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Monocle 2011-05 Liveable Cities Index

Monocle 2011-05 Liveable Cities Index

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,I Top 25 cities: map and rankings




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Welcome to the fifth armuai Monoc~e sllr\Iey ohop 2S Ihl'eable ·cities
around the world, Here'S they rank.



iHlelsirnld:' ty It all:! ';J~r ulhf.,ly \ ;,-I, j, $lIly b..Ui'1llOllll'.lillf 111! wf:ll· tI~lgnt(l cnrmtl' rn ttlll ncrtn ~ ~ns ~p tl) '""



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rumen: SlUI tIW


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t BSf year"& Wlnnal slln& QIJI Ine-mo Inrae 110 ICir rlrJI[1~ l'I1W' l'II'If~ wl'Of1:l I r nul IWI11n an.,llllnlllllaw

. Mltnic'h:


;_ Berlin: W~119 ~liI"/illllng til! a. II",~ It'/ ~o~rg'" '~T1 I.IfId~ , I,
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'iii' srru-Il~ unJ;;111!'IJr,mtru to creal o"'e
.:Nosn11 101 "ihat 15 :c;"l a Imj')lo .. hle tt" AIJI:,kl~nJefS ~~ ·T1r I _. _

Aucldamil t as: ye'ir, Ihe

CITY's Sl3Vari

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Silrie 111rl I~t<J

,m, Stockholm

"-rum ana or;Jerl StoollholrTI ... IO::PllJ

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.Barcelona SPt'nrlln[J me set to 'W Ilgmen 11-1 ell glip 011 ttns Moolwmmsurl cil". vel1tll )llmPY I,I(}-IUCl-1'WII II lI'j U r rc ruul)1 1.t1'Pfl1l Iiilo.al


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Hon9 Kong On€!..-.'two .ts CQi lilmi.

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fa' W Honolulu's hsad..&: Ilf'lri liT Irlde.lclls 11~5pll!nlY EJolnginl II. Plum a 3 ml41s l'jf $5 tha fIner mlngs In IIIB.lee£lmtl1l) 111".S'to lis Iw.-y ettltJLJdJl to ron1~mjlUrary ~mhllectLlre er trefJmnaul1l.1 clly ltan_pCll1. Including 8 brave naw IlghHldl syststT1.'" "I pments arid l'l'lg. tr!tt.!l.og1 Brazil ~ ~ to Montreal Plenty U> cernrnen Mankrael needs to address ns It.'~Ir..lllburg Gemmny'ss~11d-IFit9$S. ..lf""Clly duveiopi mil It. mblews: rs one of IhemoSl p mlGeI:'lbl~ pla~ to COIMlute tn. Vanoouller ThO! WlnlEl'! '1IYJ'flPIr..5 Jvm~l1ed VarnX'IlNar n 1t 1'1. alltl the city IS on tlilc~ 10 t. ..lOMBDR. w Ilk! "IW Seattle A ne"oA e'nllY tn our '"dIM .11 bLlstling t"'me Ol Startrt..:. W £'!:\ Ha. yet Ihe 011)0 neerJS10 nrmoot ua CUilltliJl Se!':IOf.:a /4f EC's Ul~re LtllS 8Ururr1rl d\ Honolulu 1'1\11 th~1 $Ill hasn't (lOlle 11:1 plOl1ghs 011 WITh Its spTCIwllrl9 Hf. flomTl'1Bted for IIIi Ira nspon 10 the US hen yet to addre. .triBel D~lness hi J[J oBtwee-n A_'lH\and A''I'1.oln~ commltfnent {i!ltlln fll~ W Portl'and Ths I1nrthwesl !llls uloos ~Vim mOrJil ccmlortabl" m uus Y'eIlJ.l1 splnl and b mailing 1!~6 mc~t Qf Its linkS with SlJp!lrpo>.

The best mayors. freeiing up almost an additional third of its centre? Three years ago work began on shifting 2. For zcrr. the city will become World Design Capital That's reason enough to celebrate.The fact that Helsinki has cracked our number one slot probably won't eke much of'a smile OUT of OID' Finnish mends. Highclimbers include Melbourne. Jatkiisaari is the headline area. An unorthodox burwell-deserving champion: a city that stands out for' irs fundamental courage to rethink its urban ambitions. which still feels lJke a dty where you can stan a business with ease. after 20. which is tackilillg its crime problem. 2007. built on idea of mixeduse neighbouzbnods combining commercial.11 LIVEABLE CITIES "Medium misery is the highest level of Finnish happiness mat YOIl can hope for. and forward-thinking planning.'00. It's not that we wanted to knock a couple of cities outofrhe rap 25 or be difficullt :i ust for the sake of it . The 'fin a] test was the fine balance between old-fashioned preservation. this year's top 25 pmmises some surprises. While low crime.cold water to . and one which.eM) me 'isSUE 45 - D. Paris) for still being [00 slow when it comes to. opportunity. And with a re-jlg of the way each urban centre Preface For our Quallty. has led to the re-iig of our top ro deck. The win was commemorated by d. but also om the end product.ld's top CitIES.ls naked Finns jumping into the chilly Esplanadi fountains throughout the night.5 sq Ian of cargo port to the suburb of Vuosaari. What other country would dare set itself the goalofmakmg the: water in all of its lakes one day drinkable?What other city would dare move not one but TWO entire ports eastwards. some of our favourite cities (London being a good example) don't make the grade because they fall down in a number of areas despire the fact they have a natural swagger (Rome). Next year. Then there is our winner.I . created by this: smart strategicmove. Convenience is surely II fundamental right in any decent dry. efficient transport strang public services and III dash of good looks all count fora Lotin our rankings we also Know that mere' are many ather elements (non-scienrifie) that are important 'to the mix. Despite metres of snow and temperatures falling to -25C Helsinki Vantaa airport has only shut down for half an hour in the page eight years.more a case ofartemptiag' to rigbt a couple of elements mat have been nagging at us since we embarked on this project in. THE researching the wor. Entrepreneurship and innovation is present in a young skilled and technically proficient business culture. ideas and the balls to pull it off.and' quickly. Crime is low unemploy-ment Tates sound the education system world-class and the city's. Cities can change . Similarly. imaginative projects.eliriol. has all the talent. trouncing arch rivals Sweden 6~~ in May's final. or will be'. Try buying your groceries in MUrThch.of·Ufe issue" Monocle has been busy is assessed. although most Finns are still busy revelling in Team Finland becoming world ice hockey champions for the first time since' 1995. food culture is thriving. And the city's hardware generally manages 1:0 perform like a dream." wrote Finnish architectvesa Honkonen . As we sat down fbr our annual pow-wow [0 rank t1:H. While several new districts have been. we have approached we rating of our cities with three things in mind. is reaping the benefits. Citieseverywhere are feelingthe pinch but: thait's DO excuse . loveability. linked through sustainable infrastructure.:!. last year's winner. cities we decided if was time for a new strategy. and Berlin. cash-strapped Lisbon isn't moping: it is encouraging small-scale retail ventures and has a courageous electric vehicle pro]ect. pages 21l249) bas helped shake up the rankingsIor ow: top 25 liveable. a naughty edge (Seoul) or a nocturnal disposition (Buenos Aires). WRITIlRS Tam1 Morris &' Dan Hi'll.Madrid has SpeO[]IS euros doing everything it can to sort irs traffic problems and improve the structure of the cilY . mare than anything. This. buitthey certainly have enough to be happy about: Helsinki is on.. This year the lure of these flawed but brilliant urban hives (see Expo. The Finns are a stoic bunch and Helsinki is the gutsy epicentre of the nation's verve..ittakes more than ice. Plenty of our favourite cities have slipped this year (Stockholm. You see. . urban planners and residents embrace this fact. cities. not Just liveability. Indeed.QUAUTY OF UFE Top 25 liveable cities INDEX -20. 24hour metabolism for quality of Jife.and. Great things can occur when councils get hnaginarive with budget strategies. residential and retail spaces. focused not onlly on the nuts and bolts of a city. PHOTOGRAPHER JuhoKiffllJ For this fifth edition ofour global quality of life survey we decided to shake up the metrics. Then we considered each city's.scare this lot.a roll. First off.

