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FF10 - GameShark Codes

FF10 - GameShark Codes

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Published by: Jeffero Black on Jul 05, 2011
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Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 - GameShark Codes


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Aeon Abilities Aeon List Final Fantasy X GameShark Codes Al Bhed Language Al Bhed Translator Code Description Instruction Codes Armor Abilities This 2 line (M) code Blitzball Guide Must be entered Blitzball properly and 0E3C7DF21645EBB3 Techniques (M) Must Be On activated for any of 0C08E7C3F8A9A297 Characters these codes to Character Skills function properly! Char. Special Activate codes only after you have completed Skills Note! the Sphere Grid Tutorial. Character Stats C.o.F Treasures Code Description Notes Codes Celestial Weapons Al Bhed Fully 3C28CDBFFBFFFFFF Dark Aeons Translated Game Basics Infinite Gil 3C28CEF785F19EFF Game Controls No Random Game Shark 1C2870F6F8FCFEFE Battles Codes Hidden Aeons Yuna In Party 1C28E73BF8FCFE01 Item List Auron In Party 1C28E8CFF8FCFE01 Jecht Spheres Kimahri In Party 1C28E863F8FCFE01 Luca Sphere Theater Wakka In Party 1C28E9F7F8FCFE01 Magic List Lulu In Party 1C28E98BF8FCFE01 Monster Arena Rikku In Party 1C28EA1FF8FCFE01 Non-Playable Seymour In Party 1C28EAB3F8FCFE01 Char. Overdrive List Aeon-Ifrit In Party 1C28ECDBF8FCFE01 Overdrive Modes Aeon-Ixion In 1C28EC6FF8FCFE01 Passwords Party Rating Rikku's Mix List

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03/07/2011 0:07

ffinsider.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 . Ending Shots Merchandise Midi Files Music Sheets OST Details OST Tracks List Pure Heart Lyric Screen Saver Screenshots · Page 1 · Page 2 · Page 3 · Page 4 Suteki Da Ne Lyric Suteki Da Ne Single Wallpapers Coverage Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XI Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIV Advent Children Chrono Trigger Crisis Core Dirge of Cerberus Dissidia Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Last Order Revenant Wings Aeon-Shiva In Party Aeon-Bahamut In Party Aeon-Anima In Party Aeon-Yojimbo In Party Aeon-Cindy Magus In Party Aeon-Sandy Magus In Party Aeon-Mindy Magus In Party 1C28ED03F8FCFE01 1C28ED97F8FCFE01 1C28EE2BF8FCFE01 1C28EEBFF8FCFEF1 1C28EF53F8FCFE01 1C28F0E7F8FCFE01 1C28F07BF8FCFE01 Normally. Aeon-Bahamut: 0 This code will allow 2C28EDA7F8FCFEFE Battles To Go you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle instead of waiting for several battles to pass.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles to summon them. Aeon-Bahamut: Full HP 2C28ED87F8FC270F Before/After Battle Aeon-Bahamut: Full MP 2C28ED8BF8FC270F Before/After Battle Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28EDA1F8FCFEFF Max Accuracy Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28ED9EF8FCFEFF Max Agility Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28ED9BF8FCFEFF Max Defense Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28EDA0F8FCFEFF Max Evasion Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28ED9FF8FCFEFF Max Luck Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28ED9CF8FCFEFF Max Magic Aeon-Bahamut: Max Magic 1C28ED9DF8FCFEFF Defense 1C28ED9AF8FCFEFF Aeon-Bahamut: 3C28ED9BFFFFFFFF Max Stats 2C28ED9FF8FCFFFF 1C28EDA1F8FCFEFF Aeon-Bahamut: 1C28ED9AF8FCFEFF Max Strength 2 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .GameShark Codes http://www.php Shop List Sphere Grid Sphere Board Staff Members Storyline Voice Cast Weapon Abilities Walkthrough Worldmap Media Animated GIFs Artworks Desktop Icons Icons Inter. if your Aeon is defeated in battle.

