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PWC Apps Ints

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Making Successful Applications


Who is PwC?
• • • PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the largest Professional Services firms in the world with 140,000 people in 149 countries 2006 UK turnover was £2billion We are The Times Top 100 No.1 Graduate Employer for the 4th year in a row and the ideal company to work for as voted by 1500 students in Universum UK Graduate survey Carbon neutral Graduate Recruitment Campaign for 2007 30,000 hours given to volunteering in 2006 with an aim to increase this in 2007 People network groups e.g. PwCWomen, Ethnic Forum, and various Regional Diversity Networks Invested £42million in Training and Development of our people in 2006

• • • •


com/uk/careers/ .pwc.What do we offer to students? • • • • PwC Graduate Exper1ence Programme Summer Internship Programme (penultimate year students) Business Placement scheme PwC Insight 2 day courses Graduate programmes allow you to study for a professional qualification as well as allowing you to develop the skills and expertise needed to BU1LD your career with PwC www.

000 School/Graduate brochures distributed • 18.370 applicants received offers www.com/uk/careers/ .500 invited for the first interview • 1.000+ applications received • 6.PwC Recruitment facts • 70.pwc.

com/uk/careers/ .PwC Selection Process • Application form • Online testing • First interview • Assessment centre .Psychometric tests – numerical & diagrammatic .pwc.Group or individual exercise • Offer www.Senior interview .

com/uk/careers/ .Online application via website www.pwc.

pwc.com/uk/careers/ .Online application via website www.

Steps to take before application: • Preparation is key! • Self assessment • Research professions • Research job availability • Research company • Time allocation www.pwc.com/uk/careers/ .

pwc.The application form • • • • • • • • Personal details Career focus Business & Client Service Personal Development Educational History Additional information Employment Referees www.com/uk/careers/ .

black ink.com/uk/careers/ . with most recent first Be concise – you can elaborate at the interview www.pwc. capitals etc Photocopy/download the blank form Spell check Ask someone to proof read the completed form Take a photocopy of the completed form List events chronologically.Top tips for application… Do: • • • • • • • • Read through the whole application form Pay attention to specific instructions .

Top tips for application… Don't: • Repeat statements from brochures and other company literature Write smart/clever responses! Be vague Lie – you’ll get caught out! Leave gaps in your education history Forget to check for spelling and grammatical errors Squash in too much information – keep it specific and relevant • • • • • • www.com/uk/careers/ .pwc.

who would you like to invite to sit the online test? 4. Report back after 15 minutes Your turn to be pre-selector! www. Split into groups 2.com/uk/careers/ .pwc. Decide.Quick activity 1. Who would you like to reject? 5. Each group has three application forms 3.

3. Be curious: learn. Demonstrate Courage & Integrity Acquiring and Applying Commercial & Technical Expertise Manage Projects & Economics Be Open Minded.com/uk/careers/ . 2. 2. Agile with Change and Practical www.Competencies that PwC assess We Put Ourselves in Each Other’s Shoes 1.pwc. Be passionate about client service Build & sustain relationships Enhance Value through Quality 1. 2. share & innovate Lead & contribute to team success Invest in Relationships 1. Develop self and others through coaching Communicate with impact and empathy Share and Collaborate 1. 2. 4.

Summary • • • • • • Preparation Self assessment Research Read the questions Take your time Good luck! www.com/uk/careers/ .pwc.

pwc.What is an Interview? • ‘Two way conversation with a purpose’ • Opportunity for the interviewer to gain EVIDENCE • Opportunity for the interviewee to obtain further information • NOT an interrogation! www.com/uk/careers/ .

com/uk/careers/ .pwc.Reasons for failure • Attending the interview but NOT preparing for it • Providing superficial information – waffling! • Failure to listen to the questions • Annoying the interviewer by answering a question that was not asked www.

pwc.com/uk/careers/ • • • • Lead and Contribute to Team Success Be Passionate about Client Service Build and Sustain Relationships Demonstrate Courage and Integrity Acquiring and Applying Commercial and Technical Expertise Be Curious: Learn. Agile with Change and Practical www.Competencies that PwC assess • • • • • • Develop Self and Others through Coaching Communicate with Impact and Empathy Manage Projects and Economics Be Open Minded. Share & Innovate .

pwc.com/uk/careers/ .Techniques Body Language • • • • • • • Firm handshake Smile Respect personal space Maintain eye contact – don’t eyeball Relax Breath Dress appropriately Body Language Providing Evidence Killer Questions www.

com/uk/careers/ .Techniques Providing Evidence Body Language • • • • Set the scene Explain what you did Describe the outcome Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer – what have you said that they can record? Providing Evidence Killer Questions www.pwc.

pwc.pwc.com/uk/careers/ .Where to find further information: • • • • University careers service Text PwC to 85792 to receive a link to our WAP Site Our website: www.com/uk/careers/ Institute websites: ICAEW / ICAS / ATT / CTA / FIA www.

pwc. www.com/uk/careers/ . Thank you. please text APPLICATIONS + email to 85792 (ukpwc) You will be sent an e-mail with a link to our feedback form and a pdf copy of these slides.Questions? To obtain a copy of these slides.

www. Thank you.Questions? To obtain a copy of these slides.com/uk/careers/ . please text INTERVIEW + email to 85792 (ukpwc) You will be sent an e-mail with a link to our feedback form and a pdf copy of these slides.pwc.

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