Helsinki. been Bat & Joy. .6 per cent of the elty's population is non-Finnish. Bars usually dose at 01. grocery shopping can be done eveo.es.'<1) 022 ~ JSSUE than a raeretransport hab. increasmg: up from 6. The so-called New Nordic an. 32 percent of all daily trips are done by foot or cycle.6 minutes.is secret government last year. The city and the Ioeal energy company Helsingin Energia are planning to set up five or six. to Shanghai! .6 . "In terms of new built volume ill small bars) coffee shops and smart the city. Finland has accelwiled.the greater good. Helsinki is hardly the most immediately inviting of'cities .relatively late airport hotel en route. the nation. Yet as stroug as the local design late a bittoo much. Modestly proactive.have an aspiration viable avenue to establishing yourself as.7 :pci: cent.6 per cent of the residents are non-Finnish. The city had record visitor numbers last year.: 134 sq m per person. de Meuron was cancelled by the' local time: Helsinki . There is a Livelytheatre scene with performances in Finnish and Swedish.549. the kitty to take on such a task? . ZL7G. Only 7. Chain test!: HarMS 4: Ssarbucks 0. It's a good place to be few years ago. the "Daughter of the Baltic" LSpossibly the only city in the western world genuinely trying to change itself. on Sundays but many ethershops are closed then.bas found itself as an important hinge between Europe and the east. such as the healthy every day. from home 9i!ld abroad.' ·say~ Mayo!" Jussi Pajunen. private schcols are not COr. and we. cafes and stores 1]ke c:. Despite that.and With flashes of Alvar Aalto on nearly berry-friendly delis.only 7. Ville ture and design seene remains extremely Relander." he continues wryly. Educetion is. except.tropolitan Area is one of me cleanest metropolitan areas in Europe in terms of air quality. Finnish schools have repeatedly been rated the best in the world in. YLE is the new state-funded broadcaster." says Relander. based around public trans. makes the. . But it's not Just the economy. Unem. "Maybe we calcua young architect.Top 25 liveable cities QUt\L[TY OFLWE .to Asia with a slew of new routes.inld. 1. annual average. Residents: cmfot!ow'hoUJIly updates on air quality on the Helsinki Region EnvircnmentalServices . And there is plenty to stick around Jiitk1isaari and Kalasatama mdleate a form of ongoingurbanisation. The figure is.c car chargingpoiHb: one. Cycling.itts own project manager careful to foster a good working' climate fo[.00 . and the eity's architecfor its food cukure strategy.the OECIl'S Pisa survey. by Sleven HolI. ''Helsinld urbanised . average police response time 6. He's also set himself a mission for K:alliala and other.keep their successes South Harbour by Swiss fum Herzog & to themselves.port and new building projects like the LoW2No mixed-use block in the Jlltkasaari area. issues:.Mediem care: healthcare services are finanoed primarily out of tax.the secretcity .ervjc. GTeeD spaee. nating work. which is: a good garten system. however. A proposal for a hosel at Europe. in the summer. ~ (. the city is now architect Martti Kalliala from his finn in the Tooi5 neighbourhood of the home to an increasingly top notch set of city. Yet Hels. alongside Germany and the Netherlands. our urban structure).35 million.and compared to other European cities ~ and lure them instead into me ciJty.in -![Q4Gi average high in June. free all. Ime:rnadonall fligbts: flIigbrs. stronglyour of the global financial But there should be more to Helsinki crisis. 12 of which intercontinental. wjth Anton & Anton organic grocery store in ToolO.metrics PoPwatiOIl: 588.entaJ. as well as a. most of its short flight times. domestic break-ins. 382 (down from 684 the previous year)" State edllcanon: in Finland. W1d the archipelago. Tolerance: same-sex. previously the owner of the strong by international standards. to over I20 destinations. s. "Itis building towards the sea. its ereatives. Other major institutions: an opera house.marriages are not legal but regisrered-paetnerships' Me.50." What other dty has enoughmoney in This wasn't much ofa surprise. architect. ~ EN?> 45 . 'Public transport: price of cheapest subway and bus ticket is E:Z. "It's an extreme change in. C. million staying' overnight. is still the only significant you . The mainfnrematianal newsagencies such as AI'. no more. they tend-to . After years ofbasie fare. Sunlihme:. for . through OUr public kindereompetition culture. "There are distinct advan"We serve tells of thousands of weals tages to Helsinki.Among Eurozone economies. Culture: thebrand new Helsinki Music Centre will open later this year. it could also benefit." Kalliala says. The challenge will be to ignore the potential folly of an "aerotropolis' strategy . the I~dlng localnewspapers . greater metropolitan area. ~. over the next 20 to 30 years. designed ing mor-e than a challenge. charging points later this year. Aothority'S website. with over 3..as Tempe'mtQre$: average low in Janull." Cuisine is finding fresh appreciation for local produce. EIectri. from some Helsinki is a hoop-jumping city of relish nothfurcign influence.f)'. a qyi:k exceptional.ployment rate: 6.EMsingin Sanomat (Finnish-language) and Huvudsr. not least Helsinki's food revolution.the way to univernity.adsbladtJ (Swedish-language) deliver quality journalism. "edia.half of this food 10 be organic by 2015.are unlikely to meet a more laconic bWldIDg by a non-Finnish architect in the or modest horde. The gleaming Kiasma problem-solvets. 36 men.BS8 hours. business paper K4~hli covers the financial world. N1' and Reuters have bureaux in Helsinki. Helsinki has 'always. ill 2009. EmeTgency S.very corner. the Helsinki' Me. quick new rail link to StPetersburg. small architectural praetices like ALA and NOW doing fasci. it's restaurantsthat were simply not then. MONOCLE feels that it's..nmOI1.per' eeat. Juwi and! SIS Deli+Cafe. revenue. but in a way that is sustainable. ambulance 9 minutes.Helsiokians Museum of Contemporary Art. Drinklng and shopping." says local for. with high GDP pee capita and tow public debt. EDviroDm. The city council is female dominated with 49 women and. Hidden up at the top of entire country.00/02. The city even has . With a language largely impenetrable to nODFinns and an intimidating climate. several good orchestras and 50 libraries. it's also the very fabric of the which visitors would barely leave 'the City that makes it ripe for renewal. culture is. led by mushroom.rim~: murders.

wintring ways: Helsinki's soft touche 01 Mltu. way home.re is inexpensive and high qualIty. is quite simply one of the world's moos{ pleasurable inventiQns.-drawe. Wrthin 20 minu:l. in ana ofHe!slnki~ kan'lolre taxis.Jssie: apanmenL in Februaryguarnrrteed. looklnQ overthe Battic In your perf9CI:ly silent summer house.es of 03 leaving the city. designers such as Hannu Kahonen and Alvar . 02: 'Where else would you find everything from door handles and winter than a Helsinki telegraph pylons to litter bins dreamed up by ~op..alto. And ityoll're PIJShlng a prarn. the [:10/ Is simply b'u!1t tor iL Yau win be Golder In .. 05 It's a perfect plaCE! to raise children: dayca. 04 The tc!ct YOlilcan con1111lue your night out on !he. - ISlW45-023 .iS is bare]y a 20 problem for Helsinki. p.lJbllo transport rs free.Ii Sydney home during the Al.4. you can find yourself alone.


lSSUE 45 -025 .

02 6- 1SSlI£! 45 .

