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The Bluest Eye-Guided Notes Presented in Cornell Notes Style

The Bluest Eye-Guided Notes Presented in Cornell Notes Style

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May 19, 2008

The Bluest Eyes-Toni Morrison (Guided Notes)
Autumn, Chapter 1: pages 10-22 What time period is this taking place in? __________ The narrator is Claudia MacTeer. The chapter begins with Rosemary Villanucci, the next door neighbor, bothering Frieda and Claudia. School has started, and the sisters (Frieda and Claudia) are expected to help gather coal that has fallen out of the railroad cars. Claudia briefly gives us a description of her house (p.10) and explains that the only interaction they have with adults is when the adults are giving them directions. Claudia says that adults, especially her mother, are annoyed with the children when they are sick. Mr. Henry Washington is the family’s “new roomer.” He used to live with Miss Della Jones. The children overhear that he has left because Miss Della was going crazy. He is described as “…just sensible. A steady worker with quiet ways” (p. 14). When Henry finally moves to their home, the girls were delighted to see him and then say, “We loved him. Even after what came later, there was no bitterness in our memory of him” (p.16). Pecola Breedlove is also introduced to the family. She is temporarily in county custody because her father burned down the family’s house and put their family “outdoors.” Frieda and Claudia were excited with their new guest. They even stopped fighting to keep their guest happy and away from the outdoors. Frieda and Pecola love Shirley Temple. Pecola enjoys drinking milk out of Frieda’s Shirley Temple cup. Claudia hates Shirley Temple and could not participate in any conversation that had to do with Shirley Temple. In addition to hating Shirley Temple, Claudia tells us about a blue-eyed baby doll that she had received for Christmas one year. She is confused and does not understand what is so lovable about these dolls. Claudia says she hated Shirley Temple because she danced with Bojangles. She said Bojangles was, “my friend, my uncle, my daddy…” Why does she say this? Is her mother really annoyed with Claudia? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Ms. MacTeer plans on charging five dollars every two weeks as a roomer. Why are they renting out a room at their home? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________  This quotes is an example of __________________. What does “outdoors” mean? ___________________________________________ Other Notes:

’” Frieda tries to attach a pad to Pecola’s dress. “How do you get someone to love you?” Other Notes: How did Mrs. The adults are upset with her. Frieda understands that Pecola is menstruating. The girls let her know that she isn’t going to die. a pizza parlor. who has been watching from the bushes. 28). As this is all happening.” Mrs. “It just means you can have a baby” (p. Avoiding Mrs. she discovers a small metal piece. the girls sat on the porch steps trying to come up with something to do. MacTeer that the girls are “playing nasty. Even though the Breedloves lived in a depressing home. How do you know she is no longer mad at the girls? (Hint: page 32) ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Autumn. MacTeer was outraged when she discovered that Pecola drank three quarts of milk. This chapter describes the Breedloves’ home when they used to live there. Page 23 Mrs. Pecola asks Frieda how babies are made. MacTeer know that it was Pecola who drank all the milk? _________________________________________ Pecola is worried. MacTeer feels sorry. Chapter 2: page 34-37 The narrator moves backwards in time. Pecola asks. Frieda says you have to get someone to love you. She then sees the pad. yells to Mrs. and the girls explain what has happened. [This is an example of ________________________] Mrs. The girls were trying to avoid her because they knew she was angry. and the home of a Gypsy family. before the storefront was abandoned.One day. MacTeer. She explains that her hatred for dolls made her hate little white girls. Summary of Chapter 1 and 2: What are some important descriptions about their old home and their furnishings? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ . she pulls apart her doll trying to discover its “beauty. Claudia points out to them that they never asked her what she wanted for Christmas. it used to be a Hungarian bakery. She however says. Pecola notices that she begins bleeding from between her legs. “ministration. Rosemary. According to the narrator. each member of the family still draws meaning from the home they make together. claiming she never takes care of anything.” Taking apart the doll to the core. That night in bed. MacTeer rushes outside to whip Frieda.

Pecola’s father. When she gets to the store. Cholly did not hate white men. He doesn’t understand what she is pointing too and asks her. Mr. it ends with some kind of argument/fight between him and his wife. Breedlove needed Cholly to stay a drunk. Breedlove wakes up and starts banging on around the kitchen. Pecola tries to find ways in which to endure the pain. he hesitates. the narrator mentions that Mrs. On page 42. She knew he was drunk because you could smell the whiskey. Anytime Cholly is drunk.Autumn. “Kantcha Talk?” When Pecola walks back. she wonders why people don’t like dandelions. she is upset and feels ashamed. Because of this and other humiliations. Yacobowski. but she only quiets him. and because they believed they were ugly. She has a few pennies and plans to buy some Mary Jane candy. She hates her ugliness and remembers moments of humiliation in the classroom. On her way there. Sammy encourages his mother to kill him. She then decides that dandelions are ugly and Mary Jane on the wrapper is beautiful. Why? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ . She runs to her room to hide behind the covers. On Saturday morning. Every night she prays to be given blue eyes. she has trouble communicating with the store owner. Mrs. Why? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Other Notes: Why does Pecola want blue eyes? _____________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Page 47-49 Pecola walks down to the grocery store on Garden Avenue. She imagines herself dissolving-everybody part except her eyes. She demands that she needs “some coal in this house” (p. Once Cholly is knocked out. but hated “the girl” because of an incident that happened when he was younger. is drunk.40). Other Notes: When she holds the money towards him. Chapter 3: page 38-46 The narrator tells us that the Breedloves lived in the storefront because they were black and poor. Cholly. Cholly is a violent and cruel man.

Poland.” They hated men and they did not have respect for women who deceived their husbands. they did not despise her. Pecola visits China. Why did they only respect the “good Christian colored women”? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Summary of Autumn.56). They were affectionate towards Pecola. Chapter 3 Other Notes: . Pecola ran their errands and in turn.Page 50 Coming back from the grocery store. The ladies tell Pecola about their “boyfriends. They also don’t feel ashamed or victimized in what they do. Their only respect was towards the “good Christian colored women” (p.the three “whores” who lived in the apartment above the Breedloves’ storefront. and Miss Marie.

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