general rules of giving and receiving feedback

Understand and apply the above skills to your own job role

The workshop covers the following topics: • • • • Why presentation skills are needed The principles of presenting The key to GREAT presentations Trouble shooting tips & hints Outcomes – By using this workshop you will be able to: • • • • • Define the characteristics of effective presentations Recognize the benefits of delivering effective presentations Describe the key principles of GREAT presentations Identify behavioral skills needed for effective presentations Exercise and Give useful presentations Demonstrate presentation skills Both Modules include active participation exercises. assignments and group work .Module II Presentation Skills (2 days) 12 hours Aims . This may include: • • • • Managers Section Heads Team Leaders Sales and Marketing Staff Content .This Module is aimed at those involved in creating and delivering presentations to others in order to impart specific messages. This workshop will equip the participants with the tools and knowledge to develop your competence and confidence in order to reach your full potential as a credible presenter.