ISSUli 45 - 027 .

n.rl [arruary. Crime rates f r robbery are down by 23 per cent.\' in tht: cJl:y cerure. Ziliicll. cizy invested t:Ill'1. represents a fresh commitment by the city's powers to highCI'T~'Se architecmre. ~ tiS Polnlia:tio. Medical rue.wis~ el ek.ou \1JTY m UrI. C.lbn) Jn Kunsthaus mlJS~um.-yea~ theee are rnore doctors per citizen and transport still runs like III '.linJ:s': 16. Tole:rance: Zfu:ich'sfuslgIlY mayer Curine 1. Schauspielhaus theatre and Tbnhalleeaneerr hall alnne. me 028 -lSSUIB 45 .gt' Of:Io per-cent ill 2QJO.illlUr~! in .non~EUup lO. even with the brav.f~W" weikJ. has not only given the skyline of the thriving Swiss ciQr arr overhaul.9G..[0 ciliz!!ns per docror (nauonwidc 89).i.'94ID ( ..~ redevelopment of the main station. Chain b:5t: I'tl'tM. alrbough care (lOSI'S rose bv 3D avcrJ.gn.gl! low i.lJ: 38s1468.sand rig. Internaru:matlligms: T 79 destinations.\. Public traJilSpo.~ Top 25 liveable cities ZURICH :!( 02 I "tnlmntr. however: the council has done _a good job.bucks [6.city The Prime 'Ibwer Zi:kicb's new :J26mhigh. !Jow easy is it: m 'smrt at business? F0r .eem. high oG\'cru.sc.6 per.1auch was cll:ecnil in 2009.SO (@ZJ. Wbetber the 6. EnvirOiJlmeutall issnes: 4:5 per cent of domestic refuseIs recycled'. of which 58 are . bmdmark bullding.river is crying out fOJ:" developmunl.5.!I~ ~r(J'ximl\tely 2..nrtr~ nunental.g developmenlS~ the e llgoing redevelnprnenr O!f the II]:C'l:j. unemployment is D. Key upcomin. Sw. be 'Sel:ll. the area."atelj. -s.600' sq JIl ofnewiy created office space willactually 113. 031 :mlm ran/tit''': 0'1 It's onwards ul'.. million. along the-Sibl.: 4.:: impmve tmffic:Ho. s Monocle t'i. CR!F2.x:ei.1n~ every other department. "Iem_peratures:: aveJ"1il<~'C inJuly.ct. it also. Unemployment !l. wiss citizena it mkes twO' davs:EO cirizens Ull it' 4 d3y~.S per cent lo\ver than 11'IsT.ht on time In SwitzerlaJild slargeslt .ward. down from 437 the previous year. Rocketing lineC!> for offices and housing.rt:: price of c:lrenpeSt tram -!mel bus nck.atermetroPOlimn ~[l.(> an Impact on rents remains t.have foreed Z[irkh to rethink urban planning.201'0. Z2. Electric: carc:bargingpl. bent!atb and around dle CCilUral tation.

food cr urban p1ruming. grea~l!r-m!.lOiS by up coIDblC de.~ bigh inJuly. be irfurniture. 3. C"time~ murdl!"1:S~ (not wc:ludIDg'Thl! u "Killing".p[ wUlqh 2.C'OPENHAGEN :!um raUlll71ff: 02 :!lItm 03 I TfTllk£Jll!~ 1112 A. .VI 8:.50D. i[Jnemplo:y:m. 'Thesecoad I'M.-o:. the mo~i inclusive in Eurnpt. and Ve-srerbro 10 me city eentre. PU.\Uj PopulatiOhr 539. susealnable urban solutions) growth and wealth surely follow. TIle city is aiming to be carben-neurral by 2025 and there are ['OVQ reasons weare confident it will succeed. Cepenhageners Know full well that if their dty becomes the world's "greenlaboratory" for. youthfUl in:habill3Jllts.. will .ee anclllcgun1 access far all cilizl!n~. !!ppro. 19. These arc enlightened ciL)' dwellers farwhom 8l bicycle is the default' choi ee of traif:l1iport and organic produce the first. ave-rage low mJa:nl]ilry.(it:.p~)rL . ArclU:tecl'Ure: S.m~grt~ 55 per eent of C[JPetl~ hagcnereeeuurnite h)' bike ·eyer:. Copenhsgencrs are COnnoisseurs oil"quilitj'.tBtt6: aver. ToI'e.1 sq neighbourhood with fwmes-for3. ell.illtt:gl. lmtlWnatiulIlaJ! fligblll: fJ4 d~timrlions.ll.l host year).Rpercera redlLlcrlrin CJI. 8.ydbIlVIl.vdopments. ll'liDP. typically for diis most mercantile crfNordle neriens.am tese I. Tempeni.' $}I'.ation PilLic-y called "'Engage-llir cai".itropUUtlU1 area. ml :Key.bli~ tr. 1 . 41626.IS bllin~U"ansformed tam a 4.a !lew Nerrebro due fur MOfIode fi~es: cheaper pUIiliI. thQugh II 4-.~c.". with its new .2: are imerccndnenral. -.l)ll. the c:ity\sffilthern hatbour.. choice ill the supermarket. demesric break-ins.542.<ate.Starbuc:ks. C:QOlpl~tkJ.l1 .5 per cern.en'tl. in al!llhings. Ism bigL1--spl:ed Urn: 'WillliDk 0s:teII"bw.}lIllints: 21. mission and all the materials to make it Copenhagen's sustainable solutions are no snort-term "R puJferj'.w3rel"s1idecity with.umawJy r~~ mllll!. MedIcal care: based 011 a . ELeQme .ee: the c:lty3lmB lO 01.S39 hours.ear ehatgiing.TIUiI. -83 percent ofhealthcare expeasesare tim!IU!~ b~ publk funds.priI!!dp1e or fr. S:UJilShin~: annual average. The :firsrhas ttl do with its progressive.U~I.1 per cent (higher than Danish llV~ ai 6.S011l we have faith is that.