you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles 2C28EC7FF8FCFEFE to summon them.GameShark Codes http://www. This code will allow you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle Aeon-Ixion: 0 Battles To Go 3 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles to summon them. This code will allow 2C28ECEBF8FCFEFE you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle instead of waiting for several battles to pass.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 . if your Aeon is defeated in battle. if your Aeon is defeated in battle.php The Spirits Within Aeon-Bahamut: Super HP Aeon-Bahamut: Super MP 2C28ED8FF8FC270F 2C28ED93F8FC270F Normally. 2C28EBCBF8FC270F Aeon-Ifrit: 0 Battles To Go Aeon-Ifrit: Full HP Before/After Battle Aeon-Ifrit: Full MP Before/After Battle Aeon-Ifrit: Max Accuracy Aeon-Ifrit: Max Agility Aeon-Ifrit: Max Defense Aeon-Ifrit: Max Evasion Aeon-Ifrit: Max Luck Aeon-Ifrit: Max Magic Aeon-Ifrit: Max Magic Defense Aeon-Ifrit: Max Stats Aeon-Ifrit: Max Strength Aeon-Ifrit: Super HP Aeon-Ifrit: Super MP 2C28ECCFF8FC270F 1C28ECE5F8FCFEFF 1C28ECE2F8FCFEFF 1C28ECDFF8FCFEFF 1C28ECE4F8FCFEFF 1C28ECE3F8FCFEFF 1C28ECE0F8FCFEFF 1C28ECE1F8FCFEFF 1C28ECDEF8FCFEFF 3C28ECDFFFFFFFFF 2C28ECE3F8FCFFFF 1C28ECE5F8FCFEFF 1C28ECDEF8FCFEFF 2C28ECD3F8FC270F 2C28ECD7F8FC270F Normally.

ffinsider. you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles to summon them.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .GameShark Codes http://www. This code will allow 2C28ED13F8FCFEFE you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle instead of waiting for several battles to pass. Aeon-Ixion: Full HP Before/After Battle Aeon-Ixion: Full MP Before/After Battle Aeon-Ixion: Max Accuracy Aeon-Ixion: Max Agility Aeon-Ixion: Max Defense Aeon-Ixion: Max Evasion Aeon-Ixion: Max Luck Aeon-Ixion: Max Magic Aeon-Ixion: Max Magic Defense Aeon-Ixion: Max Stats Aeon-Ixion: Max Strength Aeon-Ixion: Super HP Aeon-Ixion: Super MP 2C28EC5FF8FC270F 2C28EC63F8FC270F 1C28EC79F8FCFEFF 1C28EC76F8FCFEFF 1C28EC73F8FCFEFF 1C28EC78F8FCFEFF 1C28EC77F8FCFEFF 1C28EC74F8FCFEFF 1C28EC75F8FCFEFF 1C28EC72F8FCFEFF 3C28EC73FFFFFFFF 2C28EC77F8FCFFFF 1C28EC79F8FCFEFF 1C28EC72F8FCFEFF 2C28EC67F8FC270F 2C28EC6BF8FC270F Normally.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. 2C28EDF3F8FC270F Aeon-Shiva: 0 Battles To Go Aeon-Shiva: Full HP Before/After Battle Aeon-Shiva: Full MP Before/After Battle Aeon-Shiva: Max Accuracy Aeon-Shiva: Max Agility 2C28EDF7F8FC270F 1C28ED0DF8FCFEFF 1C28ED0AF8FCFEFF 4 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 . if your Aeon is defeated in battle.php instead of waiting for several battles to pass.

ffinsider.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 . you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles to summon them.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. 2C28EB37F8FC270F Aeon-Valefor: 0 Battles To Go Aeon-Valefor: Full HP Before/After Battle Aeon-Valefor: Full MP Before/After Battle Aeon-Valefor: Max Accuracy Aeon-Valefor: Max Agility Aeon-Valefor: Max Defense Aeon-Valefor: Max Evasion Aeon-Valefor: Max Luck Aeon-Valefor: Max Magic Aeon-Valefor: Max Magic Defense Aeon-Valefor: Max Stats 2C28EB3BF8FC270F 1C28EB51F8FCFEFF 1C28EB4EF8FCFEFF 1C28EB4BF8FCFEFF 1C28EB50F8FCFEFF 1C28EB4FF8FCFEFF 1C28EB4CF8FCFEFF 1C28EB4DF8FCFEFF 1C28EB4AF8FCFEFF 3C28EB4BFFFFFFFF 2C28EB4FF8FCFFFF 5 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .php Aeon-Shiva: Max Defense Aeon-Shiva: Max Evasion Aeon-Shiva: Max Luck Aeon-Shiva: Max Magic Aeon-Shiva: Max Magic Defense Aeon-Shiva: Max Stats Aeon-Shiva: Max Strength Aeon-Shiva: Super HP Aeon-Shiva: Super MP 1C28ED07F8FCFEFF 1C28ED0CF8FCFEFF 1C28ED0BF8FCFEFF 1C28ED08F8FCFEFF 1C28ED09F8FCFEFF 1C28ED06F8FCFEFF 3C28ED07FFFFFFFF 2C28ED0BF8FCFFFF 1C28ED0DF8FCFEFF 1C28ED06F8FCFEFF 2C28EDFBF8FC270F 2C28EDFFF8FC270F Normally. if your Aeon is defeated in battle.GameShark Codes http://www. This code will allow 2C28EB57F8FCFEFE you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle instead of waiting for several battles to pass.

