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Astroguideline a Scientific combination of Astrology, Numerology and VaastuShastra, founder of Astroguideline Mr Someswaar Ray has been research more than 10 years on this fields, he says few simple remedies scientifically working on human life. NAME is very vital thing for human life people character is making on his/her NAME (On peoples Verbal Vibration ) ,Name should be BALANCED BY Astrologically and Numerologically according the Baby’s/Person’s PLANETARY combination. If your TIME,MONEY AND ENERGY are use in Right way you can get a PROBLEM FREE life. Mr Someswaar Ray says every people has few Benefic and Malefic plants moving in different time in human life, by remedy people can Gain more Benefit result from his Benefic planets and reduce Evil effects from Malefic planets. Suppose if you will gain Rs 100 and loss Rs 1000 as per your Benefic and Melific aspect in next week. If you using ACTUAL REMEDY then increase your gain will be Rs 1000 and reduce your loss in Rs100.

Do you know as per your PLANETARY COMBINATION below subjects give you POSITIVE or EVIL effects?
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Lucky Mobile Number. Lucky Name and Business Name Number. Lucky Color. Lucky Vehicle Number Daan , Mantras ,Gemstones and lots of astrological points.

Special Property Special Vehicle Number.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .+91-8145623300/8145625500 Email: astroguideline@gmail. FOR MORE DETAILS LOG ON.Special BusinessNameBalancing.com or Call.Kundali (Hindi&Eng).Special Stock Mark(INV).Astrological Services: Gold Baby Name & Gen.Platinum Baby Name & Gen.www.astroguideline.Special Name Balancing.

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