. _ CrirnenDlirdets. The capital afViGtar.. ius p year..urd.of comm.. open in2oU-J3.lUnitmd tram Line'Sand 4.l'If f w:hleb . lEt 201L city "entre.ne Oil cou..signed Hotel Sofuel (opcnedhD~oe. :Drlnkibg and! shopping.have .a ~ of construction is taking place 20l'O mnking: 08 t 2009 rankDlg: 07 06 Condnue5 to mo'Ve beyondits BlatllS the Olympic Wlnrer Games 2:018. Chain te!it:: lr&M.mers'cyde to'work.fi ]pm" ~eut Chaiu test~ H&M. ~Yi'.rI-$ bUs~.mDetc20IQ) amfa newly btill.i !. Grime:muroderS:.000 people.made (. almost Consereadve yet 'progressive MtUlkh is busilyriajring irseAiup and crossing its 'fingees-as k bids. Key-IiIp'Clilmin.Chitecblre.etrepolltan area. The only bad news 61is year:: Munich's Temarlcably successfu:1fGotbRU dub Bayern wliIl not be the champions.e capital of Bavaria..!lsiaVIl. Key upcoming' deve1opDlenta. dom~rlc break-tns. Iti. lireenspace:-35 eq m pel" person..000 w:sito[8 iIllFebl'UiUY 'ZOH alene. I a prQjeqed fJ7. ~tiODalJlight&.egirln1ate suburb_ As well as diirlagJ' shopping" span and commerclal venues "he DoeLdandswill include 3.1. Sunshine:.lbJectw Bavaria's dated opening hams meBIliIDg SU:p~ets close at-:<:o..metropolltan Mea.numerous _points fet electric bjqycles.l. Rasting the Winter O~ympks may be SOl1leconsotatinn.ent rate:·I!.P330.eyPIldi OL. acting-as an anchor fora:new .6 per cent. C)'clling. [Jnem. 5>07~·MuP8S 1l1le_d~34. 'The economy.lPDlgtts: planmng-liPproval procedure fOT a third.2C.55I.:_j. A:r.-2.. Tempera~: :average hil!t1l In Jlily. ..11l'lct$S~ .ing.sfl:Dll th~ dty.e: 8-IJtluaJ avem.aropietiQn in 201-5. in the city's~th and wesno cope willi a soaqng-. 'ThiS is' llotiia-neW prQject~itswtedjn 1997 .nna·has an _ocing-itnprove4¥eu Elft.'418 mllliOll._c!/ more ~a.test: HaM. .of the best in the world. fOF VIENNA 2010 raroongr '091 I ::.:.5 'per cent.ons. 0' SMhu.gliting ana IUmitii. S'W!l8biii.I'IT OF LIFE 04 MUNICH :2fUO rankitJ/r.011 ~OO!:l rca"king: O.. established themsd_ve: a:t0n~de the traditional OPeI!l and tbeattlrvenll.t~tio'nal ftigbts: 2:9 desWtPo.550' greatee metro~oliJ&l areal 4.54 millian.in the DOEkIand~ -area whiCh:is set to tfaD..cks. Drinking' a:o:d shopping:: II n:r:e2ieon: la~nigUtjtloob01liceQ.07Q Cdown'for-mree conseC1llfive. is still considered one-. and sboppmg: .l lmsiness as usual in the Bavarian 'capilal.tf. D huge sdlimb called Sel!li'taat &--pem_. grearec.oyi orTrenna &'lhc.flQurishing-in and around tb.3 bike lane and i:mp~vecl s. rr.00P'People.c car ~ Population:: . '1.~will. wen. mew Pi::-~h eentJrlll tr~ station is due fer.mmt rate!' 5. annual avemge.per person.~tmte: S per cent.t:reetli.oo.) completion date draws C1oSJll'.mg:e" 2. Greim space: 46. -2C. largely builtf6.l~3S7. mteCnaliona1Ifig&ts: 51 in_T_eJ:couOncmtal. How easy1s it to st:art a busiDe!ss? [t:-takes tWQ days to n:~~r~a:busines5..balve new PlJb.a sim:e201o.Jgi 09 Massive powth puts Melbour.ruilly. provimng hemes'for ~020.ay [or Munich's airport is due to end to work.iry. Munich is stilil SI. average-low in JnnruUiy. Colture:~ MlIIlicb's muselllm:Saitracted I90.es'Will be grantEd for bars 10 stay epi:l'rb. Cdhte: m.D:iLillion. l\1A handles such a l:rWlSitionwill be fascinat~ ing to· watch.g~o~ts: Swanston S~~-amBior: fuorIJugbfarein centre of the clty.ia is on course to become the collll'llii'.arlnn_[~ univerS~Iy. 5.ilienmarkit. of which 22 arelmeecontinental. In rbe west: of' the ciity)".7 destinaoMll. Vit. 1S across 2 sq kDl . E1eetrl.:.:tifulou4fnOlr-DlD_seum.a generaJ quali:fic. BoW'eaSy:is·itto start a business?T'hc rrUin~ ofnew businesses rnsez.s biggest city by 2037.gh injWy/August.5.d taking !Wal'!e a~ .but illS Irs 202(. dGmemc br~aK-insl 4.8.lied in_A'ull1ii. POpWatio~ flf' New houses are spnngmg' up everywhere in the cilY~with Melbourne building them a~twic~ the rate of Sydney.. JJDivetsity due te.devel'I. 9.la()e~> inCii:3sed !!1'lIlI1i-~[OP . sysrem that is ._1 sq m.. 3.nowledg~' io deal wilh reports that suggest-more an. 'Femperat:JlreS: av~ge bi. ljC .e& w:ii:b the.l"e by the-end ef:zoI2.er~.l percent in Munich Iast year ill 19. Medi:cal c~e: there M~ calls iornew hospim1S.. 'l'olemlu:e: gay ma:rrisge h~s been: mmg- 1:Jnemploy.i-iendllcr _to rt)::Yeat me \"l:p~ninghOUiIlS. Swlbucb-. Smrbucks 10.lk!l).elbo1Jl"De is groVJ. drWers in Melbourne don'[ klmwthe o::. 1~618 hours.triqj D~ gtocay :shQPlling imipossi'bk 8xccllentpublk: tmmIpOLt bj car c~g pointS: i~. State' edueation. 22(. by me jolly beer gardens.. 1.l 65 per celiltofzo to 29yeu~oldslll MUIIlich either .40lrl residences. e.per cent of commuters 'cycle me Monocle _fi:ms: cheaper rent .tse to be Atlstralia""s ~i'ggest city M. on sm-iday mommgs Js Mlic tra:iJ5pQd: wltb-.6. 10. Chain.1l1iJ9t"mtm..Dme city and :its S1ovak__neighlnollr to the east.6pe:c' cent..o. 'Version of L9ndon':s ~'the:K. MoIiioo1e bes::a'ddress Sunday retail Uj·e'o€l.iUldagemg-l)op'uIa1ion. Monocle fixes: -inrroduee . aultu:l!'eis writ Iarge New events sudl as Vi€ima Design Week (lIaundied in 2Jz. Urban renewal programares a ound in Vjemla:· !j. Itey-upcoming . average low mrJarntaI"Y.-l<l!I L7lJilllionj :grearer m. ·UneInploya!. lS. IS:. the fl11lnner J1nd~ waStelanu is guHild_y- . unemployment is sigpiBcanuy lower rhanin the rest of'GenllaJlY1 md the erwilliblewolk-life balance is backdroppe. Germany's tbird biggest city has a fair crumee: the public transpore s_ystem. famous Viktu.tteoF'togtawn:i!' m-wmch 50 laca:rlons wcrc . 'Bn. lOA week (J'arunchedin 2009) 'have arready e. from bohemian enclave to bona_fi_d_edestina:rllMl with m new Jean NoU:v<hl-de.l1eigbbour:~ hood with homio_g for 1'3. dtY's BUPPort.ge.dnew caJ:"'iJ'eezones. SWishiine:: annUal ave.j~iin). Popritadon: ni. 7!18 "doWl'il firO:Ql! 95411l.li"the Olympic Games 10 1972. how it As always in Austria.in ZOIO cilycomRteted itS me: pedes:1iiians \vitbr benches.suyea:r-).md summer swimsin tlle river Isar. domestlc br~4ns_.3601J~PB.32 ar:ejniercot¥ilient:d.ces in Mrlbeuxne means tha~1) new en.the city h(15 'some of tbehlghestnues:1n Germany. Vieona is! pLamUng.elUrtrance or a voGatiollaidiploma .. loG!!'ted betw~.t busmess. Addifip. the second tll:swct~iii Iarge Island in the Da:Jltibe jS mQ1iI'~g. I:rces B!ll. Cycling: I4.by asa beau.OO tmrll at least:_June2o'lfj. l::>875 holllfS.263 tJoms.Top 25 ]iYeab]e cities QUAI. pomon 4-1..7~.

