Avoided Deforestation Partners

Avoided Deforestation Partners, or ADP, is an organization promoting the role of the world¶s forests in stopping climate change. The organization is involved in the climate change debate.[1] Deforestation has become a heated scientific and legislative issue because loss of trees causes nearly 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of the world's entire transport sector.[2] ADP has published several studies which promote the idea that preserving tropical forests is one of the most affordable ways to reduce pollution and strengthen U.S. domestic agriculture. The National Farmers Union and Avoided Deforestation Partners calculate that stopping global deforestation would boost U.S. agricultural revenue by $190 billion to $270 billion through 2030 by cutting unfair competition from agricultural companies in the developing world which can offer better prices on the world market. Lower prices are possible because these farmers use deforested land that does not meet international standards for sustainability.[3][4] Timber, beef and soy in particular are often produced from deforested land. Some farming groups have been skeptical about the overall impact of climate change legislation which is pending in the U.S. Senate.[3]

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