php 1C28EB51F8FCFEFF Aeon-Valefor: Max Strength Aeon-Valefor: Super HP Aeon-Valefor: Super MP Aeon-Yojimbo: Full HP Before/After Battle Aeon-Yojimbo: Full MP Before/After Battle Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Accuracy Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Agility Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Defense Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Evasion Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Luck Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Magic Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Magic Defense Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Stats Aeon-Yojimbo: Max Strength Aeon-Yojimbo: Super HP Aeon-Yojimbo: Super MP All Characters All Overdrives Available Auron-Full HP Before/After Battle Auron-Full MP Before/After Battle Auron-Max Accuracy Auron-Max Agility Auron-Max Defense 1C28EB4AF8FCFEFF 2C28EB3FF8FC270F 2C28EB43F8FC270F 2C28EEAFF8FC270F 2C28EEB3F8FC270F 1C28EEC9F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC6F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC3F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC8F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC7F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC4F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC5F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC2F8FCFEFF 3C28EEC3FFFFFFFF 2C28EEC7F8FCFFFF 1C28EEC9F8FCFEFF 1C28EEC2F8FCFEFF 2C28EEB7F8FC270F 1C28EEBBF8FC270F 3C28CE1BFFFFFFFF 3C28CE1FFFFFFFFF 3C28CE23FFFFFFFF 2C28E7BFF8FC270F 2C28E7C3F8FC270F 1C28E8D9F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D6F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D3F8FCFEFF 6 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.GameShark Codes http://www.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .

net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.GameShark Codes http://www.ffinsider.) 1CBF9ED3F8FCFEFF EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD 1CBF9ED7F8FCFEFF 1C28A7EDF8FCFE53 Blitzball-Always 1C28A750F8FCFE53 Win 1C28A7EEF8FCFEFE Blitzball-Botta: 5 1C28A632F8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Datto: 5 1C28A62FF8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Jassu: 5 1C28A631F8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Keepa: 5 1C28A633F8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Letty: 5 1C28A630F8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Tidus: 5 1C28A62DF8FCFEF5 Tech Slots Blitzball-Tidus: All 3C28A29BFFFFFFFF Tech Abilities 3C28A38BFFFFFFFF Easy Chocobo ED02A49BF8FC270E Eater Battle 2D02A49BF8FCFEF1 Easy Extractor EDF8EC8BF8FCCF9E Battle 2DF8EC8BF8FCFEF1 Easy Oblitzerator ECE18B1BF8FCD76E Battle 2CE18B1BF8FCFEF1 Easy Omega ED0BAA9FF8FC789F Weapon Battle 2D0BAA9FF8FCFEF1 Easy Seymour (Before 1st ED1383BBF8FCCF9E Natus Battle Respawn) 2D1383BBF8FCFEF1 7 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 . (Press EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD Max Team EXP IN on the left analog 1CBF9ECFF8FCFEFF EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD stick to activate.php Auron-Max Evasion Auron-Max Luck Auron-Max Magic Auron-Max Magic Defense Auron-Max Sphere Level Auron-Max Stats Auron-Max Strength Auron-Super HP Auron-Super MP 1C28E8D8F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D7F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D4F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D5F8FCFEFF 1C28E8DEF8FCFE53 1C28E8D2F8FCFEFF 3C28E8D3FFFFFFFF 2C28E8D7F8FCFFFF 1C28E8D9F8FCFEFF 1C28E8D2F8FCFEFF 2C28E7C7F8FC270F 2C28E7CBF8FC270F EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD 1CBF9DC3F8FCFEFF EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD 1CBF9DC7F8FCFEFF The L3 button is EC6D1AD1F8FCFFFD Blitzball .Press L3 located directly 1CBF9DCBF8FCFEFF After 1st 1/2 or UNDER the left After Game For analog stick.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .

GameShark Codes http://www.php Mortibody Easy Seymour Natus Battle Mortibody Easy Seymour Natus Battle Mortibody Easy Seymour Natus Battle Mortibody Easy Seymour Natus Battle Seymour Natus Easy Seymour Omnis Battle Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [1] Head Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [1] Head Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [2] Arm Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [2] Arm Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [3] Arm Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Boss [3] Arm Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Gui Easy SinSpawn Gui Battle SinSpawn Gui (Before 3rd Respawn) (Before 4th Respawn) (Before 2nd Respawn) ED1383BBF8FCC7CE 2D1383BBF8FCFEF1 ED1383BBF8FCFBD6 2D1383BBF8FCFEF1 ED1383BBF8FCC3A6 2D1383BBF8FCFEF1 ED13777BF8FC429E 2D13777BF8FCFEF1 ECEB067BF8FD367E 3CEB067BF8FCFEF1 ECEB078FF8FD367E 3CEB078FF8FCFEF1 (1st encounter) ED14C35BF8FCCF9E 2D14C35BF8FCFEF1 (2nd encounter) ED0B820BF8FCFBD6 2D0B820BF8FCFEF1 (1st encounter) ED14CF9BF8FCFB1E 2D14CF9BF8FCFEF1 (2nd encounter) ED0B8E4BF8FCFB1E 2D0B8E4BF8FCFEF1 (1st encounter) ED14DCDBF8FCFB1E 2D14DCDBF8FCFEF1 (2nd encounter) ED0B9A8BF8FCFB1E 2D0B9A8BF8FCFEF1 ED14B71BF8FC20DE 2D14B71BF8FCFEF1 ED0B75CB899007FA 2D0B75CBF8FCFEF1 (1st encounter) (2nd encounter) ECEA311BF8FC11BE 3CEA311BF8FCFEF1 ECEA311BF8FCB37E Easy Yunalesca 3CEA311BF8FCFEF1 Battle ECEA311BF8FCE45E 3CEA311BF8FCFEF1 Must Enter/Activate 3C28D17B5B631B53 Have 99 Of Every All 3 sets of "Have 3C28D17F5B631B53 3C28D1835B631B53 99 Of Every Item" Item (1-3) codes to have 99 of 3C28D1875B631B53 8 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.

3C28D18B5B631B53 3C28D18F5B631B53 3C28D1935B631B53 3C28D1975B631B53 3C28D19B5B631B53 3C28D19F5B631B53 3C28D1A35B631B53 3C28D1A75B631B53 3C28D1AB5B631B53 3C28D1AF5B631B53 3C28D1B35B631B53 3C28D1B75B631B53 3C28D1BB5B631B53 3C28D1BF5B631B53 3C28D1C35B631B53 3C28D1C75B631B53 3C28D1CB5B631B53 3C28D2CF5B631B53 3C28D2D35B631B53 3C28D2D75B631B53 3C28D2DB5B631B53 3C28D2DF5B631B53 3C28D2E35B631B53 3C28D2E75B631B53 Have All Items (1-6) Have All Items (2-6) Have All Items (3-6) 3C28CF7B98FDDEFE 3C28CF7F9883DEF0 3C28CF839881DEF2 3C28CF879887DEF4 3C28CF8B9885DEF6 3C28CF8F988BDE08 3C28CF939889DE0A 3C28CF97988FDE0C 3C28CF9B988DDE0E 3C28CF9F9893DE00 3C28CFA39891DE02 All 6 sets of "Have 3C28CFA79897DE04 All Items" codes 3C28CFAB9895DE06 must be active to fill 3C28CFAF989BDE18 the items list with 3C28CFB39899DE1A everything. This will also avoid having and entire inventory of "Potions" All 6 sets of "Have All Items" codes must be active to fill the items list with everything.GameShark Codes http://www.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. 3C28CFB7989FDE1C Use the "99 Of Every 3C28CFBB989DDE1E Item" codes with 3C28CFBF98A3DE10 "Have All Items" to 3C28CFC398A1DE12 activate every item. 3C28CFC798A7DE14 All 6 sets of "Have 3C28CFCB98A5DE16 3C28D0CF98ABDE28 All Items" codes must be active to fill 3C28D0D398A9DE2A 3C28D0D798AFDE2C the items list with 3C28D0DB98ADDE2E everything. This will also avoid having and entire inventory of "Potions" Must Enter/Activate All 3 sets of "Have 99 Of Every Item" codes to have 99 of every item.php every item.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 . Use the "Have All Have 99 Of Every Items" codes along Item (3-3) with these to activate every item. This will also avoid having and entire inventory of "Potions" Must Enter/Activate All 3 sets of "Have 99 Of Every Item" codes to have 99 of every item.ffinsider. Use the "Have All Have 99 Of Every Items" codes along Item (2-3) with these to activate every item. 9 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 . Use the "99 Of Every Item" codes with "Have All Items" to activate every item. Use the "Have All Items" codes along with these to activate every item.