bus. with plans for a light rail service on. a vibrant nightlife and charming rough and empty spaces: nine million tourists visited Germany's capital last year.. of economic recovery than the country was hiton I I.5 .. central . 43. But residents face a difficult future: the economic consequences of the disaster are still unfolding and it remains to be seen. SunshiDe: 1. seeing: many cafes.2 J 7 last year) • Key upcoming de.be home to food outlets. . Green s_pat. r. Enviromne. Uneruplo-yment rate: 13.4 per cent) is higher than the national average of 28'. .iW' An exceptionally chaUenging y.the ever-clogged George Street under consideration. security is also an issue. 3(. which will. We salute Tokyo for its remarkable forbearance in d:iflkulr times and for its unchanging brilliance: Tokyo's food] shopping and hospitality are as exceptional as ever.IB seconds' police.hours. MODOClemes:: a recent.9 pel" cent. 8. Chain test. EI.96million. £1.ear for' one of our favourite cities No sooner had Tokyo started to see signs. htternationaUUgbts: [71 destinations of which 44 are intercontinental Crilne! murders. a low-emission zone that keeps older cars and other "dirtwhirls" out of the city.et. the CBD.9 per cent. March by an unprecedented naturaland nuclear catastrophe.Sydney.? It rake$ about one week to register at'Ibkyo Legal Affairs Bureau. (€I34m) on 'sprucing' up the area. Public transport: price of cheapest subway ticket.TIl' me Berlin.07 SYD'NEY 2010 ranking: 12 I 20U!J J"al1ki"tg: I() 08 BERLIN o . 4. mayor.40. How easy is it 1'0 start a busine8!lt' It takes rwc days to-start a business. from 06 . 'average low in July. I!m. TemperBtw'Cs.et irs first female. with a 167 per cent increase 'to people cycling in the CBD. 13 million. Time to review licensing: 'laws? mal Pop~tiom: 3.credits). H&M. Culture:: more mall 45'(')galleries) with Schtineberg becoming the new hub. car charging points: 90. H&M.39. Starbueks. bur the swelling numbers of Sydneysiders flocking to the shopping mecca exacerbates a nagging problem. average low in January -rc. Starbucks. however. Electric car charging points: 1. Tem. El. Temperatures.: average high. with seven from the new international terminal at Haneda airport. How-easy .000 city centre.45 sq m of recreational space per person. have become new hotspots.ot5 sq IlL Green space: ~1. 24 per cent of rubbish was recycled. UoemploJiInent rate: 4.vclopmllDts: full renovations to Tokyo station continue. me Looking for stability in the midst of uncertainty.900. covering an area of more tharn I.:e:29. Key upcoming developments: plans are in place to create a eiry farm ln.ntal iHUeS. Medical care: Berlin's Charite is considered to. lSSUE Population: 177.7[3" 'born down on last year.5C. Crime: murders. UriDkiDg ODd sboppiPg: it's possible to shop for groceries. Electric ~ cllar~g points: 37. 45 - 031 .8 business. Green sp. State 'edu. be' Europe's largest hospital. The city council has also pledged to spend AU$I:80m. 6 minutes . Despite that. ef which 40 are mrercnnrinental. Internarlonl. 9. Crime: rnm'det~> 93~ domestic break-ins" 6. c. average IlighirliJanuary. dub or oft"licence. Berlin lacks jobs. 33. average high in July.981 hours in 2010.revitalised by the opening of the colossal Westfield shopping centre in. But Berliners are used to taking things into their own hands. Relief may soon be on its way for long-frustrated commuting Sydneysiders. Monocle fixes: the Sumida civet could be turned into more of an asset to the city. Electric.4 sq m per person.!Key'upcoming developlDe. Chain test. locals in districts such as Kreuzberg are increasingly resentful at the overwhelming number of tourists crowding the streets and the: number of apartments rented as holiday flats. with.s minutes 37 seconds.report showed 56 pet cent of recorded assaults In Sydney occurred withinsom of a pub. Culture: the lmaxTheatte Sydney houses the world's largest cinemascreen.2:1)101U1lki:ng: it I 2111111 ranking:.523 both down from last year).7C. 26. Work is scheduled to finish in 2013.is it to s'tart .ternatioual flighllS~ 52 desrinations. restaurants and galleries open over the past two years. greater metropolitan area. 26.. .73. Environmental issues: the low air quality in Germany's capital has improved since the inauguration of the "Umweltzone" 'in 2008. 1I i domestic break-ins. Monocle fix: with dispropcrtiocately high unemployment and almost no industry.2 (up lrom . Sunshine: annual average'.. the city took :00 a new character. the electorate gave 78-year-old Governor Shintaro Ishihara a fourth term.ontiOlles to fascinate as it transforms in to a world-class city History around every COTner" diverse erchirecture. Public transport= price of cheapest subway tick. Great news for city's economy (though perhaps not its archirectural. . Cludn test: H&:M 5.}O""W Popuiatiom 11.how the power restrictions predicted during the hot summer months will affect the capital. where livingis still cheap. greater metropolitan area. 2 5 I 9 hours.peratulles:: average low in January. tourism lS Berlin's mcst important economic crutch. As foreign residents departed and tourists kept dear. 8. ISC.uts': with a \~ctory Forthe Greens in September the city mighr g. Formerly less attractive districts such as Neukolln and Schoneberg. 0 on Sunday 0 rnoming.436. a 150-foom hotel and gallery eo be reinstated. domestic break-ins. Sunshine: annual average.45°.ace'= 100 sq rn per person (Greater Tokyo).Sydney bas been .ergeney services: average ambulance response time.4 million. 23. 1'9. 28. Starbucks. art projects and educational faciHnes. .With barely any industry left and high unemployment.O.l. In.fUghts: 57.cationl Sydney's university aW~I1dance rate (3Z. the city's creaking 'transport infrastructure.'g98 :in·greaterTokyo.ill'tet"coarinental destinations.After several incidents of severe violence in public spaces. The controversial cycle scheme is also finally showing stunping results.8 per cent.jC. should the mood take you. . excluding business refuse from offices or stores. iin July. 10 20Jn l'rnrJking: 0& I 200fl ftrnhing: 09 TOKYO o 03 Retail rebirth is Dot helped by an olltdated transport intrastruct:ui:'e Within the past 12 months.

designed by Herzog & de Meuron.Z.. The delivery date for a 130km super-metro spun in a figure-of-eight around Paris and the outlying districts. 1pc.have been presented for the Slussen docks (Foster + Partners and dent Nicolas Sarkozy deserves some of Berg) and the Stockholmsporten gateway (BIG).archarging points: 257. Architecture~ !Qw-Iymg Paris will become home toa rare skyscraper ill 2017. but at what cost? Many doubted the seemingly limitless ambitions of recenrlyre-elected Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon but his major projects arefinally complete.Slm in a fleet of . metro service. Ioteroado. 23 of which will be hybrid (gas/electric).769 hours. but architects would benefit from more freedom Stockholmers. rim dry.. The ci~ has over 20 .88. Sunshine: annual average.hospital.Top 25liveabJe cities QUALiTY OF LIFE 10 MADRID :t.The. as does Paris's Jong-serving mayor Bertrand Delanoe . 17. skate ramps and playgrounds. EnvhOl!lDl. Presi- cems that.00. given that the citis money well has. bars serve ~ until . 2.1: hOUIS.e education:: Madrid is throwing its weight behind the idea of bilingual education (English/Spanish).many major p_rojectsare watered down.Europe's first city-run electric car hire service. to a great many.MoDode fix: tackle the problem of pollution with uaffi!.. [rom ..Dal Hights: 198 destlnatinns. . Stockholm is good at being green" but architecturally there are increasing COI1lI 12 PARIS 21UO mnkiug'. Public traaspurt: price of cheapest subway and bus ticker.investing €. cycle paths. people tend to underestimate Paris as a city of the future. it is home to many global companies. Expect plenty of foreign fact-finding missions. the credit. care: the stare provides a national healthcare system.Ell citizens eanner join the French healthcare system until they have either reached state retirement ag~ 01: have lived in France for at least five years.The council needs to do something about traffic levels fast.8. Let's hope the future architecture is of the 'Sustainable kind. greater metropolitan area. . 3. and fewe!' apartments standing empty. no ambulance was sent.e: murders in We Madrid region feU Z.eQ. Stat. e me: me 45 . Cham test: H:&M. both for the eye and the environment. 06 It's good to be green.0. Electric car Charging points: 83. now Delanoe and his team have come up with Autolib ..oIC. DriIiking' and shopping: most. Green spacer II. air quality in.. 1.'>11 The French Icapita! finally ano that:. is finally on the right track.IlQCCI traditionally a bastion of gay rights.innovadon.00 . Madrilenos have plenty to be happy about.273. . Chain test: H&M. Me.65 buses for zorz. the capital is a serious issue. while also encouraging locals to leave their cars at home and get on their bikes. Starbucks.pcomiog' developments! ongoing redevelopment of the Royal Seaport Monocle fixes: cheaper public transport. .3 sq m perperson. compared wii:h 9. Uoemployment rate: 8.Uca] eAre: excellent and free but increasingly unwelcoming to expats:.3 per-cent from 2. startIng in October. just :1'8 interc. Starbucks. Crlm. such as the Plaza de Callao have been pedestrianised. Though he may not be in office to see the first mil set.OW ranking: 10 1 20mJ J"m~ki17[!: 2 1 o e STOCKHOLM 20lU f'anl~inR: 0612009 'r'rlnkingr.o.9.. Starbucka. Still. 032 ISSUE Medica.~al issues: 23 per cent of domestic rubbish is recycled. new plans . Populadon: 3.7 million. € I . domestic break-ins. continue to get value for money from their city: cultural offerings are good.transformed city ready to.of which 69 are long-haul. L 7.the sparkling centre to the prodigal suburbs. Environmental issues:: Madrid's EMf public transport company is . 11.2. its relatively small size means that everything is reachable within 30 minutes . Unemployment rate: 15 per cent (Madrid region).2 per cent in the rest ofFrn:nce .6 million. France has begun to lag behind other European countries in its refusal to introduce same-sex marriages.049.linent:aL CriDle: murders. It's noe all good news though.y word With its Cabled past. Key u. average high in July. with the level of toxic particles regularly exceeding EU limits.First with the rnuch-imitared bur never-bettered bicycle service velib_. 27. Temperatures: average low in February.2 million. I. 35. the restaurants and nightlife world class. with 276 bilingual primary schools in me region. Key upcoming developments: the Chamardn urban regeneration proiect. A . Sunshine! annual average. 1. This year. greater mettopolitan area. Sunshine: annual average.' Public 'traIIIsport: price of cheapest subway and bus ticket. by a political process whereenvironmental interests have to be met. and major shopping areas.59 cases to 47.on. 07 o I 200. -3C.0. . Emergency services: heavily criticised recently following rhe death of a man whose emergency call was not taken seriously and. bas been set for }'O~5. In1iermrtional fUghts: 310 destinations.9 pet cem.TG Population: . Electric c. and seven nature reserves. replaced by a series of parks. How easy is it to start a business? 1£ takes five steps and roughly seven days. Chain test: H&M. 35.3 per cent of commuters cycle to work.. Acee55 to nature: more than 9.~(.ranking! 08 learns.03.official beaches. face the future. bur patients also pay a small fee' when visitiiIg a doctor or a. 2. in the north of me . 'Ible". Nightclubs tend to close around 06 . 5. U. paid from tax. is not a dirt. 2. Monocle fixes: dty needs an all-night.09 to .cily hasfinally got the green light after years of delays.even untouched nature. I. Public transport: jiriee of cheapest subway and bus ticket" €3·34.ENJ\ Population: 847. Tolerance: a gay capital of Europe.679 hours. The much poo-poced notion ofa Greater Paris. I J .0per cent of population liveswithin 300m of a green area. linking. pl!!fi~need ckawillg up for fewer Cal'S ill central Paris.05. The Madrid Rio proiect has seen traffic from the city's M30 ring road banished underground. Key upcornmg developtneDts~work: is about to start on a refurbishment off Les Halles shopping district. million. greater metropolitan area.073 city.OOQ parks. Ioternational :flights: 144 international. As the biggest city in the Scandinavian region.alrniJ]g measures.

