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The Appropriateness of the Term the Theory of Causality

The Appropriateness of the Term the Theory of Causality

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Published by: Dhammarathana Ilukewela on Jul 06, 2011
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Ilukevela Dhammarathana (Temporary Lecturer) The Department of Buddhist Philosophy The Faculty of Buddhist Studies Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka E-mail: idhammarathana@yahoo.com / Phone: 0094714432606

The Appropriateness of the Term "The Theory of Causality"
The Individual is formed with the five aggregate (pancakkhandha). With regard to the continuance of individual’s existence, the Buddha sharply explains the reality of the world without submitting Himself to the extremisms; eternalism (sāsvatavāda) and annihilationism (ucchedavāda). The methods used by the Buddha to explain the process of life are the analysis and the synthesis. For the sake of those two methods, Buddha has always followed the Dependent Origination (paticcasamuppāda). Prior explaining paticcasamuppāda, the Buddha has always explained the Causality. Even though, the scholars have named this as the ‘Cause and Effect Theory,’ there is no proper evidence to show that the Buddha has done so. Although, the Theory of Causality and the Cause and Effect Theory, are the currently used terms, with regard to the interpretations given by the Buddha on twelve links of the Dependent Origination (dvādasānga paticcasamuppāda), the applicability of the latter seems to be quite obscure as it confirms the independency of the twelve links. Therefore, the term Causality that speaks the dependency is more appropriate than the Cause and Effect Theory. Key Words 1. Analysis 2. Synthesis 3. Existence 4. Dependent Origination 5. Twelve Links 6. Independency 7. Dependency
8. The Theory of Causality

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