3C28D0EF98BBDE38 3C28D0F398B9DE3A All 6 sets of "Have 3C28D0F798BFDE3C All Items" codes 3C28D0FB98BDDE3E must be active to fill 3C28D0FF9843DE30 the items list with 3C28D0039841DE32 everything. Use the "99 Of Every 3C28D057986FDE6C Item" codes with "Have All Items" to activate every item. 3C28D0079847DE34 Use the "99 Of Every 3C28D00B9845DE36 Item" codes with 3C28D00F984BDE48 "Have All Items" to 3C28D0139849DE4A activate every item.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 . 3C28D03F9863DE50 All 6 sets of "Have 3C28D0439861DE52 3C28D0479867DE54 All Items" codes must be active to fill 3C28D04B9865DE56 3C28D04F986BDE68 the items list with 3C28D0539869DE6A everything. 3C28D02F985BDE58 Use the "99 Of Every 3C28D0339859DE5A Item" codes with 3C28D037985FDE5C "Have All Items" to 3C28D03B985DDE5E activate every item.GameShark Codes http://www. 3C28D017984FDE4C 3C28D01B984DDE4E All 6 sets of "Have 3C28D01F9853DE40 All Items" codes 3C28D0239851DE42 must be active to fill 3C28D0279857DE44 the items list with 3C28D02B9855DE46 everything.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc. 1CA8237461DFB00C 1CA8237861DFB00C 1CA8237C61DFB00C 2C28E853F8FC270F 2C28E857F8FC270F 1C28E86DF8FCFEFF 1C28E86AF8FCFEFF 1C28E867F8FCFEFF 1C28E86CF8FCFEFF 1C28E86BF8FCFEFF 1C28E868F8FCFEFF 1C28E869F8FCFEFF 10 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .ffinsider.php Have All Items (4-6) Have All Items (5-6) Have All Items (6-6) Have All Overdrives Kimahri-Full HP Before/After Battle Kimahri-Full MP Before/After Battle Kimahri-Max Accuracy Kimahri-Max Agility Kimahri-Max Defense Kimahri-Max Evasion Kimahri-Max Luck Kimahri-Max Magic Kimahri-Max Magic Defense 3C28D0DF98B3DE20 Use the "99 Of Every 3C28D0E398B1DE22 Item" codes with 3C28D0E798B7DE24 "Have All Items" to 3C28D0EB98B5DE26 activate every item.

Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.ffinsider.GameShark Codes http://www.php Kimahri-Max Sphere Level Kimahri-Max Stats Kimahri-Max Strength Kimahri-Super HP Kimahri-Super MP Lulu-Full HP Before/After Battle Lulu-Full MP Before/After Battle Lulu-Max Accuracy Lulu-Max Agility Lulu-Max Defense Lulu-Max Evasion Lulu-Max Luck Lulu-Max Magic Lulu-Max Magic Defense Lulu-Max Sphere Level Lulu-Max Stats Lulu-Max Strength Lulu-Super HP Lulu-Super MP Rikku-Full HP Before/After Battle Rikku-Full MP Before/After Battle Rikku-Max Accuracy Rikku-Max Agility Rikku-Max Defense Rikku-Max Evasion Rikku-Max Luck Rikku-Max Magic Rikku-Max Magic Defense Rikku-Max Sphere Level 1C28E872F8FCFE53 1C28E866F8FCFEFF 3C28E867FFFFFFFF 2C28E86BF8FCFFFF 1C28E86DF8FCFEFF 1C28E866F8FCFEFF 2C28E85BF8FC270F 2C28E85FF8FC270F 2C28E97BF8FC270F 2C28E97FF8FC270F 1C28E995F8FCFEFF 1C28E992F8FCFEFF 1C28E98FF8FCFEFF 1C28E994F8FCFEFF 1C28E993F8FCFEFF 1C28E990F8FCFEFF 1C28E991F8FCFEFF 1C28E99AF8FCFE53 1C28E98EF8FCFEFF 3C28E98FFFFFFFFF 2C28E993F8FCFFFF 1C28E995F8FCFEFF 1C28E98EF8FCFEFF 2C28E983F8FC270F 2C28E987F8FC270F 2C28EA0FF8FC270F 2C28EA13F8FC270F 1C28EA29F8FCFEFF 1C28EA26F8FCFEFF 1C28EA23F8FCFEFF 1C28EA28F8FCFEFF 1C28EA27F8FCFEFF 1C28EA24F8FCFEFF 1C28EA25F8FCFEFF 1C28EA2EF8FCFE53 11 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .

ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .GameShark Codes http://www.php Rikku-Max Stats Rikku-Max Strength Rikku-Super HP Rikku-Super MP Tidus-All Black Magic Tidus-All Skills Available Tidus-All Specials Available Tidus-All White Magic Tidus-Full HP Before/After Battle Tidus-Full MP Before/After Battle Tidus-Max Accuracy Tidus-Max Agility Tidus-Max Defense Tidus-Max Evasion Tidus-Max Luck Tidus-Max Magic Tidus-Max Magic Defese Tidus-Max Sphere Level Tidus-Max Stats Tidus-Max Strength Tidus-Super HP Tidus-Super MP Wakka-Full HP Before/After Battle Wakka-Full MP Before/After Battle Wakka-Max Accuracy Wakka-Max Agility 1C28EA22F8FCFEFF 3C28EA23FFFFFFFF 2C28EA27F8FCFFFF 1C28EA29F8FCFEFF 1C28EA22F8FCFEFF 2C28EA17F8FC270F 2C28EA1BF8FC270F 1C28E6C3F8FCFE0F 2C28E6C1F8FCFFFC 2C28E6B9F8FCFFFF 1C28E6BBF8FCFE3F 3C28E6BB7FFFFFBE 1C28E6BEF8FCFEE6 1C28E6C1F8FCFEF1 2C28E6BFF8FCFFFF 2C28E697F8FC270F 2C28E69BF8FC270F 1C28E6B1F8FCFEFF 1C28E6AEF8FCFEFF 1C28E6ABF8FCFEFF 1C28E6B0F8FCFEFF 1C28E6AFF8FCFEFF 1C28E6ACF8FCFEFF 1C28E6ADF8FCFEFF 1C28E6B6F8FCFE53 1C28E6AAF8FCFEFF 3C28E6ABFFFFFFFF 2C28E6AFF8FCFFFF 1C28E6B1F8FCFEFF 1C28E6AAF8FCFEFF 2C28E69FF8FC270F 2C28E6A3F8FC270F 2C28E9E7F8FC270F 2C28E9EBF8FC270F 1C28E901F8FCFEFF 1C28E9FEF8FCFEFF 12 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .

Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 .php Wakka-Max Defense Wakka-Max Evasion Wakka-Max Luck Wakka-Max Magic Wakka-Max Magic Defense Wakka-Max Sphere Level Wakka-Max Stats Wakka-Max Strength Wakka-Super HP Wakka-Super MP Yuna-Full HP Before/After Battle Yuna-Full MP Before/After Battle Yuna-Max Accuracy Yuna-Max Agility Yuna-Max Defense Yuna-Max Evasion Yuna-Max Luck Yuna-Max Magic Yuna-Max Magic Defense Yuna-Max Sphere Level Yuna-Max Stats Yuna-Max Strength Yuna-Super HP Yuna-Super MP 1C28E9FBF8FCFEFF 1C28E900F8FCFEFF 1C28E9FFF8FCFEFF 1C28E9FCF8FCFEFF 1C28E9FDF8FCFEFF 1C28E906F8FCFE53 1C28E9FAF8FCFEFF 3C28E9FBFFFFFFFF 2C28E9FFF8FCFFFF 1C28E901F8FCFEFF 1C28E9FAF8FCFEFF 2C28E9EFF8FC270F 2C28E9F3F8FC270F 2C28E72BF8FC270F 2C28E72FF8FC270F 1C28E745F8FCFEFF 1C28E742F8FCFEFF 1C28E73FF8FCFEFF 1C28E744F8FCFEFF 1C28E743F8FCFEFF 1C28E740F8FCFEFF 1C28E741F8FCFEFF 1C28E74AF8FCFE53 1C28E73EF8FCFEFF 3C28E73FFFFFFFFF 2C28E743F8FCFFFF 1C28E745F8FCFEFF 1C28E73EF8FCFEFF 2C28E733F8FC270F 2C28E737F8FC270F 13 of 14 03/07/2011 0:07 .net/final-fantasy-10/gsc.ffinsider.GameShark Codes http://www.

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