most areas ·now . . abolishing sevencouncils and establishing the largest unified council in the southern hemisphere. Or relevant cx:ime11I[e5. j.Britornart andWyny:a:rd Quarter . 9 minutes. 69.31 C. price of cheapest sub . €~. 2. OJ Starhucks. Sunshine:'aunual average. Key upcoming developments: the new Viaduct Events Centre is nearing completion .3 per cent of GDI· • Medical care: regarded as a. 1.nders live in exciting times.s. due [0 severe cuts being imposed on spending as parr of an austerity drive. 1:8.are being redeveloped with upscale restaurants and public spaces. average ]ow. But outlook for the future is unclear. 37 pe. l:.524 hours. 1 G. SI2Im (€67m) redevelopment.4 per . education' and medical services top-notch. State education: public education In Singapore is generally regarded as excellent. .In New Zealand D:ririking WId shopping: licences until oloa. Unem. Mnnacle f'ixl::s: a crackdown on petty crime is mum needed. hours. Tempe.hine: annual average. Inequality levels. nearly one in five Aucklanders were not born. with assets of NZ$39bn. Mo.IobI)" 42km MRT lim: expected to ClItJ'Iy 500. £1.800 in. . International WghtS:2oo destinations. In November. Hights:~! 40 destinations. For ~ city that thrives on tourism.centyear-on-year as services improve. average low. while the pickpocketing remains a bull mat the council is yet grab by the horns. of which 30 are intercontinental.lg: 13 A multiplying population poses challenges for Asia's "garden citY" With an economy growing ]4.ooo..07 million. . Crime·: murders. II. as is :1 relaxation of (be restrictions 'on live music in smaller bars.:pJ'h:e of cheapest bus ticket. Barcelona has 232.: H& M"o. testr H&M.KA PopuJadon': 5.::u1c car charging puinu: 6. Green space: f7. However. some of the world's best beaches are just a short flight away. the political climate is slowly' liberalising.Last year. Auckland's time is now .153 trees. 16.Mayor Brown and his.: the first stage of a €.. mayor Len 'Brown united the left. Culture: Auckland Art Gallery opens in August after a multi-year. "l 1. SnnSbine: anrmal average. of'which 24 are. zoe. By the end of the year the city hopes to reach 300. of which 97 are Inrerconrinental. prompted by the thriving high-speed AVE link. Crim.have weekend farmers' markets. Chain. and. . me city embarked upon a giant experiment.Education: lnzooo. some worry about the have-nets being left behind. the central zone.. with Changi airport.(110mnkblg: o 20' I !!OU!I 1'U1Ihi. P~blic transport. Starbucks. Singaporeans had a good 2010. Monocle fixes: berterinregrstion for rile increasing number of migrants.s: average . of Spain. 19Sdomestic break-ins. o 15 A unified council and a new start for the Rllgby World Cup host Audda. but still in need.. GreeD space: 5'94 sq m per person 'Chain test.13 AUCKLAND :. 19..433.evelopments: Lim: 9 of the Metro system is under consrrucrion.Culture: over the past four years the Barcelona council has invested £300[[1 in culmre. flights: 37 destinations.000 passengers daily. offsetting the inevitable faU in demand for fligbts to Madrid. from 1. Elel.064. :rublk: transport: usage is up by 8. of a spring clean The news has been good in Barcelona of late.ouaJ. and when cemplere will be the longest drive-rless Iine in. is slated for completion in. ambulance. me to Suns. vay ticker. PQ·pulation: I.23C. a:rev:ery common. Emergency services: median -police response time. fewer chains. .06o·how.crime levels are sound.e standard Or higher. The city is carting itself up ahead of me' Rugby World Cup in Septembermillions have been spent upgrading precincts around the CBD. popular Asian hub for medical tourism: RoOOn:Mugabe and Burmese general Than Shwe receive medical care here.ints: 184. promising to make Auckland the world's most liveable city in the process.4s. despite raking up only 3. But more relaxed immigration policies have seen an. although the Popular Party has promised to reverse that law if it gets into power next year. 59 seconds.ey upcomiDg d. also mean that there is. 2J 120ml J'onki.in:H1uxof (mainly Chinese) migrants while a rapidly growing population means that public services are sometimes stretched. greater metropolitan area. larercominental.marriageis legal in all.. Chain test: H&M. Environmental issues: an average of 56 per cent of refuse is recycled. Local government remains efficient. Starbucks. K. which could still use a proper clean-up in some of its more rundown areas'. 896 (down.nocle 'fixes: lax breaks for welldesigned flats forfirsr-rime buyers.H o SINGAP'ORE jOIU "'onki. cent of school leavers in Auckland had achieved university entran. Culture: the government will spend E207m annually up 102015011 the arts: Green space: 66 sqro pet person Singapore is known as the "garden city" of Asia.e': murders.026). while two new warerfsont areas . That's going [0 hurt the city. Population: 440. EUTope. 'Iolerance. .46z.Auckland An Fair and :NZ Fashinn WeekwHl be held here .5 per cent last year. Electric I:aJ' charging po. with lime blowback in. g minutes.76 sq III per person. 2013. Tem~ratures: average high.. 2.high. Nightlife has also suffered from a crackdown on live music in small venues. Crime: the dry was unable-to supply any recent.6l9<B7' greater metropolitan area. one of tile highest in the developed world.:tg.W: 20 14 BARCELONA ~OIU mnking: 17 IlOn!1 ranT~ing:15 More cm:mected than ever. council must be bold. and 12 seconds. Iiberaland Pacific communities of the city to win a landslide victory.45· Tolerance: gay. mteroatiooaJ.el[ 2. 17. The airport has now raised its non-European destinations by 75 per cent. that seems like a rash mOVe. 10 per cent of its total spending. domestic break-ins.9 pe~ cent.lntel'uati.rature. the hiitberto conservarive state when a political candidate was outed as being gay. U oemploymeot rate= 19 per cent. with the city's EI Prat airport opening new routes to Sao Paulo and Miami last March. that's up from 20 per cem in 2005.'1'(. Key upcoming deve:lopments.. Furthermore.ploymentmte: 1..961.does Singapore really 'need yet another Starbucks? ISSUE 45 ~ 033 .

