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Subject code /Name: PR1401Robotics


DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK Sub Code/Name: PR 1401 Robotics UNIT I Fundamentals of Robots PART-A (2 Marks)
1. Define a Robot. 2. Name the commonly used robot configuration system 3. What are the types of hydraulic actuators? 4. What is meant by Work space? 5. What is meant by accuracy of robot? 6. What is meant by payload capacity of robot? 7. What is repeatability of robot? 8. What is meant by Quality of robot? 9. Classify the motion control of robot arm? 10. What is meant by Work envelope?

Year/Sem: IV/VII

PART-B (16 Marks)
1. Briefly explain the different types of robots. 2. i) Write short notes on Joint Notation Scheme. ii) Write short notes on technical specification in Robotics. (16) (8) (8) (16) (16) (16)

3. Explain robot parts and their functions with neat sketch 4. Explain Various Industrial Applications of Robots. 5. Explain the main Robot anatomy with neat sketch.

UNIT II Robots Drive Systems and End Effectors


Kings College of Engineering

What are the phases of A/D conversion? 9. Give some examples of tool as robot End effector. 10. Explain Electric Actuators system with neat sketch. 5. 4. What is the common imaging device used for robot vision systems? 2. (16) (16) (16) (16) (16) (16) (8) (8) UNIT III Sensors and Machine vision PART-A (2 Marks) 1. Explain the types of end effectors with neat sketch. What are the types of encoders? 9. Explain power and signal transmission of robot actuators system. 2. 3. What are the types of Grippers? 5. 3. List out the types of Drive systems used in Robots. 7. What are the types of Mechanical Grippers? 6. What is thresholding? 4. What is segmentation? 3. 6. i) Write note on Gripper selection and design.Subject code /Name: PR1401Robotics PART-A (2 Marks) 1. ii) Write a note on Magnetic Grippers. Explain various types of Gripper mechanisms. Give some examples of Robot End Effector. 8. What are the technique involved in Segmentation? 2 Kings College of Engineering . Write the characteristics of actuating systems. Define End effector. What are the basic classifications of sensors? 7. Define sensors and transducer. Name some feedback devices used in robotics. What is a tactile sensor? 8. What are the functions of machine vision system? 5. What is meant by Gripper? 4. 2. 6. 7. Explain Mechanical drives system with neat sketch. Explain Pneumatic actuators system with neat sketch. PART-B (16 Marks) 1.

3. Derive the forward and reverse transformation of 2-Degree of freedom and 3degree of freedom arm. Briefly explain the Robot Programming Languages in detail. What are the types of robot programming languages? 8.Subject code /Name: PR1401Robotics 10. What is meant by Inverse position Kinematics of a robot? 10. What is meant by Region growing? 11. PART-B (16 Marks) 1. (16) 2. Briefly explain the working principle of Range sensors with neat sketch. Briefly explain the characteristics of Sensors. Explain the Machine vision systems of Robot. What are ways of accomplishing lead through programming? 3. i) Explain the teach pendant for Robot system ii) Explain Leadthrough methods. What is meant by Forward position Kinematics of a robot? 9. 3. What are the methods of teaching? 5. Briefly explain the working principle of position sensors with neat sketch. (16) (16) (16) (16) (16) (16) UNIT IV Robot kinematics and Robot Programming PART-A (2 Marks) 1. Define degrees of freedom. What is robot kinematics? 6. 2. 6. End Effector and Sensor commands with example. What are the methods of robot programming? 2. 4. What is meant by Feature Extraction? 12. Briefly explain the working principle of Proximity sensors with neat sketch. 5. What are the various technique in image processing and analysis? PART-B (16 Marks) 1. What is teach Pendant? 4. List out motion commands used in VAL programming languages. 7. Explain the various techniques in Image Processing and Analysis. 4. Explain Motion. (8) (8) (16) 3 Kings College of Engineering .

List out types of AGV vehicles? 7. Briefly explain the Safety sensors and safety monitoring of Robots in detail 4. Briefly explain AGV & RGV types of robots in detail. What are the type of robot is commonly for pick and place operation? 3. 2. storage and retrieval process? 8. PART-B (16 Marks) 1. What are the types of assembly operation? 11. 10. What are parts feeding. (16) UNIT V Implementation and Robots Economics PART-A (2 Marks) 1. Briefly explain the economic analysis of Robots in detail 3. What is meant by FMS? 6. What are Gantry Robot? 4. Differentiate palletizing and depalletizing. What are the different types of material handling operation? 2.Subject code /Name: PR1401Robotics 5. List basic configurations of assembly systems. Explain Manipulator kinematics with neat sketch. What are the technologies used in manufacturing system? 5. 9. Briefly explain the Workplace design consideration for safety of Robots in detail 5. Briefly explain the various steps involved for implementing the robot in industries. List application of robot in loading and unloading. (16) (16) (16) (16) (16) 4 Kings College of Engineering .

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