Now Asia's art and auction hub. Fukuoka city subsidises the purchase of electric cars. cities On a map of Japan alone.000 residents.it has yet to tackle ingrained homelessness problem).in north aDOeasternjapan.6bn (€r. M. The airport is only minutes away from the main station by subway and the city has all unusually cosmopolitan flavour.at 19 it's just one murder more thanVienna).most cosmopolitan.more of tne city's beachside location. we have cast ournet wider.per cent..in Asia. promote independent retailing. new Invesnnent ill the culrural sphere is seeing a different kind of Hong Kong emerge. .ZC. eat and drink. architecture. 3S2Cj average low in Janual)'.: work on Hakata port started . 1. we also rated San Francisco (despiteits re-appreciation for .. From here the new north-south bullet train mute connects Fukuoka with Kyushu's southern dty of Kagoshima. Crime: murders.4 workers per 100.£1. Seattle's homicide rate is the lowest it's been since 19S6 .Il:ts. sloping near the bottom of our index) . becoming Hong Kong"s tallest bulldingcstretching up to uS floors. Neither made the top 25= the former had murder rates [0 scare off America's Most Wanted" while the latter may be a eulrural centre rivalling Europe's best capitals... 14. have excellent parks . domestic break-ins.the Inremational Cargo 'Terminal -will be completed next year..in 2006 and is due [0 finish in 2013 .4 sq III sq m per person . polling 'both Chicago and Minneapolis. among the fastest.in Fukuoka prefecture. bandy for Seoul and Shanghai as it is far Tokyo and Osaka.cl1IkinJr. well-known for being a cosmopolitan and foreigner-friendly city. .91bn) government endowment will see a 40ha cultural district designed by Foster f. 35. For zorr. Fukuoka appears to bea marginal city) perched on the top-left corner of the southern island on Kynshu.. 6 minutes 8 seconds. Temperatures: average high in August. on page 13].chitecrut'e: the Inrernational Commerce Cenzre was completed this year.they can very occasionally make: up for with effort (this year. 034-]SSUE irs Green lip ace: 104.600.5 million. we should point out.543· M.july 2g. EmergeDcy servicesl average ambulance response.oDod. Sunshine: annual average.a. Lase year we 'tested the waters.F\\ Population: [..ra:te: 6.Partners . Vancouver and Montreal (al]. What's changed? What some US cities may lack in infrastructure.I&M. Unemployment. with Seattle and Portland cutting it alongside regulars Honolulu. drawing visitors from the region who come to shop.In· Medical care: Fukuoka Ishome to the second largest medical worsforce m.'r.8c. Population: 7. l7.ebargiog points: 39. €4.9bn. hours. green credentials and cultural offerings.inWestKowloon. 4 minutes. as well a'Sthe z6..drearn This year's Quality of Life index sees an unprecedented number of Norm American dries in the top 25.e 6xe:s: Fukuoka residents. Grime: murders 35.097. domestic. Electrk Cal' .. Chain test: 1.. .nal flights: [60 destinations . all shorthaul or mid-haul. matching anything . 0.:rate: 3. Temperatures: average IOW.its own craft scene.it's 95 per cent Chinese-the city is. average high.pollution problem.709 hours.0 per cenr. 110. Hong Kong hosts the region's biggest art fair and a HK$21. 45 . .play an ever greater role in the world order Whlle business has traditionally led the city's agenda. police.only 15 per cent in 2002_ Unemployment. Chain test: H&:M.. Although Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world 67 per cent of the total land area is made up of woodbod and 4] beaches are dotted around ks South China Sea shores . It was . Key upcoming developmentsr tile sue 'of me' former Kai Tak Airport will be transformed -fum a cruise ship terminal. International flig. I 20011 ro"k':P1g~ 16 There's nothing marginal about one of Japan's . the estimated recurrentexpenditure on health will be 839. 8.e-dicaJI care: in 2011-12.Ohori is one of tIle best-> on their doorsteps bur it would be good: [0 make . Emergency serviees: average police response time.3t1n Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge. in the massive new Hakata sratienvithes 200 new shops and restaurants.high-speed rail link to the mainland cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen due for completion in 2015'. break-ins 4.. SWl5hine: annual average 1. Environmenml bsues: 22. _Ar.i11'sZ 19 inremarional flights from Pukuoka airport.6km. Now. time II minutes 20 seconds.1. Starbucks. taking lovab:iliry in to account alongside Iiveability.6..5' per cent of rubbish was recycled in 2009. Also in the works are a.. lowrnatio. i\naerican.i:tcrease of more than S3bn cornparedwith 20(0. as. Starbucks. But zoom out and it is in the heart of East Asia.ry r6. Tolerance: although the ethnic composition of the Hong Kong population is homogenous .Ll.3C. e Poised to . Monocle fix: sort our 'the. European-ish urban enviroamenr (Portland's waterside lifestyle) or sheer easy living (lifespans in sunny Honolulu are remarkably longer than the US average) .]MU.\ JI.Top 25 liveable cities QUALlTY OF 'LlFE 16 FUKUOKA 20W . It has long been famous for its subtly spicy food and its pungent nightlife. but it's generally so miserable in winter you'll be glad of a half-decent gallery to cheer yourself upin. with our researchers. 3. Electric car chargingpom1S: over 340. Besides the nominated cities above.833.ani.jOI'M with 352. Key upcoming develop:Dle.

Chain test~ H& M. the city's two newspapers unified [0 create the Honolulu StarAdvert. Crim.56.2f)JO l'a'lk'il"~g:22 II 2UIJ['I: not l·DlIR. 73:2 per cent. buses and ferries.8c.I30· greater metropolitan Hea. s.marriages. o o 2(111)nmkillg: t6.Populatioo: 582. does howevcfJ. with plans for I30 additienal stations by 2012. living is easy all year round. transit-oriented.00.new generation of entrepreneurs. The local university plans to build die woeld's most energyefficienthigh-rise by 2013. MollodeJixes: Portland's lack ofcultural diverSItyis odd. hype. SliInShine.et system was ranked the best: public transit system in the nation by 'US New and'World Report in 20II.8 per cent increase iii population between 2000 and zoro). one finds an.241.. 45 .1annual average. 90.i permits same-sex civil unions.8 hours..g p&mts: beginning this year.AAi(j Population: 337.serve until 03..c c. Maybe recruit a Korean fum to relocate in old Chinatown? Greeo space. one of the country's best regarded art schools. be a barrier 1:0 entry. averagelow. 3Q. I 2009 rankz'ng: Vancouver has bounced back 14 a The wunderkind in the US northwest slowly learns bow to get serious At first glance. Few cities can rivalVancouver's natural assets.e-: Murders.shn rail project. 130.iser.953 hours . 5.thulg: £'5 11. . Vancouver. Key upcoming developments: the city's.3C.e education: the Portland Public School Disnict increased its enrolment ofchildren from kindergarten to I zth grade by 1. Honolulu is an increasingly interesting place to live and work. 9. Tole:ranc.. Crime: murders. Tow-ism and retail remain the key drivers here though. of whll:h IS are intercontinental. break-ins.its easy-going cosmopolitanism . average low in January. But it's not just holidayrnakers attracted to the scenery: despite time being called on rhefinal season-of Last. and the city continues to bask in its glory.:207 (an 8. How easy is it to start a business? Easy enough 'but rental and property prices can. sprightly local enterprise and green commitment. Environmental issues: Vancouver aims (0 reduce its.84 I. Starbucks. and not iust tan.000. rainy US northwest looks like a frivolous haven for bright young things.18 PORTLAND . but has notlegalised same-sex marriages.. locals bad turned the event into the global village street party it's never been before. Honolulu still ranks as a top spot forTV and :film 10cations.west (as in Washington and Oregon)? ISSUE all produced nationally significant figures in the past two years. and new landfilJ) and sewer maintenance projects.zn ..041: hours.This spring. Tolerance:d'lawa:i. Tokyo. Crime: murders. after [2 consecutive )'en·s whh enrolment losses.Wl'e5: average high in August. music and fashion scenes have n-OD1 shaky start to the Winter· Olympics With more rain than snow and failed animatronics at the opening ceremonies. and one of'the better US transirsystems will add a €Ioom city-centre streetcar expansion and several hundred electric-vehicle charging stations thls year. Crucially. 17c. Media: last year. Monocle fixes: the city needs 1'0 deal withits homeless ness. mountains and rainforests. 1. enaetedIn 2008. the dty is set for some big changes. as well as hosting APEG this November. The city's food scene. Chain test! H&M. Camhie Corridor Plan will introduce mid-rise towers in a key downtown. ambitious. The port doubled its exports' value over the past decade.1 million.. Unemployment rate: 5. 32. :2. Staroucks. Green. 3.have a domestieparmership bill. International Hights: 41 destinations.9 per cent.W:rnationai Rights: S9 destinations. 2. Temperatures:. with a.1 per cent. 19. Two weeks later though.ed o 19 20 HONOLULU VANCOUVER :WlII l'U. II4. SunshiD.e: Portland does not permit samesell. with the city's burgeoning art scene and a .ployment rate: 9. E1Je. bur it's certainly getting there. Chain test: R&M.greater metropolitan area. great coffee. 2. nor .pace: 70. Wirh Honolulu's sunshine. PllbU<. Public ttaDS:port: with an extensive system MUllins. this riverside city in the. whilethe low-key. Already a robust film production centre. . water and rubbish problems before trying to attract more tourists .953. low-priced independent restaurant.200~J I'(m'kit~g:11 Life's more than just a beach for the Unit:ed States' tslandparadise With 8! new mayor presiding over the densely populated Honolulu. I4' domestic. even ifWaikiki beach is eroding.c:tri. Portland and five other cities in Oregon are slated to receive an initial wave of 2:.9'1. h!.2.cr Population:· 578. and me-Emily Carr N:[ and Design University. 7. and Calgary. transport: Portiaud'sTriM.ar chargm. State educatiom five public universities. 2. Drinkinl'.e: annual average. The state of Oregon. and. Blectric car chargingpoinrs: to. is a global up-and-comer. Key-upcommg developments: zo. Look deeper. last year's Winter Olympics did not start off looking like such a great advertisement for Vancouver.035 .There remain many ways Inwhich Vancouver doesn't live up to its. Inte:rnationaiftighrs: S international flights from PIlX to Amsterdam. much of Ir recently bolstered for the Olympics.circulation of about.3 per ceatbetween 2008-2009. Tunpera. average high in August.half its population was born outside Canada. it is also III burgeoning hub for video-game design companies. the. blessed by nearby oceans and orchards.miles of elevated tighH3il is being installed in and around Honolulu at cost nf iF 5·3bn. Toronto.in january. including a is. Srsrbucks. Hawaiian women Jive three years more than the average American woman..industrious town defined by trade. Suoshine:·annual average.break-ins.and shopping: bars. Unem. l.Mon0!Cle fixes: how about a high-speed mil line linking the: Pacific North.041 i. greater metropolitan area 2 . 0. .673. . Vancouver boasts some of the highest pub lit transit rider rates in North America.999· Medical care: Hawaiian men live four years longer than rue average American male.000 hectares offarmland dose to the city centre.1 per cent. per capita ecological footprint by 33 per cent by 2020. includillg th e hIghly ranked University of British Columbia.7(. Stat.500 charging stations. W. a landmark planning decision protected over 100. area: .

been in our bottom five for the pasii two years.Iltting funds the old city government bas put me city's reputation as a place for innovarive stage productions and well-financed museums at risk. Finding a way for past and present to co-exist has always been a challenge Kyoto but successive city administrations have mostly pulled it off.Top 25 liveable cities QUALITY OF LIFE: ALMOST THERE ~Global Preface 21 KYOTO 21~ l'Cl1tlli1fg: 23 10 o 22 HAMBURG :. Montreal's mass transit. . with thee continued rollout of traditional kiosks and eateries serving refreshments on esplanades with city views. -hiA o I :WOH ran/ling: 22 Three of the five cITieson this page have. Yet. Politics surrounding other Jnfrastrucnire projects can be a bit stodgy) but a two-year-old. and iii thriving cultural life based on artisansl crafts uninterrupted by earth- quakesand war.ZD me 45 .ile["s still make up the difference. while ground is breaking on aconremporary 'arr centre nearby. The Champalimaud Foundation recently unveiled its biomedical centre. and busy shipping canals.000 cars pour in from the suburbs each day spewing smog. all it needs is a cleaner. and has proved a successful incubator of high-tech and cultural Industries. despite a dampened retail scene. and atrracts tens of thousands of tourist}. €r . While the city is justifisblylauded for its cycling infrastructure. Seattle the city is arranged around a striking network of ocean inlets. The city also has plans to introduce hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles. The city has long been OD the cusp of a renaissance. Open-air commerce is on the up.mm r:allking: 24120(11 ranking: 2. the US port closest to Asia remains a maritime city. less bloated. By C1.historic architecrure. little thanks to the people charged with running it. Europe's most ambirious building protect. The city hardly lacks for intellectual and creative capital. while 'a major effort to reduce shipping-related carbon emissions points to future.at'fokyo:is lacking If the bullet.p. Lisbon's residents may be excused these days for not always having a sunny disposition. we welcome Seattle to the fol~d and will be watching it ctoselY.reposimry of medieval an and home [0 dozens of'high-rech companies. . It is Asia's richest. Meanwhile" neighbourhoods' such as the recently made-over South Lake Union.The'headquarters forthe Alaska fishing fleet lends the waterfront a 00nonsense air. Mo!l!Ie.. municipal government to help get inhere. . to clean up its act Stuck in the middle of a recession. Meanwhile. many quality-of-lffe listings it is.currently.sbn light"~ rail system is slated for expansion. and water in abundance . convivial and cosmopolitan. Jap.v LISBON 2010 t'(Jnkil~g::25 12(W~J i'unkit. For sure locals will be all smiles .. urban lakes. .. or the urban stratagems necessary to make it the envy of North America.3 Belt~tigbtening risks throwing' away thercul'turalkudos of Hamburg Well-preserved historical buildings. Fortunately. locals can still count on great weather. Hamburg has to make up for damage in the cultural sector. roads and bridges are in sore need of an upgrade: the average daily commute in Montreal 'is 76 minutes. 400. The waterfront is home to HafenCity. train took 45 minutes rather than two hours.an's ancient capitalltas everything th. The ancient Japanese capital has everything themodem one does not. However. I'lml~ed lisbon is getting it much-needed joll. Fittingly. most of Tokyo's population would commute from Kyoto. Maybe somebody at oity hall needs: to start trying a bit harder. and Montreal has slipped.Hamburg is considered Germany's second largest and most beautiful city and has been crowned Buropean Green Capital 20r 1. open spaces alongside the Kamo river. However> the bigger buzz is by the river in the Helem district.I ' 036 ISSUl!! O»e of North Ameriea's bridgeheads for Asia bas plenty to offer Irs water. th~s city's biggest hindrance to getting ahead If Montreal consistently ranks high on. .g: e 23 24 MONTREAL 25 201ft! ranking: 1'9 I :WOH nmhing: 19 Getting around is still. interesting new architecture.the first area connected to the centre in a projected citywide streetcar networkare prickling with good restaurants and innovative: retail. water everywhere in.CI' e 25 e SEATTLE 2~Hn Rnd 2fW!}: not.

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